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Found 24 results

  1. Hi there, I read various questions on how EUCs are spreading in Japan. So I decided to share some pictures and videos from our group here in the Kansai area. Please ? enjoy! https://photos.app.goo.gl/otwk8fFTsSQbnyM43
  2. Hey all, If someone has a set of ACMs+ side panels in good condition I would be happy to buy them from you. Thanks!
  3. I love my new 84v ACM but I think the tire or wheel may be imbalanced and i'm not sure if this is a problem or if it can be fixed. When i lift the wheel off the ground and let it spin, it has a slight wobble or shimmy that natrally gets worse with increased speed. similar to how a washing machine wobbles on its spin cycle if the clothes are off balance. The wobble begins to be noticeable around 10-20 km/h Its not a side-to-side wobble, which is good. in other words the vibration is mostly up-down. the tire is tracking straight to a reasonable precision. I don't notice the wobble when i'm riding it. As long as my weight is evenly distributed, it's a smooth ride even at 35km/h, which is as fast as i've dared to ride so far. Does anyone else have this kind of wobble and is there any way to fix it? I don't even know if the imbalance is in the tire or in the wheel itself. I don't know if this is affecting my ride experience or if i should be concerned about it.
  4. Re-posting a SpeedFeetUK customer incident of Gotway ACM V2 / Monster pedal breakage: https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/blogs/things-concerning-safety/gotway-acm-footplates-safety-check Gotway ACM Footplates Safety Check by Ian Sampson February 25, 2017 Failure of Gotway ACM Footplate A customer has reported the failure of one of their footplates. The style of footplate is the latest version of the ACM footplate. The model it was fitted to was the Monster 22" purchased late 2016. As always, Speedy Feet will announce any issues reported by customers to keep us all as safe as possible! SHARE this post to all those that it may apply to those it may effect (Button Below) We would recommend ALL riders check their footplates for signs of stress. (Simple scuffing and usual knocks are not part of this potential issue). Conditions of incident: Rider has done around 200 miles on the unit. Simply dropped off a standard size curb, has never done any stunts on the Monster (pretty difficult due to size of the monster!). Only ever used on road in the short distance it had traveled. Rider weight approx 100kg. THINGS TO LOOK FOR WOULD BE: 1. Stress Fractures (These would be actual cracks or signs of stretching of the metal, usually around points of stress, i.e. the hinge area). 2. Actual breakage / or splitting. Pictures of the broken footplate
  5. So recently I took ownership of an ACM V2(which i didnt pay for) that had issues where it cut out randomly. After opening it up we found this: Two of the cables had so much going through them it melted together and also melted itself onto the casing. With the help of @Marty Backe, @houseofjob @IvSusand @Tishawn Fahie and ing my referral program from eWheels, @Jason McNeil kindly sent me a left over motherboard which had about just under 2000km on it. The capacitor had a minor dent but the board seemed to operate fine. I mounted the board then went out for a ride and as I felt confident on the wheel and had no had any issues I went riding home and thats when it cut out on me. Coming to the conclusion it was because I didnt krimp two of the three newly soldered cables I did the wiring again this time cutting off the gold metal tubing originally attached to the cable from the motherboard side and went ahead with a cable to cable connection. I soldered, krimped and heat sinked. However now the machine vibrates and jerks especially when changing direction here are the videos: and https://www.flickr.com/gp/158169862@N07/f056bJ I am about to do a complete tear apart of the wheel and check the wiring. Any ideas on what it could be? Thank you for all the people who have helped me so far and who will continue to help me! Jack
  6. First: Changed the headlight SMD with about 80 Lumen(right) to 300 Lumen(left) output. The new one is the same like the SMD from Cateye Volt300. Forgot to make pictures before and after. Unfortunately... But it's really bright right now Now I just hope the heat dissipation works well enough Second: Add some SMD to the backlight. Second picture is the original LED strip. Third pic with the modification.
  7. Thought I would share my handle install with the forum in case it is helpful. Bought it on eBay and can be mounted to front or the rear. I chose the rear just for ergonomics/appearance. Works/fits fine with the power port. Makes it also easy to wheel around if powered up, just by applying slight pressure front/back. Basically drives itself, as you'd expect. For the install, you will need to bend the steel plate that goes over the lower part of the wheel, as shown. It comes as a 100% straight piece. With this slight angle at center, it creates a flush fit. To install, you'll need to pre-drill the holes at top and bottom. I do like that this steel plate makes the junction of the two shell pieces stronger when attached. Note also that the top will also require pre-drilling with the same bit to be able to put the screw through it - it is hard plastic and was not fully pre-drilled. It was quick and easy to install. And so far, so good. The looks are certainly cleaner without it, but for function in commuting to/from platforms, very short distances, it is worth the tradeoff - the ACM is a ton of bricks to lug around. Hopefully this is of use if you're considering it.
