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  1. I was thinking about trying this one out, basically just to see how it feels and if i will actually fold down the chin part or if id allways go for max cooling. Its darn heavy though @ 1650g and I doubt it would be cool enough for the summer. But convenient for sure
  2. They clearly state its only for bicyclists. Likely since hard bumps, vibrations, electrical interference from...i.e. EUCs could set it off or at least it had not been tested for it. Personally, a helmet is preferred. It never fails... If buckled up properly
  3. That's not "really needed" to know (even though it would have been nice if they have the info), at least not on the CST tyre i am riding in 20-30°C (tarmac hotter). Why, do you wonder, i guess? The tyre never reach its visco elastic state due to too little energy like low load, speed, and thus temp. You get closer the faster you ride, there more you weigh, the lower the pressure, the higher the tarmac temp and the more aggressive (high force/energy) you turn (and more). But I have never seen tendencies to reach optimum temp on my tyre not even during the hottest days of summer. But I admit i have not been able to fit a logger (none of the BT versions are small enough for my Tesla... They scratch the inside of the shell) but i have been using my ✋ to sense the temp and eyes to inspect the rubber as i ride putting "highish" loads on the tyre. Hence everything that moves it further away from visco is bad for grip, i.e. low speed, low tarmac temp, high pressure (on tubeless especially). Everything cools the tyre and you don't want that if you can't reach high enough tyre temps to go visco. If to cool you go towards glassy state and just add it sounds its not very grippy (imagine winter riding on summer compound with high pressure at low speed as an extreme) When racing cars and motor bikes you test your way to optimal temps and there you can reach it (and go to far...easy) and on those kind of compounds you often see it as small "turds of rubber" rolling of as its about to go to far (but you often get that anyway as some parts of the track stress the rubber more and you find a tyre pressure/compound/temp that works best on average The Chao yang compound "looks" a lot "softer" and might be easier to get "warm enough" but i have not tried that tyre. I tried max out on gravel though (with my worn cst) but there it is more based on the pattern and contact surface, rather than temp. Of course those factors matters on asphalt too.
  4. 1. I DID NOT say that! You either didnt understand what i said, or read to fast. Try to read again. I never mentioned INSTALL DIRECTION and it should be pretty obvious that it was not what i talked about should yoy hsve readmore than just a few words. 2. Instead of asking me, why don't you tell me why its marked 70kg. You seem to know the reason but not telling? So tell me what those 70Kg says Which lateral force can the tyre handle? Which longditudinal force can it handle? Is the force applicable for the side wall or the contact surface or both? Which MAX rider weight can the tyre handle? 3. Yeah, if you (again) read what i wrote that was not the kind of testing i had in mind. Thats normally not how i perform tests (at least not at my customers) =test to failure WHILE SACRIFICING MY limbs (aka high speed carve crash where the side wall force and lean is max and face plant is guaranteed). No doubt you will send free tyres to see that but im not that cheap 4. Are you a tyre professional? I actually read the 70Kg marking on the side wall of the tyre on ali express. Not on a forum. And the guys at Ali could of course not explain/didnt know the 70kg marking and after is said my weight and the vehicles and asked if it was ok Anyway, they just said "tyre no fit". And regarding who to believe and "no matter what you read at a discussion forum"...well I guess you are writing on a forum no pun intended. In the end i believe myself and facts. I just gather info from i.e. forums if someone has a clue that they can support somehow. Manyfacturers normaly mark things to fulfill standards as per tests performed. But im not good with Chinese, so enlighten me if you....or your friend (you wrote second hand information from tyre expert) know the facts behind the 70kg tyre marking if the tyre can handle as your proposed max weight ?150kg? or were you referring to the EUC there? Or where did you get the nr 150kg from? 5. Sound magical. Wonder if avail in my size 6. Whats the original on the msx 7. Larger because you choose larger dimension or due to pattern? 8. Least of my concerns, but good to know
  5. This review is THE BEST EVER. Especially the video where you can see bot thread pattern and rigidity. Why dont they have anything like that on Ali Express, where you baically have to ask every seller of a picture of the tyre and pattern he actually SHIPS 😣 Same thing with inner tube nozzle angles, its crazy (impossible?) to find a kenda with a 0-30° angled but 75-90°bent nozzle
  6. Do I get it right that the H-666 exist in 16*2.125 (cant read Chinese but at bottom of image 2.125 is next to h666, but mid page its not?) That thread looks VERY interesting for a mix on off road 😍 A bit knobby but still smooth. A bit closer to the CST tyre (though the CST still seems to take the cake for offroad based on pattern) EDIT: I think its for the H-5118 above it :-( Where can i find the tyres for 2019?
