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  1. In my experience, anti-puncture bands are not so good, because along the time they file the inner tube, because they are harder than the tube itself. Best solution for me it is slime, and a good tire. Kenda K-1122 which is easy to find through eBay or Aliexpress is very hard to puncture it.
  2. Covering the sensor with a partial dark (not opaque) stuff must help to switch on the lights before.
  3. I believe that I'll can live with it. Seriously, I will follow the Ninebot Z too...
  4. It's time to say goodbye to this ninebot forum. I bought my 9b1 E in June 2015. Two years, and 10400 km after, I have decided to update my EUC to another Brand/model. I have choose the KS-16S which is a beast of another world. Anyway, nothing bad to say about the 9b1, only good words. Never had a bad experience, and I have spent more tan 1000 hours above it, No doubt, rock solid wheel. I think that it is the better wheel I could have to learn. Now I will give this euc to my son, who at this time has an unbranded chinese generic euc (with the ugly 12 or 15km/h limit). So...two happy people for the price of only one euc My activity, since now, will be mostly in the kingsong forum. Thanks to the people of this forum, who help me at the start, and thanks to ninebot... very nice wheel.
  5. More than 10000 km (10171 now). No issues at all (except puntures...a lot of them, about ten, may be more...). The ninebot app is not able to record this value in the ranking. It appears to have only four digits, so it stopped to upload real value at 9999km. Because of this, the super knight medal was not granted Time to upgrade the euc...
  6. In both cases, the valve of the inner tube appears to be bent toward the outside of the circle instead the direction of the tube, so is not good for eucs. Some experiences on this? Thanks.
  7. Ninebot E with firmware v.1.4.0 Now: 8268 km, 880h total run time. Never an unexpected behaviour or shutdown (until now).
  8. Near 8000km now. I have more than 1000km since the last firmware update (I have the last versiĆ³n available) No problems at all.
  9. I have used the DC-DC converter only for batteries with different number of cells. This is the only way to use a 36V battery with the ninebot one. But, if I use a ninebot one external battery, then I can avoid a DC-DC converter (which is big, very hot and not very efficient: 70 to 80%). So basically, I do not use a DC-DC converter for the second setup I have described before, because I can directly connect the battery into the charge port. The only caution you must have into account, is to add a bulb, in order to balance any voltage difference you could have. If planned (external battery connected with both batteries full) even the bulb would not be necessary.
  10. Rotator

    Crazy 9B1

    Well, if you drain your batteries near the end, may be your battery life will be reduced. Ok, not 2 km but...Li-Ion batteries do not like go below 20%. What I do not know is, if percent numbers shown in the app are real percent capacity of the cells...
  11. I can not see any reason to not install a 220wh in a 9bot One C. In my opinion it must fit and will extend autonomy nicely.
  12. More than one year ago, I wrote this message. Same opinion about the reliability of the ninebot one. 7000 km. and no failures yet. (cross fingers) Original battery was replaced because its performance degradation. I use a 1-radwerkstatt battery now (388W) charged with a charge doctor (the auto-disconnect version).
  13. This is just to let you know I have succesfully used two methods to improve my 9b1 range. First: From several months ago until today, I have used a ebike li-ion 36V battery through a DC-DC converter, set at 62V Max & 2A Max, and connected to the charge port while riding. It works like a charm. Because my 240w internal battery have 6000km, it have lost a lot of watts and this setup helps a lot on the range side. But not at all with the current it can handle, which is very low (the battery has slowly developed a high internal resistance since about 4000km). I must ride in the uphills very slowly, and I can overlean easily. The 9b1 battery have lost a lot of power. Second: Since last week I have replaced my internal 240w battery (due to the long usage that I have explained before), now I have a 388w internal battery and the older 240w (150w really now) external battery which can be connected to the charge port to extend the range more. I have used a 12v 50w halogen MR16 bulb to limit the current inserted between the battery and the wire to the charge port. Between 1 or 2 amps only steals from 0.5 to 5 watts and does not light or it does very low. The good news is that it allows to connect a full external battery to an empty internal battery. If I do this, the current would go up until 4 amps. This would cause to loose 12V at the bulb, reducing the voltage in the charge port to the empty internal voltage (51v). Then the current would go down and voltage at the charge port would go up and eventually would balance in between. Thanks to all for your help.
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