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  1. Marcglider


    The easy resolution is to purchase a "headlamp" like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Boruit-6000-Lumens-CREE-XM-L-T6-2xR5-LED-Headlamp-Torch-Headlight-2x-Charger-/253782283035?hash=item3b169a531b ... it can be attached to your helmet and will shine light exactly where you are looking... they have different settings for brightness, flashing, etc... no fixed lamp will allow you to see to the side if you are making a turn, you will know something is there when you HIT IT...
  2. Marcglider

    Indestructible V8: Hit by a Car Today

    I spoke with him once a few days after and the rest was a single text 2 days ago... he found out sometime after that there was a police report, he has a friend at the PD who was going to find out the details... when I asked if it was a hit and run, he did not know any details at that time and I have no further details on anything but a required surgery from the text. After some time goes by, I will guess he will post details... it has been about 2 months now that I am fully geared up, wrist, elbows, knees, and full face helmet, I DO NOT ride without them... Ever. This is not because something happened, but just in case it does.
  3. Marcglider

    Indestructible V8: Hit by a Car Today

    One of our fellow members was hit by a car recently.... he has chosen not to tell his story right now so I will not go into details but he was hit without seeing the car... he woke up in the ambulance not even knowing he was hit by a car and does not have much recollection of what happened. He was only wearing wrist guards if that I think, he got about 18 stitches in his face, dislocated his shoulder and as of a few days ago, said he was scheduled to have surgery but did not elaborate on the specifics... one more story to reinforce the importance of wearing safety gear
  4. Marcglider

    Thin Gloves for Wearing Under Wrist Protectors?

  5. Marcglider


    I Agree, the flexmeter wrist guards are absolutely the best and I NEVER ride without them... I have 7 sets of the free ones that come with the ewheel.com orders, anyone who wants them can have them for free, just pay to ship...
  6. unless they upgraded/changed the firmware, you can not change the pedal angle during calibration... it goes to the neutral position... if I am wrong, please post with versions so I can adjust mine, I have not tried since I first got it... Thanks
  7. Marcglider


    I own 2 helmets that I like and are slightly different... the BELL S3 and the FOX Proframe. Both are light weight BMX helmets and I definitely recommend either... I do not ride EVER without a helmet, I have never had a "faceplant", but if or when I do, I an not willing to guarantee a trip to the oral surgeon and/or plastic surgeon as well as the ER. The Bell has a removable chin guard, the adjuster inside the helmet is a thumbwheel in the rear that allows you to tighten the fit till it feels good. The visor is removable and it is my "go-to" helmet most of the time, I highly recommend it. The Fox chin guard is not removable but the visor is, the fit is adjusted with exchangeable foam pieces inside the helmet (3 sets of diff sizes are included). My main issue which is good and bad with this helmet is it has a very high level of ventilation. The first time I wore it was in the evening, I ran through some small "gnat swarms"... the ventilation allowed them to get inside the helmet, specifically in my ears. The issue is, unlike the Bell that has an opening directly across from your ear, the Fox does not. I have had this happen with the Bell but with the opening I was able to dig the bastards out with my finger. I have a cap like Marty with the the neck flap, when I use that this particular problem went away... As far as safety, they both have "MIPS"... look it up if you do not know what this is. There is different opinions regarding this safety feature as possibly being more of a marketing tool than a safety item, but I can tell you I feel very comfortable and safe with both and have no problem recommending either, in my mind, anyone not using a full face helmet that has a faceplant, WILL wear one after they do if they continue to ride... just my opinion
  8. Marcglider

    WheelLog Android App

    @palachzzz, I stand corrected, I am not sure why when I originally tried my GW wheels after logging off my Z10 but I just tried to log on with my Tesla and also my MSX and they both worked with the 2.0.15... I do not find it that big of a deal to switch versions so I will do some testing and see if I still want to use the older version or everything with the new .15 version... Thanks
  9. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    you need to understand what terrain you will be riding on... if you are going to be on roads, then you need to understand that the lower tire pressures will cause the wheel to follow grooves in the road and will make turns suddenly that you don't want... as you raise the pressure, it will not do this but the ride will be more "harsh" when you hit bumps. If most of your riding will be off road, then you will find lower is better, if on roads, a bit higher will be better for control... take @MaiKi's advice and experiment a bit...
  10. Marcglider

    WheelLog Android App

    If displaying speed and possibly mileage is your only criteria, you can get a GPS like a Garmin Foretrex 410, they work great and are pretty accurate and be worn on your wrist... If you want battery voltage, temp and other info on your wrist, than the Pebble and WheelLog are your best bet... just make a note you need to use Rebble.io website to enable it to work...
  11. Marcglider

    WheelLog Android App

    After logging onto the .15 version with my Z10, I was unable to log onto any of my GW wheels... it would make the sound like it logged on but then immediately log off... yes very weird.... I use the .4 version and it works well, but it will not work (cant log on) with my Z... I have to re-download the version I need everytime I ride my Z then back for my GW wheels
  12. Marcglider

    WheelLog Android App

    The latest version is 2.0.15... this version does not work with KingSong or Gotway wheels... If you have one of those wheels, use version 2.0.4, the .15 version works well with the Ninebot Z10 and I would guess other wheels from NB. if you are asking for Inmotion products, maybe another member can help you, I do not own any of their wheels.
  13. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    If you watch Ian's latest video he raised his tire pressure to 32 and it got better... at your weight my guess would be to try 27 and you'll probably end up liking it somewhere between 26 and 28... I weigh 175 and my tire is set at 31.
  14. Marcglider


    I need a pic of Chris wearing that in NYC... LOL
  15. Marcglider


    I have been following this thread and wanted to add my 2 cents... I started out not wearing a helmet and now I always wear a full face, either my Bell S3 or my new Fox proframe I just got. These are both BMX helmets, I don't disagree with the comment about CTE and concussion-proof. I always had this bug in my head thinking "what would happen if I had a face-plant". I have eliminated that "what-if" in my head wearing these (full face) and lately my speeds have gone up to the point that I am needing to slow down to stay in my comfort zone with the speeds I want to ride at (didn't help that my pebble was reading a few mph low)... seems as I am getting more comfortable riding, my normal cruising speed has gone up like 4 mph...