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Found 28 results

  1. Hi everyone, I live in Honduras and i have a Kingsong 18s I really love my wheel and my country is not safe at all so dicided to install a GPS tracker for my wheel, but the companies who install this kind of devices dot not have a way to easily install it on the Ks18s and they charge a monthly fee for ever that makes the tracking very expensive , I read a lot about it and came with an easy and cheap solution, just opened my Ks18s, bought a cheap cellphone with android system and install on the cell phone 3 apps 1) my battery is dead (it notifies another phone via SMS when the first phone battery's is low) 2) Air Droid (you can control your phone from another phone or computer, you only need to have MB or data in your SIM card) 3) whatsapp (it's used for texting but you can send your current location and live location to any number), I installed the cell phone in the interior of the ks18s and put the charging cable inside of the padding of the wheel, so the only thing you have to do is keep charged the phone that's why you use the app "my battery is dead" I putted the settings to notify me when the battery is at 50% because you need that 50% to track the wheel if it gets stolen or lost, put the cell phone on silent mode, put a pin to lock the screen and activate the location. If ever gets stolen or lost just buy some megabytes for the SIM card Tha is inside of your wheel and grab your computer and enter to the air Droid desktop app or with another phone that has installed the app air Droid, control the phone that is inside of your wheel and enter to whatsapp and send the current and live location to another phone and hopefully the police will help you to find your loved wheel. Note: I changed the screws of the cover of my Ks18s with diferent and varius kinds of screws just to make it harder to access the phone in case that someone wants to remove the phone from the inside. I hope it will be helpful for you
  2. Hey there guys, I'm a rookie in PC building and this is going to be my second build. This time I am going to document the whole process and hopefully teach other that may be interested in it as well. Any advice you pros may have would be more than welcome. Here are the (current) list of parts I have and am planning to get. Case: NZXT H440 MID TOWER (red) - In Posession MOBO: ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 CPU: Intel Core i5-8600K GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 FTW RAM: Undecided SSD: Undecided PSU: Undecided Heatsink: Undecided This is what I've got so far. If anyone has suggestions for other parts, let me know.
  3. Good day to all! Since recently, I became a lucky owner of Rockwheel GT-16. This wheel is a dream for quick ride and all is fine. But after I had to carry the wheel on myself hoping for the last blinking led i found that the battery indicators must be improved. In stock these 10 led indicators that can't objectively give you battery level information. On my previous wheel Firewheel indicator showed level and percentage of battery remain. So i decided to do same small upgrade of indication on my new Rock. Long thought and tried where to place it. But last moment i decided to keep original design and install new indicator in place of one of the stock indicators. I had to cut the body inside, replace the dark plexiglas with a transparent one, shorten the standard display board. Here is my result. Everything took about 2-3 hours + about 3-4 $ for the indicator. I bought it from Ali. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/12V24V36V48V60V72V84V/32845700146.html I will be glad to hear your stories. Who changed something in wheels?
  4. Steven Lim

    Arduino x Hoverboard

    Hello , i want to ask , is it possible to control the hoverboard motherboard using an arduino ?please help my final project , thank you
  5. Most of the builds I have seen on here use the microworks 14" 500w hub motor, but I can't seem to find that model anymore. Does anybody have a good recommendation for a similar are lower-powered motor for a build.
  6. So I've been learning to ride in a KS-14D, and of course it's got a few deep scratches and marks, both in the shell (white) and the handle paint (black). I think the handle will be easy to fix with small touches of paint, or even a black marker pen! However, with the white shell I am lost. I tried to polish it with fine sandpaper but it only made it worse. Any suggestion?
  7. Hello everyone, I'm working on recreating the Gotway Monster shell as a CAD Document. The goal is to recreate a better, stronger Gotway Monster Shell/Body by using either injection molding, CNC milling, or diffused plastic printing. My goal is to use ABS Plastic and correct pain points found in the current design. I'm hoping this will increase the integrity of the shell, preventing it from cracking as easily. Is anyone on the forum interested in joining forces, working on the CAD drawings, and etc.? Regards.
  8. Demargon

    self made euc

    They are a euc instructions for DIY made years ago http://www.instructables.com/id/Electric-unicycle-Arduino-DIY/ It can be updated with hub motor and wide pedals. Would be nice to have a collaborative open source project euc made in electricunicycle.org They are lot of features to discuss, like size, weight, power... but because is a open source project, the most important features is the scalability and compatibility. Firs the scalability allow more people access to the product. From the basic and cheap to the expensive and fullfil. Compatibility means easy to find parts for repair or upgrade. Freedom to the consumer with no restrictions from patents, if you want a handle cut off switch simply put it on. My setup for start is a light weight euc with 800w like IM v8 without shell for ease fixing and upgrade, mud guards and hardware encapsulation for water and dust protection. Because my old times with classic unicycles I like the seat with small handle, is useful for save the euc from falling, do jumps or just sitting
  9. Video: Link to the album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/143090194@N03/? I have been riding around where i live in a sitting position now for about 10 km total i think and its gets to a point where you can relax 100%. Im currently experimenting and learning this new thing and will make different seats as i go on that are taller to see what difference it makes. Edited: Video up later, my brother is working on it. recorded me riding for about 5 km
  10. Here’s my DIY ‘suspension’ cushion to make the ride smoother
  11. What do you guys think? Is it a pro or con? Looks crazy fun tho!
  12. Oswald Valentine-Lopez

    V8 BUILD?

