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  1. You are very welcome, and thank you for the kind review. Yes, strength is always the issue with 3D Printing and these heavy wheels. I wish I had a way of injection molding these, maybe in Polycarbonate? I'm thinking of buying some more PETG and giving it another go. It's slightly harder to print than PLA, but maybe the strength will be beneficial. On the Parking stand, I found it to be slightly too flexible, so it tended to fall over easier. Yeah, nothing survives a Vano Crash! I take that back, his new Bionic Leg survived his latest crash. That's saying a lot.
  2. SuperSport

    Wheel Wobble

    No disrespect taken. Yes, Relaxed is probably over simplifying it. It's a combo of things. For one, the tire is likely not perfectly balanced or round, so it has a tendency to wobble by design. If you are very tense, then it tends to allow the wobble to get worse and worse. And, likewise, if you are too relaxed, as when you are super tired, it also happens. There's a happy medium. I have personally had the "Death Wobble", as it's called, on a motorcycle. It's a SUPER scary situation, especially if you are going fast. Again, you have to relax a little bit when it happens on a bike. If you stiffen up, it actually gets worse. You have to find that happy medium of how much pressure to add to the steering, the perfect brake pressure, and the perfect amount of coasting. Otherwise, it can end very bad. The same goes for the EUC. In time, you become more comfortable on the wheel, and you start to sense when things are going wrong. With more experience and being more relaxed, you tend to make better decisions and better inputs to correct the problem. I STILL get the wobble on my MSuper, but it's never taken me out yet. It happens most often when I'm tired (40 mile+ rides), but also when trying to brake really hard. It also happens when I lean forward over the front on my wheel, like when trying to turn on the headlight while traveling. I believe that's because my legs have stiffened up too much in the wrong direction and it starts to wobble. Thanks for your input and for clarifying it better. It is much more than just relaxing.
  3. SuperSport

    Wheel Wobble

    As Fuzzypixel said, it’s not being relaxed enough. It will get better with time. Also, during very hard braking, it can happen, even after you are relaxed. The other thing you mentioned, “Ride” is actually how firm the pedals are when you lean. Starting on a setting of 3 should be a good starting point. On 1, the pedals will stay very flat to the ground when you lean forward and backwards. On 9, the pedals will lean way forward and backwards when you lean forwards and backwards. On 9, it can be hard to control, and likewise, on 1, if you aren’t used to it, it may feel hard to control. I preferred 1 on my NineBot, but 3 is sort of an average for a lot of wheels. They should have called it Firm and Soft.
  4. This isn't my wheel, but I was fortunate enough to be involved in building it. It was a few weeks worth of work.
  5. The versions happened over time. Started with the C and C+, then the upgraded E and E+, and yes, the E+ had the most range of all. They released a P version It was supposed to be faster (which it was) and have more range, but the range didn't pan out, the E+ still had better range. Also, the P was not reliable at all, very few survived very long. I had the E+ and LOVED it. In around 500 miles of riding it, I never had a lick of trouble with mine, but there were those that did have issues. It was sort of hit and miss. There were even those that believed the Firmware updates are what killed their wheels. Again, I never had trouble, and I always updated my firmware when a new version came along. I also ride conservatively and never push the tilt back very long. The S1 and S2 were later released and didn't seem to take on with people. Nice looks, but short range and did have some issues with failures. Now, they have the NineBot One Z series. Z6 Z8 and Z10. The 10 being the largest battery and more powerful motor. The Z10 is an amazing wheel to ride and so far has a fairly good track record, but it has the SUPER wide tire which some people love and some people hate. I happen to love it, but you'd really need to ride it to know for sure. It does cost a bit more than E+. I'm guessing the E+ is fairly affordable now days, and I'd say you probably cannot go wrong with it. Although, keep in mind that some did have issues. But that goes for ANY wheel you buy. There is no such thing as an indestructible wheel. I'd say at this point, the Inmotion V10, the KingSong 18XL, and the GotWay MSuper X are currently king of the hill. Those are probably the most robust wheels available that have decent speed and range. They are definitely not as cheap as the NineBot E+ though. The NineBot E series is built very strong with it's polycarbonate shell. It takes a real beating and keeps going. It makes a good training or stunting wheel.
  6. Why wait for spring? That thing is ready for ANY season!
  7. If you need further help, you might try contacting Nevin at Tec-Toyz.com . He does not sell NineBot One's, but he knows Electric Unicycles very well and is in the Southbay area.
  8. This shows the steps to remove the battery. It's safe to pull the plug and stop the shaking. You likely have a plug disconnected, or a bad motherboard. Hopefully NineBot will get back to you shortly.
  9. Ah, that could be. Well, I know a few of our group use iPhones, including me.
  10. Marty will have the Z10 next, then it's coming to San Francisco for the Bay Area Electric Unicycle Group to flog... You can drop Marty a message, and if he doesn't get to it, our group can. IE: Darknessbot
  11. It’s one pack, but appears to be two packs internally.
  12. Should not be an issue as they are normally Y connected anyways. The only time it would be an issue is if the two batteries had become out of sync voltage wise. If they have a significant difference in voltage, then there would be a spark when connected, and sometimes enough spark to melt the connector.
  13. Fantastic job on the video. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  14. Strange, but glad it's at least working.
  15. I just re-installed the app on my iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 12 Beta and it logged in just fine. I don’t have a NineBot currently to attempt a connection, but it appears the app is fine.
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