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  1. What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me Any type of photo documentation of what you are working on? I currently have nothing to get excited about other than what the other vendors are doing/showing/selling.
  2. I have a V10. I am a big guy. I love the performance, but I get 7-9 miles per full charge* riding modestly (15-17MPH). * has battery sync issue
  3. While leaving the parking the lot of a local market today I was flagged down by an elderly lady. When I stopped she yelled," YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE SO SMART RIDING THAT THING!!!" xD
  4. I used to get fatigue in the bottom of my feet until I switched up my footwear and pedal options. - Got rid of the large V10 pedals and ride G3/V8 pedals primarily (feet stay stationary on the smaller pedals and they have also improved acceleration and handling) - Ride hiking boots when offroad/trail riding - Use several different versions of Nike Metcons when riding on the street running & basketball shoes were a nightmare_xD
  5. gon2fast

    V10 Refresh

    I have debated the Monster myself being a larger rider wanting to go further distances. I am going to go with the 16X next and probably liquidate my current roster to upgrade my back up wheel to a Nikola Plus, MSX 100V or Monster 100V... or whatever is on the horizon if InMotion decides to chime in.
  6. gon2fast

    V10 Refresh

    InMotion needs to produce some documentation about what they are working on to maintain their customer base or they will get left in the past as the more mature manufacturers start to offer entry/commuter models in their product lines along with big battery options.
  7. gon2fast

    V10 Refresh

    Will it include the suspension that has been hinted and will there be a large battery option?
  8. Nike Metcons for the streets and Ozark Trails (Walmart) hiking boots for trail riding. I never get foot fatigue with either.
  9. Are you going to carry the 100V/1845Wh Nikola and/or MSX?
  10. I have a had a few run ins with cars and pedestrians, but nothing that I have not been able to adapt to. Bicyclist are on another level though. I almost collided with a guy on a mountain bike earlier today approaching a semi - blind corner on one of my local paths. I was going at a rate of speed where I could stop, but the bicyclist was going too fast to react and decided to try and plow through me. I am not a little guy so I stood my ground after stopping which caused the bicyclist to veer off of the path. no crash or anything, but it was all my fault and I should not be on the "pedestrian" path with a scooter... At this point in time the bicyclist is very angry and is coming towards me in a very aggressive manner. I suggested that he pause and look at the situation from a different perspective. I also pointed out that he was riding his bike on the "pedestrian" path at a rate of speed that he could not safely stop at. Valid point, but it was still me and my stupid scooters fault. I walked away from the situation before it escalated further, but this was not the first time that I came across a bicyclist riding too fast on paths in my neighborhood. Any similar experiences?
  11. I will happily answer any question, but strangers can not touch, let alone ride my wheels.
  12. I think that you are correct about the creation of the infrastructure/model for banning PEVs.
  13. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/mayor-bans-nightime-use-of-e-scooters-in-atlanta/974150729 Hopefully this does not apply to other PEV besides scooters.
  14. Has anyone been able to apply the battery fix via the USB dongle and if so can you provide instructions? I have the dongle, but my laptop(s) are not recognizing the unit.
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