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  1. Not sure what the height of original MSX pedals was/is, but I can say that my Sherman pedals are roughly a inch lower than the pedals on my MSP HT.
  2. Hoping to get the first 100 miles completed over the weekend! Sliders are on order. Tried to mount the wheel in seated position with the stock seat. Crashed. Not my thing, lol.
  3. My Sherman was delivered earlier today! First impression was that it was very much like my former Monster. After adjusting the pedal angle it was much more responsive. I am only 25 miles in so far so I really can't say much yet, but I will leave a few observations below. - good build quality - arrived fully charged and inflated - peddle dipping has been minimal (strong mode) - trolley handle locks when extended - very stable at speed - like the ability to adjust the headlight angle - it goes fast, lol
  4. Just received my Sherman with the knobby tire!
  5. That is exactly how I have my MSP set up, LOL. Fun times...
  6. gon2fast

    InMotion V11

    My final post for this thread... The V11 is a special wheel. I have enjoyed riding the wheel. There have been some headaches around maintenance and repairs, but I am not going to complain considering I was lucky enough to be included in the first wave (batch). I am not sure if I am going to keep this wheel. I would rather all of my wheels be 100V & large battery configurations so the EX is still on my radar. We are very spoiled with our selections right now, lol.
  7. It is best to give any animal/person/car acting skittish the right of way.
  8. gon2fast

    V11 DOA?

    You have to hold the V11 power button down until all 5 bars on the external power display are full to power on the wheel. Feel free to thrash me if you already knew that, lol.
  9. Yes, the pedals made a clunking noise when I engaged the motor . I reached out to eWheels and InMotion as it was bothering me so much, but really got no feedback (eWheels responded). Tightening the lower shock valve bolts resolved the issue for me (I use a 1-1/16 socket).
  10. Yes, totally normal. I hate looseness/rattles so this haunted me for the first month I owned the wheel, lol. I found that tightening the bolts on the lower shock chambers addresses some of the slack, but there is always a little play.
  11. I only use the app(s) to configure and check mileage on my wheel and have never had an issue (IMHO).
  12. The Pro Bike Tool with the red needle is my pump of choice. I find if I unscrew the needle 50% and then do the rest with the main nozzle the air loss is minimal. https://www.amazon.com/Bike-Shock-Mountain-Bikes-Motorcycle/dp/B07R7CFGJT/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=pro+bike+tool+shock+pump&qid=1606698129&sr=8-2 I have 5 other shock pumps that I never touch, lol.
  13. Stick it out, you will be happy in the long run.
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