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  1. Main takeaway is don't go slow!!
  2. Grab some black Plasti Dip from the local hardware store. You can add/remove as necessary as it makes a rubber like coating. Make sure you apply enough so that its thick and can easily be peeled off. Can take it off when you done if you don't like it. I had it on my MSX for a couple years, holds up pretty well but will come off if it contacts the cement. Edit: I see your in Italy, not sure if plasti dip exists...........................
  3. Yup let it run for quite a while and it never shut off. Had to turn the wheel off for it to turn off.
  4. I just got my 100V. Put about 10 miles on it. It sat not being ran for 30 minutes, turned it back on and the fan just runs and runs. Been going for 10 minutes, wheel temp at 36C. Anyone else getting this? Is it normal?
  5. Don't forget, nothing says you have to buy new. Perhaps see if someone has a used good condition MSX or KS18. Might be worth a shot to lessen the expense of upgrade and figure out what exactly you want. Also, not sure if the UK has any normal meetups, but its always good to meet other so you can try out different wheels.
  6. I should be good to go. Heat index is crazy at 110-115 but as long as we keep it moving shouldn't be all that bad.....................................
  7. Sorry bud, Ardmore belongs to me now!!!!!! Strangely a short time ago I ran into a younger gentleman riding a Z10 on Lianfair just over the bridge. I too was riding a Z10 and we looked at each other in disbelief. Rode with him for a short time and went on my way. So.................there is a possibility you are 3rd in Ardmore We did the SRT to downtown and over to the Ben Franklin, crossed the Ben and rode around in Camden for a short time. Then went back and had a bite at the Reading Terminal market, and went back. The Ben is a great ride, plenty of views................
  8. Last minute I know but I'll be at SRT tomorrow(Saturday). Probably start at boat race parking right off Kelly drive. If anyone is interested let me know. 9am ish
  9. jas, you live in Ardmore? I thought I saw someone one day riding around suburban square. I work right down the street. I am always riding on lancaster or around suburban square for lunch and such. I also ride from suburban to the SRT some nights to get in a quick ride before dark and blow off some steam.
  10. Glad to see your healed Unventor. How long did it take your tailbone to heal? I had a crash in August at about 30 mph on the MSuper(fell off to the right not on my back). And my tailbone is still giving me issues after prolonged usage. No back pain, numbing or anything crazy like that but when sitting directly on the tailbone it starts hurting again. Went for Xrays a few weeks ago but have not made it back to the doc yet. No other injuries to speak of except a scratch on my nose luckily...........................................
  11. @Jerome @jas3 @edwin_rm Weather is warming up time to organize a ride........................................ Edwin, plenty of good routes in Philly, whether downtown or just riding Schuylkill river trail like we did in the past. Can go downtown, ride Schuylkill or a bit of both, everything is right in that area....................
  12. Personal recommendation would be to get a cheap learner wheel, possibly an older ninebot. I know you want something that is going to last you but keep in mind your first wheel can and probably will be dropped many many times. Get a cheap used wheel and upgrade when your comfortable if you want it to look nice. Speedyfeet is def a reputable company, not sure about the other co as I'm not from the UK. Good Luck
  13. Yes it has disc brakes. The braking was def not the best once the electric brake assist cut off but it is passable.
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