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  1. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I know who you were referring too... between that and some stuff that has reared it's head (again) regarding the GW and specifically the MSX, I am a bit bummed with some things on here... I put 16 miles on my ACMv2 and 9 miles on my Tesla today... I plan on doing about 15 miles on my Z10 tomorrow morning... I LOVE riding my wheels, have not had any problems, love the challenge of getting better on each of them, and some of the "CRAP" I read is just that... "CRAP"... I am sure you will dig your decision... Enjoy the learning curve
  2. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    seems to be a lot of "ALLUDING" going on in the Forum lately... it is a bit unfortunate in my opinion
  3. Marcglider


    Hey @Marty Backe I see your light is flashing... I can not get mine to do that... I watched the video posted recently on the light and it left me just as confused as you mentioned as well... have you figured out how to control it?... it is not that big a deal for me but it would be nice to know if someone has figured it out... Nice vid as well, maybe Ian needs to ck it out...
  4. Marcglider

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    Interesting you would put Inmotion in the "high quality" category with the stuff going on right now, I don't need to elaborate as many posts on this forum are doing fine on their own... I do not own any of their products, and I own products from all the other companies on your list, I have one thing to remark about Inmotion... If the continuing "spontaneous combustion" issues are correct and true, then the fact that they are continuing to request receipt of their wheels and sending out shipping labels is DEEPLY DISTURBING! Maybe a FedEX truck or airline carrying their product having a fire break out will get their attention!
  5. Marcglider

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    If I was going to buy a New Car, a Chinese manufacturer would not be on my list.... If Quality was my primary issue I don't think there are any better than the German engineers... Since we are stuck at the moment with Chinese as our only choices, pick you criteria, pick your manufacturer and cross your fingers... I am enjoying all my new wheels Immensely and that aspect is where my attention will stay for now...
  6. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Isn't it amazing the technology of the Chinese... they made a scale that can cycle through different settings for readings so the owner/reader can choose their preference on the display??? I am Truly amazed that my digital air pressure gauge will allow me to read my tire pressure in PSI, Bar, or KPI.... And yes your educational system taught you correct... 16 ounces = 1 pound...
  7. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    can't think of a better reason to go work out except for "SHEILA"... lol oh yeah I forgot, at least it is with my hang gliding buddy from NSW, and I never understood it but what is the reason Ausies don't like Kiwi's???
  8. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I think the Z is a good choice, any nuances those with multiple wheels feel will go unnoticed by you... the only other thing that needs to be said is this wheel is freakin heavy... it is not relevant to me as I am not carrying it and is not noticeable when riding, so if you do not need to carry it around go for it... if the pressure on your leg bothers you, they come with pads that look like they will work well, I just Love the look without them
  9. Marcglider

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday September 16th!

    Duf is podcasting these on Youtube so you can watch them anytime you want and as many times as you want...
  10. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    It is good that this will be your first wheel as you have nothing to compare to... I will tell you that the Z is a bit harsh going over bumps as compared to my MSX... when I ride the Z on a banked surface, the wheel will be up against and put pressure on your outside leg... this is not a problem, just something I notice because I have others to compare to which you will not... only other thing to look at is range... recently there have been reported range tests that have come in lower than most reported, for me this wheel is a solid 30 miler, you can push more if you take it easy, or may be less if conditions dictate so or you weight is above average... Good luck
  11. Marcglider

    The Photo Thread

    I AGREE.... I really feel like I have all the GREAT wheels and short of getting a Mten3, there are currently no wheels out there I really desire to add to my collection... If I could only have 3 wheels, they would be MSX, Tesla, Z10... If 5 was the number, I would add MCM5 and ACMv2... I really never got comfortable with turning big wheels especially my 18S... now that I am working on the technique for theZ10 , my MSX feels more like my 16S and that is just perfect... did 20 miles on it today, 8 at night with my headlamp blazing
  12. Marcglider

    The Photo Thread

    Hey Marty, isn't it interesting how there are so many different observations, reviews, and opinions on this wheel??? Speedy Feet has the exact OPPOSITE opinion low speed handling after just under 100 miles... I like the challenge of learning something different, and Chris made a comment a while back along the lines of Why would you want different manufacturers producing different wheels that felt and rode the same????
  13. Marcglider

    My brand new Ninbebot Z10 is making a funny sound, why???

    All the Z10's sold by Jason in his first shipment were sent by Airfreight and reflected the additional shipping cost total was $1989... he changed the price on his website now to reflect the tariff which makes the new Z10's coming in $1999, this is pretty much equal to those who paid for Airfreight. According to Jason, his pricing is going to be about 10% more on the retail prices roughly on anything that comes in that will require the tariff be paid. The breakdown of the new prices is that the 25% tariff is paid on his cost when he receives the shipments, he is calculating a 10% increase on the retail price which does not cover fully his total cost increase, and he is eating some of it out of his profit. This was what was explained to me in a conversation a few weeks ago and has not changed as far as I know... Anything he currently has in inventory will be at the old pricing till the new shipments come and he has to pay the tariff's... His master list on the home page still shows an update date of August 26th... I contacted him the other day and I was told he has between 1 and 3 each of MSX's, Teslas, and ACMv2's left, he said he has good stock on MCM5's. I know someone interested in at least 1 of them and may have ordered today...
  14. Marcglider

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday September 16th!

    Hey Marty... is it just me or is Duf slowly gravitating away from EUC's??? one wheels, Meepos, what's next?...
  15. Marcglider

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    when I first got my Z, I did experience also the tracking issue with wheel, but since then I have not noticed it so maybe I got used to it or am compensating for it when I ride... I have 120 miles on it and I am still learning this wheel which is a big part of what I am enjoying... I thought your review was Excellent... straight up no BS, no Bias... Thanks... I totally agree anyone giving their opinions on this wheel needs to get many miles on it, it takes quite a bit to feel one with this one.