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  1. Boogieman

    Gotway EX

    To me 1. Sherman was welcomed as a (hopefully) more qualitative option to (cable mess & glue gun bob & plastic fantastic screw attachment) Gotway. 2. A wheel fast enough i dont need to worry bout cut off when cruising at 50-60km/h 3. Range is tied together with safety and battery. Bigger batt pack gives range, but also a higher speed without cutoff for a longer stretch. Aka you can ride 60km/h for a longer time without worry. But problems for new manufacturers on the first wheel arose (expected). - Not enough clearance due to bottom steel bar - Rust and solder blobs in russian sherman (ecodrift) and i also saw some in marty backes video - Pedals to narrow (epsecially at the front where foot is wide) - Price, there is that. It costs as much as a decent 10 y.o. car 😁 or a new motor bike with far higher quality and safety. - Leaky LCD (china manufacturing quality still obviously, if they cant seal an LCD with today's excellent sealants its either shitty work or wrong product used=shitty engineering. A bit like gotway outting tape on tesla to prevent water from spraying main board in the split of the shell halves HAHA) - Overheat hill failure Weight was my first worry but Veteran had been thinking one time to xtra and made a truly balanced wheel, so that didn't become an issue I was extremely eager to get a sherman before summer but didnt due to delivery time. Now they have to provve they are better than gotway. They started out well with roll cage and metallic inserts for screws + balanced batt packs, but fucked up on a lot of other stuff. Still, i would probably rather get the Sherman v2 (2021?) Than another gotway. But of course optimal would be a nonebot z20
  2. Looks like a pinched tube (hard to tell from image, but looks lie worn tube edge just below valve, but maybe its the tyre edge). Unless tube pressure ever dropped to zero and You rolled it at zero, its a fault at assembly. If You had no issues with flats and it just happened, its a bad tube and or bad tyre. Check warranty....could have ended up real bad...not just monetary. At 80Km You should be rolling like new unless You hit a kerb or something at high speed but then You would also see rim dents! As a comparison my first CST lasted 3000Km before flat (no pattern) on a Tesla
  3. Also be aware that You must not inflate the tube to stated pressure without the tyre (preventing tube bulge). That will destroy the tube (mostly). But if I were You I would order a tube (min 1) and a tyre of course. You will need it in time Maybe the tyre could be replaced on warranty? (no clue, a suggestion) but still it takes time, so I would count that as a "free spare"
  4. If You dont want to wait for China, there are a few in Europe, for example https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/kingsong-parts Tyre https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/kingsong-parts/products/kingsong-ks16x-tire I was really lucky to find a local internet private person site that actually held a tube for my GW Tesla (finished everywhere in Europe, 3 tubes in transit from China) but for sure paid a 300% premium, but 1 month of no rolling due to China delivery, is worth it every day in the week Also look in Your local "hardware store" that has bicycle tyres, I found a knobby one that was a Kenda (though branded Kyoba) and it was half the price of Ali express Google is the bomb
  5. Go up one size in width (closest above) and be careful not to pinch the tube when mounting, More rubber to swallow pin holes makes it more resistant than an overly stretched one. I doubt the ride feeling of 50g would make any major difference,
  6. As an answer to the main topic - NO My last flat was caused by 1. Mending a tube with a patch (snake bite - so medium sized patch - 2*5-10mm holes) 2. Keeping some slime in the tube for minis (poured out most of it though) 3. Riding 30km or so and getting a IMEDIATE NO WARNING BLOWOUT puncture (went really bad) 4. Reason being - the small amount of slime i left in the tyre devulked the patch and caused an instant blow out (Yeah, that didn't turn out well...at all). LEARNING NEVER MIX PATCHES WITH SLIME
  7. Could it be a tube made for 1.75 fitted in a 2,125"? That would make the tube stretch quite a bit. I recently purchased a 1.75 to 2.125 tube and compared with my original 2.125 for the Tesla and it was A LOT less wide = will expand more = will get thinner. Also weighed 125g vs original 180g. So my guess is to little rubber (allows better control but less puncture resistance)