  8. I'm trying to understand the warning beeps on my new 84v acm. I tried disabling the first alarm - when i tested it, when i reached 30+ km/h, i heard 3 beeps. (i occasionally heard single beeps also, which i shouldn't be hearing since i disabled the first alarm in the app, right? maybe this is a bug?) But anyway, is the second alarm 2 beeps or 3 beeps? and what's the final alarm? I thought final was 3 beeps based on several youtube videos and posted messages, but then i thought i read somewhere recently that the final alarm is 5 beeps, so i'm just trying to verify what's going on. I shouldn't be anywhere near my final alarm at 30-35km/h, right? This is with 90% battery, cool afternoon, flat pavement, 170lb rider. is it 1-3-5 beeps, or 1-2-3??
  9. Hi guys, I’ve joined Electric Unicycle community around a year and a half ago. So basically, the first wheel that I learnt to ride on was INMOTION V5F. Now I got to the point where I feel like I really want some crazy speed, because V5F can only do 23 km/h without reaching to tilt-back. I was looking for a new wheel and decided to buy Gotway. I don’t really like the new INMOTION V10F. So thought that I could ask your advice. So here are some questions: 1) How fast you can safely ride Tesla or ACM2? 2) Is there a significant difference between riding a wheel at 25km/h and for example 40km/h? What I mean is the overall feeling you experience. 3) I weight at around 58 kg, what range could I get from Tesla (1020wh) and ACM2 (1300wh)? 4) What wheel would be more comfortable to ride? I know they both 16inch, but ACM2 looks like a tank compared to Tesla. 5) What’s approximate weight of both wheels? 6) And the last, is Green Fashion shop at Ali a reliable place to buy those wheels? No unexpected customs on Arrival? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  10. So , as you all know I’ve had issues with my ACM . @Rehab1 was nice enough to send me a brand new pcb but neither of us thought about the fact that my wheel is 67v and the pcb is for 84v. So my question is, is there anyway to have the firmware for 67v loaded on this board ? Or is there anything else I might be able to do this is a brand new never installed pcb ? @Marty Backe, @Jason McNeil, @KingSong69, @Smoother...any ideas guys ? Maybe somebody has a 67v to trade for an 84v ? Otherwise I guess I’ll send it back to @Rehab1.
  11. So after replacing the xt60’s on my ACM I’ve put about 60 miles on it . I’ve noticed a fair amount of back and forth play in the wheel while riding and when I just rock it back and forth while powered on. It feels as if the shell itself is moving . I can hear the plastic creak as it moves fore and aft . The nuts are right and so are the screws holding the shell to the footplate “bars?” So I’m assuming it’s a shim issue . Doesn’t seem like I can purchase them anywhere. anyone have experience finding them ?
  12. Just received my Used ACM . It’s the 820wh 67v version . V1 I believe but with the v2 (12 mosfet) board installed . It starts to show overspeed warning at 30kph on the app. I’ve turned off the 2nd alarm and set tilt back at 40kph . I’m just hesitant to actually push it that far for fear of failure . Thoughts ??
  13. Noticed tonight that my ACM (new to me as of today ) has slight back and forth “play” when standing still. Could this be loose axel nuts ? The wheel has flywheel keys installed to keep them from loosening. So not sure what’s going on .
  14. I am currently nursing a scratched ACM and a sore shin! TWICE (actually THREE times) now in less than a week my ACM has just dropped on me! The first (actually the second) time I came out of a shop, turned on my ACM and got on leaning against a wall while I got my feet comfy on the pedals. As I went to lean to set off - gently not over lean/ harsh - it seemed like the ACM flipped on me. I was left standing on the ground with a sore right shin where the ACM caught it somehow and the ACM looked to have smoke coming from it. It could have just been dust though. I picked it up, turned it off then back on, got on and set off normally. It has worked fine since until this morning! I went to set off for work, I set the ACM down, turned it on, pulled down the pedals and before I got on and moved the ACM forward and backward to make sure the wheel moved ok (I've been doing this since the first incident) then got on while holding my fence as I got my feet comfy. As I leaned forward slightly to set off the ACM just dropped on me as if it wasn't even turned on. once again it somehow caught my right shin. once again I picked it up, turned it off then on again, got on and set off normally. I am wondering if it just dropped on me first time as I wasn't really paying attention but this morning I was because I have been cautious since the first incident. Just before my ACM was due for dispatch it was said that peoples ACM's were frying due to an overcurrent when the ACM tried to go over a bump or out of a ditch at low speed. Apparently mine was kept back to receive the "fix" but as I have since found out I didn't receive the new board I am wondering if the fix is what is causing the ACM to drop when trying to set off slowly? Whatever the reason I am not happy. Twice in one week and a scratched ACM and shin, Edit - I've just realised this has actually happened to me THREE times in less than a week. The first time was the day before the second time. I was riding along the canal and was stopped by a couple asking me questions. For some reason I turned the ACM off while chatting and then turned it back on and went to ride off while they were watching and it just dropped which made me embarrassed because i never did that on my Ninebot and it was my first drop with my nice new ACM. Initially I thought it was because the ground was uneven and I didn't balance correctly but thinking about it I didn't have chance to move because it just dropped as I got on to set off.
