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  1. I had a wheel that got LOST by Fedex, and this was through eWheels' fedex shipping. It took a several weeks for it to all get settled, but I imagine these claims can often take much longer than that. Ultimately, everything was paid back to everyone as expected. Ewheels had nothing to gain by coordinating the reimbursements and claims, but still did solely motivated by their will to do good for our small community. They definitely are not scammers. I plan on being their customer for all new wheels I buy. And I really really hope we don't lose out on this nice shipping perk because of
  2. Pm’d I can vouch for this wheel and owner! We figured out his v8f when it was brand spanking new just a few months back; I imagine it’d be a pretty smooth sale.
  3. https://hulaj.market/en/54-nylonove these were featured on WrongWays YouTube channel. Looks to be a seller from Poland, and I dunno if they’ll ship to the states. Even still, their product looks great. And theyre made specific to many different GotWay wheels. best part is that you can easily adjust the angle they’re tilted inward, as well as the length of the grip studs. I saw the GotWay branded ones being sold on AliExpress for 300+ usd... yikes. And no inward tilt adjustment.
  4. Everything here may seem like basic common sense to a veteran rider. From my experience teaching other EUCs, I see a lot of these common errors made when riders transition from playing in a safe empty lot, to actually riding in traffic. I was thinking about writing this up for their benefit anyway, and thought I'd post it here incase others in a similar position could benefit.
  5. Inspired to do my own write up by a recent thread. Long read, feel free to skim. 1) Before you go, know your wheel and how to use it. Be more than just confident, show mastery. A basic checklist would include tight turns, big sweeper turns, quick stops, hard acceleration, swerving, hopping on, hopping off, etc. You’ll need 100% of your attention on all the distractions that city riding has to offer, so logically all these basic maneuvers will need to be effortless. Experiment with how fast you can accelerate and decelerate in a safe place. Experiment with how tight of a turn you can
  6. For a hobbyist, I buy a LOT of used wheels. Sometimes just to play with and resell if I see a great deal. Battery is the most important thing to check. You want to make sure that it'll charge up to it's max potential when left on the charger. Keep in mind you should be checking voltage here, not just the app calculated percentage. Modern wheels run at either 84.4 volts or 100.8 volts. i'd say 1 volt off is my limit for what i'd consider buying happily. You want to ensure the battery is in great shape because that's essentially the bulk of the value of the wheel. Once that goes, you're be
  7. If anyone is wondering this seller is located in Philadelphia per their profile.
  8. Where’d you find a deal like that? The cheapest new v10s I see are just over $1000 from AliExpress sellers, and that’s before any sales tax. Still selling new from eWheels for 1200 no? maybe I’m splitting hairs but most of the suggestion here would be significantly north of $1000. Though I agree it would be better bang for the buck.
  9. Not ruling out the RS based off of what mrelwood said, but yeah if I didn’t like the tesla I have a feeling probably wouldn’t like the RS, though the specs sound pretty great. Tank grips (the motorcycle pads) with the nikola seems like the best option. I don’t think it’ll be too uncomfortable as I’m used to the mcm5 without any padding, just has some grip, and love it that way. I’ll keep an eye out on the used forums for a 2nd hand 100v nikola, hopefully a 21700 since they have lower center of gravity I hear. It may be awhile tho. And when people start wanting to sell their RS’s may
  10. Awhile ago, I sold my tesla v2 and bought an mcm5, and that was the best decision regarding EUCs I ever made. While I sadly lost some top speed, I personally gained so much more in my sense of stability because of how differently the wheels are shaped. The tesla always felt like it was pushing my feet off the pedals to the side because of it's boxy shape. I feel the MCM5 is the perfect shape because it allows me to ride looser because the shell stays out of the way. I can't stand the "locked in" feeling; I'll grip the wheel when I need to of course, but generally I ride with a little space bet
  11. You should be able to PM, I think all you need is positive rep for that function. I purchased this wheel from OP last night, payment has been sent. Good luck on your search.
  12. Wth, usually it’s the opposite complaint that KingSong’s speed reduction is more conservative than gotway’s. did you turn off the first and second alarms via the app? If so, do you keep the wheel charged? If you have the 84v/1500w motor version of the wheel, it shouldn’t make a peep until you pass 25 mph, given that it’s close to fully charge and the redundant alarms are turned off.
  13. Yeah I noticed it too, being an owner of both the v1 and v2. The v2 is generally the noisier of the two, but only cause the v1 is pretty much silent. Still, even with the v2’s fan on, it isn’t loud enough to be disruptive. No one is going to care about the soft hum in a busy setting like a restaurant or cafe if you want to push it around. In a dead quiet library, maybe it’s better to turn it off.
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