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  1. Yes come to darkside Tawpie! suspension just float... we all float down here... hehe [Bad penny wise impression]
  2. I just downloaded the Repo from GIT to try the python scripts to create 360 vid. Lets see if it's straight forward.
  3. Edit: did not realize you were asking about 360... I have yet to try! but I will try one in a few days, I have a few home vids I'm working through right now. I would like to try one at 5k or 4k and see what the difference is.
  4. I'm a heavy rider was 289 Lbs when I learned on my v11, so the wheel is definitely able to push some weight. I had troubles as well on hills at first, some folks said I was crazy, but in EUC world I switched it to "Performance Mode" and it climbed hills like a billy goat after that. Several folks said that the setting does not really give you any more power, maybe it unlocked the "newbie" mode because I had very few miles on it. EUC World has app with powerful features. Highly recommend.
  5. I have not tried it yet... I just got the camera not too long ago. Yes I want to try the youTube 360 vid features, also I have an old VR headset collecting dust I need to use. Sounds very fun. Have you played with 360 vids much? Any tricks to get quality shots on YouTube for that?
  6. Yes its HUUUUGE. I use the ProRes export as just a buffer phase, I don't back it up or keep long term. I back up original footage and export vid from DaVinci. This big files are just cache for my workflow. Also you have to remember that reframing 360 vids your working basically with 1080P. the whole 360 shot is only 5k.
  7. I'm playing with a new workflow that is very interesting! In the Insta360 app there is an AI feature that will analyze your video\audio and automagically create several camera angles for export based on their algorithm. It's not perfect but dang good! I typically pick 4-8 of the angles\cameras recommended, export them out, then import into Davinci as a multicamera timeline synced on sound. I can then dynamically pick cameras on the fly whichever one has the best shot at the time.
  8. This is correct but the insta360 needs to be used to reframe the 360 video. The insta 360 app is great for reframing but not so great for storytelling. Once the camera angles are extracted out in ProRes then you can plug into Divinci and Premiere. There is a free 360 reframing tool plugin for daVinci, works well enough but it is not nearly as robust for quick easy reframing. I have not used premiere pro as I refuse to rent software. ProRes export is the best solution in my opinion.
  9. I believe the best answer to your question depends if plan to do post product changes to your footage. If you are going to use Davinci or Premeire you want to export with a lossless codec which is prores. If you use h264 you compress, then you further compress in your production application which can result in quality loss. My workflow with the one x 2 I'm still working on, but my best results come from exporting different camera angles from the 360 app in prores Then I create my storyboard in Davinci and export in H264 I've also been playing with the one x2 to expo
  10. I work in health care as well, I work with data and only see the cold numbers behind these episodes and rarely do I hear of the human side. Healthcare needs more docs like you that truly care. Hats off to you! From the perspective of the dad, he is going through the grieving process. Perhaps he will see one day he is banging on the guy that did give a damn and apologize.
  11. I'm not sure who originally posted this video, but this guy uses a dog squeak toy on v11. I want to try this
  12. This is a touchy thing, and depending on who you ask the answers will range greatly like you see in this thread. A lot of veteran EUC riders feel that suspension was something nobody really asked for, and they feel it is totally unnecessary. With proper riding technique, your legs are your suspension. In a nutshell suspension allows you to relax and ride more straight legged without getting bucked off with a surprise bump. My personal opinion from a chill rider is I love the ability to ride more relaxed and just chill and not always have my legs bent in the ready position. I'm old!
  13. This topic talks about this subject to great lengths, my takeaway from reading it was, EUCs do not have smart battery circuitry to be able to balance the individual cells until the end of the charge phase. This is something the community really wants, but no wheel to my knowledge has that.
  14. If your android phone has advanced battery saving tech you have to opt out certain applications otherwise the battery saving tech will kill apps sucking too much battery. I have a oneplus5 and the settings are: Battery> Battery optimization, make sure that inmotion app and euc world are both excluded and not being "Inteligently controled" I.E. randomly killed
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