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  1. The v8s is so new that you’ll likely blow your budget. If you find one used, and that’s a big if, odds are it will be selling for close to retail. Maybe you’ll get a better response if you post your budget
  2. I've got a halfway decent chance of fixing it, and some time to look at it. I'll send you a message. Thanks for posting!
  3. just fyi, even though the cyt tire is listed on ali by a few sellers, if you place an order the first thing they'll ask you is "is cst okay? same size" i was told the cyt in this size is sold out, and isn't being made anymore by a few vendors. Personally, I wouldn't take max load ratings as hard set rules. Tires can handle more weight than they're rated for typically. Popping tires is an ultra rare way to have a crash, and probably would only happen on jumps or stairs, if ever at all.
  4. Sweet mods. Relocating the power button i'd probably want to try some time, if you have some pointers, not sure how to go about it. I don't have any calipers, but measuring as best I can just by eyeballing it with a ruler, i'd guess it's around 7.3-7.4cm, or just shy of 3" wide Nope! no raising involved. Just lots of cutting.
  5. And the before shots for reference.
  6. Good lord! What a fiasco! This was not an easy thing to trial and error. Had to make adjustments cutting away the shell 4-5 times before I got it so it wouldn't rub anymore. The CST 3.0" tire is definitely bigger than what you guys had to work with. In the end, maybe it was worth it, the ride is nice and pillowy now, much more relatable to the big wheels I've gotten used to, all while keeping it's nice tidy form factor. You can see the cuts I made were much more aggressive than previous posts. In wheel well in the front needs to be cut away exposing the headlight chamber, and you'll need
  7. Holy cow. I wonder if they’ll recommend using latex gloves and lube each time you want to power it on. that’s gotta be a prototype only thing, right?
  8. I'm interested and could pay your asking price + shipping. I'll send you a private message. Edit: looks like I’ll be buying this guys. Payment has been sent 👍🏼
  9. Anyone out there with a monster pro want to try my ex.n and potentially trade? Assuming similar condition, I’d of course throw cash in on top. Mine with come with Clark bumpers, and is overall in excellent condition with around 400 miles is all. I’m wanting to try new wheels, but don’t want to go the conventional route of selling my main wheel and being left without one in this euc drought. Located in NorCal / SF Bay Area. I can take photos too, but just wanted to gauge if there’s any interest first. Thanks.
  10. I did these two fixes to my exn. First one is adding a wet vac filter to stop dust ingress from the motor cable hole. Newer exns won’t have this issue the second is to balance the weight of the battery pack. I disagree with some that say you can’t feel it. To me it noticeably turns easier one way, and it like will start accelerating backwards on level ground lol. So I went to a hardware store, to their diy section, found the thickest 3 foot steel bar I could find (I think 3/8”, maybe it was 5/16”), then asked a local locksmith to cut it down to 11” section. Rough cuts are ok (an
  11. Noop, still shipping from China. I’ll circle back when it gets here; keeping a close eye on the tracking info.
  12. Dunno where I saw it, but with other begode wheels the fan is sometime pointed directly at the temp sensor. So when the internal temps are just above where the temperature where the fan engages, it goes through a loop. Temp sensor tells fan to turn on, fan immediately cools the temp sensor a couple degrees, enough to turn off. Then temp sensor warms up a couple degrees from ambient temperature quickly. normal gotway function. You can test this by pushing your wheel a bit. If the fan stays on after climbing some hills you know it’s not faulty.
  13. I think it's possible to have a shred of sensibility up to 40mph. Beyond that, unless the roads are completely memorized or it's a closed course, I think it's safe to say that'd be egregiously speeding. Going 40mph is faster than any eyes could scan for road conditions and hazards or react safely to them. I got a wheel that can do and bit more, and now I feel set up for the foreseeable future. I don't have to worry about the wheel not being able to keep up ever. I'm just waiting for some more advancements in stability through suspension before I revisit my personal speed cap.
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