  7. The question is in WHICH DIRECTION the wheel can handle 70Kg and what is a "common scenario"? 1. 70Kg straight forward? 2. 70Kg when carving heavy? 3. 70Kg over a Kerb without damaging rim? If its 1 or 2 then I would definitely not use that tyre. I weigh 95Kg + EUC 20kg (Tesla) = 115 Kg = 65% above recommendation when going straight. Its like me accepting an accident based on what China honestly tells me (good luck in court there ;-) Ok, maybe in US I could win with some expensive lawyer, but never in Sweden LOL) When carving it gets A LOT WORSE as the peak force in a turn is A LOT higher and this is where the sidewall gets important (based on motor bike racing). The stiffer the side wall, the less horisontal flex (and of course higher pressure for less flex, but then you loose traction from tyre running cold....and comfort). I think I will try to rig my Olympus close to the ground to see how much my worn out CST actually flexes when carving and if its the side wall giving way that causes wobble at high speed carving. I cant think of any other explanation. I dont mind wobble and doubt that the tyre can "jump off the rim" as the high pressure tube inside would never allow it keeping outer tyre pressed toward the rim (unless close to a flat = no high pressure) but what will happen when that 70Kg limit is passed? Thats an interesting question that I dont think the manufacturer ever will answer as i just think its some kind of stamp of "protection from being sued" 🤔
  8. 1. So you changed the rubber next to the bulgy washer to a thinner one? I guess the bulgy shape of the washer is to "press on the skirt" of the rubber instead of the centre, still its the bottom part that creates the seal against the rim, so top rubber is more to allow flex of some degree and take up uneveness if rim is curved. Could likely skip the top rubber all together if the rim surface is flat. 2. Dont dishwasher liquid contain a bit of water? So no mixing dishwasher soap with water at least then. 3. Don't sealant contain water? So maybe one can use sealant pre applied on the tyre skirt that is pressing against the rim if it doesnt seal, to minimze amount being thrown around in the tyre.? (Also rim gets goed up if inside, and worst case it reaches the valve clogging it up. I mean to get sealant on the edges one would have to put the rim horisontal and swirl around
  9. @mrelwood Nice info here :-) did you use the kind of valve in the image? Which one (tightened by nut or just rubber "pop in"?) I found theese variants. Double nut lock type, maybe such a short straight valve could work on the tesla. Minimal protrution, weight SEK 9.84 17%OFF | 1pair Tire Wheel Schrader Valve Tubeless No Tube Stem Motorcycle Car Bike ATV Bicycle Drop shipping https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/t93F5wjhp SEK 7.77 | Motorcycle Scooter Tubeless Tire Valve Stem Straight Bent 90 135 degree Copper Silver Valve For ATV Motorbike Quad https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/P9t47URWL SEK 15.64 | Motorcycle Scooter Moped Motorbike Electric-bike E-Scooter Wheel TUBELESS Tire Valve Stem Bent https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/qBdY69ycx SEK 15.64 | Motorcycle Scooter Moped Motorbike Wheel TUBELESS Tire Valve Stem Bent for GY6 https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/0dxsow5R5 Theese look nice, but function is key. SEK 93.21 10%OFF | 2Pcs/Set Motorcycle Tubeless Wheel Tire Valve Stem With CNC 5 colors For DUCATI 696 749 996 848 1098 1198 1199 And Other models https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/Z58Q8MdDv MOUNTING Did you use "rim grease" like they do with car tyres? It should allow the tyre to slide on easier and probably allow centering easier too (as you pump it, maybe even add a slight sealing effect against the rim). When pumping a car tire, they often over pump it until the edges "pop out" and then decrease pressure to correct pressure. Maybe this is all that is needed for perfect centering? I am guessing the lubrication effect goes away as the tyre i pumped and the layer gets thin, otherwise Car tyres wouldnt work to brake with :-) Overall sealant in a tyre creates imbalance. I wouldn't use it on a new tubeless tyre. I carry a smallgas peopelled sealant + pump spray canister with me in the backpack instead, should I get a flat. Of course it can prevent slow deflation of the tyre with slime, but those punctures should be less dsngerous than sn instant deflate (mega hole) and I doubt any sealant can mend such a hole. When i got a quick discharge flat i imediatelly noticed the wheel would not go in the direction i wanted, luckily i found out when getting on the wheel and not in speed. The slime i guess is more of a safety measure for that kind of issue. Since I inserted sealant (60ml) in my tesla tyre i can feel the imbalance when riding, not sideways but up/down like a juddery rotation. going to change ny TESLA tyre during winter break as its allmost zero thread left on the middle, so was thinking of going tubeless. As the Kenda is specced for higher PSI i was hoping it is better if running tubeless. On the other hand it might be specced higher due to softer side walls? Did you comparr kenda with CST regarding side wall stiffness? Regarding side wall sealant, i guess thats the least of problems, at least i have never hade a side wall puncture on any car or bike or motor bike. My gf have had several, but that's because some idiot punctured her tires with a needle for some idiot reason (probably didnt like that she parked on the public street in front of their house, many others have had similar issues in front of this house, so its pretty obvious that its the retarded house owner making his own rules for the public road/parking) LINK TO MTEN going tubeless (thanks for info to get a search started @Rywokast)
  10. Kalles is a bit like this..... 2 components needed, Kalle is doing it wrong on the picture :-)
  11. 😂 That would be my GF's version of fika for 2-3 people 😂 I would keep it at a more guy-ish level with coffe, home made protein bread sandwich and a "pruttare" or "stänkare" to round it off...very little leftovers after "guy-ish" fikas...but after girl fikas you can live half a year on the leftovers 😝 (NO pun intended agaisnt the guys in the video LOL). BBQ - totally different story 🤗 (speaking of which, I just got 2.5kg eastern europe spicy sausage from the local, maybe should call some people over 🥰)
  12. Dags för fika och vila (fika time and s break for all non Swedish speakers ) en mil eller två utanför Malmö (about 2-3miles ouside Malmö centre)
  13. Basic questions as everyone is "focused" on voltage : 1. Did ANYONE EVER SEE 84V after a charge in their app? (Or even better meassured it on batteries when in open loop) - Regardless if checked 5seconds or 5 hours after pulling the charge plug. - Regardless of charger type and charge time 2. If not, what is the max you have seen? A. I will start, 82.9V on my Gotway tesla after 4*8hour charging to balance the batteries with original charger (1.5A). Checked in app, directly after pulling charge plug. (3500km on batteries)
  14. I really dont like tubes for two reasons. 1) Hard to find right angle of valve 2. Adds unsprung weight and imbalance So, i found this on ali express. If someone tried, is there a good reason not to go tubeless? Example: - tyre cannot hold air - tyre not stable without tube - tubeless can deflate quickly if going over sharp edge (leading to,you know->face+ground+blood)
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