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Do you use EUC World or WheelLog with your Gotway?


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24 minutes ago, Lefteris said:

I will use EUC world on any wheel i get my hands on. It's decided :P 

Same here! I couldn't live without the voice messages and alarms now that I'm used to them...although I'm still extremely grateful for WheelLog, not only because it provided an alternative to the sh*t KS app when I first got my wheel, but because without it, we wouldn't have EUC world :)

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I use the King Song app for my 18XL mostly, starting to use EUC World just like I used WheelLog but the thing is they both misreport battery levels which is annoying.

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6 hours ago, Planemo said:

I use EUC World with my MSX, but only because I thought it was the natural upgrade to Wheel Log.

Does Wheel Log offer something to Gotway users that EUC World doesnt then?!

WheelLog was end of life software, nobody supported it, there where some forms but then @Seba

Came and and took the developing seriously and now you have the EUC world app that does what no other fork did so far accompanied with a website euc.world and features we never had. 

So no, WheelLog is over, long live euc world 

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