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  1. Im a bit confused here on versions. There is the Android play store version 2.0.23 (that is not a fork right?) which does not support EUC world. There is the EUC world fork version 2.0.28 (Sebastians) that is not available in Android play store, just as APK. Though if i install version 2.0.28, play store says WL is installed, same thing if i install the old trusty 2.0.04 from apk where all wheel settings work on tesla (inc tiltback), but it doesnt say an update is available on .04 :-) Is it an idea to create separate thread for different forks not to mix up functionally. For example now i am confused which version supports android watches (and which Android watches?) :-) optimal would be android watches + euc world + working wheel settings, especially tiltback as its very handy to be able to change quickly to i.e. 20km/h should the police stop you, i would love a "quick setting button on home screen" to instantly set tiltback speed to a preset value of your choice i.e. 18km/h and then just let the police step on and try going above that...well step on and trying not to fall to begin with :-) ) is there ANY chance to be able to set an audiable alarm via bluetooth for the continous beep 80% alarm? I guess that 80% goes down in speed as battery drains so its still the "safest" alarm of all handled by the wheel logic. But can it be "listened to" from wheeloog? love the app and the work, just a bit confused Boogie
  2. A question regarding the log. Doesn't it seem strange that my gotway tesla output 6KW peak and around 1.5-3KW continous? Wheel is rated around 2KW (1900W some say, others 2000W) but according to this page peak motor should be 4Kw https://www.hawkvine.com/electric-unicycle/gotway-tesla-electric-unicycle-850wh-1020wh-battery-2000w-power-motor-16inch-top-speed-50kmh/ On the other hand i have set current alarm to 97A and that comes on pretty frequent (taking off, breaking, accelerating hard out of a corner, going over bumps at speed). Also it seems very strange that the voltage drops from 80 to 72 V over a 10km ride (battery drops 80 to 45%) or is that normal stats for a 84V 1000Ah wheel? Thanks again for a great app that makes me learn more about my ride style and the effects on the wheel. :-)
  3. Regarding thermal paste/pads. Wouldn't ordinary high grade CPU paste (silver) be great. On Cpu's you only apply a, small Central Dot and apply pressure to have a thin layer. Why all the mica yada yada layers and stuff? Heat trans is the goal right? On the other hand, if Gotway made an error, return wheel and Sue their asses. You guys shouldn't be "free developers" because they are lazy and want to make quick bucks. Not to mention the danger. I like EUCs but not that some Chinese firm want to push their product to make cash, playing with the buyers "health". Thank God we have this forum. I normally wait one year to make sure initial flaws are gone. Thanks to all the heroes here that take the blow and try this out to push manufacturers to stop making shortcuts.
  4. This fork is simply AMAZING 😍 My first log attached (i found the new page in the app, thought it would auto log but have to start each log with the play button). Seems like auto save to google drive wont work. I select user, but it unticks the box when i come back to wheel log menu. The eucworld page: It even shows speed on the map in green (slow/standstill) to yellow (mid) to red (close to max, i guess based on what younset as max for the dial in the WL app?) Best of all, you can see online riders. If people start to use this in scale it will be so easy to meet. Maybe add a check box button "looking for fellow riders" and turn those riders green on the map, "online but dont want to ride with others" "yellow" offline black. This is for sure thr biggest step in WL since it hatched :-) thanks for a great fork Boogie
  5. Tested as above v 2.0.28: Wheel setting menu - light (strobe on off). Works, but also changes led pattern at each change to off. Same way mike physical button works. No biggie, but would be sweet to isolate the functions. One light only and one ring light selection menu :-) Also here it beeped as confirmation one time in the middle of testing out of 10 light changes. Otherwise no beep confirm. - alarm mode: to be tested - pedal mode = WORKS (but no beep confirmation). Soft mode is soo horrible, medium hard are more similar. Reason i think it works is that if wheel is idling and i listen when changing setting, the wheel makes "more noise" initially when changing to "hard" (but then fades down more quiet), when i change to soft it keeps "quiet" (no raised sound from motor when idling). ONE TIME when changing back and fotward i heard a confirmation beep (after maybe 10-15tries). Could be that comms are sent to quick? Would really love confirmation beep on important/safety wheel settings back (worked in old original 2.0.04 version for the tesla) - Wheel speed limit (tilt back speed), does not work. Tested 20km/h and easily rode 40km/h still no tiltback. Worked in 2.0.04 original app. - Calibration. What does it do? Not seen before and nothing happens when pressed. Is it the upright angle? - my Wheel is gotway mcm: not checked - battery voltage, works, set to 84V, but. My wheel is 84V tesla. App reports 82V when battery 97% and wheel idle. Isn't that to low? Alarm settings menu: - Speed alarm highest priority. 