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  1. Nope. You must have the wheel on to see it’s charge. If you don’t use a stand and have the wheel on its back or side, the tire won’t spin up when you turn it on. I think it’ll eventually auto shut off after 15 mins or so idling like this. or you can buy a fast charger with a built in voltage meter. This will let you see the charge with the wheel off
  2. You seem well informed. Like probably more than average person new to the game. So think about the needs that you want to fill and get a that ticks all or most boxes. At this point you're probably you own best advisor. Another route to consider is to get a wheel that's very much differentiated from your endgame wheel as a learner. If you pick one that's different enough then you will always find a use for it. Something like an MCM5v2 to play with and test the waters, then a vet Sherman. Not only does it take the bite out of the initial investment, but you'll be more certain tha
  3. omg, thanks for that, fix. Jeez that's a HUGE difference. Ewheels told me they'll be getting these begode pedals probably sometime in early july. estimated price will be around 240ish but they wont know for sure till they're here
  4. thank you thank you thank you for taking measurements, sincerely appreciate your time! For anyone else looking for the dimensions to the monster pro type pedals, I'm seeing: 22.5 cm x 12 cm for the stock pedals vs just barely less than 29 cm x 13 cm for the aftermarket honeycomb hex pedals
  5. Yeah, still cant find measurements of the biggest stock pedals from Gotway. I want to ensure that the begode honeycomb pedals are worth the $250. 2 inches would be a massive difference. But if its like half an inch i'd be pretty disappointed. I don't do off-roading much so it's really just the extra length that would make upgrading worth it for me. Measurements would be very nice. What's v2 referring to? what did they improve?
  6. You're coming in at an odd time for EUCs through ewheels. Normally they have stock, but there have been some supply chain setbacks nearly across the board for all the brands. That's why nearly all the new wheels have a deposit you put down, and they'll give you an ETA on deliver whenever you put the deposit down. They've been waiting for. It's hard to recommend the v12 because production models are JUST coming out now for them. So nearly anyone who'd recommend one would be talking without trying one themselves, including myself. From what the 99% of people out there know, the v12 is one o
  7. Can anyone provide this? Just looking for overall length and width, as far as I know they're basically rectangles. And a bonus question: what are the longest pedals out there? Finding that pedal length and moving my feet mid ride mostly circumvent the need for power pads, which I dislike the feel of. As far as I can tell, the begode honeycomb pedals are the longest at 11.2" Source: scroll to the bottom of the ali page for photos of the measurements.
  8. You wouldn’t get tilt back at only 10mph if you unlock it to higher speed. I had a v10 and a v8 at one point, never a v8f specifically. So to be fair, I’m basing my thoughts on my experience with those wheels, which I imagine behave similarly. Inmotion likes to do an encroaching max speed soft tilt back. It’s still a tilt back, just not as drastic of the one that’s at the max speed setting. Usually this kicks in 2-3 mph below whatever the max is set to. as for wobbles, that’ll go away with time as you get better at balancing. Try weighting one foots heel and the other foots toes. It
  9. If you ask the seller to ride it for you after you open it, that basically settles it. 1) if it works out of the box, many major issues are ruled out. 2) the seller will be literally betting his face that the machine works, which should give you all the confidence you could ever hope for with a private sale. If you want to be extra extra sure, charge the wheel up to full if you can, or ask the seller to before the meeting. If it charges to 100% or at least above 95% you’re good to go.
  10. Fishy? Probably not. EUCs are quite niche and it’s be a low yield way to scam someone. But just like any second hand purchase, be smart about it. Public place, know what you’re looking for etc. $850 for even a new v10 would be a great deal new, let alone a v10f. Don’t factor in the warranty really. Maybe if you have an issue it could be covered but it is unlikely without a dealer. If I was looking for my first wheel I’d buy it. Look online to what they’re supposed to look like. As long as it looks like that you should be good. There’s no cheap knock offs that come close to the same l
  11. What are the best learner wheels in your opinion? I teach others too, having passed the Euc bug to at least 15 others now. I have an mten3 and then an msp, but I’m afraid of having anyone toss that wheel around cause of how fragile I’ve heard they can be. I imagine durability is probably the most important factor for you right?
  12. Can I help without an android phone? I’m using DarknessBot of course.
  13. haha, someone referred to them in the comments as "pre-burnt controllers" that's hilarious
  14. Actually it’s about likes or post rep. +2 I think You should be good to go now.
  15. Denny Paul

    NB EX

    Oh man. I think I heard from a WrongWay video they upped the max speed beeps on the ex.n to 50mph. Perhaps they’ll be able to bump the ex.n torque version up to the low 40’s. If so, I’d get this over the c30 motor. 40mph is my personal limit on 99% of roads. Better acceleration and braking sounds better to me once that 40mph mark is a given.
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