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  1. smallexis

    Ninebot Z10 - power supply Charge Doctor mod

    I have a Z10 and I don't think it's a pre-production. The BMS "protection" system is the same as the MINI PLUS or MINI PRO (can't be loaded over 2A)
  2. smallexis

    Ninebot Z10 - power supply Charge Doctor mod

    Ever take care about voltage information in order to make a compare. The max output is the most important value. Anyway it's no possible to have a load with more than 2A, the BMS's "security" make a cut off if the current is over 2.1A. I have made a test at 3A, 2.5A and 2.2A. 3 years ago, an offical Ninebot document announced a fast charger for 9B1 E+, this charger never existed yet.
  3. @jojo33 is right, I have a 3A charger that I can use on my 9B1E but my mini don't take the load with this charger. There is a "security" that causes the BMS to be cut off if the input current is greater than 2A. And it's the same for 9B1 Z series.
  4. smallexis

    Where is my 9B1 battery?

    Last ride with my 9B1E+ and it's DIY battery https://www.relive.cc/view/rt10000327646
  5. smallexis

    Ninebot One E+ DIY Battery Help

    30 cells be careful about amper that will go from external battery to the internal one :
  6. smallexis

    Where is my 9B1 battery?

    Even if I don't ride a lot with my 9B1, sometime I take it to check if my upgrade still works fine. And yes it's the case :
  7. smallexis

    The Story Behind InMotion And Solowheel

    Urban MCM4 at the begining ("french" name for Gotway MCM3) and a shell bought on aliexpress at the rockwheel store. Original battery can't find a place on it so no other choice than making my own battery. To return a little bit to the subject : if there is some empty places inside your shell, it give a chance to upgrade range
  8. smallexis

    The Story Behind InMotion And Solowheel

    something like that for example : the "snake" battery (16S3P) for my "spider"wheel and every thing works perfectly : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwAtd2A_Tus
  9. Hello, sorry for my late answer but I just see your message today. First, are you sure the battery pack is really dead? it's possible the BMS is on security mode but you can charge cells directly on output plug : try this because external battery will work if internal battery is alive.
  10. @Jbrannen95, I have had a phone call with @jojo33 and he told me your problem if the battery is detached from the mini, which voltage do you have here? if the volatge is between 42 and 45V, it's possible to try this : I have saved my battery with this method but I can't give you the guarantee it will be the same for your battery. good luck
  11. smallexis

    Where is my 9B1 battery?

    no I don't make this "upgrade" on my 9B1 but I think about it.
  12. smallexis

    Where is my 9B1 battery?

    someone try to resell his kit on FB for a very nice price :
  13. smallexis

    Battery replacement

    an overall picture will be nice to understand how it's connected to charging plug and to motherboard
  14. Hello, In summer condition, I can drive 16km with my 240Wh internal battery that give an average consumption of 15Wh/km. My external battery is a 190Wh, and I'm able to drive 12 extra km with it. If I had 400wh (my next project) I will be able to drive 25 extra km. For battery and cables I bought all spares parts and I make battery by myself (I have already post some information here : http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/5584-want-more-range-for-your-ninebot-mini-one-problem-but-many-solutions/) If you need more information, you're welcome.
  15. No it's not better because every 10-15 loads, you need a full charge to make the equilibration of the cells. So you need a 63V output charger to do it.