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Found 5 results

  1. Sergio Leiva

    Black pads

    Hello, I'm looking for the replacement of the black pads of the ninebot one p. I can not find anyone to sell it. Someone gives me the good news that there is somewhere?
  2. Hi guys, After reading a lot of the latest news and updated info including your great posts about Ninebot One Products, it makes me wondering which Series of Ninebot One is really considered to be Best Choice for buying at the moment. Which one would you guys choose between Ninebot One P / Ninebot One S2 / Ninebot One E+ if you happen to needing to buy one for now? Considering all three of them are available in the market and all brand new in the box with official 1 year guarantee from Ninebot. Thank you for your time and reply. Best regards, Richard
  3. master255

    Lubrication for the wheel

    Now I have mileage more than 700 km. on a new wheel. I remembered that the previous wheel I also greased. I tried different grease: lithium grease, solidol type and many different ... But, as practice has shown is best suited silicone grease! She has one drawback - it dries. But then, to analyze in detail the construction of the wheel, I realized that she did not lubricates the wheel, but blows away dust and dirt. Because the wheel bearings are well sealed. Since this lubricant prevents rust, then to all I recommend to grease your wheels. This improves the ride comfort, increasing cruising range, extends engine life. Approximately once in two weeks must be lubricated: axle pedals, the telescopic handle (if available) and wheel axle. To do this, buy a silicone lubricant with a tube for accurate lubrication. Like on picture 2. And spray lubricant to the area shown in the picture 1 1) 2)
  4. master255

    Better than Ninebot One P??

    I think better to combine all the other discussion about comparisons wheels of Ninebot. Yes, I know that everyone is interested in the answer to this question. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss here in a constructive dialogue. Everyone knows that Ninebot (Segway), is the most popular brand among electric vehicles. The flagship among the entire wheel line is Ninebot One P. Therefore I propose to compare the rest of the wheels with this wheel. Technical characteristics: Max speed 30km. \ H. Max distance: 30km. Wheel diameter 16 inches Battery: Li-ion 340 Wh max output power: 30A * (4.2v per cell * 15.) = 1890W. waterproof: ipv67 (optional) Metal carcass. Weight: 13kg. Optionally, it is possible to install batteries to 5. Capacity: 340Wh * 5 = 1700 Wh. Or 3 * 340Wh = 1020 (For lower weight) Type of battery cells: LG HG2 18650 Optional: There is improved (improvement of the strength) telescopic handle, version 2. T shaped. There is an improved (improved stability) parking, version 2. In plastic.
  5. master255

    New Ninebot One P !!

    Topic of the new wheel Ninebot One P. As the first customer I can answer any questions on this wheel. After the purchase, I have disassembled the wheel and looked inside. Immediately reinforced waterproofing. I am glad that the new wheels use LG HG2 batteries. They showed themselves very well. One such battery is approximately equal to 5 liters of gasoline. The new motherboard has new connectors for engine connection. The engine became almost noiseless while driving. Weak sound 8kHz present. Now - this is a feature, not a bug. The new motherboard is not heated. One senses that the wheel assembled very carefully. Even within all the covers are assembled perfectly. On the new firmware the wheel does not ride on the road, it seemed to slip. The feeling is very similar to ice skating. It is very pleasantly. Bumps on the road, overcome more easily. Maximum speed is dialed easier and faster. I like the firmware 1.4.0, except for the high speed mode malfunction. Today I have two wheels Ninebot One P. And I do not feel sorry for money for such useful things. After the first 10 km. I found a bug. The wheel does not operate high speed mode. This means that the maximum speed of 25 km.\h., Instead of 28 as before. I think Ninebot correct this in the near future. Maybe this protection the first few kilometers? Unknown.