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  1. I filed the pedals, not the hangers, by clamping them in a vise with 2 layers of cardboard to protect the finish, then filing them with https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077QF9L9K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. I enjoyed how this group of Russian wheelers made snow riding look easy! I think this was the first time I saw a hill climbing challenge in snow. Most of the time when a wheel did not reach the top, it looked like the snow reduced the traction. This hill would probably be easy without snow.
  3. I ended up filing the pedals for a lower angle and for a looser fit against the spacers. Now they flip up and down freely and have about the same angle as the original MSX pedals. In the attached photo one can see the pedal angle after filing (left) and the ridiculously steep angle before filing (right).
  4. I recently put Chicway honeycomb pedals on my MSX. I don't know how they fit on other Gotway wheels, but they are not ideal on the MSX because: 1. They are very tight and snug, so they do not flip up and down freely. 2. The pedal angle is too steep, even steeper than the original MSX pedals. 3. Chicway says the height is "adjustable" but the only adjustment available is by adding a spacer to make the angle even steeper. Chicway claims the pedals fit "all Gotway models." Yes, they fit the MSX in the sense that they can be attached, but most people who read that pedals "fit" are expecting
  5. As you know, a red "Become a premium user" screen pops up occasionally. I sent a donation, but the "Become a premium user" message continues to appear. I got a nice thank you message, so I know the donation was successful. It's not a big problem, since one can use the app without becoming a premium user. But I thought I was a premium user because I donated. Did I not understand the definition of "Premium User" or the correct way to become a "Premium User"? Thank you.
  6. Whenever pedestrians are around I slow down to walking speed for safety and so the pedestrians do not feel in danger. I'm sure even riding slowly a collision can happen, but in nearly 5 years of riding I've never come close to a collision with a pedestrian because slow speed gives wheeler and pedestrian plenty of time to react to each other. I realize of course that sometimes despite our best efforts, bad things can still happen.
  7. Do I understand correctly that if 1st and 2nd alarms are ON, the wheel will not beep when those alarms are triggered? How does one hear the alarm then? Is it in the app? Thank you.
  8. It was great to see a large group participating in this ride! liked the challenging route planned by @Marty Backe! Everyone was riding very well on the rough sections of the trail. Very nice camera work too!
  9. I enjoyed watching another great adventure by the Alsace wheelers! I liked how many wheelers from various areas joined the ride! Thank you for the English subtitles!
  10. Tours by @Marty Backe was a great feature to accompany the games! I enjoyed seeing such a large group take on the challenge in these beautiful surroundings!
  11. Very well done event, very well done video! LA EUC Games will be even bigger next year!
  12. About 4 years ago a guy in my area rode a Solowheel. Seeing him is what started my interest in EUCs. He apparently left the area after about a year. Thereafter I have only seen one other EUC rider. I see him very rarely. A few times I have thought he was gone, then I see him again. He was riding a IPS 121 the last time I saw him, which was a few months ago.
  13. That's how I got started almost 4 years ago. I saw a guy riding one of the early Solowheels. Wow, what was that? I searched on the Internet and found out. Like you, I thought I could not ride it, so I got a hoverboard instead. After riding hoverboards for a while I built up my courage to buy a TG T3 on sale for about $200. It was a nice starter wheel. Looks like it's discontinued now. My current wheel: 18XL. https://www.gearbest.com/exercise-fitness/pp_75295.html
  14. @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" is such a show off! He thinks he's so cool because he rides with one foot!
  15. I know many people love speed, but my typical speed is about 18 km/hr. I enjoy looking at the scenery while I ride. I call it "sightseeing speed"!
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