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  1. Why I crashed KingSong 18XL EUC 🤔🤔 This is not as dramatic as others but it did still hurt a lot :-) In this video, I vent back to the place where it happened to understand why https://youtu.be/Ce0HiDa1wDA
  2. Totally agree :-) Very nice, you ended up with a V8 :-)
  3. Electric Unicycle Audio Setup - GoPro MAX + Zoom H1N This is a short test of an idea for a new setup to improve the audio - What do you think?
  4. KingSong 18XL Range Test. Get a chance to see some of the countryside in Denmark: https://youtu.be/FFsSbt0VM50
  5. I took my Electric Unicycle during my Lunch Break around the local royal castle (Fredensborg) to meet up with my son for a bagel :-) Get a glimpse of the guards around the royal castle :-)
  6. Yes, this video includes the build https://youtu.be/FBrzzzMm9wQ
  7. Hi Guys I has been a long time since I have posted in this forum, but I expect this is going to change with the weather getting better. Some of you might know that I have drone channel on youtube that is going pretty well. I have tried to posting EUC content on the channel for a while with limited success so I have decided to use my new personal channel for EUC content. I'm working on a new video concept where I will take my audience with me to see local attractions on my wheel while narrating, this is why I have been playing around improving the audio while riding. In this video you
  8. hehe, yes.. I have not been out much lately I admit.
  9. I took my KingSong 18XL Electric Unicycle on a trip to the Deergarden North of Copenhagen. I filmed the trip with my Insta360 One X and made this montage :-)
  10. That’s mild .. it’s a sad day for our community
  11. The question is how hard they are going strike us, but now they forced to do something because it regulated by law
  12. Pr. July 2019 the situation for Electric Unicycles does not look good in Denmark with the latest update legal situation. This is an update on the latest change in legislation
  13. We don’t hear what they have decided until July 1st at latest, but no news so far.
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