  8. Tromsö....Yeah, whenever we might go to live in the ICE hotel it might be a side tour, but otherwise its a pretty steep ride around 2200Km. Tough even with Car + Sherman I think in need to get something together with my friends around Oslo Bergen to make it happen. If You plan going south July - August - PM me, the more the merrier
  9. I thought everyone was well aware that plug goes into outlet first - then into wheel. Been like that for me since my nonebot mini plus 2018 and then Tesla 2018. On my ninebot mini plus with and adaptor - i get sparks when plugging in the charger - not that strange due to adaptor being slightly smaller than std, but its AC voltage and I would rather have sparks there and fry charger, than have sparks and fry the connected wheel if charger fries upon connection. Never had sparks when plugging connector to wheel after first powering up charger. I guess charger only activates output when there is a load (makes sense, otherwise it would never stop charging) But putting wheel on tap before plugging charger should activate max charge as soon as those pesky metal pegs get close to the outlet.
  10. Hopefully...a bunch a chicks, Aint that why all guys wanna impress
  11. I really love You "norrbaggar" even though we love to joke about You (as You about us ) Norwegian is for sure my favourite Scandinavian language (Oslo easy to understand and Bergensk really funny to learn...due to odd similarities. de e sgu driiita bra) Only downside...booze and snus is expensive as F (and pizza) compared to Sweden (that is already insane expensive taxed). But You also have your "small" cash reserve in the west I think its time for a EUC meet in the fjords next year, dont You?. I will bring my Sherman v2 and a group from south Sweden and You and the Norwegian crew be the guides. That would be just EPIC
  12. I had those during 4600km - so in comparison lucky You In the cities of Sweden - our lovely policitcians loves to clean the CAR road and if You are parked on that road at that 1 day in month You get a nice 50€ Fine. Since they cant fine bicycles - the dont give a shit about the amount of broken glass from drunk teens on the bicycle road - where 90% of the debris exist. A typical example of a socialist regime - punish the normal people because their gov workers cant do their useless job. But dont give a shit about people that cant afford a car or plan to be green by going electric or by bicycle by not cleaning the bicycle lanes....stuuupid as regimen. Then brag about how well You bring in taxes AND keep road clean. Sweden is such a joke we should be banned from EU. Hell i would rather have that based on our wellfare money to EU as of the countries that get the cash from our tax.... Several countries fucked up way before corona and now WE are supposed to pay for their fuckups. Hell no, thats even worse than the immigration crisis :-S Italy, greece and other countries need to fix their own shit - They fine us if we go into their Zona so why on earth should we give them cash? Its not like countries like Italy couldnt handle themselves with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Modena industrial zone....so wellfare to them is money into nothing but rich mens pockets.
  13. Boogieman


    Helmet is as useful as a an egg in your pocket if it ain't strapped...unless You bought an XS with a size XL head...but then I guess You would faint from head ache We all got different amounts of goods to protect - and we make choices accordingly
  14. Boogieman


    I HATE that emoji, maybe not here....yes here too Its the one that friends that are curious about everything use the most (but they dont tell shit about themselves or their day). I am up for paintball - but will be a hard LOB from Sweden to NY...i need to bring in ballistic missile pain(t) ball rounds for this one Keep it safe guys
  15. Ninebot mini plus (N4M340 marked + max speed 18km/h on name plate) bought from gearbest 2.5 years ago - FW update stopped before the dangerous one where wheel cut out at bumps - limit speed in app 19km/h as per below (name plate 18, JoJo claims 18) = Yeah, China tries to confuse us - just mod it already...it tiltbacks at 19 no matter what but You can push it to 21 if you really lean into it but around 22-23 expect cutout if below 50% batt and 95Kg rider and cold weather - Semi world version?
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