    I've owned a V5F for about 8 months. Opened it up for a cleaning and even a boad replacement so I feel confiedent putting it together. To me, it's very much like building a computer, around a wheel. lol I've thought about building the V8 from the ground up if I have to just to get one. Thoughts? Peace
  13. Hello everyone! This is my first post since i joined in. I got this MCM4 340 WH, as this was my first unicycle, I didn't want to toss that much money ordering higher capacity version, cause I was not sure if I would enjoy this new mean of transportation . After one week of using this thingy I noticed It gives me much fun, however I would like to upgrade battery pack with another 340 WH. Asked my seller about the price of 340WH pack, he told me it will be 250 $ + 120$ shipping cost (the batteries are claimed to be 2900mah panasonic ones), the cost of 370 usd for the battery pack for me is quite pricy TBH, and I was wondering if it would be worth me to do a DIY battery pack. I am familiar with soldering iron, and with really basic knowledge of electronics. What is your opinion on 370 $ 340 WH battery pack, is it pricy or not? Do you know any trusted supplier, that offers whole battery packs for less money? Could you folks toss me some hints regarding DIY batt packs? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  14. Just created a DIY Stand for Electric Unicycle v6.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6mTUHKUFXA
  15. LukasF

    charging voltage

    I wanted to have a second charger for my ninebot, but the original charger is very expensive. So I ordered a charger from china. The voltage is 62.7 V compared to 61.8 V of the original charger, measured with multimeter. Is this a problem? I hope not, because 62.7/15 =4.18<4.2, but I just want to make sure
  16. EUC GUY

    A switch to turn off the alarm

    I installed this switch so i can turn off the alarm. It's so i dont have to hear the alarm all the way back home from somewhere when my battery is low. Once ive heard the alarm i know to take is slow and not push it.
  17. After 5 hours of learning to ride my Ninebot One E+, this is the state my ankles are in: It's so painful to get on and off now that I have made some cheap ankle guards using materials I had at home. These are made from foam sheet that has thin plastic on one side, some Baltic birch plywood and some elastic velcro straps from the dollar store. These are worn on the inner ankles to protect against the constant pressure of the EUC when getting on and off and turning.
  18. Connections that can easily be snapped apart in case of a crash. At least that is the idea behind it. The mount is 3d modeled in Fusion 360 and printed on my FDM printer. Wanhao i3 plus. The case is mounted in place with screws from the back and silicone to prevent water from getting inside.
  19. Read more on project page: https://github.com/EGG-electric-unicycle/documentation/wiki EGG Electric Unicycle is a DIY and OpenSource design that can be customized for specific needs (more batteries, powerful motor, lights, etc). Main characteristics of current version: Max velocity up to 30km/h 2 battery packs making a total of 264W (range of 20kms on flat roads with a rider of 100kgs) 500W motor, 14 inches wheel Bluetooth for configuration and reading in real time the speed, current, board temperature, etc Video promotional: Video "EGG Electric Unicycle - promotion at Makerfaire Lisbon":
  20. I recently purchased a GotWay MSuper V2 MS (Black) and am looking to wire in some LED Lights! Is there a good tutorial somewhere that will show me how to do that? I cant seem to find any.
  21. Jonathan Lee Dunn

    Ninebot Handle ideas!

    So I've gone through 2 handles already just from letting other people try out my 9bot. Then while installing my new handle it cracked. So instead of buying another and having the same issue I decided to make a new handle myself. I used paracord from Home Depot and a piece from a door latch. Less that 10$ and an hour later I made it. Love it so far and I know this isn't breaking anytime soon that's for sure. Any other ideas post so we can all help out with common issues.
  22. My biggest problem with the acm was the small pedals. I had no leverage going up hills and all my weight was in the middle of my foot. I made these as soon as i could and the difference is night and day. They are filed and sanded down on the edge and around all the screws. The screws are held in place with the threads and metal epoxy. I used 3 layers of base coat and 4 layers of black paint. Its all metal paint and as you can see it doesnt wear off much. This is after many weeks of use. I mostly ride in the woods. The grip is superb and the screws are filed down just enough so i dont feel them through the shoes and they are sharp for more grip. They are exactly my shoesize.
  23. Pictures below will show you how to assemble an electric unicycle step by step, components are all available on Alibaba. Any questions related, please feel free to ask me.
  24. NeprisFin

    KS18A Waterproofing

    Hi, I have just gotten my KS18A. I have learned how to drive it and now I would like to start using it for my main transportation device to work. It is February and I live in Finland so the streets are filled with melting snow. Basically I would be driving on a 14km long puddle to work. How waterproof is King Song 18" A 800w 680wh? Can I trust that it wont short circuit or something when i use it in these conditions? How can I better my devices waterproofing (please share your tips)? Thank you community for all your help!
  25. Picked up some electroluminescent tape (red & white) from Tinkersphere in Manhattan. Ran the wire in the frame and connected to the existing LED power lines with a 12V inverter and some soldering. They are on when the LEDs have power, but can be turned off. https://youtu.be/_43grjw-YKk