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  1. I was able to pull it in a tiny bit by deflating the tube and shifting the tire on the rim, but I think I am going to have to break the wheel down and do it the right way in the near future. Thanks everyone.
  2. I recently changed the tire/tube in my V10 and have found that the valve is now sticking out away from the wheel. This causes a rather alarming scrape if not pressed in. Do you think that I can re-position the tube by draining the tube and shifting the tire/valve while intact on the rim or will i need to remove a side of the tire and re-position the tube?
  3. I will be upgrading in the next month or so and will be letting go of my G3 for far less than $700. I will check back and see if you are still looking when I get my new wheel.
  4. gon2fast

    V10 Refresh

    I got caught in a substantial downpour yesterday evening while getting dinner. No issues, but I did put the wheel away as soon as possible. I am going tape up the speaker for the winter months. Come to think of it, I don't use the Bluetooth functionality so maybe I will seal it for good.
  5. I would suggest the In Motion V10. It can take a beating, it is super comfortable to ride, has a functional trolley handle, comes with a warranty and it is the cheapest of the bunch. It is a great first wheel and can tackle most terrain you throw at it. I have ridden all 3 models and I firmly believe the V10 is the best all around wheel out of the group.
  6. I gave up on trying to resolve the battery issue after the repair dongle did not work, though i have tried running the battery down (no change to charging capacity though).
  7. 3300 miles on my V10. Just ordered a new tire and tube today. stock pedals failed around 2000 miles. battery tops out at 88%.
  8. G3/V8 pedals work great on the V10 and they are substantially stronger than the stock pedals. can't say that I noticed a difference in comfort between the two versions....
  9. If the issue does not resolve itself on Mondays then I would suggest re-installing the app. This has happened on both of my wheels and always resolves itself by Monday morning(s). I am running two different versions of the app (2 eyephones) and both experience this issue.
  10. tire is shot so I will have to replace that in the near future, might as well do the tube as well. All bolts and screws will be re-tightened during tire/tube refresh. Battery has been compromised for a while (88% max charge). I have the repair dongle, but it does not seem to work with my hardware... no looseness/jerkiness/rattles in any fashion. no need to upgrade at this point in time IMHO...
  11. I hope that everyone is having a great day. I wanted to ask the community what I should be concerned about as my InMotion V10 now has 3000 miles of usage? The last time I reinstalled my G3's charge port cover I noticed that I needed to tighten several internal screws/bolts, but it only has around 1100 miles which was a bit concerning. Any suggestions on preventive maintenance or any risks that I should be concerned about with high mileage? Thanks.
  12. Gain some weight, lol. In my travels cyclist usually don't have much criticism for a 270lb EUC rider... I am a polite rider, but I have run across a few people who I could tell wanted to give me earful.
  13. I would suggest spending a lot of time navigating grass fields while learning to ride for two reasons: 1. Hurts less when you fall 2. The grass fields in my area are always rutted and uneven. Learning how to navigate through the fields made riding on the streets so much easier. It also gets you prepped for when you want to take your wheel out on the trails. Good luck!
  14. Easy access to tire/tube.
  15. gon2fast

    Happy Rider

    I would think that the vendors would pay close attention to this considering that they still have a customer base who is always looking to refresh their hardware. If the QC issues continue then they will be in the same position as the cell phone industry where users have moved past refreshing their hardware with every release.
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