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  1. MaxLinux

    Waterlogged alarm beeper

    By day 10, the buzzer sound was back to normal. This is passively letting it dry out inside the wheel. I made no attempt to remove the buzzer and place it in front of a heater, for example, to speed up the drying process. However, now that I know from this thread that the buzzer is removable, I will definitely do that if the sound is killed by rain again and does not recover in a relatively short time.
  2. MaxLinux


    I'm pretty sure it's real. However, its wheels are too small. I know the goal is maximum portability, but those tiny wheels will get stuck much too frequently.
  3. MaxLinux


    If those traitors can't stand for the national anthem, WHY ARE THEY HERE? Why did they not board a plane to whatever country is good enough to stand for the national anthem??
  4. MaxLinux


    Same here in Greenville SC USA. I ride after work. Recently it is light for the first 30 minutes of riding, or already dark when starting to ride, depending on when I leave work.
  5. MaxLinux


    So many wheelers! I think Paris is the EUC capital of the world! I noticed someone has a classic Solowheel! (4:01) I didn't see you ride backwards this time!!
  6. MaxLinux

    Waterlogged alarm beeper

    For 7 days after a rain ride, the Gotway MSuper V2 buzzer was almost silent (very quiet environment necessary to hear it). On day 8, suddenly, sound is back! I think it is not 100% of original volume, probably 85-90%. So it will be interesting to see if it gains any more volume. As a point of comparison, in 1.5 years of riding several IPS wheels, the IPS buzzer was never affected by rain.
  7. MaxLinux

    Waterlogged alarm beeper

    Thank you for this information!
  8. MaxLinux

    Request For Petition Feedback

    I think a great start would be for all streets to have a bike lane. In my neighborhood, 1 street has a bike lane.
  9. MaxLinux

    Waterlogged alarm beeper

    I have not looked inside the wheel yet, but that's a great idea if the Gotway speaker is also removable! Thank you! Thank you for sharing your experience. It gives me hope. The sound on mine is not back yet. It is only audible in a very quiet environment. I'll post an update after a while.
  10. MaxLinux

    Waterlogged alarm beeper

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It gives me hope. The sound on mine is not back yet. It is only audible in a very quiet environment. I'll post an update after a while.
  11. MaxLinux

    Forum signatures

    For some weird reason, it seemed to me like the number of members with just a letter in a colored circle went way up after the recent forum version update.
  12. MaxLinux

    Waterlogged alarm beeper

    I rode for about an hour in very heavy rain yesterday. The MSuper V2 performed excellently in the rain, as usual. However, now the alarm beeper has a problem. It tries to make a sound, but it is much quieter than normal. I don't think it's shorted out, since it does make noise when it should, just much too quiet. I'm guessing water got into it. I have never read a report of this happening, so I'm entering the first report. I am hoping it regains its normal sound after drying out. After 24 hours, however, it still has a very quiet sound. I'll post a follow-up later once I know for sure that the sound came back/did not come back.
  13. MaxLinux


    What kind of camera did you use? The quality is beautiful! You guys seem to be doing more night rides recently. The city looked beautiful at night. I liked the trail in the forest too! REPLY
  14. MaxLinux


    Show this to EUC Extreme. Hopefully he will come here and record a video on this trail with his MSuper!
  15. MaxLinux

    The Photo Thread

    I rode 7 days per week throughout the entire winter last year. I wore thermal underwear, balaclava, gloves, etc. Three days I did not ride because of snow. I realize in some areas this would absolutely not be possible. However, here in SC, braving the winter cold is definitely possible and almost as enjoyable as summer riding!