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  1. Found this scrolling FB and as you know i prefer everyone hearing the news so here it is. Let me know what you think. download.jfif
  2. I have a suspicion that we will never see a 120km/h+ wheel and i think the industry is a about to figure out where to settle when it comes to max performance. Once that happens (90-120km/h topspeed) i believe models overall will increase in price like we are seeing with Veteran... Only thing i can hope is that along with the price hike comes quality improvements as well. Because think about it from the industry's perspective. If most their lineups for the next 2-3 years have the same top performance (more or less), what would incentivize costumers to buy their newest product? Nothing
  3. Saw this on facebook. sure looks like an updated S18 but has GW branding, but it is a low quality render so who knows if that was added after the fact. If it turns out being a 16 inch gotway wheel i'd be very excited but i don't think it will be.
  4. This is more or less what it looked like. How it is able to stay that smooth outside in the weather is a mystery though.
  5. With what i imagine i don't see how a curved rail could work, but to clarify. I'm not talking about having the pedal being able to freely slide around from side to side on the rail(it's a rod really) but rather i would need something mechanical on both sides of the rod that could use electricity to push the pedal back and forth on the rail, or have it more of less locked in the default position when non aggressive leaning, or if the user choose to disable sliding pedals, opting for a "normal" EUC experience, but still being able to activate it again. To put it simply it's kind of h
  6. So i was fully geared up with helmet, wrist, elbow and knee/shin protection and had the trolley handle out on my RS as i had just walked a few meters and arrived at the top of a flight of stairs that i needed to decent. The stairs had about 25 steps, all of them made of this smooth tile. No issue i just stepped down from the EUC, did not retract the trolley handle, unmounted and grabbed the carrying handle to shut the motor off and carry it down the stairs. The very first step i take down the stairs is apparently onto a wet piece of tile. Me not expecting this as there has been no rai
  7. In any case all this talk has inspired an even greater interest for me in a theoretical RS HS stuffed into a 16 inch form factor for comparing to the RS HS as this may be a temporary solution for the likes of me until EUC innovation has gone a lot farther. No matter how i try to consider how this proposal of null and i would work (assisted acceleration/braking requiring less leaning), i just can't seem to come up with a concept/design that would be viable without contradicting physics. At least not for now and from what i've read in this thread and around the forum there doesn't seem to
  8. @RockyTop I think you are misunderstanding @null and myself. We fully understand how an EUC works and why it is limited in the way it is in regard to amount of lean required. We are simply having discussion about the innovation and mechanisms required to take it to the next level. What we are talking about is indeed very similar to the soft/medium mode pedal dip in the sense that we want assistance with acceleration. But instead of having the assistance depend upon power leaning, we want assistance that effectively removes the need for extreme leaning in either direction.
  9. To me as long as proper programming and testing is done and the programmers figure out the priority of this secondary data in relation to the main data (the angle of the euc) it could potentially be done very safe and with the intended effect. Another added benefit of weight sensors in eucs is the potential to turn off the motor in the event that they no longer sense weight (a crash has occurred) but i guess we have the 40 or 45 degree lean cut out safety measure nowadays. One thing that makes me doubt whether this is the solution to my issue of wanting aided acceleration is the fa
  10. THIS right here is the only reason i even entertained the idea of 100 km/h+ wheels not for the top speed so much as for the potential for increased responsiveness but i did not put it as well as you have and was misunderstood, but this is the reason i won't stop advocating for more powerful wheels in the next few years. Being able to accelerate fast without Michael Jackson leaning or breaking without sitting down would be a dream come true. edit: But i very much think this is firmware related. As i can imagine that a constant(number) in the algorithm could be changed to require less
  11. If y'all wanna play with cutting out stick with the mten in my opinion. I've cut out on the older msuper v3 and it did not reactivate immediately but after 2 seconds or so of balancing without help from the gyro. First time i didn't manage to balance for the 2 seconds... the tesla v1 reactivated within the second. I don't even want to think about cutting out on an RS with these speeds, and i don't even ride past the beeps anymore. I've been hurt far too much from slower speed crashes to want to figure out how it feels to slide over asphalt at 80km/h.
  12. If they start using EUCS we might have to invent an electro magnetic gun that can be shot at their EUCS to make them faceplant.
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