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  1. Sorry about the image. Information came from a US distributor. In addition, it is looking like the demo version of the EX is expected on the East Coast within the next 30-45 days.
  2. Early S18 owners - are you happy with your purchase and is it living up to your expectations?
  3. Letting go of my beloved Monster. V2 with the red shell and 1300wh battery configuration. 215 miles on the wheel, but battery packs have seen more miles as they were swapped between the Monster and a MSX. Asking $1000
  4. Price confirmed - "Gotway just released a few hours ago some more pictures & pricing data. We're going to be looking at $3,400 for this model."
  5. When i questioned Gotway about the $4000 price tag a few weeks ago they replied that pricing had not been set yet. On a side note, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a S18 this morning anticipating that the EX is still several months out.
  6. Anyone else run into this? LOL
  7. Ran into a similar issue with my former V10 recently. Ran original firmware forever, but decided to update prior to selling. After successful firmware update the wheel went limp. It took several calibration attempts to get it back to normal. Probably will not apply to a beta V11...
  8. If it is the same price of the Sherman then I am in. If it is considerably more then I will be investing in a Sherman, LOL. For 4K I want 3500+whr of battery, 3500-4000W motor and a perfect suspension design. and it needs to go a gazzilion miles per hour with no wobbles, pedal dips or cutouts, lol
  9. Who is willing to pay $4000 USD for a EX (ball park quote from a distributor)?
  10. The tire bead is damaged and cannot be repaired. The fix is replacing the tire. Also, ShanesPlanet's advice is solid, get a few tubes along with the replacement tire to prevent future downtime.
  11. Just spotted this on my local CL site... Awesome.
  12. Riding at a higher speed will require a more responsive/active suspension. I assume that this wheel has been properly tested and configured for higher speeds.
  13. Not sure I am going to follow through on my first batch order based on the report of the failing plastic components. Maybe first generation suspension is nice to watch from the stands while enjoying refined non-suspension wheels for the time being (IMHO). Or involve the influencer's testing during the build phase with R&D, not only during the final beta testing (which only allows for minor changes before release). That way we don't keep getting problematic wheels at release.
  14. The paint on my rim was getting dinged up so I put a fresh coat of primer on it. No longer stealth, lol.
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