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  1. That might be a good idea. Electrocute one to death prior to cutout so you cannot feel the pain of a face plant. We are on to something here!
  2. Drewman, I am selling my ACMs+ 1300, I have it up for $800 and have no one interested. If you are interested in purchasing I'll do it for $800 shipped to you. I weight about 220-230 and I get very good battery life and it should have plenty of power for you as a starter wheel...................... See here.....................................................
  3. Acturbo

    EUC’s and rhe police . US laws and ordinances.

    Regarding the motor vehicle questions I look at it this way..............the bike trail says no motorized vehicles which I assume to mean dirtbikes, 4 wheelers, automobiles, or other high powered devices from riding on the trail. When I look at my footprint on the EUC and the maximum speed of a professional cyclist, they are very similar. On the other side of the coin, the on ramp to my local interstate says "motorized vehicles only" which I take to mean only vehicles equipped to handle the speeds and terrain of a freeway, hence if I was riding my EUC on the freeway I would expect to be kicked out, fined, etc. All a very grey area........................
  4. Acturbo

    EUC’s and rhe police . US laws and ordinances.

    Technically they are designed for propulsion by a motor and not by a muscle. You so need some "muscle" to get them to move but the primary power source is an electric motor. I think it falls into a grey area which I always see as a positive thing. Arguments could be made both ways. Much like when signs say no electric bikes, we are technically not riding a bicycle but rather a unicycle. Don't make yourself stick out and don't give the law a specific reason to target an EUC and I think all will be ok. Just an opinion of course..............................
  5. FYI Ruben I'm in Hoodriderz. If interested and it's not gone I can bring it next time for test ride. I had it with me last week when I was up............................ Just put a message in there.
  6. Nope wasn't that big a deal. Tire had a high spot in it. Replaced tire and it went away ......................... 360km later and no issues.
  7. Acturbo

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Hit me up Jerome. I always down to ride..................................... Never seen a random EUC. I'm in Delaware though so my chances are slim to none to begin with...........................
  8. Acturbo

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    I'm pretty flexible Harp. I'd say if we start at the top of the trail and ride back that would be best if you are newer to it. This way you'd get a little of the trail and we can veer off and see the sights like the art center and such. I dispize paying for parking and find where ever I can that is free I have no problem riding any distance to meet up though if you'd rather park elsewhere. Why don't you PM me your number and I'll shoot you a text and we can figure it all out. I'm wide open this weekend so dates and times don't really matter, only preference is that it be during the day and not at night.
  9. When I bought my MSuper V3S+ originally there was not a preorder for the M Super X 2-3 months later. My point is we just got the EX II and were able to ride it and the replacement is about to launch. Technology moves fast, soon it will be outdated, that's my only point. Wait too long and it will likely not be worth quite as much..........
  10. What I mean by this is the Ultra was the top of the line and the EX II just under. They already have the thunder available and the dualtron III and another model I can't remember the name of. So technically upon arrival of your dualtron II it's already outdated and there are more advanced scooters already available....................
  11. Acturbo

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    After work is tough for me unless you want to venture down to the Newark area and ride on University of Delaware campus. I will be riding this weekend at some point. If you want we can meet up. I was thinking of doing the Philly thing(Schuylkill trail and a bit around the art museum and such).
  12. Hey everyone, I have decided to sell my ACMs+ 1300. It's in mostly perfect condition and I have had 0 issues with it except for a tire rubbing issue when I first received it. It has about 380km on it. It is a joy to ride I just don't ride it enough anymore. I would prefer local pickup/dropoff. I can ship if need be but the weight would likely drive the cost up. There are many here on the forum that can vouch for me................ $800.00 Any questions please ask.
  13. Acturbo

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Hey Harp, I'm pretty close to you. Where have you been riding in West Chester? I do the Northern DE greenway trail quite a bit and also head into Philly sometimes. The battery on your wheel is a bit limiting for longer rides but if you'd like to ride some time I'd be down for it. Let me know.................
  14. Acturbo

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Greetings Salvatore, I was actually thinking of heading up that way this weekend either Saturday or Sunday. I normally ride around center city and on the Schuylkill river trail. If you are free one day let me know. I'd be more than happy to have you along(at whatever pace you are comfortable with). Sorry for the delayed response. Have not been frequenting the forums as much as I used to. What wheel do you have?
  15. Agreed. All depends on how bad he need to get rid of it. Aggressive price, quick sale(hopefully). Asking more than 1800 I would think most would just opt for a new one.