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  1. Hirsute


    Great souvenir... complete rupture of the biceps... just few months before the Euc contest (good motivation for speed recovery!)
  2. Hirsute


    Euc hitch-hiking, immediate boarding!
  3. It's absolutly not a wheel to learn... You will destroy it. If you are looking for your first wheel you should learn few months on a 16" like a V8 or a KS16S...
  4. I will check if i can do that, and we can try with one tutorial first to see how it works. But if it's good we will have to choose some tutorials, the most usefull, bescause it will be difficult to do it for the 24 tutorials....
  5. Sorry, these tutorials are only in french because they were ordered by inmotion france for french customers... If someone is able to give me a good translation maybe i can imagine to do some of these tutorials with real subtitles, but i think it is a big job...
  6. Hirsute


    Tutorial 29: the Waltz (in french) For experts...
  7. Hirsute


    💥💥💥Tutorial 27: pendulum on one foot💥💥💥 (in french...)
  8. Hirsute


    One foot tutorial (french)
  9. Woooowww! Thank you everyone!!! (i can't quote or tag all of you...) I didn't come on the forum for a while and i feel very very moved and proud to read all these comments, after all this time. Thanks a lot! I know that my freestyle videos' are from 2016, but i didn't have a lot of time to train for a long time because of my baby boys.... So these last months (and years) i just do tutorials and masterclass to train other peoples. All the best to everyone here, and to Brian Thompson, Alexander Segmuller, Jonathan Tolhurst, Chris West, sidestreet Reny and all the others EUC freestyle
  10. @esaj In france the 20 wheels were called-back for a seal upgrade.
  11. #20: The thompson (tribute to brian thompson) #21: The Chpounz
  12. #17: the spin #18: how to keep cool on euc?
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