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    That effect is called pedal tilt, To disable it download Either the darkness bot app or the gotway 1.0 version app that i'm sure someone else can link you to. Once it's installed on your phone go into settings and either choose at which speed pedal tilt starts or completely disable it from there. You can also disable the 1st and 2nd speed alarm in the gotway 1.0 app
  2. I don't think it's fair to hold the manufacturer of the product responsible for the actions or inactions of a private aliexpress reseller, but i totally understand you being bummed out. A new one would be expensive on top of taking time to receive. Try to contact the aliexpress seller via their messaging system but keep the messages short and to the point and use as simple english as possible for best results wait one business day in between sending them new messages if they're yet to respond. Good luck.
  3. Maaaaan i just went through all of this idiocy yesterday when i received my "original nikola pedals" from Green wheels on aliexpress (who i never had a problem with before). https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000008234044.html?spm=2114.search0604.3.1.71057338rODyPR&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0%2Csearchweb201602_9_10065_10068_319_10059_10884_317_10887_10696_321_322_10084_453_10083_454_10103_10618_10304_10307_10820_10821_537_10302_536%2Csearchweb201603_52%2CppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=7c89b944-96d6-490f-9858-b2f20df9fa8a-0&algo_pvid=7c89b944-96d6-490f-9858-b2f20df9fa8a From the pictures one would assume that you get the pedal visible in all 4 pictures, right? No you get the one in picture 2,3,4 LOGIC I received the same pedals as you did WITH stupid grip tape instead of the new material... I had to design my own washers out of some leather (instead of plastic like you did, which i think will wear and break from the forces). Also i think i received either two left or two right pedals as the magnet position was identical in both. So instead of doing too much i just took my magnets out of my old msuper v3 and duct taped them to the inside of my tesla. Mostly i'm disappointed with the grip tape as i only really got these for the new material, also from the pictures our pedal looks ever so slightly smaller than the pedal we wanted.
  4. if this is real this thing is far beyond what i had hoped. 2460Wh for a 100v wheel seems like a dream come true. edit: upon further investigation this is being offered by "green and fashion travaling shop" the place i got both my prior wheels without any problems. I will be ordering this very soon!
  5. The king is back on the throne. As a rider who always respect the 80% beep while also riding at that speed 99% of the time i can say for sure that the 100v 1845wh monster will be my next wheel. I hope the custom trolley handle for the old monster fits this thing too as i can't be without the ability to dismount and carry it next to me. First i had an msuper v3 67v 820wh then i moved to on a tesla 84v 1020wh and now soon this 100v 1845wh and all within 3 years. These things are almost at the speeds and safety i want them at.
  6. Having rode both the msuper v3 for 2000+ miles and now the tesla for 1000 mile (with the same angle of pedals as the MSX i believe) i can say with confidence that not only is the msuper v3 pedals easier for beginners and less straining on the muscles. the angle of the pedals on the v3 also allows for much quicker brake time in case of having to do a full stop. With the v3 i could just lean back quite far with confidence the tesla pedals on the other hand naturally prohibit me from leaning quite as much back because of the sudden violent wobble it will result in due to the position of your feet. With the angled pedals on my tesla i have also noticed it has scraped quite a bit of colour of my brand new sneakers due to them rubbing against my unicycle because of the awkward angle of my feet, wanting to place them as close to the center of the wheel for stability ( i rode at top speed on these wheels for roughly 90% of their miles and by top speed i mean i disable the first two alarms in the gotway app and only respect the "80% battery draw warning beeps" or what u call them ) some of my friends that had learned to ride the v3 comfortably at 10 km/h had issues with even mounting the tesla with it's angled pedals. When i first heard about the MSX first thing i did was to open the ali express app and immediately throw money violently at the screen. luckily it wasn't available yet and i regained consciousness and some months later i found out it had the angled pedals... Sad day... but now i (and my big fat money-stacks) patiently await the next crazy, fast gotway wheel with the v3 pedal angle. It took me about a month adjusting to the tesla and even now i miss my v3 which was finally decommissioned after its 3rd high speed accident - WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR FOLKS i didn't the first two times but it saved my life the 3rd time. edit: the grip-tape on the pedals of the tesla is way more durable and in about one year i havn't had to change it and it still grips very well. In the same time-frame on the v3 i had to change in twice. also i rode both on their hardest mode for 99% of the time.
  7. Found this video just now and wanted to share. I am looking forward to something safer from gotway and i hope 100v is a step in that direction. This 100v monster could very well end up being the next upgrade from my 820wh msuper v3. However i am not gonna donate my body to gotway for science so i will wait and see how these units turn out first. With that amount of force under me i want these things thoroughly tested before i step onto them. (in the video description the uploader talks about who they are available for order now but idk about that. I checked his site and he didn't seem to have them)
  8. @Rehab1 or someone else should make and sell the custom sockets i really need one for my msuper. This seems as much of a must have as a charge doctor. It might become lucrative for whoever eventually offers them.
  9. Minor injury (see post history) no change in equipment but serious change in riding style on the other hand. I respect the warning beeps now (msuper v3) I ride exponentially slower the closer I get to the 20% power warnings so I don't hear that alarm and so I am always on the safe side, I accelerate less aggressively, I also started orienting myself more since I learned many cars don't know about right of way.
  10. I get some plastic creeking noices from around the pedals of my msuper when accelerating and breaking might this be due to lose Axels? The body doesn't have any slack like in the video but the pedals do creek. Taking it apart I noticed that the rods going through the pedals were slightly bent which forced me to use a hammer to push them out, is that just from going over curbs? I have 3000km on it so I guess it's about time to get new foot pedals, rods and washers (buying em at speedyfeet.co.uk) but I wonder if this would fix the creeking noice or whether it's a loose axel causing this. Edit: hmmm... due to the rods being bent the part they go through (connected to motor) would probably also be slightly bent on the inside of the cylindrical hole the rods goes through which would help bend any new rods I install. Can you buy the metal brackets connected to the motor anywhere?
  11. I saw this video on facebook with a headline along the line of "vehicles of the future" and one of the featured vehicles was an EUC with a wheel that was segmented into maybe 20 parts that could be shot out with a piston effectively making this future euc able to climb stairs. A shame i can't find the vid.
  12. I would love to see more of these " 1 year later " reviews on as many different models of EUC as possible but more notably the msuper v3 which i own myself. A lot of people deside which EUC to get from the " first impression " kind of reviews which is fine as it'll give you an idea as to what you get when you open the box. But for people like me where an EUC is neither a hobby nor a toy but a primary means of transportation it's almost imperative to know what kind of performance (or lack thereof) you can expect 1 year down the line. I know i ride my EUC a lot more than is considered normal. I've had it for almost a month and have gone beyond 500km. I'd say i approximately ride 18-20km in one day. And having a different riding style and average speeds (than the reviewer) might mean that a 1 year later review is not 100% applicable to everyone but it's very good for finding potential life threatening errors/flaw/defects. It allows for people to take preventative measures so that these errors/flaw/defects might be completely fixed before they become a pressing issue.
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