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  1. @Coco66, the Pebble steel (like yours) is what I use and it works great!
  2. I'm running v1.11, which is what the wheel came with. The KS app says that the latest firmware version is v1.13. I haven't burned this newest version because there are a lot of horror stories about bricked KS wheels, so I'm going by the adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
  3. So, let me be more precise. My 18XL has greater than 5 km on it (78 mi = 125 km). I can set my app up to show exactly what you are showing in your screen capture as well, and I can set any of the sliders to above 20 km/h as well. However, you see that [[ CONFIRM ]] button at the bottom of the screen? When I touch it, nothing happens. It doesn't change color, no confirmation 'click' -- nothing. It doesn't appear as though it was selected in any way. To confirm that nothing happens when I hit [[ CONFIRM ]], when I exit this screen and then come back into it, it only shows "20 km/h" again for all of the settings that I had previously adjusted upward.
  4. I'm having this problem, too. My 18XL has about 160 km on it. I can change the speed settings in the KS app to above 20 kph but the "confirm" button won't depress so the app won't push the new speed settings to my 18XL. When I go back into the speed settings, they're still capped at 20 kph. Anyone have any ideas? BTW, I'm using the latest Android app and I'm on v1.11 firmware.
  5. Awesome decal! Where'd you get that?
  6. I put the V10 pedals on my son's V5F and they fit fine except that the dihedral angle is much more pronounced than with stock pedals. From looking at how the pedals are crafted, I don't see any way of modifying the pedals to reduce the angle. Conversely, I could modify the pedal columns instead, since they are solid, but that would probably adversely affect the stock pedals if we ever decided to back to them.
  7. I've had something similar happen several times where my Pebble showed the current battery level and wheel temp but the speed showed 0.0 mph even though I was moving. I just had to restart the WheelLog app and it started showing the speed again. Update: I'm using WheelLog v 2.0.31.
  8. Yep, this is exactly what I have, too. Amazingly, there are still brand new Pebble watches available for much less than $100. Just don't be tempted by any of the first generation Pebble watches on ebay. The batteries wont work after this many years in storage.
  9. Hey @Rehab1, thanks for the link to the NB repair service. I didn't know there was such a thing. Prices there seem reasonable, except for replacement batteries or MCB -- I can get an entirely refurbed wheel for less. I've ridden my E+ several times since it threw my son and haven't had any problems yet, and I outweigh him by 40 pounds but I've also also only ridden it VERY tamely because of this so I don't really know why it did. The first time it happened, he was going really slowly on a pine bark covered trail, in the winter, with about 50% battery left and it just shut down (so it couldn't have been speed or heat related). It also wouldn't turn back on, so we had to carry it back to the car, and it still wouldn't turn back on until I plugged in the charger. Weird, but it hasn't happened since. The second time it threw him was when I was riding next to him on my wheel. It was another cool day, also about 50% battery, and it just dropped out from under him. This time it turned right back on. So, other than being at 50%, I don't see any other causality.
  10. I had the same reservations about the permissions that the KS app required. Why would it need to make/manage phone calls and record video/audio?
  11. Hey Eddie! Sorry. I'm just now seeing this, too (and I look at this forum at least once every day). @Mimetic Polyalloy is right -- unfortunately, this forum is so active that it's easy for a post to get lost in the weeds. I've definitely had the same problem with my NB1E+. It's thrown my son off of it twice, so he won't ever trust it again. It's still a really good wheel but I wouldn't recommend it for someone over 160 pounds. You'll see other posts here talking about how the battery management system (BMS) will shut the wheel down when any of the specs get stressed. Since the E+ only has a 500 watt motor, it's really easy to max it out without even trying. That could explain what happened to you -- the wheel may have sped up because it needed to perform a tilt-back. It had to get in front of you first before it can then do the tilt-back, but when it sped up, it may have shut down because it suddenly drew too much current (heat and remaining battery also factor into the algorithm). I learned the hard and expensive way. I have several 500 watt wheels that I've now outgrown (out-weighed?) and I'm now moving up to a KS-18XL that has four times the power. All is not completely lost -- these old "baby" wheels are now great for training newbees in the family.
  12. You have such a better version of Android. On mine, long-press on the Kingsong app just gives 3 options (Select item, Remove from Home, and Uninstall).
  13. Yep, I can always force-close the app. A bit of a pain (6 steps). More annoying, though, is that we don't know what repercussions there are from killing actively executing code in mid-process (ie, what system resources weren't closed properly, what data wasn't written properly, etc). App needs better QA testing.
  14. Hey @MetricUSA, @Braxton Richard Wells, @fryman, @Jonesq and @NylahTay. I've been having the same problem with the latest Android version of the app (v3.1.1) . It crashes constantly with the popup message "Kingsong isn't responding", even when the app is not running, so clearly some background process is having issues (why is there a background process?). I've re-installed the app but that hasn't made any difference. Hey @Micheal Shen, is there anything we do about this? I also use a Samsung S7 Edge phone. Thanks!
  15. BTW, I noticed that the V10 pedals on the V5F have a much higher pitch angle than the stock V5F pedals have, so it takes a little getting used to. There's virtually no chance of catching a pedal while cornering, since the pedals are so high.
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