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  1. The Msuper type trolley handle is actually my favorite type of handle. So i am very happy with my RS which has an identical trolley handle.
  2. @Josh Morgan 1. Sure the buzzer is placed slightly different 2. To me the gasket just seems to be white instead of the black gasket mine came with 3. Not much dust in my RS 4. Foam inserts around battery are also visible in the video 5. Trolley handle in video seems to also have its own plastic divider 6. My wire management was dangerous when i got my RS but how good wire management is in a gotway is very much on a wheel to wheel basis 7. Cooling fan seems the same but positioned differently as to not block a screw So out of your 7 points about the differences about
  3. Well... I ordered back in October (the moment it became listed on aliexpress) and besides the position of the fan (mine blocks a screw) everything in my batch 1 RS is identical to what i'm seeing @Josh Morgan post so i'm not sure if improvements were made or if they for some reason have 2 versions of shells. Mind you i have never seen pictures of the inside of an RS that doesn't look identical to these pictures.
  4. I have a very similar situation to @Nostris in the sense that i too live on a mountain with approximately 700 meters of road and it drops down about 150m from my house to the bottom of the mountain. If i charge my wheel overnight and disconnect the charging cable as i exit the house my gotway rs will start beeping and tilting back for the last 100-200 meters so my solution is just to continue to charge to 100% and before i mount the euc i lift and free spin it until i hear the 80% alarm, decelerate and mount it. Doing that will remove enough charge that i can go down the mountain at any speed
  5. The temperature in the housing does not heat up beyond the insignificant heat produced from within the bearing due to friction so all that hassle is for nothing. All this misinformation is starting to annoy the shit out of me along with the multiple different ways people try to fix the same problem when the solutions are much less complex than what people assume/claim. I have read this entire thread 2 or more times now (and other related threads even more) and most of the so-called solutions are overcomplicating the fixing process or are downright not true and based on fringe theories.
  6. Not long ago i would ride my tesla so much that charging it twice a day became a normal occurrence, and if you remember how slow that 1.5A (or 1.75A i don't remember) was then you'd understand i was riding soo much. Now after getting my new RS i thought i would be riding like there is no tomorrow but unfortunately covid rolled out and since getting the RS back in December the weather has been terrible here and with the poor "waterproofing" this euc has i don't want to potentially destroy the euc or faceplant at top speed in the rain. So because of covid, the weather and bad waterpr
  7. After an arduous day of disassembling and reassembling the euc i have fixed the misalignment. The bearings seem fine although i didn't want to remove the seal and take a closer look. Overall there seemed to be no rust anywhere inside but a lot of the gotway goop was on the the coils closet to the hall sensor so i removed as much as i could. I suspect my fix will be temporary as i don't own a printer to print those spacers on there yet. I "simply" removed the cover of the motor to expose the stator and knocked the bearing back into the motor cover(only a couple millimeters) and reattached
  8. Copied from other thread: xiiijojjo: From 8000 km on the tesla v1 i got from 84v to 82.8v I used a charge doctor from day 1 and would charge to 80% every day and only charged to 100% every 14 days or so. Rode it daily for a year and discharged it from 80% to 0% approximately twice a day. Now I have learned that all that is kind of futile unless you plan on your children inheriting it. Now I simply: ride my rs, arrive at home, turn it off, connect it to charger seconds later, have to go for a ride next day, disconnect charger, rinse and repeat. No charge doctor,
  9. I suggest getting a very large backpack used for camping or traveling if volume is your desire, if weight is an issue and that is the reason you look to a stroller of some kind I would suggest transporting great weight by other means than euc. As if you were to transport heavy goods in a stroller or bike trailer of some kind braking would become dangerous as the momentum of the stroller/bike trailer (at any speed) would be relative to however much weight it carries. So let's say you put 100kg of stuff in a bike trailer and somehow attach it to yourself even at 10km/h upon braking the momentum
  10. 450km in on my rs and I just got the knocks after riding 10km on moist gravel... When lifting and freespinning the wheel it's oblivious that it's become unaligned. I store my wheel in the house if that helps anyone. In total I've ridden it once in heavy rain early on, and on moist road for maybe 100km total otherwise I've done maybe 20km of off road and the rest in dry conditions.. These bearings can't handle even the smallest amounts of moisture. Now I have to invest in some expensive ones. So all there is left now is waiting for it to burn my house down and kill me and my fa
  11. I have the same issue with the Gotway RS at high winds and a pedal angle of 3 depending on wind conditions. I hope firmware is going to be updated as wheels get faster so that wheels will be more responsive relative to the input (leaning). That way accelerating and decelerating should require less leaning forwards or backwards, thereby making it easier to achieve + 50km/h speeds regardless of wind conditions. As of right now you have to continue leaning pretty aggressively to accelerate through the wind resistance, also the closer to 0 degree pedal angle the easier it should be to outl
  12. I need and older version APK for euc world to circumvent having to sign up or i'll have to use another app, does anyone have it?
  13. I think all euc riders knowingly or unknowingly specialize in certain riding styles over the years. Personally i only really do top speed road riding among cars and that specialty has proven important for my day to day usage and i have saved myself many times with the skill i have acquired. Stairs, tricks or off-roading has no meaning to me but i appreciate the importance this has to other riders and by no means look down on those types of preferences and i occasionally use aspects of these types of riding in my day to day. People have described my type of riding as boring or unskilled as
  14. Not a long story really. I was riding in the inner city of Copenhagen in the bike lane and a cop car started it's sirens and lights right behind me, having ridden in that area for the better part of 3 years at the time i didn't even consider they were after me. I knew it was illegal but hadn't had any run ins with the cops, and had even passed a bunch of them at max speed (50km/h) with no issues but on this particular day a cop car wanted to stop me and i realized it was me they were after as they kept following me with the sirens and lights even as i turned, and it became obvious that i was t
  15. Oh i agree i'd much prefer having a registered vehicle that operates within the law even if i need to attach a license plate and regardless of the joy i get from successfully fleeing the cops while stickin' it to 'em i'd prefer never having to do that but unfortunately i don't live in that world. I live in a world where anything that deviates from the norm is increasingly criminalized not based on their danger to oneself or others but seemingly out of spite, a world where regardless of how vocal a minority gets they can do nothing to change the status quo which is dictated by the majority wh
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