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Is riding an EUC considered a "sport"?


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It depends. :efef50e3ba:

If you are just putting around enjoying the scenery it is an activity. :popcorn:

If you are out on the mountain bike trails trying to prove you can keep up with the bikes it is a sport. :efefc8626c:  

Learning to ride or keeping things challenging is also a sport. :D

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For me, it went from sport, to activity, to almost entirely practical last-mile transportation. It went this way because I do not trust wheels to keep me upright, and therefore the concentration and tenseness makes riding wheels less enjoyable than it could be. A few crashes will do that to anyone.

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Perhaps not a hobby. Hobbies are something you do for fun that you spend money on. If you were to buy one wheel and use it even semi-often instead of your car, you'd break even fairly quickly. If you can replace your car with a single EUC (or an eBike) then your transportation bill is dramatically less.

I can't think of any other hobby that you can use casually day to day that is cheaper in the long run, unless of course you go crazy and buy a bunch of wheels, but even then I know of car enthusiasts that spend way more than us and are strangely miserable.

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I would say it's more considered like

:DFUN :wub:

but its also a useful tool, for example i use my Tesla to:

Quickly travel between ZOMBIE SITES in the game walking dead our world

So not ONLY FUN :P

Also a good tool to get good rank on leader board, which makes it... Almost a sport :facepalm:

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