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  1. Well said Amelanso! Private sales are at your own risk, end of story.
  2. Brought the MSP to work today because I had to travel between two campuses that are roughly 5 miles apart. Such a pleasure to ride and I appreciate the compact size and simplistic design. I like the trolley handle, though it does feel a bit flimsy when turning the unit (it is going to break, lol). It is all good though, I have a 84V MSX w/o a motor that I can pull parts from if needed. BTW, does anybody know if Gotway addressed the issue with headlight angle on the RS? The MSP has a dual 3000Lm headlight solution that blinds pedestrians (have not tested from a car yet). If the RS is twice as bright I hope GW found a way to point the RS headlight towards the ground.
  3. Mid November delivery is the new expectation (not holding my breath). Also got another update about the demo unit being sent to the NYC riders in a week. This has to be the third or fourth time I have been told this, LOL. Seriously though, I do hope the demo unit gets sent out soon as I want to see some un-biased riders on the EX that will push it.
  4. gon2fast

    InMotion V11

    I upped the psi in both chambers. 200 down low, 100 up top. PURE BLISS. Feels somewhere between locked out and very tight/responsive configuration. In its current configuration the V11 surpasses every wheel I have ridden in almost all ways (MSP has more torque, but it is 100V). I still love my MSP, actually taking it up to the trails for some thrashing around in a few minutes! Current weight is... 248lbs Started this post on Sunday afternoon. Riding the MSP offroad was very satisfying, so much that I did 3 laps (normally do one) and went back for more this evening. All street riding has been on the V11, with the exception of a quick trip to the market on my MSP tonight (just wanted some raw power, lol). I am pushing my V11 almost as hard as my MSP(torque). That is quite a statement for a InMotion wheel. The V11 is my fourth InMotion wheel so I can vouch that IM has gone a different direction with this model. Sleeper performance wheel (suspension) of 2020 now that the EX is delayed IMHO.
  5. Just got the official news... "haha yes. monster pro and ex still need to wait." Does not seem like I will be getting my EX before the winter holidays... drat.
  6. I guess I did get a decent deal on my EX as I just checked the EUCO website and they are listing it at $3600. https://www.euco.us/products/gotway-ex-electric-unicycle
  7. gon2fast

    InMotion V11

    Not sure why people are still saying that the V11 is not a performance wheel. Fancier mode addresses this notion very well. I know that I spouted off and said and said that the V11 was quicker than the MSP the other day... well it is*, off of the line (acceleration). Not top speed. With very little effort (my pedals are set at -3). I previously questioned what more a F model could add, but this wheel would be even better at 100V... and slightly wider with way more batteries. Or more batteries in the form of a shell shaped like power pads. *for me
  8. Not sure how there are revised versions of the EX already... https://iwheel.se/products/06-gotway-ex "This is special, water-proof, flat-proof and fire-safe version of Gotway EX 100v by RDesign Studio in Stockholm."
  9. I recently had a similar situation on my MSP , but luckily rode it out. I was trying to show off and decided to stomp the wheel to a halt while going 25mph and the wheel went all over the place (veering/wobbling). I was basically out of control. Lesson learned, lol.
  10. gon2fast

    InMotion V11

    I would like to have a second full face helmet and throw away my half shell helmet... Thanks Unventor! I ended up with a welt the size of a golf ball at the base of my neck. I lost my composure when I saw it, but my wife brought me back to Earth - N - Can you breathe? P - yes, but it hurts and looks awful N - You would have been dead by now if something was wrong, now go take out the trash...
  11. gon2fast

    InMotion V11

    Through my UNOFFICIAL testing I found that my V11 in "fancier" mode beats my MSP off of the line (considerably). I need to re-calibrate the pedals on the MSP to match the stance of the pedals on my V11 and test again.
  12. gon2fast

    InMotion V11

    Was having fun cruising a path near my house and on my way back home I got a horrible bee sting to the throat (while at 20mph)... but I did not crash! Watch out for bees, lol.
  13. $230, that is ridiculous. I have two stock chargers and it makes a very significant impact on charge time, but I would not pay that amount. Hold out until you can get a better deal!
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