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  1. Sounds like the first speed alarm. Most people disable to the first two alarms through the phone app (either DarknessBot, eucworld, or “kebye Gotway). the third speed alarm is a continuous beepbeepbeepbeepbeep. This third alarm is not cannot be disabled. Read more here:
  2. Oh snap, this is a way better lead: From an email between me and Ewheels.com just today "We have a small batch of MCM5 V2's arriving fresh from the factory expected into port on Aug 5th, shipping out a few days later after clearing Customs. These are also configured with the speaker and higher pedal clearance. We're accepting $500 deposits, or the full balance to reserve on pre-order. We've ordered the fully-decked out configuration... Our GW rep tells us these are fitted with the 2.5" tire, but we'll confirm this upon receipt." and a speaker too? unnecessary in my opinion, but I'm sure some people out there will appreciate it! Put down my deposit, couldn't resist the product or the sellers. Go ewheels!
  3. Saw this on Ali US $650.00 | Gotway MCM5 800wh 650wh 84V single wheel scooter one wheel 14 inch electric unicycle balanced unicycle ride https://a.aliexpress.com/_dW4IobF says it’s the larger tire plus 2cm higher pedals. 😁 who knows if it’s true tho.
  4. Did you get both the raised pedals and wider tire?
  5. Can someone post a picture of what exactly we should be looking at? I dunno how to tell a MOS from a FET from the green and silver bits of computer-y stuff. (or link to a thread with good a good breakdown explanation?)
  6. 1) For someone who loves debate, you should know the other party will just latch on to the weakest part of an argument. Gotta be careful what you say, your words are all we have to go off of. 2) Seems like this whole carving, turn right to go harder left, increased awareness thing is the real distraction. Yeah, I get what you're saying. I agree with it. It totally checks out. Having the wheel jog right under your feet first puts your body weight in a better position to already be strongly left. Riding actively is safer than riding passively. But I see the point of this thread is really about public relations with the majority of people out there. Cause if our image is bad with the public, then the public is going to start regulating/banning EUCs and other PEVs. None of us want that. Imagine walking on a quiet park path and a golf car passes a family at 25mph. Wind rushes past them and their kids, who were just running around randomly as kids like to do in parks, just seconds ago. No collision happened, no one got hurt, but the family was startled. What do you think most parents would think and feel afterward? Whether or not it's dangerous to pass pedestrians honestly isn't relevant. It only needs to be perceived as such. People on pedestrian paths don't expect anything to be whizzing by them without warning. If that's our interaction with the public, it is only a matter of time before we all get slammed with regulations.
  7. Intelligent walking store. i know that the pedals are the ACM type, which is plenty big for this unicycle especially since it’s shaped well. i can’t say for sure that the trolley handle is taller since I don’t have an older version to compare. But as a 5’8” person I can’t imagine it getting much taller; my elbows bent at a nearly a 90 degrees. Top of the handle measures 38” from the floor when the wheel is on.
  8. Hi all, anyone remember this two wheeler? Recently, I posted related to this in general discussion. I think it’ll make a great wheel to introduce friends/family to EUCs. I hope someone wants to let one go! Please post as much information as you can if you have a V3 for sale. Include overall condition and price please. Cosmetic damage is okay, mechanical/battery or issues not so much. As far as I know there’s three versions in existence, but I’m not sure if they all made it to the states. I’m interested in any of ‘em. Pro, C, or S. thanks!
  9. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1528068380597110?view=permalink&id=3848720015198590&anchor_composer=false Typically an ask like this isn’t likely to be fruitful but.... guess you’re lucky maybe. Bay Area selling priced their practically new one for $600 obo. This is a pretty great price.
  10. Hey guys, So basically the topic. I tend to be the teaching type, and I’ve had good success teaching many people how to ride. However, I still feel the learning curve is too steep for the average curious person. I think if I can get a newbie to learn even with this training wheel, they’ll be encouraged enough to eventually get it with a real unicycle. Would the V3pro be a good idea to inspire confidence? If not, what do you think is the best one to learn on and why? I’m considering buying a cheap used wheel for newbies to beat up.
  11. As far as I know yes. It’s the gotway cycle. Fan has not gradient and it blows directly on, or very near, the temp sensor. So if you’ve got a warmish wheel, the while fan blows on sensor, instantly cool the sensor, warms wheel still kinda warm so fan activates and blows on sensor, on and on again etc. I’ve heard it’s normal from other people on and the forum and my mcm5 has done it ever since it was new. If it get legitimately hot the fan will stay on, but usually it’s just the on off thing. should be two sets of pads but maybe one got junked I dunno. A pleather wrapper set and the crappy stock ones that I was tempted to throw out but kept and gave it with the sale.
  12. Glad you like it. Original owner here. Dunno if the seller you bought it from also included the pads I gave him. I made them myself to fill in the gap between the top of the ankle and where the top of the wheel hits your calf. Should be placed above your ankle to prevent any contact of the wheel, with the thicker end of the pad down, not up. Or they got thrown out, eh I guess that’s fine too ha. Spent a couple hours making them, wrapping and sticking the pleather on (which is actually boat seat material from amazon, highly recommend) but it is what it is. any questions, feel free to ask. I’m happy to see it appreciated!
  13. A V8F will comfortably cruise at 18 mph for the majority of its battery cycle. If that’s your target speed it’ll be a great light portable choice for you. any faster than that and you might be looking for an upgrade, and people will likely point you to a gotway Tesla or something even larger instead at that point.
  14. Wow! What a deal! I would have jumped on this if I didn’t already own one!
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