  15. I think eventually I’ll buy a Monster. It may be when a version 2 comes out... not sure. One thing that bothers me about it is how fragile the shell is when taken a minor spill because of its weight. Do you think anything could be sprayed onto the shell to make it more durable. I was thinking about some truck bed liner spray or some kind of rubberized spray that may give it more durability. Just curious if anyone gave a DIY solution some thought. Since Gotway seems to have removed the spin out off destruction when the wheels go on their side. This might help with future Monster shell damage.
  16. Curious to see the favorite tire size preference for the favorite 16" EUC category....
  17. Hey everyone, The time has come. I have now put 350 miles on my MCM4 and have decided to upgrade to a newer better faster bigger longer lasting wheel. So here goes.................... First things first - I know some of these wheels have suffered from the Gotway Oscillation issue. This wheel will be coming from Jason. Have all these concerns for the most part been resolved? Now that that's out of the way here goes: I have heard much praise from everyone regarding the ACM, I see lots of people reporting that it is their favorite wheel. I have actually ridden the ACM a couple of weeks ago during a group ride. I can say with my limited time with it it was very enjoyable and felt very stable and fast compared to the MCM4. I have never ridden the MSuper. Here are my questions: Will there be a noticeable stability difference from the MSuper to the ACM? In my area there are many uneven roads and potholes so the 18" wheel could be a big help. My current size/weight is 6'1" 220 lbs. I am on the heavier side for EUC riders. Bigger wheel may be better for me since I am on the heavier side. From others experiences what are the top speeds of both all things being equal? I'm not looking to max it out all the time and risk my safety but being able to ride at a sustained speed around 15-20 mph would be preferable. Currently my MCM tops out at 17 mph due to my size and weight and yells at me constantly. I also have found it a lot of fun taking my EUC on trails intended for mountain bikes. I would think the 18" wheel would handle the terrain better, however, the higher torque from the ACM might be nice as well. I also enjoy long trips. Either choice would be the 1600 Wh variant. The minor difference in price would not be a deciding factor. Lastly, I am going to need something that lasts. I'll be dropping close to $2000 on this wheel and I will need it to last me quite a while. Thanks everyone for any input you can provide.
  18. Good afternoon everyone, I purchased an ACM 1300 from Gotway America a couple of weeks ago. Due to a leg injury I did not unbox it until this morning. First impressions out of the box were not all positive. The seams for the case on both sides were less than perfect. I was ok with this seeing as how I know that Gotways QC is not top notch. Not happy mind you after spending more than 1k on it but I kinda expected something like that. Upon riding it for the first time my initial reaction was good. It felt smooth, was very maneuverable and acceleration and braking were very smooth. After riding for a half mile or so I began to hear a creaking/grinding/chirping noise coming from the ACM at about 5-10 mph, initially I though I had picked up some debris and it was rattling around inside the wheel, could not find any debris present. I figured I give it some time and maybe it would go away. Not the case, I went 13km and decided it was time to hang it up and figure out what was happening. I cannot get the sound to reoccur from a standstill, nor does it happen at higher speeds. It appears to only be in that sweet spot of 5-10 mph. I'm not sure what could be causing it. I have contacted the seller to ask if he wants me to open it or send it back. It's brand new perfect condition been dropped 0 times. Anyone experience anything like this? Not a super happy camper, we will see what happens .
