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  1. gon2fast

    My Wheel Got Hit By a Car...

    Electric vehicles are legal in my area. There were no bicycle lanes on the street that i was riding on so going at a slow pace on the sidewalk was the safest route. The sad part is that I know how distracted we are as drivers so I am extra cautious when out on my wheels. If I had been on foot or not paying attention while riding I would have certainly ended up in a trauma center if not dead. Still trying to take the high road and let the process work itself out. I appreciate the advice about the hit run solution. I have already filed a standard claim with USAA so I can't tell a different story at this point in time, but... If someone, who is at fault, decides not to respond to their insurers inquiries then I would deem this like the courts as a default guilty. Highly doubt that USAA will see it the same way since they will have to eat it.
  2. gon2fast

    My Wheel Got Hit By a Car...

    Months into this fiasco the driver of the vehicle, who at the scene of incident demanded to work things out through our shared insurer, is now not responding to the insurer. My last contact with USAA, my insurer as well, was very sobering. A claim adjuster not related to case stated that USAA could drop the claim if they could not get in contact with the driver. I have some photo documentation from the scene which paints the picture that there was an incident, but insurance is much like casinos, not in the business to pay out... Learn from my mistake - get a police report no matter what. If capable, take a picture of the car, license plate, registration, drivers license and the driver. BTW -repair versus replace is going to run about same cost, but we are so early in the game with EUCs that we are going to have to jump through some silly hoops as we evolve.
  3. gon2fast

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    InMotion has to focus on battery functionality, but good thing we are talking GWs new tech...
  4. A few months back I was commuting to work and had a mishap with a Toyota Camry. Considering this is an open claim I can not go into detail other than I was riding at a safe enough speed to eject and let the wheel take the impact. Why start a thread if you can't provide details? Reason being is that the driver of the Camry is choosing not to respond to her insurance company. Currently my wheel is with the vendor and I need to submit the repair quote to our insurance provider. I want to chronicle the challenges with this process as I know I will not be the only one. Lessons Learned: - call law enforcement right away - capture all personal information from other party - take pictures of everything (damage, unique identifiers, location, witnesses, conditions, etc.) - ASSUME THAT YOU WILL LOSE AND STAY AGGRESSIVE
  5. gon2fast

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Random, but based on the height of the wheel I would be interested if they can integrate a seating option.
  6. I have a G3 and a V10. I love them both. can't speak to the experience of riding a Z10 or a Tesla as I have not ridden them. I hope the same factors are taken into consideration before posts are made that may guide new riders. I am a dik, but want to help new riders by being truthful, sorry... is there a perfect car, no. same goes with wheels, it is personal preference and experience.
  7. I always love, "do you actually ride that thing" or "where's the seat"?
  8. As the summer months become things of the past and the winter months set in I find myself riding at night more than often. I have three wheels and all of them lack in the rear lighting area. Ironically I had a flashing indicator that was attached to the trolley handle of my primary wheel that was recently lost in a vehicle collision. Do you agree that rear lighting needs to be a focus in future R&D of EUCs and what have you done to address this issue?
  9. gon2fast

    Solowheel Glide 3 loses settings on power off.

    I have a 5 month old G3 that has had the stuffing beat out of it. The vendor replaced the control board after 300-400 miles due a CAN bus error post tire change. My wheel does have a few lingering issues though. please note that this is my favorite wheel out of the three that i own and is in no way the most powerful and/or modern of the trio. - totally silent, no audible alarms of any sort. I actually prefer it in this configuration - the power button properly activates wheel 85% of the time (fast touch). I get the empty battery bar every so often and the rare lack of response. I feel like my G3 is sensitive to its position when powering it on. that is an assumption... - i have had to re-install the male plug of the charger cover twice and it is very frustrating - have the larger tire installed and get some minor rubbing when running the tire at high PSI. still prefer it over the stock tire, but it took some getting used too. - Solowheel app would not recognize the wheel post service. InMotion app recognizes the G3 and has a better GUI in my opinion. I suggest that you contact InMotion support concerning the setting issue.
  10. cut out protection is all that I need. additional (scale) battery pack to allow control for short amount time when primary battery hits critical level. I easily accomplished this fix with RC vehicles that lost steering control on depleted batteries. Sync with on-board lighting notification to aid in events when audible alert are not effective.
  11. gon2fast

    Wheels for heavier riders?

    I am 6ft 3 and hover around 248lbs. I learned the basics on a V3 Pro (with varying tire pressure between the two tires lol), moved up to a G3 and eventually onto a V10. The V3 only gave me issues when the battery was drained, but never shutdown on me. Truth be told i probably put about 75 miles on the unit before upgrading to the G3. I rode the G3 everywhere, on and offroad. The battery was good enough for getting across town and back with an ample charge remaining (18 miles with 3 bars left). I currently keep the G3 in the trunk of my car as it only weighs 29lbs so it perfect for when I am out and about. Finally i obtained a V10 in early July. The V10 is my go to wheel for any log rides or if I need to run errands. My V10 has never shutdown or overheated, but I do not push it to the limit. In conclusion I would suggest the Glide 3 (G3) or the V10 based on my experience as a larger rider. both wheels are great for learning on as the shells can take a tumble. Also, InMotion customer service is as good as it gets. They have helped out a number of times and are always open for constructive feedback. That said I will be purchasing a MSX as my next wheel, but that is only after 1500+ miles of training on my other wheels.
  12. gon2fast

    Dogs and your unicycle

    Had an incident today. coming home with a pizza and six pack. came out of the local park/school to the proper side of the street. saw a dog, but on a leash. Did not think much off it, but then the dog came at me. Saw the retractable leash so not much concern until i saw the handle bouncing on the tarmac. put my wheel down hard to preserve the payload and got a slight nip. Pretty pissed off about the whole incident, but glad i did not react. phil
  13. Darn, just looked at your profile and realized that I am 15 miles north from you. I would let you demo my G3, but I sent it back to Inmotion last week to get a wider tire installed on the unit.
  14. I am 240ish and have ridden a Inmotion V3 Pro, Solowheel G3 and now a V10. All of the units worked well within their limitations. I do not live in a hilly area, but I did push the limits of the G3 with distance/speed/off road riding and it never failed me. The v10 has no issues across the board. A brand (like) new G3 versus a used, several generation old GW seems like a better choice for a new rider (there is one on CL for $700 that you can probably get cheaper with some negotiating). I have s
  15. gon2fast

    $1600 Electric Unicycle Review | inmotion v10

    I obtained a V10, not the F model, from Inmotion a couple weeks ago and it has taken everything that I have thrown at it. I am roughly 245-250lbs with gear and have had no malfunctions in the 190 miles that I have put on the unit. I was a bit disappointed that I could not obtain the F model, but in retrospect I am very satisfied with my purchase.