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    gotway msuper3 1600wh

    国外只卖1600wh,国内只卖1640wh 1600wh /80v is for overseas market 1640wh/67.2v is for domestic market
  2. Jane Mo

    GotWay alarm beep

    1;一级速度报警:每秒2声,first speed alarm,2 beep per second 2:二级速度报警:每秒3声,second speed alarm,3 beep per second 3:80%功率:秒5把(连续) 80% power alarm,5 beep per second(continuously) 4:低压7.2km/h时速内,二秒一声,less than 7.2km/h,low voltage,1 beep 2 seconds 5:低压14.4km/h时速内,二秒两声,less than 14.4km/h,low voltage,2 beep 2 seconds 6:低压14.4km/h时以上,二秒三声,more than 14.4km/h,low voltage,3 beep 2 seconds 7:电机霍尔问题,半秒两声 hall sensor defect,2 beep 1 second half 8:PCB高温报警:2秒两短声,PCB high temperature alarm,2 short beep 2 seconds 9:极低压开机,每秒一声共五声 extreme low voltage power on,1 beep 1 second,totally 5 beep 10:倒下,1秒一声,共五声 fall down,1 beep 1 second,totally 5 beep 11:超压,两秒3短声 over voltage,3 short beep 2 second
  3. 84v and 67.2v is the same motor,different battery
  4. Jane Mo

    gotway msuper3 1600wh

    the same motor. 84v is faster and more powerful than 67.2v.
  5. Jane Mo

    Apple Watch support?

    under development
  6. Jane Mo

    gold msuper3

  7. Jane Mo

    Yippee-Ki-Yay, Motherfucker

  8. Jane Mo

    Colorful msuper3

    no,it is DIY by customer it is a belt which attached to the wheel,and controlled by remote controller.
  9. Jane Mo

    pink msuper3&mcm4

  10. Jane Mo

    gotway acm seat

    i dont know it is diy by customer.
  11. Jane Mo

    pink msuper3&mcm4

    mother and daughter ask kevin to contact me jane_gotway@kebye.com and we will send him the shell.
  12. Jane Mo

    GotWay New msuper

    russia alex,haha