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  1. SanDiegoGuy

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    Wow, Darrell Wesh, you did 10.16 in the 100 m dash. That is fast. I was in track and field when I was in high school and my 100 yard dash (not 100 m) was 10.45 sec. I also did long jump and triple jump and 440 relay. Those were the good old times.
  2. @Hatchet, funny you said that because I also bought the Ninebot Z10 and the Gotway Mten3 along with the Glide 3 BEFORE I ever set foot on any EUC. It is called preemptive strike LOL.
  3. Does anyone have this and if you do, do you like it? https://www.leatt.com/shop/catalog/product/view/id/434/s/chest-protector-4-5-hydra/category/778/
  4. Eureka!!!! I finally know how to ride the Glide 3. It took me about 5 miles on the Glide 3 to be able to ride it. I was returning home from practicing at the nearby park at a basketball court and got tired and decided to quit and just pull up the handle and walk the glide 3 home. On the way home and about 100 yards to my front door, I decided to do one last ride on the long street where my house is and wow.....I was able to ride it straight about 7 blocks without falling. It just clicked. So instead of taking the wheel inside my house, I decided to do more practice run on the street and I was able to go further and further without falling. It is a great feeling. Now I just need to master sharp turn. I am able to slow down to a stop now. Wow. So much fun. I only have about 6 miles on the Glide 3 now. Time to increase it to 100 miles soon....LOL. What I also learned today is that it is better to hold my arms close to my body. At first I have my arms out for balance and I keep flailing them and this make me lose my balance more because I keep flailing my arms. Keeping my arms close to my body actually improve the center of gravity and make it less wobbly and I was able to ride better.
  5. O.K......so I got a chance to learn how to ride an EUC for the very first time using the Glide 3 and all I have to say is it is exhausting. This is what I have learned from my first 3 miles of learning. 1. DO NOT look down when you try to learn. Always look up and straight ahead. Even when you mount the pedals, DO NOT look down at the pedals. Just look straight ahead while mounting the pedal because you cannot miss them. You will learn quicker if you do not look down. 2. Try to learn on flat concrete surface. I tried on very low level grass field but it was so exhausting because the wheel make more sharp turns and I fall off the wheel much more often. It may damage the wheel less but the higher friction from the grass make it harder to learn. O.K....that is what I have learned from my first 3 miles. Did not get much time to practice and learn. I am so anxious to have more time on the wheel. It is challenging but fun. It is so much harder to learn an EUC than the Onewheel XR.
  6. Hello folks. When transporting the EUC, how do you guys place the wheel inside your car trunk? Do you just place it on the side? Is it o.k, to place it on the side for long term? Any need to support the wheel? Photos or images would be welcome.
  7. SanDiegoGuy

    Ninebot Z10 as my first wheel

    Actually, I am one of those newbie who has never ridden an EUC before and I just bought the Z10, the Glide 3, and the Mten3. However, I will probably learn on the Glide 3 so if I scratch it up a bit, it will not be too bad. I hate to scratch up the Z10. All 3 EUCs are still brand new and have never been ridden. I will ride (at least learn to) the Glide 3 for the first time tomorrow. I got these 3 EUC recently but I have not had the time to learn riding anyyet.
  8. SanDiegoGuy

    My brand new Ninbebot Z10 is making a funny sound, why???

    I want to know this too so I can verify whether mine is post or pre production unit.
  9. SanDiegoGuy

    My brand new Ninbebot Z10 is making a funny sound, why???

    I just thought that the people who bought the z10 from Jason at ewheels bought theirs at a much cheaper price according to the ewheels website.
  10. SanDiegoGuy

    My brand new Ninbebot Z10 is making a funny sound, why???

    Aliexpress is normally with prices in the $1,900's including shipping. I do not know how much Jason from ewheels would charge if you are from batch 3 and beyond with the Trump tariff.
  11. SanDiegoGuy

    My brand new Ninbebot Z10 is making a funny sound, why???

    Klin, I ordered mine on August 20 and received it on September 9. I paid $1,945 which I now think is too much. I tried to cancel it 3 days after I ordered but I was unable to cancel since it started shipping already. I have no idea if it is a pre-production unit or not but the seller told me that it is the latest version. Who knows how truthful he is. I ordered from Green Fashion on Aliexpress.
  12. Hello folks. I finally received my Z10. However, when I unpack it and turn it on for the first time, I hear a funny sound coming from the Z10 non-stop. Here is a video of my brand new Z10. https://youtu.be/jAszpFE_upc Please turn on the volume to hear the sound, thanks. So I have to connect it to the Ninebot app to make the annoying sound to stop? I tried to install the ninebot app from the Android playstore but it still does stop the sound. Any sugggestions? Do you guys HAVE TO connect to the app to use the Z10 ?
  13. If you guys wear elbow pads/guards and knee pads/guards and prefer to wear them under your jacket/pants....what jacket or pants do you wear for the following conditions: 1. Summer time 2. Winter time