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  1. I live near Orlando... I see people coming here to Vacation and spending upwards of 10 Grand for their family vacation for a week That blows my mind!!! If you enjoy and get good use out of your wheel or any hobby you spend money on, than it is GREAT! If you keep the wheel in good shape, it has value and after a while, you can sell it if you decide to and your actual cost will not be that big. I just spent 10 grand on a dirt bike and gear, I don't try to justify the costs anymore, just try to use my purchases and have fun... since I currently own 6 wheels and have over 12 grand in this hobby, I am speaking from experience.... Enjoy and have fun, there will be plenty of time to worry about money for the rest of your life....
  2. I haven't been following this thread but I had a low voltage battery issue a while back on my Tesla and it turned out to be a bad connection (small 2 pin connector) on the small circuit board next to the battery... I have not had to open my MSX for any reason but you may want to just ck all your connectors before you start to get crazy which is what I was doing...
  3. I agree with the reflective wear, I almost bought one of those jackets on Aliexpress, they are only like $20... that being said, I am more concerned with my seeing small holes and objects in the road. Marty had is "incident" in broad daylight with bad repercussions, those kind of hazards are more of an issue at night... unless you slow down to about 5 mph which is not my nature, having enough light and focused in the direction you are going in is as important if not more than being seen... just my opinion
  4. I have read quite a bit on the headlight issues with all the different wheels... I do not do much night riding but I did buy a triple bulb 6500 headlamp I mounted to my helmet (amazon under $20)... in my opinion no matter what headlight is on the wheel, nothing compares to a bright light that will shine exactly where you move your head and are looking. The best/brightest light fixed on your wheel will not help you see to the side when you need to see the road ahead when you are turning...
  5. You guys can Photo Shop this monstrosity all day long and it wouldn't help, I am just not feeling it "AT ALL"... just one useless guys opinion Guess I will save my money for the next/next Gen when the designers come down from their "High", must be getting their hands on some really good shit!
  6. This may be true... I like the fact you are fully "suited up" in case your luck takes a turn, it would definitely hurt but you have the protection necessary to limit "damage" as much as possible... Merry Christmas
  7. Am I only one of the few that thinks there is enough "inherent" danger riding these wheels like hitting unforeseen obstacles like @Marty Backe recently as well as vehicles not paying attention, etc... ? Do we really need to take these wheels, push them past their limits, try to reprogram their safety limits, etc....? I think my MSX has a top speed of 35+mph... if going that fast is your goal, maybe buy a wheel that is designed for that?? I find nothing good about reading about accidents, or how people are suiting up "AFTER" their accidents...
  8. looks like in the pic he could slide a new nikola between his legs...
  9. Funny Marty, actually with the way GW is going, maybe I should get one just because when they end production, they may replace it with some psychedelic disco bowling ball looking wheel with huge speakers that will only play BeeGee's music from Saturday Night Fever... Of course cruising at 35+mph in prime GW fashion...
  10. You guys will love the MCM5 as I do... the only thing I find with mine is since I have other wheels with more clearance (Tesla, Z10, MSX, ACM), I find myself scraping the pedals frequently and have to make a conscious effort not to over lean in my turns definitely a fun wheel
  11. I have stayed quiet on this GW disappointment till now. All I can say is it looks like a KS 18L had sex with a V10F and this is the offspring... I am extremely happy I currently own an ACM as well as a Tesla. When I was thinking/hoping GW would design their next gen Tesla, I envisioned something similar, 3" tire, same motor and mosfet's (seem to be quite reliable) and at least 1300 batt... Safe, Reliable, Fast with me able to control tiltback etc.(thanks GW) is all I need/want, the circus lights can go, If I want attention, I will sign up for Facebook and post endless selfies
  12. Hey Hunka... this is exactly where the "waters get muddied"... I will take the word of @Jason McNeil to what is going on in the area of issues and problems as he is the largest distributor here in the US, has ALL the accurate info and I trust his word as honest with no hidden agenda... If and when he adds info regarding this issue, that will be what I use... bowing out..
  13. THANK YOU HUNKA... Finally we come to the heart of the issue with some clarity... Back some time when there was some lingering "reputation problems" with GW wheels (mostly the electronics and build quality), people were posting comments that were confusing "Safety and Quality" issues. Recently, and I do not recall which thread or posting, @Jason McNeil commented on the near "zero" percent of failure rate for a GW wheel, I think it was the MSX as compared to the Z10 and 18L... Anyway, If a guy buys a new Vette, gets speeding tickets and then crashes the car because he was driving recklessly due to the temptation of it's performance, then blames the car... Well you know where this is going and it seems maybe we have come full circle... Round 2
  14. I think if you are seriously going down that road, you need to do yourself a favor and find someone to let you ride their MSX... that wheel is flat out Awesome... I can also tell you my Tesla is now my favorite wheel and you know how much I loved the 16S...
  15. Start saving for a MSX... I got a few hundred miles on mine and no pedal scrapes...
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