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  1. Nice video @The Wheel Plug What did you use for the map function? Looked cool.
  2. Agree about wet griptape issues, but also want to add that the platic stripes on the pedals dont help either when its wet, as they elevate the shoes a bit from the griptape giving less grip at mid shoe (also dependent of type of shoe sole) Been thinking of going full grip tape, and as @mrelwood says going for a coarcer type.
  3. Well, slip and losing touch on the pedals is sort of impossible to say as things happen so fast. From the fall I just remember: wheel beeping 1'st alarm, hitting the hole('s), shit, get controll, get controll, wobble wobble, oh oh I'm flying. From the marks in the gravel it looked as I wobbled 2 times of 50-70 cm side to side for about 2-3 meters after the holes. Then coming to a stop with the wheel digging into the gravel at nearly 90 degree angle into the ground (my lift off site?) Hard to see that in the footage, maybe the camera flew before me. Maybe the wheel kept uppright and travelled itself. I really don't know. I live to ride another day soon (mostly unharmed), that's the important thing ? My wife asked me if riding is really worth this when she came home in the evening. We all know the answer to that, don't we ?
  4. Thanks, Also been thinking about grippier shoes after you pointing out the slip in the video. Skechers are very nice shoes, but not very grippy when wet. In the other video a page back my feet slipped there also, and I had several ones after that. Maybe this missing grip was the reason for not being able to make the save after the 2 hole ? So the wheel turned too much to hold my kinetic forward energy?
  5. Thanks for asking @Rehab1 , yes I'm mostly unharmed. Had the armour on, so I'm only feeling a bit beat up in back/neck after landing on right shoulder and head. I inspected the place it occured and what I think happened: The hole is long and narrow (like a burn out from a motorcycle). My path crossed this hole and the wheel fell into the hole. I didn't see the hole and was expecting the msuper to go further to the right. But as the tire fell into the hole it could not get up on the right side and bounced back left. There a new hole just after that I also hit and I think this was messing up my "save" attempt and made the wheel turn so much it threw me off. I thought of inspecting the path before running fast since there's been a flood recently, but didn't do it...(stupid) So I learned 3 things: 1. Inspect the trail before riding fast 2. Always use body armour 3. ALWAYS use body armour and inspect the trail.
  6. I agree, the older MSuper V3 tire was much better on wet off-road driving.
  7. I've been taking flying lessons lately ? Deep hole and my wheel hit it in a wrong angle.
  8. What a save, and its full throttle afterwords .. (sorry about the off Euc topic)
  9. A friend has a test-drive on the Ninebot e+ and the Msuper X.
  10. Sorry to hear about the issues you have @Thai-lad , hope you'll soon get this solved! The app version shouldn't have bricked your device, it should have made a handshake / version check before messing it up. Programming error or just didn't think about it? KS should change their apps to prevent this (and if needed update the firmware on the motherboard)
  11. Hope you had no permanent fysical damages. I didn't plan for this ride and only had a skate helmet on (and full body armour) I rode a bit easy since I didn't want to go face first into the bush with this helmet. Next time I'll bring my full face helmet ?
  12. It was a lot of fun, and the angle (and hight) is perfect for me. The wheel feels so steady and easy to correct for uneven ground.
  13. My first test of MSuper X in the forest, a fantastic wheel to ride
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