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  1. Acturbo

    New Ninebot Z10

    Yes it has disc brakes. The braking was def not the best once the electric brake assist cut off but it is passable.
  2. Acturbo

    New Ninebot Z10

    Dude you just bought the Dualtron, not sure I can endure another drive to Virginia
  3. Acturbo

    New Ninebot Z10

    Came from Aliexpress. Trusted seller I have used in the past. She covers me on warranty concerns by sending replacement parts but not in the same sense as Jason that you could mail it back........................................
  4. Acturbo

    New Ninebot Z10

    For sale new ninebot Z10. This is my second one bought for wife/daughter but they are going to stick to electric scooter. Selling for $1925 plus shipping or pickup local for free(preferred). Serious inquires only, price is non negotiable I am not pressed and do not "have" to sell it. I am located in Delaware and travel up to north Jersey/NYC and down around Baltimore/DC area.
  5. Acturbo

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    @jas3 @Jerome DM me your numbers in case we can't find each other
  6. Acturbo

    Is riding an EUC considered a "sport"?

    If poker is on ESPN we are considered decathletes lol...........................................
  7. Acturbo

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    @jas3 @Jerome So Sunday at 9am good for everyone? Jas if you want we can do both days if you wanna try some of the off roading you mentioned.
  8. Acturbo

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    @Jerome @jas3 Lets shoot for Saturday at 8am. Is everyone ok with this? Same meeting spot as before JAS? The temple boathouse parking lot on Kelly Dr.?
  9. Acturbo

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    @Jerome @jas3 Ok guys, weekend approaching quickly. Looks like both days will be decent. Trying to plan out what we are doing ahead of time so I can plan my weekend. What time do we want to meet? Where are we going to start/end? Saturday or Sunday?
  10. Acturbo

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

    Changed color scheme of mine after a crash...................................
  11. Acturbo

    Wheels for heavier riders?

    Hey guys a bit late to the topic here. I too am 230-240 6'1 and can share my experience. I have owned or currently own Gotway MCM4, Kingsong 14D, ACM2, MSuper V3S+, MSuper X, Monster, and Ninebot Z10. My favorite wheel is the Monster, for the simple fact that I can't get a battery on any wheel larger than or close to 2400 and it gives me the freedom to ride for long periods of time without charging and has larger pedals for my bigger feet. Monster is def not a beginners wheel as mentioned and leaves me desiring a little more torque at times. If I was first starting out again and had to do it over I'd get a cheap wheel to learn on and once I could ride it proficiently upgrade to the MSuper X. Battery aside the MSuper X is super stable, fast and available in a 1600Wh battery that any larger rider would benefit from. I also like the Kingsong 18L and how it rides, I do not however like the fact that speed/acceleration are limited once the wheel hits 40/50 percent battery. The feature is fine but I think the option should be given to turn it off. The 14" wheels were quite zippy but I always found myself wanting something faster that could go a longer distance. Everyones needs are different and smaller battery may be fine for some. All my trips are of longer distance as my wheel(s) are more toys than practical transportation. I find the MSuper X to be the best of both worlds: speed/distance/maneuverability/stability from the wheels I've mentioned. Each wheel has its own pluses and minuses, there were none of them I disliked but it is certainly possible for the larger riders to start with a wheel 16" in or less, just know that your top speed and distance are going to be greatly limited.
  12. Acturbo

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    I'll bring both. I'll just leave one behind......................
  13. Acturbo

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    +1 on gradual acceleration Marty. Learned this the hard way but unless it's an emergency gradual acceleration is def the way to go for more than one reason....................
  14. Acturbo

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    Yup I painted the pedals as well. Everyone is saying how hard it must have been, it was quite simple. I only removed the trolley handle, pedals, side panels, and pads(one was already removed for me during the crash). Total working time(not counting just waiting for things to dry between coats) was probably like 3 hours.
  15. Acturbo

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    It was not the wheels fault it was mine. I was accelerating and hit an invisible bump which forced me to lean even further forward(overlean perhaps) and it cut out and i ended up on the ground. Thankfully the only injury I sustained was a few scratches and an injured tailbone. Had wrist guards, elbow pads, knee and shin guards.......... The dualtron is very nice its just not practical for me in my area. I just prefer to ride the EUC as opposed to the scooter. It's hella fast and stable but I just find I'm not using it very much and prefer the feel of riding the EUC. It was kind of an impulse buy.................................