  19. Look like most people prefer the msuper pedals based on what I have read on the forum, but me personally I prefer the ACM pedals, I have a pair of msuper pedals that's about 5 months old, has some scratches but all the grip is still there, if anyone wanna trade me ACM pedals for some msuper's let me know I would really appreciate it. I live in Sarasota Florida
  20. Hi! Received my ACM16 820wh today. As I rode, I noticed some strange behaviours on my pedals, compared to my Ninebot S2. When I turn, especially at low speeds and sharper turns, the pedals turn forward to the point where I think I'm gonna fall off forwards. And when I ride fast (30km/h+), even without tiltback activated, the pedals lean back so it's uncomfortable for my feet and sometimes I fear slipping off backwards. I would like the pedals to remain as flat as possible during all aspects of my riding. I want to know if anyone else is experiencing things like this, or they did and just adjusted themselves, or if there is a way to update the machine somehow to amend this behaviour. I don't think a calibration via the app will do it as it would exacerbate the issues one way or the other. Cheers!
  21. Location: Arizona Occupation: Student Weight: 215 Height: 6'3 In the last 3 years I have become entranced by Last Mile vehicles. The concept seems like the future of personal transportation which is a game changer in a place where everyone hates walking outside in any manner that isn't exercise or trying to get inside. I have had several phases in this Last Mile Hysteria I've had. First electric longboards. Bought a Metroboard Stealth for $1400. Fell off a Metroboard Stealth. Now Selling the Metroboard Stealth (or keeping it for friend riding). Should have known since last time I went snowboarding I separated my shoulder. Sounds like I'm not athletic but I've played sports my whole life. Boards just don't belong under me apparently. Next was electric scooters. Seemed like a great balance between something portable, fast, and safe. Lots of research later I came to the conclusion that with my size I should look elsewhere. Also too expensive for the ones that I would actually purchase. Afterwards was the Onewheel. Not quite like any other device out there but it opened up the avenue of offroading with these vehicles. Awesome revelation and makes for a far more versatile device. Too expensive. Now here we are at the current final frontier in my passion. Electric unicycles. They are frankly far more advanced than I was expecting when I started looking at them. 4 Deciding Factors 1. I want something I can carry into places without a whole lot of hoopla just trying to find somewhere to put it. 2. Something manageable for city maneuvering (although I fully plan to use it recreationally and offroad at times) 3. Something that fits my size and weight effectively. 4. Price. Need to stay sub $900. Every type of device has it's pros and cons especially for my size. Longboards suit my size but not my riding style. Electric scooters really seemed great but not suited for my size. The Onewheel became exactly what I was looking to try with the version 2 coming out this year. But it is a 2 month backorder from the company and the ones on Ebay are selling above retail of $1400. Also decided I was going to drop to a lower price range. Frankly the only reason I started looking at EUC's (feeling cool getting the lingo like a boss) is because I saw a few in my searches for other things. Once I found out they can go offroad similar to a Onewheel and actually go faster I was hooked. A single wheel seems to have the torque and motor qualities to be effective for my size. I have been doing a fair bit of gandering (not a word) and the other deciding factor are some deals available to me. Deal 1: ACM V2 67V 820wh w/78 miles $600 Deal 2: ACM V2 67V 680wh NEW $675 Deal 3: ACM V2 84V 1300wh NEW $900 Deal 4: MCM4 HS 520wh Few Months of Miles $500 Anyone care to rank the quality of those deals? Also any advice on what I should be looking for due to my deciding factors? This would also be my first wheel and I have never ridden one but I think the riding style is conducive to my physical ability.
  22. I purchased an app for my IPhone 7 that is a 3 channel vibration spectrum analyzer. It uses the internal accelerometer and gyroscope of the phone to analyze vibratory and rotational motions. You simply place the IPhone so it is firmly attached to the object you want to analyze, hit the sample button and the vibratory readings begin. I only used one channel to measure the vertical (+Y) coordinates during my initial test run. I attached the phone to both my Luffy and ACM 1600 using Velcro but a more stable mounting platform is in the works. Below are 2 sample graphs depicting what data can be produced when using all 3 channels of the app. So I went for a little ride on the ACM and Luffy around a bumpy piece of property next to my facility to see if I could obtain any quantifiable data. The data may be skewed a bit due to the Velcro method I used to attach the phone to both wheels but it was a fun experiment and only cost $4.99. Below are 2 more graphs depicting the Y coordinate data I obtained from each ride. Combining X, Y and Z data will be performed in future tests. You can see the very small vibration levels at the beginning and end of each graph ( Luffy had an issue) representing the smooth parking lot where I entered and exited the course. Unfortunately Luffy could not make it over the parking lot bump ( also might be my skill level) at the end of the course and I fell off which created an interesting peak. In the middle of the graph there is a good representation of the various bumps I encountered throughout the simple course. Now for a good laugh!
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