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    No we are not related, just share information
  2. Well it has been a long time, too much work, studying a self driving car Udacity nanodegree and Catalonia politics have limited my availability. But at last it is a new Gyrometrics version : - some bug fixes - Integrated MAP dashboard accesible from the other ones with your track clearly visible. - Siri support. Start recording with a start workout with Gyrometrics or stop it with stop workout or with the wheel connected or disconnected ask your car fuel. Or charge level Gyrometrics stores last battery reading . Also it works now with Rockwheel GT16. Hope you
  3. I believe there is no problem or at least I have not seen it in Ninebot or the Rockwheel GT16.
  4. 1.- Gotway voltage is reported as you see, it is not a Gyrometrics compoutation but just the value sent from the Gotway. Only way to solve should be to scale the wheel value entering a manual coeficient for each wheel as I don't know if it is or not a 80v wheel, 2.- Temperature problem is corrected i next version (now in review for Apple Store) 3.- Current in Gotway and Kingsong will come with absolute values as sign meaning changes from wheel to wheel 4.- InMotion, as far as now I don't know how to get the temperature. I see that all the values in the InMotion are 0 which is n
  5. Now Barcelona administration is modifiying the Circulation law and it includes the EUC as some other vehicles as Segway and although it allows its circulation, does it with great restrictions. We understand that as it is a pioneer legislation will be copied by other cities and is important that some modificacions are introduced so EUC's get their most developement and are not converted in mere toys. The new law will restrict EUC circulation to bike trails and some walking zones but will be forbiden in slow streets (les than 30 km/h) and in sidewalks no matter their size. Also will r
  6. Actualmente en Barcelona se está aprobando la nueva "Ordenanza" sobre circulación de vehículos que incluye nuestros EUC/Cicletas y les permite la circulación con grandes restricciones. Entendemos que al ser una legislación pionera será copiada por otras ciudades y por tanto es importante que se incluyan las modificaciones necesarias para no convertir nuestros vehículos en meros juguetes. Si se aprueba en su redacción actual no se podría circular por las calzadas genrerales pero tampoco por calles 30 ni aceras y quedarían limitadas a carriles bici o zonas peatonales dificultando enorm
  7. I have tested connections with Gotway ad a KS 16 and have no problems. Please : Go to Settings (sprocket in bottom left of main screen) Select Settings/Adjustmets Select "Clear Bluetooth UUID" Now the name and UUID should disappear Go back and try the connection. It will be recorded when the central square button stops turning. If it doesn't stop there is some problem with the protocol of V3 and KS18 that I must look at. Then when you do a new connection it will connect to your last wheel (if there is just one). To add another do the same again. From now on
  8. Now in the works in Gyrometrics : New map Dashboard. See where you are going More languages Ninebot S1/A1/A2/Mini? Continue to better calibrate wheels And a very interesting project for travelers (I need help from everybody) A Screen that shows the local normative / uses Probably a Gyrometrics Pro Fork (sorry, routing maps must be payed, trying to understand the cost) Maps with Bycicle Lanes!!! Finding places (by name, address...) Automatic routing and driving instructions in the same dashboard So no more changing from GoogleMaps /
  9. Finally aproved and with all the bells and whistles. Gyrometrics 3.0 with support for Ninebot E, InMotion, Gotway, KingSong and Rockwheel, autocalibration with GPS, multi wheel library, speed and battery alarms, and many many bugs fixed available.
  10. New Gyrometrics 3.0 is in Review in AppStore. I had to add Speech so they allow background vibration and speech. If you don't like it just disconnect the speech in the settings dialog. Hope this time goes through review without problems.
  11. There is an error in the speed calibration. We are testing next version that will have this corrected.
  12. I have not updated the AppleWatch app. Must do it f course
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