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  1. I'm a bit late to the game but I've been off work for a couple of weeks so haven't used the wheel. Commuted in this morning though. It feels smoother and more responsive. I did notice that the over-current alarm in WheelLog triggered most times I pulled away. I have the alarm set to 35A and will try it set to 40A.
  2. It can also be downloaded straight from kingsong.com. Go to support and then app download.
  3. You can always use WheelLog and your phone will vibrate at predetermined speed. You could also buy a Pebble Watch to use with the app and the watch will then vibrate.
  4. Makes sense. What does work from China? Dropbox? OneDrive? What service would you recommend uploading the files to?
  5. Here's the folder in Google Drive where I keep all released for Android and Pebble. Let me know if that is also blocked for you. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_qIN0Xd80hCbGh6NWFVOFlKeTg?usp=sharing
  6. I try to be very efficient and only send the data that's required. So when changing screens on the watch it tells the phone what screen is displayed so it can send the relevant data. If the notification from the watch doesn't reach the phone the screen will not update. Switching back and forth should fix it. In testing (I've been using this version for a week prior to release) I didn't see that issue. I don't check for errors when sending data from the watch as there's a bug in the Pebble firmware that won't be fixed the Pebble Time 2 is released in November. Once that's fixed I'll make i
  7. Hi @Marty Backe That's great to hear! I think there's only 40 people using the Pebble App so it's good to hear feedback. Regarding donations take a look at this post I made last week.
  8. I'm feeling a bit down-trodden by my failed attempt to add InMotion support. So for a quick win I've added a second screen to the Pebble app that shows Ride Time, Distance, and Top Speed. Both Android and Pebble apps have been published to Production. https://apps.getpebble.com/en_US/application/5793c91150c75291fa00026e Android version 1.8. Pebble App version 1.4.
  9. That's exactly right. There are three commands though. Two to request data which is why the wheel beeps twice when the app connects. Plus the horn. The code I've used to from a decompiled version of the KingSong app. So when a command is sent to the wheel it is EXACTLY the same as the KingSong app. Their app is based on the Google BluetoothLE example (it still includes the heart rate monitoring code) as is mine. My code is, in my opinion, an improvement and less likely to cause issues then their app. At the heart of the apps neither does anything particularity clever. Both tell
  10. I've had this happen when I accelerate too hard on a hill. Usually from a standing start or from very low speeds. It seems to be to protect the 40A fuse. I'm very careful when accelerating up hill!
  11. @HEC I've set the app to send the command every 500ms as per the original app. Let me know if it still drops the connection. Test it without having the official app open if possible. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_qIN0Xd80hCMDZjOXJ0ZWViWG8/view?usp=sharing I've also emailed info@invmotionsvc so hopefully they may be willing to help.
  12. @HEC That last test was with both apps open? What happens if you only connect using KEVTEST? That random data at the bottom of the file is good but I want it to be caused by KEVTEST. At the moment I only send the request for data once after which it's possible the keep-alive times out. Hopefully as it makes 1 request it should receive 1 reply.
  13. @HEC Thanks for that test. At least I know I'm listening to the right characteristic. Like you said it could be a 10 second timeout or that I don't send the passcode within 10 seconds. I'm having trouble finding anything in the app mentioning a passcode but I'll keep looking. I've changed the characteristic I'm sending data to in this version. It seems there's a dedicated characteristic for writing data but just in case I'm wrong this will send the data to the same characteristic that reads the data. This is how it works on KingSong and Gotway but I don't think they put as much tho
  14. @HEC I'm pretty excited about this attempt... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_qIN0Xd80hCbWg3b1Brb1c5eDg/view?usp=sharing
  15. @HEC Yep there's no improvement there. I'm listening to the right characteristic now but it's not sending data. From looking at the decompiled app it sends a request for data. It looks like this is sent every 500ms. Does the app appear to update speed/current/etc twice a second? It's very hard to decipher the decompiled app. They've obscured the code so a nicely named function like 'InitialiseWheel()' is now called a(). A variable called 'isWheelConnected' is now called a. The next variable/function is b and so on. As the app is so large and obscured the decompilers don't do a gre
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