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Gotway acm pedal-plates


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My biggest problem with the acm was the small pedals. I had no leverage going up hills and all my weight was in the middle of my foot. 
I made these as soon as i could and the difference is night and day. 
They are filed and sanded down on the edge  and around all the screws. The screws are held in place with the threads and metal epoxy. I used 3 layers of base coat and 4 layers of black paint. 
Its all metal paint and as you can see it doesnt wear off much. This is after many weeks of use. I mostly ride in the woods.
The grip is superb and the screws are filed down just enough so i dont feel them through the shoes and they are sharp for more grip. 

They are exactly my shoesize. 




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1.5 mm sheetmetal if im not mistaken. That's all i could get the day i wanted to make the pedals. I stacked two together and used pop rivets to secure them. . Drilled holes and tried to use the default screw-holes in the pedals but i ended up with no threads. I then made some new ones and filled the holes with metal epoxy first. They are pretty much a solid piece now. :) I dont think the new gotway acm pedals are big enough.

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Gotway should consider making a universal sized base pedal that has some mounting points onto which one can bolt on top plates of different sizes.  They can then sell the top plates as optional accessories for those with larger feet.  Sheet metal plates should be plenty strong where the base aluminum pedal supports it.  That way the plates can be kept inexpensive while being easily changeable and replaceable.

Maybe an insert/overlay arrangement would help ensure it is secure.  Take for example the Ninebot pedal.  It is an aluminum shell I believe which has a rubber insert and metal inlay cover slotted plate screwed over top.  It would be fairly simple to design an larger overlay with support pieces that lock into the pedal base and have it screwed into place.  It might add a few millimetres of height, but that's pretty trivial.

This way even with new models coming out they can keep the same inventory of pedals and custom top plates throughout their line.  Parts would be interchangeable as well.  I would think most people would prefer a clean factory made foot plate over needing to customize their nice looking wheels with home made components?

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