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  1. I work with all types of 3D modeling applications in radiology/cardiology. Never thought to apply it too wheels. Makes complete sense, thanks. Not going to throw a wheel in a PET/CT scanner though (have seen some physician's pets LOL).
  2. I find the complaints about braking between different wheels somewhat odd. As a larger rider I can throw my weight around accordingly for each wheel I ride. That said I do not think that the Monster Pro has any issues with braking, it just takes a different riding technique* (IMHO). * DISCLAIMER - I do not own a Monster Pro nor have I ridden one so I am basically talking out of my butt, cheers! I had a Monster V2 for a couple of months so I guess that counts, back in good standing!!!
  3. A big wheel with lots of torque would be a nice, but I do not know that I would want to show up at the trails with a 24" wheel (that is the first place I would take it though LOL). The rangers would blow a gasket if I went cruising by on a Monster Pro HT... we already have a delicate relationship concerning my smaller wheels.
  4. eWheels will have the EXnT with the upgraded battery options. I would reach out for a deposit now as they are only going to get so many.
  5. Sherman - Speed/ & stability wheel MSP - offroad & trunk wheel V11 - comfort & wet weather wheel
  6. I ride this wheel everyday. Dirt, street... whatever. Funny thing is that I am pushing into the 30's on my Sherman, but love cruising in the low/mid 20's on the MSP. No worries for a big fat guy LOL.
  7. Very true and almost an better option than 0whr wheels. M-Super shells only need to open 45 degrees to access rim/motor so easy field swap. RecioWheel still looks easier!
  8. I would like to see the motor swap (16" to 18") as that would be a great option for my off-road/trail riding. Heck, it would be a great option to have a off-road motor/tire and a quick swap on-road motor/tire. This wheel is sparking some real interest.
  9. I pre-purchased an EX a year ago... recently gave up on it.
  10. We are under attack as we bicker amongst ourselves. - Park Rangers are kicking us out - Police Officers in my area are saying that my wheels are not legal for street usage - pedestrians who associate us with hoverboards... FOLKS, TIME TO PUT THE PAST IN THE BOOKS AND COME TOGETHER BEFORE WE LOSE IT ALL. Please reference PEVRA.
  11. We are on firearms now, wow. Someone ping me when we get to Bigfoot LOL. I kid, sorry, but this is getting silly.
  12. There is a re-design happening for the EX. I was informed that the units would start shipping in mid to late fall. I pulled my pre-purchase after receiving this news LOL.
  13. I think the most that you would run into is a request to leave, but that is usually considered your final warning (before... another warning most likely). I avoid Rangers to save everyone the hassle. If I see a Ranger truck in the parking lot then I leave and try again another day. It is usually hikers who think I am up in the hills on a nuclear powered hover board who make the biggest stink, never had an issue with a Ranger. Something does come to mind concerning incarceration and Forest Rangers though -
  14. gon2fast


    Really hoping for this one. KS build quality is stellar and seeing the DIY tactics of S18 owners even further substantiates the functionality of the suspension design.
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