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  1. That has got to be the single best and most accurate comment on the entire forum! Us gotway riders are not right in the head and much of that could very well be from our numerous genetic defects leading to this infatuation with chasing the gates of Valhalla which will open to those who are truly faithful in Odin and come at it face first blasting past the 80% beeps. But i am definitely going to invest in a can of chrome spray paint as my RS HS is due to arrive tomorrow after 1+ year of excruciating and apoplectic pain over not having a wheel.
  2. I'm waiting for the Revan HUD dashcam kickstarter to become a product, it's seems like a great all-round HUD, front and back camera + comms. But as with all kickstarters i don't know what will become of this.
  3. I'm waiting for the revan kickstarter to become an actual product.
  4. Thank you for all the help severely cutting down my research time! I have looked around and ebay seems to be the best marketplace for these tires for any other Europeans looking for this.
  5. Thank you @RagingGrandpa i am a first batcher, i thought the way they raised the newer batch version of the RS was simply from fabricating new pedal hangers as the body already had a gap to accommodate for approximately 1 inch higher pedals, but i might have missed something? But this k626 was exactly what i was thinking of thank you! Now i just need to find someone who ships it to EU
  6. So i'm looking to order some spare inner tubes and while doing so i saw some different tires sold alongside them which made me interested in potentially switching out the default tire which i by no means have any issue with. However from pictures of the RS 19 there does not seem to be a lot of clearance for a tire bigger than the default CST, but i wonder what any of you have tried? Ideally i would love to try out the knobby sherman tire but i just don't think it's possible because of the clearance issue. Are there other types of knobby tires or similar which might fit?
  7. Exactly! Why should i walk through the dirt and filth along with mere mortals?
  8. By no means do i encourage this however if you actually go through with this you need to film every time you ride so we can all witness what will become of you in an accident with eletromagnets...for science.
  9. In that bracket i'd personally wait until i could get my hands on the Tesla v3 1500w or just jump on the Tesla v2 (but you state that is not enough for you) maybe you could talk to eucservice.com about modifying the battery of whatever wheel you end up getting ( if it doesn't come with 1500w+ battery by default)
  10. Well at this rate you can just wait a few more days and it will be announced, seems they are pumping out as many different models as possible... Or maybe they are just trying to get rid of surplus stock because of poor sales?
  11. Man i always thought i had a hard time taking apart and putting together the Tesla v1 for inner tube replacements or other fixes but seeing this i can appreciate how gotway has further reduced complexity when it comes to taking eucs apart. That is not a critique of the S18 though, as this design in and of itself is quite remarkable with a lot of previously unseen solutions. I commend you for the detailed documentation. This will help a large amount of people over the coming years i'm sure.
  12. You do you man i'm neither responsible for nor invested in your actions.
  13. Make sure at the very least to get a full face motorcycle helmet, had it not been for those i would have no jaw right now.
  14. Really interesting. The Tesla pedals are actually my favorite. I wonder if these bearings will be different to the two different ones in RS and EX... New speakers for bluetooth music only or piezos as well?
  15. I've been waiting for my wheel for 3 weeks it still has not arrived and i find out while it's in transit that i need new pedal hangers and control board before it's even gotten here... wow.. I guess i can't complain that they are fixing stuff but goddamn. I only ride in hard mode so i hope i won't feel the need to upgrade the control board but the second i see new pedal hangers on ali i'm going for 'em.
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