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  1. Good day, I hoping to find more EUC riders in Sonoma County CA. Chime in and share where you ride in Sonoma County. Thanks everyone!
  2. I did put some thought into the explanation and found a way to better explain the purpose of this method. If I (at 250+lbs) roll off of a curb on a 45-50lb wheel that is a lot pressure on the pedals. No-Comply method shifts all weight off of the wheel to foot/leg that is planted/vaulting off of the ground. As the wheel is guided over the obstacle with the foot/leg still on the other pedal it lands without the weight of the rider. At this point both feet should return to the pedals without stressing the wheel with a drop/pop up with the weight of both the rider and the wheel. Will still do a video!
  3. Will do. I will have to drag my wife to the park to record, lol.
  4. The purpose of this technique is to lessen the impact of a curb drop/hop by letting the wheel roll off of/up the curb with minimal weight on it and then re-mounting with both feet once the drop/jump has been cleared. Sorry, having issues verbalizing this technique.
  5. There is a street skateboarding move that I have incorporated in my everyday riding to eliminate pedal damage due to my larger frame, the "no comply". Essentially it is taking a foot off of the board/wheel to be be able to pop the board/wheel over objects with one foot. I have incorporated a one footed "NC" down and up curbs and such. Having snapped pedals off before this method seems much more sustainable and safer.
  6. I have been debating on purchasing the Bose Audio Sunglasses so I can listen to talk radio without headphones while riding, but I am afraid that too much of the audio will be lost to wind noise. The shoulder speakers are an interesting thought though. https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/frames.html
  7. Standard A/B/C extinguishers can be used for lithium-ion battery fires, but I agree that a fire proof cabinet would be a good solution as well.
  8. They stopped selling V8s in the US so I was unaware of that configuration change. Either way, get I would suggest upgrading to the wider tire if looking into a G3/V8.
  9. The tire on the G3 is skinnier than the tire on the V8 (1.95 vs. 2.125).
  10. I just received a new phone and downloaded the most recent InMotion application. While navigating to the light editor I noticed a new section in the app titled "Vehicle Speed Clamp Act" which allows you to set your maximum speed to 15MPH. Can anyone enlighten me on what this is and how it applies to riders in the US?
  11. gon2fast

    MSuper Pro?

    I have been informed that the MS Pro may ship (US) in April.
  12. Fellow V10/F riders, please share pics/movies of your best DIY light designs.
  13. I ride my G3, upgraded to same tire on the V8F, at 40psi. My average weight is 250lbs.
  14. I am larger rider and I have a well used G3 that has had no mechanical issues after 1700 miles... except the time that i fried a board upgrading the tire, but that was user error which was warrantied. I am glad that I spent $750 on a learning wheel that I crashed several times, pushed weatherproofing limits on and still ride daily. Performance is great once you are proficient, but at least think about getting a used wheel to learn/train on in addition to your KS18. Plus, it always nice to have multiple wheels, lol.
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