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  1. It only touch my genitals if I extract...the trolley
  2. Probably Ali Express or the likes. Normally free shipping (Chinese gov puts in money to increase China sales - thats why its oddly free), but shipped from China You pay tax at least in EU (Sweden 25% tax + 12€ import fee). Same thing goes when buying from US as You guys are not within EU I guess You only buy from US dealers, they have already paid the tax in that case so You are paying tax in a sense, You just dont see it as a separate cost
  3. Tried the EX today with Shin pads (leather). Coming from my pedal modded Tesla, this was like: - Going from a tuned racing only 2L Fiat to a fat 5L Mercedes = Super soft but makes me feel old and slow in turns. It still turns the "right way" (opposed to z10) but everything takes much more time (= initiating turn until turn is complete) and to me coming from the racing side (Bikes and cars) thats a hard pill to swallow. - Straight ahead its fast but You dont feel it. I popped 60km/h without hearing the beep my good friend had set at 58, but he heard it BEHIND me - Did i say super co
  4. Adding in the full SHERMAN sell, it also says 1cm in first images. And the following images (pedal bottom and top) to make it possible to compare to Your current EUC = GREAT STUFF!! https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001136690475.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.64da3c00zpUDfz&mp=1 As a reference my extreme pedal angle modded GW Tesla (i made a post on this one) has: 120mm lowest clearance BELOW pedal close to the hanger (Sherman 125mm) 165mm edge of pedal clearance (Sherman 158mm) To ME, that means GOOD ENOUGH If I want, I can do a pedal mod on the Sherman and up the outer e
  5. Begode = Typical bad Ch-English for BeGood But....we all know how that ended up: Begode WHY? HOW? ?New? company is likely trying to fault Sherman by spreading bad rep as they KNOW they (begode / gotway) have caused several injuries and do not have the same quality (they can only reach the same speed at a lower Quality) as Sherman. OR Sherman is just a sub affiliate to see if they (Gotway/begode) can make a bigger profit by upping quality at a higher price (customer trial basically) or if both are needed. Basically, China companies just want power. Money is power = They wan
  6. Which will leave you with a flooded space instead. Besides water does not put out lithium fires. You need special kind of extigusher for that (expensive ones). The best middle option (lesd expensive) is a powder ABC extinguisher.
  7. A MAJOR consideration is TAX and custom charges + delivery time - Some Ali's have local warehouses in EU and promise 1week delivery (spain poland and so on) - the risk is of course that these are OLD versions. BEWARE! - Some promise tax free from China (delivery through different countries, this type of shipping is being SHUT DOWN by EU. Netherlands is a nono now for example per my experience) Here in the Nordics where I live, we pay 25% VAT + 16€ custom charges if price is above 160€ - THAT is a major price increase if the seller DO NOT stand by his word (personally i dont trust them
  8. Now I not only know what You look like, I also know You have an AWESOME channel. Consider me subscribed So in the choice between RS and Sherman? What Your take? My guess: * Quality = Sherman easy * Speed = RS30 (slightly faster and slight more accel right?) * Off road = RS30? (or Shermn v3 + 1cm clearance and adjustable pedals ala Nylonove? I guess not - still heavy...but it does have a "roll cage" ) * On-road / commuter = Sherman * Carry around / shopping = RS 30 (cutoff switch + carry-ability) * Bang for the buck = Sherman (next level quality justify the price increase?)
  9. Seems like its 1cm extra clearance as per Ali (Says original part so) SEK 833.01 | Original Veteran Sherman pedal arms motor arms Leaperkim Sherman off-road EUC spare parts new design https://a.aliexpress.com/_ms9U8rb Or different shop SEK 833.01 | 1 cm higher new Veteran Sherman pedal arms motor arms Leaperkim Sherman off-road EUC spare parts https://a.aliexpress.com/_mrXEZdL
  10. 1) True, but lifting shell removes the issue with the cage hitting the kerb or rock at the front of the cage. If done in conjunction with lifted pedal hangers also the bars below pedals gets more clearance. This would we be the "right way forward" unless they modify the shell and raise the hangers. 2) Higher profilw tyre is very hard to find as this is allready quite high. Plus its bicycle tires basically, so would become very wide as well. 3) Hangers are what are modded on Veteran from what i understand 4) it IS way to low, at least if you like offroad (and with that lovely kno
  11. Proposal for - startup sound. I AM YOUR FATHER - cutout warning TRUST THE FORCE LUKE 😁
  12. I have been through some meassuring, quite some time ago on my tesla. All the info in this thread. Guys there were insanely helpfull so a readthrough might give you all answers...and some additional info
  13. For the record, the products that didn't mix well. http://www.zefal.com/en/prevent/164-z-sealant.html Cant find the exact same kit on zefals home page, but its this one https://www.bike24.com/p2177640.html
  14. @Marty Backe Its ok to disagree, or we would still be cavemen 😉, but I would still try to clarify my point, for the sake of others not to end up like I did. As saying goes, a picture says more than a thousand words. While it has now dried up Its pretty easy to see where the rubber devulked and went into a goey mess, when the leak was fresh and Zefal "slime" was oozing out. This was very obvious as I inflated the tube to see where it leaked after the fact. Could be that zefal slime & zefal patches dont work well together (and they missed to test that part) and Your "green sli
  15. I normally agree with You Marty, but i have to agree to disagree on this one I can't agree with your final comment in the video. As per my experience, never patch a (EUC) tube that previously contained slime. To me, it costed me my index finger (allmost, thanks Surgeons) More on the subject 2. Plastic on patch should come off clean. You probably used to much vulk (or didn't spread all the way to the edges or didnt allow it to dry long enough. 3. Swapping tyre with batteries connceted 😳 that is GUTSY. Drop a screw on mainboard and POOF!! (like the one under trolley or
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