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  1. Sidestreet Reny

    Portland Oregon Riders??

    Hey if y'all need any help or guidance so you can become a Friday night rider. Just let me know, I live in the South East and Im always down to help a rider here in PDX to get out on the streets and show the world the wheel. It's not as hard as it seems and wow is it freeing. Have fun Yo, if ya need any help with your next wheel, give me a shout and go for a test drive. Hit me up at www.Myinmotion.com to get a killer discount on all wheels and equipment. Jus enter RENY007 for 10% off. Check out the 3 wheeled skateboard hybrid it's so sick and the new V10 is a beast. I have some more testers coming. Holler WWW.MYINMOTION.COM InMotion USA - The Future Of Smart Transportation The Official Shop for the NEW InMotion V10 electric unicycle, Scooterboard 3 wheel electric skateboard scooter hybrid, Solowheel Glide Series, P1F mini e-bike
  2. Sidestreet Reny


    Come on now. Lol. If you mean the "Grab Hop 180" first try or the "Shove-it" it took couple tries, i have it on tape.? hehe. It's cool to see them try it...but yo I am a skater too and I had a day like that when I got mine....but I was all alone. ;(
  3. Sidestreet Reny


    Yeah I know, stairs become like little pebbles on an 18" I'm sure. I still wanna see you do all of them on the 18"
  4. Sidestreet Reny


    My brother, ya jus gots to DO YOUR THING (ya look damn good in pads anyway ;-) and some kids totally do think its even cooler in gear for sure! Although I often wonder if the full face helmet freaks some people out. Lol I only mentioned the kids cuz ("The children are our future" lol) people often refer to the future of the EUC "furthering the growth of the EUC" and or "Not giving the EUC a bad name" (is it $?). Individual riding styles vary, as do the wheels and a super important factor is your physical health. My friend is 54 rides a Onewheel and he wears full gear.......it has saved his life a few times and I thank god each time he had them on (full back brace and the whole 9). Lets spread love and respect for all of us riders and support the idea of GROWTH in riding styles (extreme or not) and the community......FOR EVERYONE! IMHO It's all about the RIDING and not just the BUYING! Wear a helmet for sure!!
  5. Sidestreet Reny


    Me TOO! The wheel usually spins out til it says "danger please slow down" and turns off before I finish the rail. Still trying to figure out a way to make it happen tho. ;-)
  6. Sidestreet Reny


    These are some of the "illegal" or "wrong" things we almost ALL ride on, ride by and ride through. As well as all the "awful" representations of the EUC and all the people we scare annoy or hurt on the daily as Electric Unicycle riders in this world: Bike paths that are not meant to go 25 mph (beach, city or boardwalk) every set of stairs done by nice Chinese folks over the last few years (amazing) the walking trails in parks that we ride (people there for peaceful nature walks) weaving through crowded boardwalks (people without shoes or much clothing) the poor dogs and other animals that get frightened (sucks cuz I love my dog and he is a service dog) all the skateparks designed specifically for skateboards not EUC's (Im guilty but I skate too) all the daring kids in China riding on the top of the wheel....on a bike path (I still cant do it) everybody riding through public places on one foot or in reverse (let's see....how about Madrid?) every bench, ledge and curb we ever dropped off of (someone has to sit down there) the playgrounds, basketball, tennis and golf courses (all guilty of one of them) all the kids under ten years old without helmets and pads (I think it is actually illegal in some states) every piece of cement or divider we all balance on in the streets (cars rolling by) all the parking lots we ride through or hang out in when its raining (cars driving by and pedestrians walking through) every store or restaurant entrance we zip by and scare the shit out of customers (you know it's true) all the elderly or handicapped that don't understand it and are therefore scared of it (spoke to a few of them) the hundreds of careless riders who have crashed right in front of a crowd or worse yet, in a crowd (Lame) all the riders in a big city who have no choice but to ride in the street with traffic (illegal with no choice) the cars we all make drive all the way into the other lane to avoid riding near us (they're being dramatic but...still) dudes in full body armor that make people feel like it is unsafe or unachievable and make the youth think its cheezy Just a reminder to the haters. Advancement of the euc community especially to the YOUTH is almost solely dependent on it being COOL, ratchet, sick, ill, gnarly or dope! It is NOT middle aged dudes riding on the boardwalk in full body armor. So be careful y'all dont give the EUC a bad name out there.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Sidestreet Reny


    These are some of the sickest stair tricks done on an Electric Unicycle.....ESPECIALLY ON A 14" WHEEL! Keep it street and holler if ya can do it! No handrails were used at all!! Doin this on an 18" or 22" wheel? Come on now! I'm jus saying. BTW Anyone wanna battle, jus get at me!
  8. Sidestreet Reny


    Thanx for watching! I know brother, trimming her beautiful case is the equivalent of shaving a super models hair. But, its also like I cut her dress into a skirt. ? she is showing more wheel...sexy. Hehe
  9. Sidestreet Reny


    If you wanna see Sidestreet Reny fail. Here ya go.... Totally fun day riding at the bike park annoying most of the mountain and BMX riders. My poor little Glide 2 is not meant for this action and it tells me constantly...."Danger, Please slow down". Lol. I think I will keep my wheel on the streets. Keep it real and keep it street (usually)
  10. Sidestreet Reny


    For sure. Its Oregon there are trees and parks everywhere. ?
  11. Sidestreet Reny


    Landing jumps ON THE STAIRS going down, with a 14" Glide2 ain't easy! P.s. doing it on a 18" or 22" is! ?
  12. Sidestreet Reny


    I weigh 145lbs and I usually bend my legs more on the landings but the distance and the wheel saying "danger, please slow down" was on the mind too. ;-)
  13. Sidestreet Reny


    7 stairs on a 14" wheel!! Solowheel (Inmotion) Glide2
  14. Sidestreet Reny


    "Warning please slow down"
  15. Sidestreet Reny


    Perfectly straight with no dents ?