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  1. I believe it means no limitations on speed, no over lean "cutoffs" or low battery speed limitations. The Z will keep going until something blows.
  2. Still happily riding my P together with some other newer wheels. The P works just like the first day, no issues or motherboard problems. It must have around 4000km and even with rough usage it performs flawlessly.
  3. In my opinion it would have to do with if you still have a warranty, are ready to take apart and fix yourself and you're OK with what it takes to get/send your Z10 to a service shop/center in case of a worst case scenario. It's true you have the advantage of avoiding the new Z10/battery issues but I would also find out why it's being sold. I'm trying to be as honest as possible when saying that currently it is possible that something goes wrong any moment and you have to be ready. What you're going to get from this wheel is unique, like no other, the sensations riding/carving a z10 are mindblowing. Mine has worked flawlessly for a year now, resisting hack and very tough treatment. Recently I have experienced an unbalanced battery episode which has not reappeared after BMS firmware change; not sure if this is corrected in batches sold now or just a problem with first batches like mine. The Z10 is a temperamental wheel, as if it had different moods, sometimes I get the weird sensation it has some sort of AI that learns and adapts from your riding. If you are ready for all this and can live with some uncertainty, I recommend buying the Z10. If any of this is a game changer or just too much hassle...
  4. I found it strange that Roberto's Z10 didn't give any warning before blowing the mosfet because in my experience the wheel starts beeping and tilting back hard after heating up from constant pendulum riding, although rider weight does influence a lot, in my opinion he was giving it a real beating with those "violent" pendulum movement in a very short time span without allowing any breathing time for the Z10 to recover. As you say, I think also something else is going on and the problem is that ninebot seems to have no idea of what it is. None of the software updates or different "batches" have definitively solved anything. From the battery drain, the low battery % problems, low temperature start, etc. ninebot never identifies, admits or solves concrete problems, it just says so and so has been fixed, all very vague; one replaces then, for example, a supposed faulty mother board but the wheel still will not turn on. I believe the battery and the BMS system have a lot to do with what is causing many of the Z10 problems. One thing for sure is that putting many miles on the battery like Roberto seems to keep it healthy but allowing a Z10 to stay idle several days with low battery can lead to all sorts of battery imbalances, nightmares and something else that thanks to ninebot we'll never know.
  5. The idea is to call out ninebot for not standing up and allowing the potential of a wheel like the Z10 to go to waist. I know it isn't worth much, but after talks of a pro version mixed with rumors of ninebot ending euc development I thought it would be useful to try to engage other owners and possible future ones in a conversation not regarding the pros and cons, but more the present and future situation of ninebot and what it means to have a Z10 today and the risks of it becoming a very heavy paper-weight. Maybe one day it won't have to be like that star that shined so bright that it went out so much sooner. I'm sure they don't care but I can also decide to abandon ninebots, buy different wheels, make youtube videos of other eucs...when you start losing your most loyal customers, maybe some day they'll start caring.
  6. Getting a Ninebot Z is risky business. Some already understand what it means to rely on now Segway-Ninebot and of their particular idea of customer service etc. We are well aware of battery reactivations,, drainage and mosfet behaviour, that is, we have become accustomed to terms and been forced to learn all about voltages and electronics, unfortunately in a bad sense and not always with good results, thanks to...Ninebot. This is my third ninebot, even rolled the dice with a One P (with great results) so when we start to hear rumors of a Z10 Pro I get mixed emotions. Right now a Z10 is a very special creature, one that can give extreme pleasure, unlike any euc but it goes with a price: be ready to park it in any moment and if you're not ready to take it apart yourself or throw out an extra 800€ for a new battery/BMS, be ready for longer or even definitive park times. I doubt Ninebot will ever change and give a shit about their sellers or buyers but at least we can keep calling them out for their blatant misbehavior and make, some day, that "special" wheel only special for good reasons. But for now my advice is to always have at least one ore two alternative eucs, if you have or plan on buying a Z.
  7. Sorry to hear that Ace, always saw you as the ultimate tester of the Z10 in order to find the extreme limits of this wheel. Hope you can get it fixed and are back in business as soon as possible. Will miss your great Z10 adventures.
