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Begode/Gotway Pedals (Aftermarket)


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these were featured on WrongWays YouTube channel. Looks to be a seller from Poland, and I dunno if they’ll ship to the states. Even still, their product looks great. And theyre made specific to many different GotWay wheels. best part is that you can easily adjust the angle they’re tilted inward, as well as the length of the grip studs.

I saw the GotWay branded ones being sold on AliExpress for 300+ usd... yikes. And no inward tilt adjustment. 

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2 hours ago, buell47 said:

- all adjustable aluminum pedals> the pedal hangers are certainly pretty quickly defaced by the 2 adjustment screws or even damaged, since the whole load is now only transferred via the small screws. I think that this at least leads to the fact that the pedals must be constantly readjusted.

I must admit it's this one point that put me right off the Begode ones. That's an awful lot of force bearing down on two very small contact patches. I can't see the Chinesium hangers lasting very well at all.

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1. For any adjustsble screw in alumimium and EVEN more so in nylon, at this small diameter, there should be heli coils given the xtreme load they will support with that torque arm (100kg@5-6cm centered load vs x kg@0.5-1cm = 500-1000kg load divided on 2 screws if including torque which one must. Add on top of that the inertia from jumps which will increase the peak load dramatically and you have a possible failure point if not dimensioned correctly)

Sure you can make a very long allen screw to offload it on a bigger surface (like mylonove since its plastic), but the better choice would be to also include heli coils to prevent thread wear and maximize contact surface.

Nylonove goes for 2 long screws into nylon 6 (not as strong as aluminum). If they were as short as begode those plastic threads would rip very quick.

Begode goes for 2 shorter screws into aluminium that can manage more load per mm2 (albeit china quality, they will)

Which is better? That will require exact dimensions of the screws and thread length + material strength.

The stainless steel plate between screw and pedal hanger by nylonove is a VERY good add-on since as someone said the pressure/mm2 will be extremely high from 2-3 screw heads and will wear down the hangers (i mean look at your hangers today that are offloaded on the entire surface and you will see that it eats the alu up).

I have made shims to change pedal angles and if you dont hit the shims at the right angle (with max surface contact) they get hammered into foil after just a short while.

Similarily a small contact surface of a screw would eat up the metal in the hanger...or in the threads where the screw is located, whicehever is weakest would give up first.

If you don't have the option to o.d. (over diameter) after a thread breaks, this basically means ...no more adjustment possible, you will only have "flat pedals".

Somehow I trust nylonove more than begode, even though they are working in their glassy state (hard but a more prone to crack) below 45-ish degrees C. 

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