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  1. rwent1

    Unicycle storage (holder, dock etc)

    Here's my suggestion. These aren't elegant but I like the wheel to be vertical and I didn't want to put any weight on the wheel between rides.
  2. I just got two new power chargers for my Glide2/V5F and both of them heat up to 110 degrees F while charging, which I believe is far too hot for what a power charger should run at. None of my other wheel and e-scooter power chargers (from different vendors) get even slightly warm. The first power charger that came with my Glide2/V5F failed within two weeks. So either: there is a significant design flaw with the chargers causing them to over heat, or there is a design flaw with the Glide2/V5F that allows it to draw to much current, or my Glide2/V5F is faulty in that it draws too much current. Presuming such a design failure would have been identified and fixed, I'm leaning toward suspecting that there is a quality control failure in production with my Glide2/V5F. Whichever of these it its, it's not making InMotion's QC look particularly reliable or competent.
  3. rwent1

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    What is the current android app version that was just released? The android app store still shows v7.0.9, which was last updated in Nov 2018.
  4. rwent1

    Taking up the Unicycle at 67!

    Geez, it's great to see that I'm not the only Old Geezer that's recently taken up wheeling! Your advice is spot on. I, too started to teach myself how to ride in my living room. Dumb -- right up there with trying to learn how to fly a drone in your kitchen. A rarely used city park was where I really got some decent practice in. It's been a couple of months now and I can carve around pretty decently, with probably 200+ miles behind me now. I've even gotten my 25 year old son into wheeling and it only took him a couple of days to get where I am. The advice on wrist/palm guards and helmets is a must no matter how long you've been riding -- I've even seen some very experienced wheelers do face plants. Hard plastic elbow and knee guards are pretty much a necessity at first, followed by shin/ankle guards. I now tempt fate with padded but still softer elbow/knee/ankle guards. I'm still debating getting a full-face helmet (one that costs less than the wheel itself). I love the freedom of leisurely wheeling down long park trails just like I could with my mountain bike (but without all the sweating) and having ridiculously easy transport in my trunk or use the trolley handle to walk it into Starbucks. I just wish these were around 10 years ago when I worked downtown and had to walk a mile from the train station in Texas summers.
  5. For a while now, I've seen "refurbished like new condition" Ninebot Ones being auctioned off on eBay, one or two every couple of days, that have been going for the low $200's. Anyone see any problem with these? Warrantied? Risky history? I'm really tempted to pick one up either for my wife or daughter, but not sure if there's a catch that I'm not aware of. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, lucky me and @RockyTop to both get ones that fail during their infant-mortality phase. But, from the many posts that I'm seeing, this seems like it's more common than the norm. Maybe IM should track the failure rates and, if it's above the mean, then maybe consider a higher quality OEM than Shenzhen.
  7. rwent1

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Built in battery charge management circuitry, like what is found in intelligent Li-Ion chargers: Option to adjust charge rate to at or below 1C (or to a safe but C+ for fast charging) Option to stop charging at 80% of battery capacity (configurable) Option to discharge the battery to optimal storage level when won't be using the wheel for extended period Auto discharge to an optimal storage level when the wheel is idle for too long Detailed cell status displayed in the app (balance level, number of charge cycles, etc) Every FPV drone flyer lives by these to optimize the health of their LiPos and stay in the race. The cost for this additional circuitry should only be a fraction of the $1K+ for most EUCs and significantly increase battery life. I would think this would be a huge selling point, compared to the costs of changing out batteries.
  8. rwent1

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    @tessa25, this is a great suggestion. Adding some protective tape under the pedals was the first thing I did. Not a terrifically elegant solution, but it works because these pedals are just asking for trouble. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HFHTYGN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1.
  9. Are there any good charger options? $60 seems a lot what should be a $35 charger.
  10. Good point. 126w is pretty high. I'll have to check the adapter's ratings. I may have to just build it myself. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the info, Meepmeepmayer! I also fly FPV drones and I only use smart battery chargers (ie, ones that I can set the charging rate and will auto shutoff at 80%). It really extends their life. I throw those cheap wall-warts in the trash as soon as they come it. I wasn't sure how "intelligent" these Inmotion branded power bricks are, especially since they are double of what 84v/1.5a chargers should cost -- but apparently they ain't too smart after all. Another reason why I was thinking of just getting a generic 84v/1.5a charger (or chance it with the ewheels' Rapid Charger) and then finding an adapter cable. Adapters are cheap. When my company upgraded our Lenovo laptops with their new proprietary square connectors (which I notice is what Inmotion is now using), I found adapters that would convert all of my old Lenovo power bricks for just $4. I could just use one of these -- once I get past the warranty period.
  12. Just got my second wheel, an Inmotion V5F, for Christmas and the external power charging brick just died after a couple of weeks of use. I'm surprised, since I've never seen a charging brick fail. I presume ewheels will replace it since I'm well within their 1 year warranty period but just curious if anyone else has seen one of these fail -- anyone? Along those lines, just in case I may need to replace this at my own expense, are there any smart chargers that anyone would recommend? BTW, I did ask ewheels about their 84v Rapid Charger but they said that it wasn't compatible with the Glide 2. Thanks, everyone!
  13. rwent1


    Flyboy10: Yep, that works. Oh, yeah. I've seen these in the stores. This is a great idea for an EUC stand! No construction required, looks really nice, and adjustable. Thanks!
  14. rwent1


    Is anyone else having problems seeing the pictures above, uploaded by @Flyboy10? I've tried several different browsers but all I see are these symbols.
  15. rwent1

    [USA] Dallas, TX

    Some of us may be meeting up this weekend. Anyone else interested?