  8. After experiencing same issue of unbalanced battery/cells when reaching 1000km on my Z10, I still had the option in the ninebot app so managed to update to BMS v1.1.7. After riding a few kms, alarm has not repeated. I will let you know if it has any definitive effect on battery errors/alarms .
  9. Seems this issue is becoming more and more common. After 1000km with my Z10 just experienced unbalanced batteries/cells alarm and wheel almost threw me off. Managed to update to BMS v1.1.7 (luckily update option popup was still active) and for the next few kms issue has not reproduced although as some have already mentioned, the problem reappears after time or after falling below certain battery percentage. Will follow up. Maybe it will be possible to pinpoint if it's really a battery cell problem (strange when this status changes constantly/fixed-unfixed???) or a connection issue, etc.
  10. Besides component failure or a combination of factors, it still seems strange how quick wheel collapsed. The MSX seems flawless maintaining very high speeds and the amps don't seem to affect too much in any negative way. But maybe the initial descent had something to do with it. The MSX seems to be quite stressed and uncomfortable during steep descents and am not quite sure, nobody seems to give it importance, the effect this has on wires, mosfets, overall temperature etc. If you combine this with rider weight, 92kg, starting ascent without resting wheel, the stressful slow pace characteristic of these steep climbs and summer temperatures, could give some clue to the causes of the "quick" failure.
  11. Hi Marty! Are both versions compatible with the pebble watch? I thought I could only use the euc version to connect without problems to the watch.
  12. Delighted to receive such a constructive criticism and in depth analysis of general overleans and log analysis. Thank you very much, was very educational and eyeopening, always willing to learn.
  13. I have always had a deep respect for Marty's opinions and precise technical knowledge of eucs as well as his focus on security and even his conservative riding style even though I prefer, as he usually calls it, a more aggressive way of riding. Once again I agree with his assessment of over-lean as the main cause of the cut-off, not so much the idea that the lack of knowledge or recklessness not respecting euc limitations as the reason for suffering cut-offs. What I am trying to say is that no matter how much theoretical information we have, sometimes it is necessary to experience this issue to truly understand it, or at least get a better understanding. In this case it seems the rider isn't going fast enough to cause such a cut-off but one has to take into consideration the amp peaks and as Marty explained very well, he was accelerating hard already moving fast with the wheel probably still bouncing around some after landing on the concrete again, as well as the riders weight! I'm no expert in voltages, currents, battery power, etc. I just ride fast, too fast, that's my problem. For many we are a bad example for the community, even a danger for fellow riders. I believe that it is also the raw experience of the falls and their riders and videos what allows one to go forward, even higher. I ride a hacked Z10 (limited to 61kmh) in traffic every day and whenever I can I run speed laps in a controlled environment. Maybe I've been lucky with my falls but I'm not afraid of falling. Of course a high speed crash can be fatal but as most of us have found out, trying to not hit a small kid or a stupid fall against a curb at 10kmh cause the worst injuries. The Z10 like most eucs works with something similar to the 80% gotway power limit: near the speed/torque limit, amp peaks (either by bouncing off of bump or/and overleaning will cause TEMPORARY cut-offs! Only crossing these limits can one understand what a cutoff really is and the performance of our wheel, always different. Not only the "usual" cutoffs, far away from the absolute high speed when re-accelerating or after obstacles/amp peaks - the wheel remains in a "safe" speed zone - sometimes even unnoticeable (we hold the pothole accountable for what was really a cutoff), but even the major ones caused by still being in a "slight" overlean when crossing the max speed. After the cut-off the Z10 comes back to life as soon as it feels all parameters are under certain values again. That means that if we can anticipate with our riding posture (more kidney leaning), remain calm taking weight off the pedals but keeping tension in our legs and "riding" the moment, a fall CAN be avoided. I have also the logs of a cut-off after re-leaning at 60kmh, dropping instantly down to around 46kmh before I felt the pedals come back to life and miraculously staying on. My only intention is protest the sometimes condescending attitude towards the lets call them more adventurous risk takers and acknowledge the practical information they can bring to the table with what seems at first only a bad or unruly example. Maybe risking my ass I can also help someone come out smiling, that I can bet you, after knowing that cutoffs don't always have to end with a faceplant and actually recover from one. 2019_05_19_18_09_01 cutoff.csv
  14. Thank you, really appreciate your comment, too kind!
  15. If this is the MSX 64V only...
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