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  1. Marcglider

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    OK... now I get what the hell is going on here.... let's see, do you really need to have all 3 wheels that I don't own but would like in the same sentence... (ACM2, MSX, Mten3)?? is this some kind of pyramid scheme where you are under Marty and everyone is getting rich on my retirement funds???
  2. Marcglider

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

  3. Marcglider

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    Not sure about the MCM5 but I actually really like the pedals on my Tesla, I find them much more comfortable than my 16S
  4. Marcglider

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    You guys are Killing me... I am trying to enjoy my new TESLA, and waiting for my MCM5 to come in... I wrote Jason this morning and he told me the wheels are going to the forwarder tomorrow and he has 5 coming AIR Freight... That means I will wait another 5 weeks roughly for mine or pay an extra $200 and get it Quick... Time to stop reading posts here for a while For those asking, I paid $1300 for the new MCM5 with the 800wh battery (EWheels.com)... He gave me a discount on the quick charger as a repeat customer
  5. Marcglider

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    Woman are/can be a pain in the Butt... if you got a good one, keep her happy, get her a new toy, go play with your stable of wheels... look but don't touch!... most reasonable woman will agree with that... the "grass is greener" seems to be true initially, but it is just another field that needs to be mowed every week...
  6. Marcglider

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    I love this... I think your approach should be to find something to make her happy and add to the collection... let her know that your desire to have a "STABLE" is with wheels and not other woman, and you love her so much and "ONLY HER"...
  7. Marcglider

    A lucky night for me

    I wake up with that headache every day... So I am not the only wacko here... I have come to the conclusion that I will just buy them all and figure it out from there... I will have 5 when my MCM5 comes, and I figure I am half way there, hopefully there will be a lag time of new wheels coming out after this current spurt...
  8. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I would Highly Recommend you find someone with a 16S and a Tesla before you rule out that size wheel... I have all sizes except a 10" and a monster as of yet, and the 16" is by far my favorite... at least right now... 👍
  9. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    with that size wheel 18" amd huge tire, and the kind of riding you do, do you think it will have a range that will work... you are a range guy and mostly looking for the biggest batteries available...
  10. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Hey @Marty Backe help me wrap my head around the fact that the battery in the Z is only slightly bigger than my MCM5 will have and less than a Tesla?....
  11. Marcglider

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    but your almost famous... fit right in out there in LA...
  12. Marcglider

    Msuper x vs Tesla

  13. Marcglider

    KS16S & GW Tesla Comparison

    I will call my doctor first thing in the morning and have him adjust my prescription... not sure they have developed strong enough medication to set me straight... I will inquire... Thanks Marty... 👍
  14. Marcglider

    KS16S & GW Tesla Comparison

    ok so I know I'm not that stupid... my version does not have any setting menu... maybe I need to download off the internet rather than the playstore?... I just deleted it and it is coming up as a "dashboard"... looking for another version... and send my your paypal ... I will give you 10 bucks, no problem... Im just a stupid hang glider bum from NY, at least I did not forget how to use my turn signals when I got to Florida like all the other New Yorkers here...
  15. Marcglider

    KS16S & GW Tesla Comparison

    I have a pebble and use wheellog... you keep mentioning you set the pebble to vibrate at set amperages and also I just read you set it to vibrate at 26mph speed... I have no clue where you are doing this from, I have no settings menu on wheellog I am locating... Shouldn't you be out playing on the Z ??? or are you trying to break Chooch's record and keep it for a month or two???