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  1. Organic Radical Gyroscopic Automaton Symbolizing Machismo
  2. hmmmmmm... you might have something there
  3. there are so many on the market i've see no one else putting the "guts" ON TOP of the board (for a COG reason, of course).... is it "GENIUS" or "LAZINESS?" i'm trying to ponder that
  4. Thank you for creating this booklet and for your blog both are appreciated
  5. i'm the same boat as you i'm so shocked, too at 54 years of age i'm wondering.... what ARE the YOUNG folks riding INSTEAD of an EUC? how old is the average e-bike rider?
  6. More incredible artistry thank you for sharing it with us here
  7. Fascinating product much different structure than most in the same category interesting how many people ride long boards with different feet position and orientation, some of which might be limited by the battery pack being on top of the board but, I am interested and appreciate the information here
  8. sorry i just saw this busy day.... I'M IN
  9. $2,500.00 US.... that >$3,000.00 was in CAD
  10. I agree with you, of course but one day you were going to have to brake quickly probably because something is in your path you can't see until you are right in front of it for some child is going to walk out in front of you even when you are only going 10... That is not the time to find out your board will fail in that situation and you will topple forwards
  11. i hope so... otherwise.... i'm NOT impressed with their desire to be in business for THE LONG TERM and.... as my signature says.. I LOVE GOTWAY
  12. yep.... ridiculous..... where is @Linnea Lin Gotway to answer our concerns these things are going to shut off ALL THE TIME if they aren't BEEFED up.... period
  13. this is much more the experience of people OUR age... we have too much "HISTORY" in our minds to overcome we HAVE fears, etc
  14. that motor is FAR TOO WEAK to power a 22" wheel... There have been so many failures when it is being used for an 18 inch wheel. If any one of us believe there would ever be regulations for companies regarding safety you can forget about it after this. I love GotWay , but if it is true that there is the same small axle and small motor that they use on the 18 inch wheel. All they are doing is trying to flood the market with something nobody else has, without any consideration for who might be buying it or whether they will live long enough to buy another wheel, sadly
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