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  1. Charger working principle is that it limits output current, so no harm will be done in case of short circuit
  2. Bluetooth 3.0 means no Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. EUC World require at least Bluetooth 4.0. Also while Android 5.1 can be used with EUC World, I don't recommend it (Android 6 or newer is recommended).
  3. Seba

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    For now you can set it to max (100 °C) and it will still be a safe value for V11 Upcoming release will allow to set alarm temperature at 120 °C. I consider this temperature a safe limit for V11. EUC World uses MOSFET temperature as main temperature, because it's more important than motherboard temperature (which is also displayed on "Live data" page).
  4. That was one of the causes. I know that "Top Riders" stats are important for many users, so I wanted to make this as tamperproof as possible. CSV files were easy to modify and - sad to say - there were users that modified their logs to get higher in the ranks. But CSV import was also prone to errors and generated extra load on the server. So I expedited my works on improving tour recording feature so it will work completely offline as is now. After introducing this new tour recording in 2.0, option for creating tours from CSV logs was removed. Now CSV logs are for logging detailed EUC data for forensics or analysis, tour recording is used for... tour recording
  5. It is planned to implement this autumn. Allowing to use location only while app is running is enough.
  6. As @ShanesPlanet wrote, EUC World works pretty well with LEMFO. There are also other users reporting that they have zero problems with this... hmm... watch While I still don't hvae LEMFO for testing, I'm planning to get one to ensure compatibility of all features.
  7. Connect your wheel, enter "General settings" and set "Speed correction" to 0 %. Gotways doesn't need to be corrected as long as you use standard tire size. If speed correction is active, it will be applied not only to speed reading, but also all other speed-related settings. Speed beeps in Gotway wheels are fixed at certains speeds - you can't change them, you can only turm them on or off. Only the tiltback (speed limit) speed is user-defineable. Most users disable first and second alarms. You can always use speed alarms generated by EUC World. You can set three alarms, each with user-defined speed and they will make your phone to vibrate. Additionally, if you enable "Speech", every alarm will sound with distinct beep and voice prompt going from your phone/BT earphones/BT speaker. Remember - "Alarm settings" are for managing application-generated alarms and they have nothing with wheel beeps! Wheel beeps can be set in "Wheel settings".
  8. Eunicycles is a reputable EU dealer that is known for great after sales support and caring about customers, just like eWheels in US or Speedyfeet in UK. From what I know, this note has been sent to his customers and it was Eunicycles own initiative to resolve problems he and his customers are facing with early S18 units. If I remember, Eunicycles also put this note on his FB profile.
  9. Thanks and I'm happy that you resolved the problem. While Samsung watches are great, sometimes they are problematic.
  10. While the "official" forum thread about EUC World is lenghty, it contains lot of useful information: There is also an official Youtube channel that has been created recently to hold useful tutorial, howto and Q&A movies - https://youtube.com/c/EUCWorld - with time you'll find more and more valuable informations there.
  11. Update your watch firmware to the latest one. Most probably you have older Tizen 3.x version running on your watch that is not supported by EUC World.
  12. Horn settings for phone screen tap are separate from watch screen tap Go to "Watch settings" and change "Horn mode" to "On-board" too Good idea. Added to "to do" list
  13. There is already an option to apply speed and/or distance corrections. Connect to your wheel, make sure CSV logging and tour recording is not active, open "General settings" and apply corrections that are right for your wheel.
  14. Just get any phone with Android 6 or later and you're good. You don't have to buy a new one, used one will work too.
  15. Unfortunately emulator doesn't support Bluetooth That's why I need a bunch of phones for app testing
  16. If it runs out of torque, it won't tiltback because of lack of torque This is called overlean. To tilt you back, wheel needs to speed up. Behaviour you're writing about is an overpower or overload. This happens when you overload your wheel above safe limit. Usually it will still have a safety margin to tilt back and ask you to get off But it's also possible to overpower the wheel so violently that it will cutout instantly. This mostly applies to wheels with weaker motors and/or batteries. Free spin condition doesn't cause immediate motor shutdown. There is some delay, usually about 2-3 seconds. It's unlikely that you'll stay airborne for such a long time
  17. Thank you for updating my knowledge about recent firmware changes
  18. I've just run a query against EUC World database. For now there are 174 tours done on KS-S18 that are longer than 5 kilometers. According to this data, distance reported by S18 is on par with real distance (no correction needed) but speed is inflated by 6 %, so to get real speed speed correction should be set at -6%.
  19. I don't know. I didn't made any research on S18 yet.
  20. I'm too, but we have to admit that many EUC riders crave for speed and it matters for them if EUC top speed is 50 km/h or "only" 45 km/h Even Inmotion recently added "Fancier" mode that increase advertised speed from 50 km/h to 55 km/h. So they understand that it's something that is important for many of their customers. Still, 7-8% is way less that 18 % in case of KS-18L/XL. What interesting, King Song distance is way less inflated than speed.
  21. When owning any EUC it's best to have some tools for checking and maintenance. Decent multimeter is such a universal tool, as you can use it to check/verify many things. You can get one for less than 100$, but keep away from cheapest models. It's best to look for models with at least 4 full digits and voltage measurement error of no more than 0.5 %. Good models are Axiomet AX-585B, GW Instek GDM-452 or UNI-T UT56. They are not autoranging (so you have to manually select measurement range), but they are cheap and good. Of course you can buy more expensive model. With multimeter you can easily check following things (this is not an exhaustive list): check charger output voltage to check if it's working correctly check battery voltage or measure individual cells when troubleshooting battery problems check for wire or circuit continuity, button correct operation etc. check for short circuits check motor coils resistance verify charging current ...and lot more.
  22. Sure. As @Jack King Song wrote, send him an email with your wheel serial number and ask for whitelisting your wheel. Then you'll be able to unlock your wheel using King Song app. Next you can decide if you want to use this app or switch to EUC World if you're Android user or DarknessBot if you're iOS user. At least it's a reason not to buy King Song wheels from AliExpress While King Song locking policy is at least controversial, they're still manufacturing great wheels. Even if I switched to Inmotion V11, I still love my KS-18XL and keep it as a spare.
  23. Sure, you can even store them for weeks without any harm. Just for sure it's best to check voltage of both packs before reconnecting to verify that both are at the same voltages.
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