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  1. Uuuu! Moderator you must block this "Ilya Shkolnik"! This is a crazy moderator of the Russian forum. He came to seize your forum.
  2. This is not my idea !. This super man MRN76 !! He figured out how to install any firmware on the wheel! Instruction in Russian !! Http://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?msg=1042930
  3. What for? It's just transport.
  4. master255

    Black pads

    I chose the blue skin. It is transparent and looks better than black.
  5. @The Fat Unicyclist, I recommend you use my winter mask. With it, you will have maximum comfort.
  6. @Smoother, Yes. You surely understand my idea of the mask! In addition to a transparent mask (as I have) it is possible to make some cool! It is even possible to do different! And to change every day. Here a large field for creativity. And I already know what I'd like. But unfortunately this industry manufacture of masks is not very developed and not available. In addition to the mask has a number of requirements on the size, weight, opacity, thickness of plastic that are slightly affect the appearance. In other words - it should not just be a mask, and must be "super mask"! Mask 2.0. Level true Batman :-)
  7. In Russia, this mask cost 10 dollars.
  8. @esaj, You understand me wrong. I mean I was the first rider who rides regularly in the city in winter. I am the first one who rides in the winter as well as summer. In a week I drive about 100 km. winter in -15 degrees Celsius. And while I do not freeze, because I use this mask. With this mask, I can go into any store, restaurant, cafe. No other winter mask does not allow it. I think this is a revolution in the methods of transportation in winter.
  9. Hey hey! I first winter monowheel rider in the world! For more than 600 km. I passed this winter. 100km. in week! Stable! Of course this is possible only because of my winter mask! Without falling! My total mileage of about 5500 km. in a year.
  10. @Cerbera, it is not crash-helmet and it does not protect from shock when falling. It only protects from the wind and snow in the winter.
  11. I invented a new kind of winter mask. It is smooth, clear mask with no holes for the eyes and nose, but with the handle from below, which would keep it as a carnival mask during the ride. Material Plastic - the thickness of 1-1.5 mm. Ideally 1.5mm. because when you carry on the mask will be a lot of pressure. Thickness affects the weight. It is essential. The mask should be light. Shape mask should be possible to protect the head from the wind and still be comfortable to carry because the mask is large (not a purse). This mask is necessary for comfortable movement on the mono-wheel in the cold season. - It is more convenient than the motorcycle helmet - size, ease and visibility. - It is more convenient than the ski mask - visibility, greater protection from wind, ease of carrying. - It is more convenient than a balaclava - comfort and freedom at the turn of the head. Much greater protection from wind and snow. And it is needed only for a mono-wheel, because only when you go on the wheel arms are free and you can keep the mask in hands, and in the winter season (at the most snow and ice). All other modes of transport take arms. I built something that should be similar to the one from scrap materials. However, the handle should be fully transparent. And on the mask would be desirable to have more neodymium magnet that would mask stuck to the jacket. And the top of the holes should not be. The handle should be curved outward, not inward mask - so easier to hold. The handle should be shorter.
  12. The most interesting route for the wheel))
  13. @dmethvin, In Moscow, everything is not so bad. All the same, it is the capital of Russia. But on the streets, often drive Belarus tractors. Even on the Red Square. Even on the sidewalks, knocking passersby. Yes. Bike paths, almost none. I traveled in Moscow more than 2000km. on the wheel. And I think that on the wheel, driving here quite comfortably. Almost everywhere sidewalks replaced bicycle paths.
  14. You have a problems with the logic.I think it's illogical. And yes. I'm a programmer. I work as a programmer (lead senior programmer in MGTS (MTS mobile operator)). Full time work.
  15. No. I did not change the details. This topic about a silicone spray.
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