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  1. gon2fast

    Inmotion, are you listening?

    The mountain bike comparison is interesting. The technology is already out there to a certain extent. Stiff, more responsive feel for hill climbing / technical riding. Loose / less responsive controls (excludes steering and braking) for downhill riding. Makes sense, but not engineered/safe yet. Good idea though.
  2. gon2fast

    Inmotion, are you listening?

    I was excited about this design too, but how can a rider maintain a consistent speed with the active motion of suspension? I understand that there is some control in the peddles, but it seems like the power needed for constant stabilization of the pedals exceeds the capabilities of the power sources currently available. Proof me wrong, please. I suppose this could be like the feed back that many had on the Z10. A new riding experience on that wheel...
  3. gon2fast

    V10F • What is your average and high speed?

    Speed should not be the purpose of these devices. If you push anything mechanical to its limits it will eventually fail. The irony of this comment is that when I obtained my first serious wheels I pushed them to the max. I then started to gain knowledge on how they actually function and took a step back. Respect the threshold for safe operation. I am old and cranky, sorry.
  4. gon2fast

    How to learn reverse riding

    When looking back to assess traffic or turning while riding backwards I would suggest always aiming your chin at your shoulders and pushing back at the joint too prevent unintentional wheel turn.
  5. gon2fast

    San Francisco Bus Driver Trouble

    I have no intention of commuting without my wheel(s) so we will see what next week brings. Thankfully the situation happened during a time when I do not usually travel so I most likely will not see that particular driver again. The supervisor's (dang-it, should have got his card) stance was that the company needed to change it's policy. Not to worried after the fact.
  6. V3 Pro - Corrola, not a performance vehicle, but reliable and a good vehicle to learn on G3 - souped up Honda Civic/Prelude. quick, nimble and fun to operate. V10 - Raptor with a small gas tank. Fun as anything else and tackles everything. F model addresses gas tank issue.
  7. Earlier today, after many bus/train rides to and from SF, I was initially denied access on a GGT bus because I had my commute wheel with me. At first I did not realize the driver was yelling at me because the person in front of me was barely on the bus. I was met with comments about the batteries burning down the bus and how much trouble I would be in. It was rather silly, but I was in the middle of my work day and had to catch this particular bus to get to the train home. The stance that I took was that I rode GGT into the SF with wheel and I was riding out with it. I also stated that I would no longer ride GGT moving forward once I got to my destination. He let me on and the comments went on as I paid my fair. He ended with a statement about his supervisor, but at that point in time I was re-focused on work. After getting to San Rafael where I catch the train I noticed a gentlemen in an odd uniform talking to another person who had come off of the bus that had a high end scooter with him. At that point I realized that the driver had said that he was calling his supervisor. My train did not leave for another 20+ minutes so I stuck around to see what the supervisor had to say about the situation. The Driver of the bus had now switched with another driver and was standing around basically watching/guarding as if I was a potential fugitive. I found it amusing. The scooter guy was pretty worked up. Not sure what his interaction was like, but driver was being rather rude to me so I can only imagine his reaction to the big scooter. I overheard some of the comments from the supervisor during their exchange and the scooter guy never seemed to calm down. No disrespect to scooter guys. So when it came my turn to get scolded for my wicked device, the supervisor did not even realize there was an issue with my wheel. The driver had to come up and point out the fact that he was a total nimbus by trying to block me from riding the bus. The supervisor then got excited that I was actually handling a vehicle via trolley handle and was very interested in how it functioned. The supervisor and I did go over policy though. He had a document that stated only medical PEV are permitted on GGT buses. On the upside he did state that the policy was 25 years old and that he is engaged with his leadership to update the policy to allow modern PEVs. The bus driver approached me after my conversation with the supervisor. He thanked me for sticking around and talking to his supervisor. I shook his hand. He is not a nimbus, maybe a guy having a hard day, I have been there too... as recently as today. I think that this will always be a risk with mass transit until vendors come come up with or abide by a general safety rating of some sort.
  8. gon2fast

    Crazy off-roading with the MSX and 18XL

    Can some other MSX and/or XL owners chime in on the mileage assessment? I am looking to buy a larger wheel and want to be able to ride as far as possible per charge. If the XL can double the distance per charge than what a MSX offers then that is a game changer for me.
  9. gon2fast

    Face plants

    The truth of it is if you fall stiff you will break bones/have massive injuries. If you can fall relaxed/& roll you will most likely walk away. I have fallen two time in the wilderness, lol. no injuries though!
  10. gon2fast

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Every vendor works through their issues in their own ways, but I have to ask how much direct vendor contact on the forums/real world are we seeing across all vendors? Easy response in favor of one SD based brand. look at it as a challenge...
  11. gon2fast

    Inmotion support trouble?

    I have logged a handful of service requests with minimal issues. Response is sometimes delayed, but the multiple resources that I have worked with have been very transparent with the reasons around the delayed responses. I have sent two wheels in with no issue other than waiting for them to return asap. I agree that phone support needs some work though. I do not see this level of vendor support from the other players in the game in the United States so I am sticking with InMotion.
  12. gon2fast

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    The first time I called InMotion/SoloWheel support I was impressed that a real person answered my call at 9:45pm PST. That calmed the shock of a damaged wheel via tire replacement. No response though... after a few more calls I did get a response and a shipping label. Control board was replaced in SD and the wheel was returned less than two weeks later. Probably helps that I live in Nor Cal... It is a luxury to have a vendor stateside. I may not get to ride all day on my wheels (V3, G3, V10), but I feel safe on them and support has been phenomenal once the request has been assigned to a resource. I have received a replacement charger and wider tire within days of the request. The SD office also helped me obtain a V10 shortly after release. I have no complaints concerning the support that I have received from InMotion. To keep things in context I am a 250lb rider and have not had cutout, weather or any other legacy issues on my wheels. My G3 has cracked side/top panels and handles perfectly in wet conditions. InMotion support is assisting me in a insurance claim as well.
  13. gon2fast

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Larger Capacity Batteries - 1260 or above to stay in competition with the other major competitors Matte Finishes - shiny gloss finishes are pretty until your wheel hits the ground. Also a plus for those who want to change the appearance of their shells Recessed Power Button/3 Second Hold for Powering Down - no explanation needed Contoured Pedals (Near the outside edges)- add some concave to the mold of the pedal, preferably on the outer edges. think of each pedal being one side of a skateboard deck Adjustable Pedal Angle/Suspension - Rubber gaskets that can be added between the pedal and base to adjust angle and aid in shock absorption Device Mounting Brackets(s) - it would be nice to have a central universal bracket to attach a camera, light, audio device, speaker, etc. maybe brackets in the f/r that can accommodate multiple lighting solutions (2 independent lights up front, etc.) Secondary Battery - my father fabricated this fix for my RC cars that lost steering control via battery depletion with this theory 20 years back. Secondary, small battery pack to maintain control of the EUC when the primary battery has hit situation critical. A series of obnoxious audio alerts and gentle tilt back should accompany
  14. gon2fast

    My Wheel Got Hit By a Car...

    Have not heard from the/my insurance company for some time and my main wheel is stuck in SD pending repairs. I should probably get off of my G3 and get this handled one way or another. No matter how this turns out, my ultimate failure was the lack of obtaining a police report. Please learn from my mistakes folks...
  15. gon2fast

    Inmotion safety choice V10F or V8

    My G3 has cracks on the top and side plastics and has survived the aftermath of North Bay rain storms this winter. I did relocate the wheel to the garage for charging after exposure to moisture, but no issues or worries so far.