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My presentation, my name is Jean (Nhut) French Wheeler

Jean (nhut)

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Thank you for this welcome.:clap3:
It would appear that my beat for my videos. Who is guilty? who denounces, laughing. I just saw that several of the French forum wheelers are present here. And I happen after another, it is lamentable, laughing. So how we got to gather so many people in our outings? There is no secret.It is with perseverance we reach the world together. Moreover @smallexis is the first that I convinced to join my rally.

@Rehab1 There are no French women here but French men, laughing. :lol:
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I'm good at Where's Waldo! Jean!


That was pretty professional looking footage.  It's great that these aerial drones can produce movie quality results.  I'm still waiting on @Rehab1's neighbour video.  :yawn:

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Information for the border countries of France, feel free to join us on outings. The Germany, the Switzerland, the Luxembourg... We will be delighted to welcome among us.

If people are close to the Luxembourg or Switzerland we have friends in these countries. Solowheel Luxembourg and Swiss wheelers. So feel free to expand the family of the wheelers.


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On 1/11/2016 at 10:52 PM, Jean (nhut) said:
Hello, I can't find the section presentation, sorry.
Then I come here, I use Google translation I'm sorry, I don't control any English, I'm already struggling in French, laughing.
Anyway, I'm a French Wheeler as @Hirsute.
I'm Wheeler since June 2014.
My name is Jean (Nhut)
I am now a fan of's mode of transport.
I like the Street and Freestyle.
I also organizes a lot of output of electric mobility.
Here's my YouTube channel.
I hope you enjoy my videos, enjoy.
And if you spend a day in France in the city of Nancy, you will be welcome to our outputs Wheelers.
Good evening

I like it.. good job

You have a new subscriber

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