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  1. Life is unsafe, knowing the risks helps. Kart racing is probably around the same level of safe (also loads of fun!):
  2. Anybody notice the Airwheel pedals? (used on the Q and X series wheels) I think I might know where the guts came from....
  3. I ride motorcycles, sometimes I wear armored gear (in one instance a full-face helmet saved my life), usually I don't. Not wearing gear doesn't make driving a motorcycle any safer. I ride fast hoverboards, usually "slowly" and without gear (however, when riding "fast" I wear gear). When a sensor went bad at very slow speed and tore up my knee resulting in 9 months of rehab, wearing gear wouldn't have helped. Random failures happen in high-current electronics, ignoring that doesn't mean it won't happen. Wheels, though, unless I'm going slow I wear gear. Thanks to several of the member
  4. We're all naked under our clothing... I'm pretty sure @ShanesPlanet rides without underwear, something has to be giving him super-human speed and confidence. We should be more worried every year, EUCs keep being able to go faster/farther. The farther we ride the more chance of distraction (goats, in one member's video) and fatigue. Wearing gear is like having life insurance: You're still going to die, but the risk of catastrophic loss is minimized.
  5. The electronics in electric mobility devices (powered chairs) have a limited lifespan. They're made of quality components, not the cheapest bin parts in the Chinese electronics open market that day, yet they will fail. EUCs basically use a simplified version of those electronics with no error detection/correction code, and no backup circuitry, so if a sensor fails random things happen. (A mis-calibrated sensor resulted in tearing up my left knee and 9 months of rehab.) Electronics do fail. Electrolytic capacitors and heat sink compound dries out (there are people who re-cap amplifiers bef
  6. Scraptastic! The best use of two dollars and seventy-five cents I've ever seen. (And you're not even from India!)
  7. Why ask Tesla to make an EUC? You could just overpay for a Gotway--same thing.
  8. If you put a cigarette between his fingers...
  9. Has anyone performed routine maintenance on the air pistons? Can it be done? On motorcycle suspensions air pistons require a clean/lube annually to keep the seals from wearing out. There seem to be a lot of wear points on EUC suspensions, I'm wondering how this is all going to work out...
  10. Many of the products from China are declared as low-value "repair parts" to avoid taxation. As a note, if your $2,500 wheel is shipped as $50 of "repair parts" and they dump the cargo container so the ship doesn't sink during a storm, you can file a claim for loss ($50). Or say there's a container fire because a Gotway/Begoaty lights up and torches the container. You might recover $50 minus your expenses in doing so.
  11. Just discussed in the update thread: : No Apple plans in the immediate future.
  12. 5-star android review submitted Although I only use free features I have a mulit-year upgrade to support @Seba--it's that good of an app and I'm thankful for his sharing it and putting up with us.
  13. Every year new models come out that are noticeably better than last year's models. So if tradition holds, another 4 weeks (about shipping time for some of us) and the new wheels will be out! (Or because of trade agreements and COVID nothing innovative will appear until Fall, who knows...)
  14. It appears the cooling strips (stickers) might be best used as a two full sheets the same width & length as the battery pack, placed on each side of the welded battery pack, directly against the cells, and held in place by the PVC shrink wrap (blue plastic) placed over the cooling material. If a cell were to go critical the sheet would cool the cell and all cells immediately surrounding it in a similar manner as shown in the demonstration video. This cooling effect may stop the chemical reaction in the critical cell, though more importantly should stop surrounding cells from heating to the
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