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bell ideas please?

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Attach a bicycle bell to your wrist guards. A normal one, or a finger bell (they're smaller).


I sceptical about wearing the finger bell on a finger like intended, because who knows what that might do in a crash. But on the wrist guard it will work just as well.

Or a bike bell like this, should be super easy to strap it to the wrist guard:


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Thought bout getting a mechanical or even an electrical sounding device but end of the day, I decided on just blathering out "beep beep" or "incominnnng". Never had an issue as yet (so long's one's not screaming at the top of their lungs) & best of all, its free & foolproof. NA for Dummies ofcos😜

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I find most people either have ear buds in their ears damning their ability to hear a bell or are immune to the sound of a bell.

So I use one of these:



Loud, annoying, & usually penetrates the music in their ears ... especially when I'm right behind them. 


I forgot about this:


A nice, loud (142 db) HyperWhistle.


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1 hour ago, mike_bike_kite said:

Seems like a great way of alienating the general public from EUCs. Have you considered riding on the road or just riding slowly round pedestrians.

Like when force needs to be addressed with force, the same applies when rude or stupidity needs to be addressed, it is needed.

Mainly on the road to attract attention to a driver who is about to turn in on you because they are not paying attention to their surroundings, holding a phone in one hand & a Pepsi in the other.  Yes I've witnessed & experienced this.

Also for those who have ear buds in their head & are oblivious to anything or anyone around them.  They tend to wander all over the place when walking on a walk wide enough for three comfortably.  They can't hear you with a bell, they are deaf to a shout, & it isn't until you are right beside them & they jump from being startled that someone was there at all & still can't hear you as you are asking in as a politely irritated way as possible, "excuse me please" for the umpteenth time!  Yes I've witnessed & experienced this as well. 

I try to follow the golden rule, "do unto others as you would have others do to you".

I start trying to alert people I am approaching from behind at about 50 feet (15 m) with a soft blow of the whistle or a single squeeze of the horn.  If they don't respond, at 30 feet (9 m), I am getting louder & closer.  At 10 feet (3 m), I need to put it into panic mode as the last thing I want or need is to have an arm come swinging out at the last minute smacking me in the chest as I pass because some knothead isn't paying attention to what they are doing.  Have you ever noticed how much someone flails around when they are startled?  How much they jump in a random direction?

People also tend to talk & think with their hands.  People tend to carry mobile communication devices with them when they walk &/or run as well.  Mixing these is bad enough & when someone is coming up from behind, add the startled response, the flailing arms, & the jump in an unknown direction is a disaster in the making.

I'd rather alienate the general public (if these few cases populate the 'general public') than be EUC fodder on the road because the public is not paying attention.

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