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  1. Conditions- post light rain Terrain - off-road / flat / hard pack clay & a little swamp juice here and there Speed - 22MPH Gear - full face and roost guard Injuries - two small cuts from debris on my torso Root cause - at speed I hit deep/soft swamp juice which sent my wheel one way and myself the opposite. Lessons learned - none. A good fall keeps you humble, don't whine.
  2. Guess who hit the floor today!!!
  3. Canned goods of all sorts Ramen & pasta noodles Canned & bottled water Condiments / salad dressing - which can double as cooking oil Matches & lighters Cleaning materials / rubbing alcohol / hydrogen peroxide. We also keep a month supply bucket of instant rations for each family member. We also fire up and let our generators run for a while every 3 weeks (I found that I needed to replace the spark plug on my big one during my last check.) We have fire season, earthquakes and PG&E so we have no choice but to prepare the best that we can.
  4. That is a true statement, but I have a bent pedal rod that usually takes an entire afternoon of frustration to remove.
  5. What are your current psi settings, if you do not mind? I thought that the V11 was a bit cushy under my large frame until I disregarded the vendor's suggested settings. I do admit that the design of the lower shock chambers limit the terrain in which the wheel can be aggressively ridden on (I popped a shock via the valve cap in rocky terrain early on). Richardo - thanks for posting as I have a tire change coming up on my V11 and all the visuals I can find are gold.
  6. I would like to see how easy/hard it is to remove the motor. I would be in heaven if I had a wheel that I could easily swap knobby/street tires out depending on the terrain.
  7. I ruined my hip trying to get a buck out of one of my gardens back when I lived on a cattle ranch. Long story short, the buck decided to stand his ground so I got into my 3 point lineman stance and charged him full speed. Half way to my target the world shifted about 20 degrees to the right and then I had no footing at all and slammed into the ground. The buck stood there the entire time and then left after I had started to drag myself back to the house. It was night, I was a few cocktails in and I had on slippers/house shoes... I am glad that I gave up the cocktails (still running full
  8. Flat tire*, loose screw* and broken trolley handle resolved. MSP back to eating bushes and small trees. * yeah right, I didn't address those things LOL
  9. Do you have any friends that ride that can test drive the unit for you? I don't know that I would be comfortable purchasing a used wheel that I did not get to test first. Otherwise be aware of the following - Bearings - the V11 runs pretty silent, so if be weary of any grinding/scraping/squeaking noises while in motion Shocks - have the seller pump up all 4 chambers and make sure they hold (have the seller bounce up and down and ride off of a curb to make sure the pressure holds) Rim - lay the unit on its sides and rotate the wheel to make sure that the rim is straight and
  10. Larger rider chiming in. Lower chamber pressure is good for about 2 weeks with seepage. Upper pressure seams to escape at a higher rate, but I run very high pressure L325/U200psi. The lower pressure is great when I am flat tracking, but I like a tight/highly responsive suspension set up otherwise. The only cleaning I do is a quick wipe of the slides and a coating of shock oil to help with the noise.
  11. Duck footed with size 14 feet, not a good combination.
  12. There are some new pictures of the wheel on the Leaperkim FB page.
  13. The wheel looks solid as far as a performance suspension wheel, but an explanation for the price is overdue.
  14. Abrams for sure. I really enjoyed my Monster and look forward to having a big cruiser again. Also, if the modular battery system is compatible with future models then I won't be forced to spend $4K per unit in the future.
  15. And my unit better have the "surging passion" seal of approval.
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