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  1. gon2fast

    G3/V8 Upgrade

    The vendor already stated that they are not addressing the requests for more battery capacity so I am going to try and find a 2.5/ 2.75 tire for my G3 (already has the wider V8 tire, but the sidewall is giving under my weight). I am not going to address this until my 16X arrives and my V10 becomes my back up. Then the G3 becomes expendable (a tire mod shouldn't kill it... knock on wood). BTW - I have ridden a 16S and was not a fan. Not a bad wheel performance-wise, but did not feel/sound right for me.
  2. gon2fast

    16X Notice

    I am going to wait, but I look forward to the production model reviews! I am going to wait, but I look forward to the production model reviews! I am going to wait, but I look forward to the production model reviews! sorry, trying to convince myself to not spend more money
  3. gon2fast

    G3/V8 Upgrade

    I recently saw that InMotion confirmed that there will be a V8 upgrade, but battery capacity will stay the same. What if the external trolley handle is an option? It seems like the upper portions of the case are expanded to accommodate the handle while also keeping a balanced look on each side of the shell. Remove the integrated handle and add additional cells in the newly available free space (on both sides). I love my G3, but it needs to do more.
  4. https://www.myinmotion.com/pages/parts-and-accessories New tire, tube and V8 pedals coming soon...
  5. Correction, broke my arm three weeks ago ,lol.
  6. 250lbs. Tried to climb a steep summit on my V10 and it stopped at 138 degrees. No issues going back down with a few proactive breaks. (1400 ft climb [430 m])
  7. True. I was at Cane Creek Regional Park earlier this week and rode up on an area where multiple squirrels were flying out of a knee high bush. I have also hosted multiple bugs in my mouth and eyes, lol.
  8. get a non-contract phone and run the app on that. If you spent $1800+ on the wheel, what is $100 more?
  9. Everything was back to normal when I powered it up a short while ago. I was incorrect, not a update. From the symptoms and timeline of events it sounds like the hardware that hosts the app stalled out and was eventually recycled. InMotion should release a RCA as I am a bit concerned that my audible warnings may have been disabled by a vendor hardware/software issue. BTW -the LEDs completely froze. I could not toggle the LEDs off/on by holding the engine kill button and toggling the power. I was able to disable the LEDs from the app though. All in all, happy that I have a real-time speedometer on my V10 again.
  10. Just noticed that the speedometer in the app works again.
  11. I connected my V10 to the app this morning to change the LED pattern and now my speaker(s) appear to be disabled and my LEDs are frozen. Probably another problematic update to the app. The app also refers to the wheel as a car now (Car Management). Weird...
  12. Last week I found a twenty dollar bill and what appeared to be a electric crack pipe (probably a vape rig, lol).
  13. Rocking back and forth to keep stationary balance has led to overheat (in excess of course). True stationary balance has not been widely learned/shared. Which method is healthier for the wheel if you do not want to take a foot off? Seems like a lot of stress on the wheel either way...
  14. I find that when I am riding in reverse it is more about my feet being in front or behind my upright torso to control engagement, speed and braking.
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