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  1. Yes, I can see it may be regarded as cheating. I used to s8board for 8 years in my youth, so the onewheel is like a "upgraded" ex girlfriend/first love 😅 Thanks for your tip Ben. Yes, it's not about pushing speed for me any more, but technical skills after some crashes in high speed. That's why I mostly do more technical trail riding instead of high speed these days. I already have the MSX and it's excellent, so when it's time for the MSX to retire or to replace my son's 9bot I'll look into a new wheel.
  2. Just wanted to give an update to all with kind helping advice. I was looking for a new riding experience and in the end I found out I had to widen my horizons to get a different experience. I will still ride my MSX, but I'm now also riding my new....... Onewheel XR+ and loving it 😱
  3. egiljo


    My son is riding his first trail
  4. After seeing this, I got a feeling I may have decided 😉
  5. Yes, this is some of the best trails around me and are great for riding. They are man made for recreational walking and running, some also for bicycling/cross country skiing (in winter). The ground also has some natural suspension since it's in the woods and a lot of soil in the ground. This is mostly great except for rainy periodes when it get a bit to mushy.
  6. Examples of trails I ride, tq8ClKhWZ-c I think I'll wait for production KS s18 before deciding to get more options about this one
  7. I've not written a suspension wheel of yet, but I'm not 100 % on the solution for my use case. Wear and tear on heavy off-road/unproven durability. Experience on hitting squishy terrain on sharp turns in the woods/technical trail riding with normal wheel, this don't give stability. Recon this could be issue with suspension compression also even on non squishy terrain. I want to see with feedback over time from other riders to see if this is worth a investment. What intrigued me with z10: High manuverability in slower technical riding Redundancy on electronics.
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys, I think the Sherman is way overkill for me. To heavy and no use for the ekstra speed. After crashing last year on my msx with getting concussion and 6 months going to giropractor/fysioteraphist, I have slowed down on the speed and are more interested in fun and playfull riding. Also slower off road and a more technical ride. The suspension ks is interesting though, maybe v11 also. But I'm not quite sure about suspension concept is a step forward or to the side yet. On off-road it's often important to have the pedals at a known hight to the grou
  9. Hello EUC friends, I've used a msx 84v for 2 years now, and have been throu the ninebot e+ (now my son's) and msuper v3 (rip) before this. I love off-road, but also ride a lot of tarmac. I'm super happy with the msx, but I want to have a additional wheel that is different to ride on for variety. Is the z10 worth it? There are so many different opinions about this wheel making me very uncertain. Any opinions?
  10. egiljo


    Nice video @The Wheel Plug What did you use for the map function? Looked cool.
  11. egiljo


    Agree about wet griptape issues, but also want to add that the platic stripes on the pedals dont help either when its wet, as they elevate the shoes a bit from the griptape giving less grip at mid shoe (also dependent of type of shoe sole) Been thinking of going full grip tape, and as @mrelwood says going for a coarcer type.
  12. egiljo


    Well, slip and losing touch on the pedals is sort of impossible to say as things happen so fast. From the fall I just remember: wheel beeping 1'st alarm, hitting the hole('s), shit, get controll, get controll, wobble wobble, oh oh I'm flying. From the marks in the gravel it looked as I wobbled 2 times of 50-70 cm side to side for about 2-3 meters after the holes. Then coming to a stop with the wheel digging into the gravel at nearly 90 degree angle into the ground (my lift off site?) Hard to see that in the footage, maybe the camera flew before me. Maybe the wheel kept upprigh
  13. egiljo


    Thanks, Also been thinking about grippier shoes after you pointing out the slip in the video. Skechers are very nice shoes, but not very grippy when wet. In the other video a page back my feet slipped there also, and I had several ones after that. Maybe this missing grip was the reason for not being able to make the save after the 2 hole ? So the wheel turned too much to hold my kinetic forward energy?
  14. egiljo


    Thanks for asking @Rehab1 , yes I'm mostly unharmed. Had the armour on, so I'm only feeling a bit beat up in back/neck after landing on right shoulder and head. I inspected the place it occured and what I think happened: The hole is long and narrow (like a burn out from a motorcycle). My path crossed this hole and the wheel fell into the hole. I didn't see the hole and was expecting the msuper to go further to the right. But as the tire fell into the hole it could not get up on the right side and bounced back left. There a new hole just after that I also hit and I think this was
  15. egiljo


    I agree, the older MSuper V3 tire was much better on wet off-road driving.
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