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  1. Hi the community, This is the BMS from an old S300 (16s lifepo4 cells). Cells are dead and I want to replace this battery by a new li-ion battery (14s with it's own BMS). But the S300 will not start as this wire (at SIN place on original BMS) is not link to the motherboard with the new battery. Does somebody know what the function of this wire is? How can I link it on a generic BMS, if it's possible? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Yes original 9B1 BMS is the weak point of this wheel, but I have 3 or 4 times (not on the same battery) replace it by a 16S "no name" BMS that give more security for driving. If cells are OK, you can try to do the same and you will found all details on following link :
  3. I only use the GX external plug (I have added) for : - high speed load over 5A (I put my 8A charger or both 5A and 8A at same time = a 13A charger) - my external battery in order to raise my range I use orginal Z10 charging plug for normal load (at 2A) or for medium speed load with a 5A charger In my case, I can't connect chargers and external battery at same time to the GX plug. That's why I link my 8A to the GX in order to load my Z10 and I use my 5A charger in order to load separately my external battery. If I wanted to load internal and external batteries at same time, I can only use my 5A with the original charging plug of the Z10.
  4. Yes it's possible like the description you've given. One extra battery for each internal one. My Z10 is composed by 2 packs of batteries, I have linked both batteries on output power wire and put an external plug. Maybe It can works with the S2. yes exactly, I have 2 chargers and It's faster to load batteries separately.
  5. I don't take any picture for that. It's just 2 wires linked to XT60 connectors (for both batteries) inside the shell. And to drill a hole at the top for the external plug (I have choose a GX12-4p in my case, because of a lake of space to put a bigger one). Due to Pin diameter, I have linked 2 pin to + and 2 min to -.
  6. My solution is to put an external plug directly linked to the power circuit (of both batteries) that allow me to load at 12,9A without cutoff. And this external plug allow me to extend my range with an external battery (DIY of course)
  7. https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/33008439523.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.71eb78f9No5zVE&algo_pvid=2b226ee8-d8c3-4f17-b0a6-f247db260786&algo_expid=2b226ee8-d8c3-4f17-b0a6-f247db260786-23&btsid=e354d277-f18b-48ed-92dc-1442c4b693b8&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_8,searchweb201603_53 it's very rare to find a compact 15S BMS, but you can use 16S BMS and make a shunt to the last equilibrate line. External battery will perfectly work if you add an external plug like I did it : how to add an external plug to raise battery capacity for a ninebot mini
  8. Last week end, somewhere in France, a mobile karaoké for saturday night fever Better than pictures, let see what's happened on video :
  9. Yes it is possible. I have done many times similar upgrade. Max output pack is not a problem as you put it on parallel. The only problem to put on parallel 2 square battery is the shapeof each battery : because 15S1P + 15S1P is not equal to 15S2P for space and volume. The location of the battery in the shell leaves no room for a second BMS and if the shape is not respected, then the battery will not fit. No issue if the capacity is not the same between 2 packs. And I remember that original capacity on 9B1 C is only 110Wh (220Wh on C+) According to me, the best solution is to buy this battery which price is very interesting (but I don't know the quality of theses chinese batteries) https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Z094-55-5-V-54-V-5200-mAh-288Wh-XT60-SM2P-15S2P-batterie-Li-ion/32975291658.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.7fa13c00ppdW7H
  10. or try this : https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/6752-one-z-sortir-du-mode-deep-sleep-activation-batterie/?do=findComment&comment=161113
  11. No matter but first my friend have to send it back to me, and when I will get it, I will be able to send it to you. let 's keep contact
  12. A simple solution is to start the load directly to the battery output (XT60 plug), I have made an adaptor for that. I have send it to a friend that tried it today and the Z6 battery took the load immediately. 15 minutes after that he was able to load is battery by the normal way. before to send it to him, I have tested the adaptor https://www.facebook.com/smallexis/videos/1001487490049175/
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