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  1. Only foam parts are my side pads. This pedal mod is made with wood,glue,griptape and paint. I too have the V1 RS low pedal hangers but i don't think it will be a problem as i don't off-road. Also for curbs the wheel will increase in altitude before the wooden piece gets close to the curb if that makes sense? I Also noticed it's possible to make them ½ the width next time as they don't even need to stick out a lot to be able to grip them with my shoe. So there are improvements to be made for sure but for now they seem to work fine.
  2. So i missed being able to fold out the pedals simply using my foot to flip them open as it is not possible on the RS with the design of the shell more or less making the pedals flush with the side panels. So i did an easy mod yesterday: First i cut 2 small pieces of wood and sanded down all the surfaces, getting them as flat as possible within reason. Next i painted them to be less of an eyesore and to fit with the all black theme. When they dried i used a strong glue named araldite to fix them onto the sides of the pedals. I should have placed them lower on the pedal i now real
  3. They are currently available in europe from https://eucservice.com/
  4. Just try clicking on the video first. I pasted a link that starts at the important part.
  5. I mean once charging is done at 100% the eucw app will read out for instance 98.8V = 2V less than 100.8V. For instance i've ridden my RS for only 850km but after charging to 100% eucw app says it has 99.9V i know nothing is wrong with the batteries as this rapid voltage deterioration has always happened with my gotway wheels: In a matter of a few 1000km it drops voltage quite fast and then more or less settles 1-2.5V under factory setting. It still goes down in voltage after that but only 0.1-0.2V every 1500km or so. A few years ago i saw my Tesla's voltage had dropped from 84.4V to
  6. I never really had the urge to have multiple EUCs.. Well back in the day sure when battery capacity was a joke along with charging times, back then the idea of having two wheels made a lot of sense, but now that they have these battery sizes and fast chargers i don't see why i would ever need more than just my daily driver. Sure i see nice features in newer releases and become interested in attaining those improvements for myself but mostly these improvements are incremental and not really gamechangers. I would like to have the V12 after seeing the features but to me even if i rode 30-50
  7. By V3 HS do you mean V3s+ or simply V3 ? As no "V3 HS" exists to my knowledge. V3 and V3s+ are the only versions that i know of from that lineup. From what i can find shells are unavailable for the V3 and V3s+. I don't know if any Msuper/MS shells are interchangeable, i sure haven't heard about it before now if that is the case. I actually am in possession of a Gotway V3 and it does work, but it is in parts and i have no use for it anymore. Also it has issues with loose pedal hangers, partially melted motor wires where the leads have gotten so hot they have fused to the c
  8. Unless you are going to preserve those batteries for a decade there is no need to charge to 80% instead of 100%. The deterioration you can expect from charging it to full every day is negligible and will only impact you in a noticeable fashion if you intend on keeping your batteries alive for a very long time. The biggest "danger" about charging to 100% is when you leave it for months or years without discharging the batteries. For storage purposes you should discharge to 60-70% and even then discharging and recharging it back up to 100% only to discharge it back to 60-70% is a hea
  9. It was added to the dictionary in 2006 along with many other sounds that should not be words.
  10. @conecones I am currently experiencing the same as you are. I ride in soft mode for the increased acceleration but the braking suffers in return. I am experimenting with calibrating the euc a few degrees more forward (currently -2 degrees) also ordered some new griptape and hopefully that will be enough if not i will look at going medium mode or back to hard mode.
  11. Going up hills is easy with either a light wheel or one with power pads. Braking is hardest when going down steep downhill. Also i prefer braking (especially downhill) in hard mode but prefer accelerating in soft mode whether i'm uphill or downhill.
  12. The chance of crashing is 100% if you ride for long enough. One person has had a very serious injurie at less that 10km/h. Hubris insures nemesis, eventually.
  13. Although i'm happy @andrew900nyc has chosen to ride with a helmet at the very least, i am now kinda left waiting for the "you guys were right i'm now getting surgery "- post Hopefully that never happens though. But whenever we talk about protective gear on this forum and people knowingly opts out of the good advise i'm just left here sitting on a barrel of " i told ya so" waiting for it to age.
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