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New Ninebot One P !!


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Topic of the new wheel Ninebot One P.
As the first customer I can answer any questions on this wheel.
After the purchase, I have disassembled the wheel and looked inside. Immediately reinforced waterproofing.
I am glad that the new wheels use LG HG2 batteries. They showed themselves very well. One such battery is approximately equal to 5 liters of gasoline.
The new motherboard has new connectors for engine connection.
The engine became almost noiseless while driving.
Weak sound 8kHz present. Now - this is a feature, not a bug.
The new motherboard is not heated.
One senses that the wheel assembled very carefully. Even within all the covers are assembled perfectly.
On the new firmware the wheel does not ride on the road, it seemed to slip. The feeling is very similar to ice skating. It is very pleasantly.
Bumps on the road, overcome more easily. Maximum speed is dialed easier and faster.
I like the firmware 1.4.0, except for the high speed mode malfunction.

Today I have two wheels Ninebot One P. And I do not feel sorry for money for such useful things.

After the first 10 km. I found a bug. The wheel does not operate high speed mode. This means that the maximum speed of 25 km.\h., Instead of 28 as before. 
I think Ninebot correct this in the near future. Maybe this protection the first few kilometers? Unknown.



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They remove the second row of mosfets?

It appers to have only 6 mosfet instead of 12. Like my Ninebot E.

May be this mosfets are better and more powerfull than the older ones.

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@fearedbliss, Everything is new except the design. Engine new. The electrical circuit the new. Firmware new. The feeling when driving the new!
The battery is simply the best. Design the best too. Ergonomics the most comfortable of all the wheels.
What would you like to improve yet ??

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@fearedbliss, maybe this a sanction for your country? :-D

You can see most papular store in Russia! Named "Airwheel". Old name Ecodrift.
Through webcam: 
On the left side near the center stands, a new wheel Ninebot One P and sold! Anyone can come in and buy it.
I've already bought. :-D


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A Chinese talked in a forum about his riding experience in a demo of EUC manufacturers in Guanzhou, in which they rode up a long and very stiff hill there. He rode ACM 16, KS 16, NB1P, etc. He ranked the the acceleration as RW14( or 16?)>AMC>NB1P>=KS16> all others. However, they all, except RW,  suffered from overheating in the warm climate after a long and stiff incline. Probably NB1P's overheating is a much less problem in cold climate, and hence available in Moscow?

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@ECUMania, The thing is that I feel the heat wheel through leather covers. And if there is heat, then my legs are too hot. After that, I find where to sit and relax and have a rest with the wheel. I never overheated wheel. The wheel was less warm especially when firmware 1.3.5 came out.
I am constantly traveling on wheel and a long climb up the hill or down the mountain for a long time and never had a problem of overheating.


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Great review. Could you go into a little more detail about the current top speed, does it tilt back starting at 25kmh? The E+ can reach peaks of 24-26, find it unusual that top speed is so low. Whats the acceleration like, is the power very noticeable? Did you update the firmware to 1.4 or did it come that way? Thanks in advance

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I have two news: good and bad :)
First the bad. I fell with the new wheel at maximum speed on seven day after buying. The wheel just turned off, when I was driving. Rode without obstacles on the perfectly smooth asphalt. I do not jump. The wheel just switched off at 23% charge. Before the fall, I heard 2 beeps. I successfully fell, and escaped with abrasions.
It was the first falling over all the time (In total I drove about 1700 km..)

Now the good news.
After the fall, I carried the wheel to the store under warranty. The shop owner specially flown in from China to Moscow that would greet me. He listened to me. In sympathize with me and took the wheel for inspection. Since I bought a tire 7 days ago, he did everything the way I wanted. He diagnosed the battery, but could not find fault. He replaced me even a working battery with a new battery. He had already replaced by a leather cushion. Now I'm waiting for the new black rings and pedal. Since all of these parts are very scratched in the fall.

Replace the wheel completely I do not see the point. Since this wheel I have checked and made waterproofing. A new wheel can be caught with the new fault.

Besides! Today I checked the maximum speed! And it has grown nearly 5km.\h.. !! I do not know what happened and how it happened. But before that, the maximum speed was 25 km.\h.. Before I passed the wheel.
Today I was able to ride on it to 30.5 km.\h. on firmware 1.4.0!
Maybe I had a problem with the battery or need to travel a few kilometers, which would enable high-speed mode.
Now I will carefully test the new battery and wait for parts from Ninebot.
I'm pleased :-)


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On 6/10/2016 at 4:11 AM, master255 said:

@steve454, Yes. This is a good store. One of the best in the world. But 14 inches - it's for the children. Real men buy 16 inches P.


New plus the new P. On weight, it seems easier. It is necessary to weigh.

Have you weighed it yet?  How many kilograms?

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