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  1. Double Fail - battery pack with the broken BMS wires/connector has been sitting on my desk since Friday afternoon. I think I moved it a few times as other projects came to light. I was discussing my planned fixed with one of the eWheels guys and the exposed BMS wires touched while I was holding the pack trying to take a picture... I hate sparks LOL. Long story short, this is someone else's issue now. Got a quote and dropping it off tomorrow. Battery currently in the middle of my front yard in a box next to a hose and a trash can full of dirt. Overkill, but necessary (IMHO).
  2. gon2fast

    NB EXn

    Broke the Tesla and the EXn is month+ out... Damn.
  3. Keep your head(s) up and come back stronger EUCO.
  4. Everything checks out on the inside. Cables and internal components look good. Voltage is good. Fail - one of the batteries fell out while I was manipulating the wheel and I broke two of the small battery connectors. Given the gauge I am going to splice them together and bypass RC hobby wire connectors. Phuk, I used better wires for the stereo in my Ford Tempo when I was in high school LOL.
  5. gon2fast

    NB EXn

    Wife bought me a new helmet!
  6. The pedals that came with my TV1 appear to be curved.
  7. All part of the plan when crack I it open (probably over the weekend), but I will send you PM about a Sherman demo LOL. Thank you for the tips though. I actually did not bite on it when I first saw it based on the disclosed issues, but after some thought the loss was consistent with what I experienced with V10. I felt more secure after talking with the seller and learning that he has a collection of older GWs LOL.
  8. gon2fast

    NB EXn

    after much debate I finally paid the balance. I am excited for a more aggressive heavy weight wheel. I had one of the electric street bikes blow past me on a freeway onramp and thought that was my next hobby until the price tag came into play. EUCs are fitting the gap just fine LOL.
  9. I put 5 miles on it today. Seems very solid so far. Have not taken over 15mph given I have not opened it up yet. Can't give the wife a sketch wheel so I will have to keep to testing/tinkering LOL.
  10. I could not leave well enough alone so I started to modify/upgrade already LOL... The LK pedals feel awesome on this wheel. Only downside is that they do not align with the shell magnets so the pedals will not stay vertical. Going to work with some magnetic tape in a bit. If that does not work I can work on the shell magnet location when I inspect the interior of the wheel. I use the ribs on the eraser side of the pencil to even out the pedal rod. I also like using the eraser tip to push in the rod so there is no damage to the pedal threads if the pencil/tool slips
  11. Greetings, while wasting time in the garage last night I stumbled upon a CL posting for a first generation GW Tesla for a mere $400. Charger, extra tire and both boxes. That seemed like quite a deal for a capable wheel. Given how fast wheels come and go on my local CL I figured that someone had already grabbed it. This morning I made a site visit to a campus near the poster's location so during a break I sent him a message with little expectation. To my surprise the wheel was still available and is now part of my collection. Everything seems functional so far. I am going to cr
  12. Thanks ShanesPlanet! It is a real blessing to have this type of knowledgebase in the community. See what progress can be made when we put sown our fan boy shields LOL. I kid, I enjoy the banter on the new/future model postings.
  13. Working on a plan to pick up a V12 for the rest of the family, not first batch though. Seems more sensible to have a speed limited V12 around versus a V8 (and hover shoes LOL). Maybe I can dump the scooters too...
  14. gon2fast

    InMotion V11

    I have had the same lingering tube issue since I received the wheel last Summer. I am a stubborn idiot who will not install the new tube that has been sitting on my workbench for months LOL. I have 1400+ miles on the wheel so the CST is going to go fast and I will be forced to crack it open. Tube will go in then. Will clean up the opening in the rim as well (damage is on the valve from jagged edges).
  15. Smart Step fell right the he!! off (front only, rear are fine). Grip tape it is. Next project -fix the split wire casings leading into the axle. My re-seller suggested coating the issue with RTV. That warranty ain't worth a chit. going to wrap them with color correct electrical tape and apply the goop... pretty sure this issue was supposed to be resolved, but I rarely pay attention to detail LOL.
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