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  1. It has been a long time since I rode my Z10 and mten3 EUC. They have been in my garage for many months without being turned on and the battery of both units were completely drained. I then recharged them and took them for a spin and wow.... that fun feeling is back again Since I am off work temporarily due to Covid-19, it it time to brush up on my riding skill and ride around my neighborhood since there is closure of beaches and parks in San Diego.
  2. I have the Onewheel XR, the Evolve Bamboo GTX all terrain wheels, and the Z10. After I got the Z10, the Onewheel XR and the Evolve Bamboo GTX went into the garage collecting dust up to this day. I guess I have to go into the garage now and charge up those two devices so the battery would not be totally dead, or it might already since it has been so long.
  3. Any plan on having a group ride this coming Saturday February 16?
  4. Nice video and it looks like you guys did a great ride and saw many places. :-)
  5. Too bad I could not join the ride tomorrow (Monday) because I have to go to work. My kids will be off from school for MLK day but I still have to go to work. I will join you guys in the next San Diego ride. Have fun guys.
  6. Cool video. I like the music. :-)
  7. I was out of town on Dec 22 and just got back today. Sounds like you guys had fun. :-)
  8. Any song is fine. It would be great to see the video of the December ride. Yeah, we should do another ride in January. Third week of January?
  9. Probably the 3rd week of January Tha Jugg. Oh, and welcome to San Diego.
  10. This was my first group ride and it was fun. It was great the meet everyone in person. Looking forward to the next group ride in fantastic San Diego winter weather :-)
  11. I will bring my Z10 and mten3
  12. Do you guys know any special Black Friday sales on electric wheels? So far I only see Black Friday sales on the Onewheel Both the original and the XR model are on sale. I bought my Onewheel XR at it's original price about 4 months ago. :-(
  13. Chanting: ................................. USA....USA.....USA.......LOL
  14. Is the newest version of this app compatible with the following 2 watches? The newer Pebble time and the Amazfit: 1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CRSK5DM/ref=psdc_7939901011_t1_B00BKEQBI0 2. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0106IS5XY?ref=em_1p_0_ti&ref_=pe_644350_373327970
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