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Just bought a little bench and mod it for my EUC

Philip W

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I just bought a small bench from Guitar Center. It was on sale, $29. You can see its box below.

The reason I chose this bench:

1. It is very tough, but the modding require no drilling or welding, just need a hex screw driver and some tier. I used speaker cables.

2. The cushion is large and soft, but not too big.

3. It fits any standard EUC, so I can put it on other EUCs in the future.

4. It put the weight on the pedals instead of the top, so the top cover and handle will not suffer any damage.

5. The bench is foldable so I can put it in a car with my EUC easily.

Picure 2 shows the original way it was.

I took out the screw that lock the w legs together, switched the metal brackets and used speaker cable to tie them and make sure the rod won't jump out of the brackets. The finished look is in picture 3.

Picture 4 shows the way it looks with my EUC.

Picture 5 is the way it is when folded.

I went out tonight and ride on the EUC with the bench. In the beginning it was not easy. I veered to left and right all the time. Later I put my toes on the pedals and it got much easier. By the end of 4th hour I could sit on the bench comfortably and enjoy the ride. What a difference it had made! No more burning feet! It was the most comfy 4 hour ride I ever had.

So from now on if the ride is over 2 hours I will no doubt use the bench.

What do you think about this mod, my friends?






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On 20.9.2016 at 8:51 AM, Philip W said:

OK guys, I will make a video this week to show you. Just wait for a good sunny day.

and of course it can be easily removed. That's the whole point. It's optional. This is for long rides only.

Looking forward to the video ?

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