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  1. You are learning fast. Make sure to always wear a helmet.
  2. fearedbliss

    I found the right electric vehicle for Hunka

    LOL this is ridiculous.
  3. fearedbliss

    Got my first insult cherry popped today!

    He doesn't know you but what we do know is that he has a "totally" "uncool" "SUV", and you have a "totally" "cool" "EUC". See what I did there?!!
  4. fearedbliss

    Test drove a Solowheel Glide 3 today

    Might not want to advertise my sale since I might change my mind! xD
  5. fearedbliss

    Test drove a Solowheel Glide 3 today

    lmfao.. typical salesman bullshit. Wtf does "10% off if you know how ride" mean? I wish I would get 10% off if I know how to use a cellphone when I buy a new phone. 10% if I know how to eat when I go buy food.. like what? Like @eddiemoysaid, How about giving that 60% discount so you can bring it back down to a fair price? Also, my heart felt sad when I read "Solowheel Glide 3". Long live Inmotion V8.
  6. Lmfao yea I've seen this video before. It was funny.
  7. I've thought about this before actually. I saw a guy with a Ninebot One E+, and I told my friend "Imagine I just go up to him to ask to see if I can 'try' it, and I just get on it and leave" LOL.
  8. LOL. I've never met him, but after that whole political stuff that he blogged about in his youtube channel of "If you don't vote for X person, then people should basically go after you on social media" etc, that just rubbed me off the wrong way, I feel that's using your "power/fame" in a bad way. Basically it shows a lack of respect and tolerance for other people's beliefs. Whether I agree or not with his politics is a completely separate issue, but I don't want to tell, shame, or force anyone to vote a certain way. People need to make their own decisions (without coercion or fear) individually after doing their own research. I liked the snowboarding in NYC video he did, but that doesn't mean I got to like him. Like I definitely wouldn't want to "ride" with him or anything (I live in Brooklyn and ride in Brooklyn, NYC, etc so it is geographically possible for this to happen).
  9. I've seen some people here in NYC when I was walking around close to my job.. yes *walking around*!. One of them was using a Ninebot One E+ (Which automatically at this point in my EUC career makes me believe that he is a relatively new rider (Let's say 1 year?)), and the other one was using an MSuper v3 probably. I'm 99% sure it was Gotway, just not sure if it was MSuper v3.
  10. fearedbliss

    Inmotion & Solowheel

    I might need to make a hack to geo-unlock it then ! I will need to investigate if it is possible if it comes to that.
  11. fearedbliss

    Inmotion & Solowheel

    Lol 50% increase is how they all start ;D @Rehab1 (Except for Shkreli, he said YOLO 5000% on day 1).He's a disgrace for everyone in America, and everyone in NY. It's a shame he is from Brooklyn.. that's where I'm from (and live).
  12. fearedbliss

    Inmotion & Solowheel

    Lol the Trump analogy is gold. But also, I'm now looking at Shane Chen as the "Martin Shkreli" of EUC. That's NOT a good place to be in. AhM .. That means "America Hates Martin" NOT "Amps per Minute" :P.
  13. fearedbliss

    Inmotion & Solowheel

    @Jason McNeil You having a good amount of supplies left definitely makes me feel more confident about the purchase. I don't understand what you mean you can still buy direct from China for the parts? If inmotion is sold to solowheel, doesn't solowheel have full control over production and redistribution of the product? Thus they can prevent any "non authorized sales"? Basically if I didn't want to buy a V8 in the US but wanted to buy it direct from China, I wouldn't be able to do this. Do you mean authorized Inmotion parts or just generic but equivalent parts that are compatible with the inmotion? Or do you mean that Solowheel only bought the distribution rights for that wheel within the US but inmotion is still operating independently in China in a collaboration with Inventist?
  14. fearedbliss

    Inmotion & Solowheel

    Yea I'm kinda concerned as well now, and my new V8 also arrives tomorrow. I originally looked at the purchase as "I'll be the last one to get the upgrade to my V5F+ without paying a 50% premium", but like you mentioned, all of the support equipment could go up in price. Maybe I should return the V8 before I open it and possibly just switch to a Gotway ACM+ or KS 14S, or something else. @Jason McNeil I know you are running a business and you need to do what's best for it, but you know that the new pricing for the V8 and basically any other wheel Inventist makes is a scam. Are you thinking of leaving the V8 up with your note on the site as a sign of protest, are you gonna remove the post and stop supplying Inmotion wheels and just focus on other groups, are you going to continue selling them? @Jason McNeil