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  1. An InMotion wheel that can touch 40MPH would be amazing. IM wheels have superior build quality (**IMHO**) so having a well built machine that can cruise between 30-35 with a decent battery solution will get my money. I am not concerned with the wish list stuff as that will drive the cost of the wheel too high and create new points of failure. One wish list item, sorry, but if the wheel plans on utilizing a display similar to the Sherman then it would be great to be able to utilize the buttons on the screen to lock/unlock on the wheel instead of a dedicated power button (in addition to o
  2. Thank you for sharing. Your transparency speaks to your dedication. Keep following your instinct and know that there will be bumps in the road ahead, but you obviously know how to deal with them.
  3. Liability insurance would help our cause, but also could cause damage if non riders focus on the extremes. In reality though, striking a pedestrian or causing a fire could turn into a financial nightmare in my parts.
  4. gon2fast

    InMotion V11

    My hips and back are ruined from my Sherman, yet I still ride it everyday, LOL. Anyway, I decided to take my MSP HT out on my extended errands this evening since I have been too sore and busy with work to take it to the trails recently. It was a pleasant ride on a non-knobby tire. Heading back I ran into another person on a wheel... I have a friend with a KS16 & 18l, but not an active rider. There is also another rider on a MCM5 in town. There is even a kid on a V5. Long story short, I am the EUC addict in town LOL, but there are a few others who pop up occasionally. On the way b
  5. Yes Sir, that is why I got a Sherman as fast as I could! Now if someone did custom control boards/firmware then the authorities/vendors can eat it. Hell, I want a complete after market build EUC to my liking (roll bar; big ole axle; hardened shell, HT motor, weatherproofing on all components, easy swap case, accessible tube valve, adjustable pedals; etc.) I guess I am starting to come to the realization that we are only going to get what we want at a reasonable price if we build it ourselves. The markup on the EUCs is criminal. POST OFFICIALLY DERAILED LOL
  6. Get some Gotway pedals for your V10 if you want to do curbs and what not. Inmotion pedals are basically a hollowed out basket with a rubber pad on top, not the strongest, but very comfortable. It is not a bad design, but not intended for extreme riding.
  7. Is the Sherman what was going to be the Mini Monster? That is my guess lol.
  8. I work in healthcare as well and feel for you. It can be fulfilling and it can kick the ever-loving shit out of you.
  9. To the wheel, not my body LOL!
  10. To be clear, this wheel has kicked the chit out me as well. All ejects/crashes result in lacerations from the pedals (so thin and sharp LOL). I actually caught a deep laceration a few weeks back right at the point where my shin makes contact with the pads. The ride back to the car sucked, but I still enjoyed it! Folks, don't get caught up in the comparisons because all of these wheels are unique. Find the wheel, or wheels, that best suit your needs based on non-biased reviews/testing.
  11. The Sherman lives up to its name. Damn wheel dumped me over a blind tree root in my front yard tonight and I could not be more thrilled. Weird sentiment, but the point is that I have crashed/ejected my Sherman several times with minimal consequence. That there is the big advancement in EUC technology - crash and ride away with a wheel in one piece.
  12. I hope that the wheel is actually a 18". As a larger rider I see no purpose in a smaller wheel with a big battery (IMHO). That aside, I welcome any new model whether it fits my physique or not.
  13. My top chambers leak to zero psi. I don't ride the V11 much so I can't say how aggressive the seepage is, sorry. Sucks, but an easy fix (especially if you don't run bolts on the top sections of the saddle).
  14. Ran into a weird issue this morning while attempting to charge. After plugging in the charger and connecting it to the wheel I noticed that the charger fan did not come on. I took a closer look at the wheel and saw that the LCD panel was displaying an error code (no con). I tried to unplug the charger and re-seat the connecters and still had the same error with no charging. At this point in time I felt it best to put the wheel in the backyard away from the house until I could troubleshoot more. The error was obviously related to a connection issue so I started to inspect ports. I g
  15. A while back Vee did a review on the EX. During the review she stated that she almost fell when the wheel hit a rock or twig. I found that rather odd, but did not put much thought into it. Well, same thing happened to me yesterday, but I went down (hard). I was returning from a quick grocery run and was transitioning from the parking lot to a walking path. I was going around 5-7MPH and was not distracted. I hit a small piece of tanbark, it shifted the wheel and one foot washed off. Considering that I was not going fast and was somewhat aware of what was happening I was able to roll when I
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