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  1. Shoe73

    Homemade tall seat for the Msuper

    @EU GUY What material did you use? Where did you get it?
  2. Shoe73

    ACM 16 pedal behaviour

    I had exactly the same situation with my IPS and I was able to fix it. Don't give up.
  3. Shoe73

    ACM 16 pedal behaviour

    @Hoser Try calibration again, making sure the wheel is upright not just front-to-back but also side-to-side.
  4. Shoe73

    EWheels 84v Fast Charger Review

    I would too. I just mention it as another option for people.
  5. Shoe73

    EWheels 84v Fast Charger Review

    Very nice charger. If you don't get one of these though there is another option to speed up your charging: get a Charge Doctor from hobby16. http://hobby16.neowp.fr/buy/ I got the one that has 2 inputs, so I connect two of my 2 amp Gotway chargers and charge at 4 amps. The CD allows you to set the end voltage or current and there is a logger included as well.
  6. Shoe73

    (SOLD) IPS XIMA Lhotz - $399

    I use the iPhone app called "XIMA Lhotz". Sorry I just noticed you asked that before.
  7. Shoe73

    (SOLD) IPS XIMA Lhotz - $399

    @steve454 Comes with charger I just forgot to take a picture of it.
  8. Shoe73

    (SOLD) IPS XIMA Lhotz - $399

    Tire pic added! I can ship UPS Ground. Weight 40 lbs. Size: 23"x21"x11". @Sketch looks to be $38 for shipping.
  9. Shoe73

    (SOLD) IPS XIMA Lhotz - $399

    I will take a pic to show tire wear and update the CL post with it now. I just checked the total mileage: 248 miles. The low wear on the unit is due to my son only weighing 60 something lbs. it has the red LEDs.
  10. Shoe73

    (SOLD) IPS XIMA Lhotz - $399

    Price lowered! @Paddylaz Thanks! It is not really in perfect cosmetic condition, it does have the normal scrapes and scratches. I added more pics here: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/spo/6140442749.html?lang=en&cc=us
  11. Hello I am selling our Lhotz as we got a unit with even larger battery for longer range. It has a few cosmetic scratches but works perfectly. Ridden by my 10 year old son. The total mileage is 248 miles. The Lhotz is a 16" wheel with extra wide tire and a 340 wh battery. The top speed is 30kph, which is nice (higher than any of the Ninebot One models). Comes with charger and manual, not pictured. Local pickup in Sunnyvale CA, or I can ship it to you if you pay the shipping. I can ship UPS Ground. Weight 40 lbs. Size: 23"x21"x11". I have more pics but I have to host them somewhere. Edit: I have lowered the price to $399, this is an excellent price! See more pics here: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/spo/6140442749.html?lang=en&cc=us
  12. I would be much more inclined to buy a handle for my ACM if there were predrilled mounting holes
  13. Shoe73

    ACM 16 pedal behaviour

    I couldn't connect with the app, but they sent me instructions to jumper some connectors to the main board to do the calibration. It should be the same as using the app if you can do that. I tried my best to get it level not only forward and back but also side to side. It's very hard to do this, I ended up hanging it from the handle such that the tire just touches the floor. I don't particularly recommend this way if you can find another way, it took me a bunch of attempts to get it.
  14. Shoe73

    ACM 16 pedal behaviour

    I had this problem with my IPS Lhotz, and I eventually contacted IPS. They had me do a recalibration and the behavior completely went away! Now it the pedals stay horizontal when I turn, no matter how sharply. Try a calibration.
  15. I don't know if this helps but I saw this on eBay: http://m.ebay.com/itm/GotWay-ACM-ACMs-plastic-shells-replacement-spare-parts-unicycle-accessory-/252817999102?hash=item3add2084fe%3Ag%3AApkAAOSw2gxYy84S&_trkparms=pageci%3A1f628ede-1e7c-11e7-928e-74dbd180ccf7%7Cparentrq%3A5b99159115b0a78844455753ffffba1b%7Ciid%3A1