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  1. New additions to the roster!
  2. A few observations... Oscillation yes, it is present on the high torque model at moderate/high speed. the silver lining is that it is not an issue. The sensation is a mild pulse that really has no affect on handling. I do not usually ride above 23MPH so it may not affect me as much as others, just saying... Wobbles Yes, present as well. I do not squeeze the shell so it is not as much as an issue for me. When I do experience wobbling I can resolve the issue by widening my stance. My New Best Friend I had to fix the fence the other day ago and right when I finished my trusty drill fell off of the fence and cracked in two. Needless to say I needed to acquire a new drill. After shopping around a bit I settled on a Ryobi solution based on the P737. The P737 is a hand held air compressor that supports the 18V ONE+ battery system. Having a small battery powered air compressor in my backpack is awesome for varied terrains.
  3. Word from GW is "late July". Not sure what is in store, but it was a response to a query about release date and price.
  4. I don't care about the shell design if Gotway can deliver a big battery/high performance solution with somewhat functional suspension.
  5. I am glad people are chiming in on this topic. I am in fear that other's reckless behavior (which is captured and posted for unknown reasons) will affect my positive standing around the areas that I enjoy riding. I am polite as possible and give all the right of way. The feedback has been pretty good with no fights in the streets.
  6. Changed the filter to blue with some success. The little adhesive pucks detach as the light heats up so more work is required.
  7. Had my first headlight complaint from a pedestrian over the weekend so trying to address high beam effect this week.
  8. Thank you for confirming the design. I am glad it worked out as I was feeling very nervous blindly stabbing the inner shell of my brand new wheel with a long screwdriver.
  9. I keep a plastic ponchos in my backpack that I can drape over the wheel until I can get to shelter. Looks like crap, but they are cheap and get the job done.
  10. I have a daily communication with the GW folks and they have not said a word about the suspension model since April. I assume they are waiting on consumer feedback on the V11 and S18. I am going with the V11 (for my wife*) and hopefully will have funding to get the GW whenever it is released. * the only way I could fit two new wheels into the family budget, LOL
  11. I understand your stance concerning the fact that neither first generation suspension wheel has been released, but my requests are not part of what is being delivered with the S18 and V11 currently. There is no harm in enhancement requests.
  12. If I had your budget (plus a couple hundred more) I would be looking at the Veteran Sherman. 88lbs may not be the ideal for a first wheel, but you surely will not outgrow it.
  13. The trees too??? I thought I had my only walk of shame past all of the hikers that previously thought I was cool, LOL
  14. MSP was offline for several hours today. I was riding near Stafford Lake in Marin County, CA and somehow got a 6 inch branch lodged in my inner shell. Ride was over, massive friction/noise coming from wheel and was half a mile from my car with a wheel fighting me the whole way back, fun times lol. I had to use a long flat head screwdriver to free the lodged branch. Once I got that done the branch was still stuck in the case so more battling with the wheel was required. I was back up and running around 8PM, but was too tired to have an extended ride, lol.
  15. Let me know too. Up in Sonoma County, but willing to drive a bit. I work for Sutter HC so I am in Rancho Cordova frequently (a wheel is always in the trunk).
  16. I do not think Future Motion's devices are safe, but people love them and it is a good introduction to PEVs. I went from a Boosted Board to a OneWheel then to EUCs and never looked back. I hope that they make it through this.
  17. Took the MSP out for a quick ride and all seems normal. Now to address my faulty "anti-slip" tire (I have washed out turning in loose dirt several times already), but that is for another thread. BTW - Thanks for the advice meepmeepmayer!
  18. Here is a horrible shot of the branch wedged on the upper lip of the inner shell. There is not a lot room for light, tool and hands so please excuse the image quality.
  19. Debris is finally out... what a chit show. Does the standard MSX inner shell have the "lip" near the top of the inner case? Seems like a major design flaw as my ride was brought to halt and I had to drag a 55lb wheel a half of a mile back to the car (i know, could have been a far greater distance, lol).
  20. Just tried that before posting (but did not work)! I can see the the debris, it appears to be a section of a branch. it is wedged on the upper lip of the inner shell so I am going to have to find a long screwdriver or something to un-lodge it
  21. Long story short, I was riding over some wood chippings earlier this afternoon and had a piece of debris get stuck in the inner shell of my MSP. I tried to ride it out, rotate body while wheel is off and deflated the tire to get the debris to clear with no luck. When the tire is deflated there is no rubbing/sound... Any ideas short of cracking the shell?
  22. I upgraded the tire on my Glide 3 to the 2.125 Kenda K924. There is minimal rubbing when I have the tire inflated above 35psi, but for the most part it works very well. It did add a bit of road noise as compared to the thinner tire.
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