20km/h 100% WORKS! Says "slow down" in headphones while listening to music. COOOOOL :-D LOVE IT! If i could ask for one thing it would be, slow down speed is xx km/h especially since you can set multiple speed alarms - Speed alarm medium priority. Set to 0km/h (and qlso tried 2km/h), battery 95%. I wanted to use this as a battery alarm (just chose 95% since battery was full) but when i started riding and battery dropped to 90% no alarm was heard. I rode below 20km/h not to set of high priority alarm but no go. - speed alarm 3: not tested - Current: set to 97A. Kept going off every time I started rolling even smoothly? When looking in graph sometimes it showed above 97A and sometimes not. Raised it to 140A and it got quiet. Changed back to 97A and now suddenly it was quiet ??? Need to test more. Keeps coming on every now and then when starting. Maybe a small filter time that can be set so that only continuous high current gives alarm? 100A for 1 second is no danger, but for long time like uphill can be bad for the cables. - Temperature: 60deg no alarm. 30deg gives continous alarm prompts as long as temp is above 30. Also superseeds "timely info" which is CORRECT. One minor issue though. As temp alarm keeps repeating a small prompt row with "ok" button is shown on bottom row of phone and this EXACTLY covers the temp setting menu item, so you cant change the alarm level unless you turn off wheel or disconnect (or temp goes below set level of course). Realy minor detail but thought id being it up anyway as its just a matter of adding a "spare row" in the menu to be able to scroll one rown higher and bring temp alarm above the prompt. Distance, wheel distance, user distance were all reset when installing the app. Total distance was kept 2485Km (i guess reported from wheel?) Working - Wheel Audio/warning simoultaneous with music in head phones 🥰😍🤩 it even "fades in" just like navigation does over music. Frekkin awesome :-) Thus no dual BT connection needed :-) THE best function BY A MILE. I hate to ride without music and even if i barely ever hear the beeps above 40-45km/h anyway. Thats why I have tiltback set at 45, then it just manage to slow down at 49km/h during hard accel. BEST FORK EVER. Hope you can fix tiltback and confirmation beep on telsa safety features :-) i am sooo gonna register, the web page is the coolest thing on EUC ever made. Not only working for ONE manufacturer, but all us fellow EUC'ers. Sooo cool i allmost cry :-) of joy of course 5€ donated, hope to give more in the future since your work is awesome :-D and the audio alarms might save me from injuries :-)
  6. Wow, i HAVE TO TRY THIS OUT. Just updated palazh version from 2.0.04 to 2.0.23 and it has lost the main functions pedal mode and tilt back speed on Gotway Tesla. Probably wheel alarms didabling as well (no beeps from wheel) Glad i found this fork, maybe you should add something to the name to make it easy to know which version one has installed? If speed alarm in headphones work while at same time listening to music then i am SOLD :-) Samsung support dual BT audio so should work i guess ILL BE BACK and tell you how ot works on samsung galaxy s9+ android 9 one ui 1.0
  7. The genious and logical kind? 😆 BEST regards Boogie from Sweden that prefers 10divisor before 3/4 and whatnot 😁
  8. Play store version 2.0.23 on samsung galaxy s9+ Android 9, one ui 1.0 - pedal mode (soft to hard) and tiltback speed not working on Gotway tesla (1024Wh battery, bought 2018) not even if disconnecting and connecting. no beep heard when changing and no difference noted (tested 3, 18, 25 km/h and all pedal modes) reverting to version 2.0.04 which was the version i had before when above worked. + battery voltage is now corrected to 84v (old version 2.04 showed 57V) + auto reconnect works (also worked in 2.0.04) - Bluetooth horn not working on tesla internal beeper (expected)
  9. Finally Sweden joins in on batteries for our beloved vehicles. This will be huge I think. Lets hope it helps making leeway foe electrical vehicles except cars and bikes in the future :-) https://northvolt.com/northvolt-completes-equity-capital-raise-to-enable-europes-first-homegrown-gigafactories-for-lithium-ion-batteries/ Being a Swede I know the level of quality and huge enviromental thinking among industries (more than the government that basically just talks rubbish a.k.a. they say they are envirmentally friendly by making Sweden enviromentally friendly, but then we dont have enough power from our plants and buy electricity from coal in germany Russia and whatnot...hypocrits or uneducated or both, current government should be put aside. Same reasoning on imgration, help the few that have money enogh to come to Sweden and live on wellfare paid buy the Swedish workers, but dont mind the starving with not enough cash to eat in the middle of the worried countries or war zones).
  10. Oh really :-)Where can i find that parameter? In settings (swipe menu) i cant find it. Maybe i need a newer version? (don't have any version nr in mine but have requested it to easier track versions)
  11. @Mike Sacristan In @Marty Backeearly review the outer/rolling diameter on the Nikola was 17.5 (or was it 17 3/4) inches. That's pretty close to 18" :-)
  12. How is it when you ride on a bumpy road in the dry? My Tesla sand paper doesnt grip enough and i am shifted slightly forward for every big bump and eventually have to lean up and step back on the pedals to not fall off on front of them :-)
  13. Its not that you have the control bar stuck in a slight"turn position" for example by dirt accumulating causing it to"constantly turn" until you bump it and it compresses the dirt enough to stop?
  14. No, i tried to skid in gravel and as one wheel started to skid, i just think it stopped that wheel instead as the turn became super sharp instead of sliding/skidding. Though normally you don't try to force the wheel to cut out like that. No problem with lifting feet on my old FW. I tried it by lifting it off ground with hand on pedal and releasing hand when tyres turn, but they did not cut out.
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