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  1. I could see this being nice for longer cruises definitely. Obviously if your cruising around the city with lots of traffic, pedestrians and what not you don't want to plug your ears. At the same time sometimes there is so much noise that it can be a bit overwhelming and it's nice to tone it down a bit. Thanks for posting.
  2. Hey guys! Have the cutout issues been fixed with the 16X now? Safe to cruise in the mid to high 20's and maybe hit 30mph? Thinking of buying one to go with my MSX 100V. Also at 50% and under battery levels what speeds are you getting limited to? Thanks all!
  3. Hey how come you're selling it? Out of curiosity mind if I ask what you're replacing it with?
  4. Maybe but that's why at the end I grabbed it from the pads instead of doing it from the handle. I haven't opened it up yet though since I have to get new lift sensors since they're faulty.
  5. Hey guys, I just got this brand new 18XL with the 2200W motor from Ewheels and I've got about 100 miles on it now and it just yesterday after a couple hours of riding it started making this creaking when doing any kind of low speed direction changes. It was extremely subtle and less noticeable before yesterday to the point where I could hardly tell it was even there or any kind of abnormality. But something changed yesterday and now the creaky is longer and more pronounced. I saw one post on this from 2017 but there was never a posted solution. I'm not sure if the wheel is safe to ride an
  6. Not to bash you eUNITY because ideas are great but Never a remote!!!!!!!!Ever. EUC's are amazing because of what they are and how they work.
  7. I use the King Song app for my 18XL mostly, starting to use EUC World just like I used WheelLog but the thing is they both misreport battery levels which is annoying.
  8. I've actually done deliveries with both the MSX 84V 1600Wh and 18XL on Uber Eats and Caviar. Both are great and honestly screw e bikes. I actually tried an ebike for a bit and it was super annoying to have to think about locking it up and leaving it and yeah they're large, annoying and prone to being stolen. Having a wheel is so handy I love that I could just roll in and roll out (pun intended) of restaurants. I'd completely recommend the 18XL which is what I currently have. The comfort and performance are so on point, it's the perfect wheel for deliveries. It's also a bit more responsive fee
  9. Hey guys, I'm going to be volunteering at the event and it was brought to my attention that I can possibly have someone take my wheel down since I plan on flying down. Is anyone driving from Seattle down to LA to the games that wouldn't mind bring my KS 18XL along with them :)?
  10. Hey guys, I'm going to be volunteering at the event and it was brought to my attention that I can possibly have someone take my wheel down since I plan on flying down. Is anyone driving to the games that wouldn't mind bring me KS 18XL along with them :)? Thanks!
  11. Well it seems like this is the end of the line there haven't been any updates. I've got used to it (and still love my wheel) at this point and there doesn't seem to be a real fix for it anyway short of replacing the whole motor/rim. I guess anyone reading this in the future just know that buying a Chinese wheel comes with Chinese QC which can include have a rim that isn't trued correctly or however you say that. I hope this gets remedied in the future.
  12. So I tried EUC guy's video and rode it afterwards. It didn't make a difference. Like Bruno356 says mine isn't having an issue of the tire not running concentric to the axis. I did get a chance to test out a friends MSX on a ride today and lifting it up it has an off road tire but has the same issue as mine if not a little worse. It makes me feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only one. But that is a bit of a bummer for both of us even if it doesn't affect the ride quality. Marty if you wouldn't mind, it would be cool to see a video of your MSX! I'm more inter
  13. Hey guys, So I tried to adjust the tire just by deflating and squeezing and attempting to manipulate it into some kind of better fit. It doesn't seem to have done anything. A few days ago (I never mentioned this) I went to a bike shop and they told me they suspected it was the rim. Do you guys think this is something that's worth taking up with Jason (bought from ewheels). I mean ultimately I assume it would have to be replaced with another motor/rim since I believe they are one unit? It doesn't seem to effect ride ability but I'm not really sure yet because the wheel is new t
  14. Hey everyone, So here are my videos, please check them out and let me know your thoughts! Oh and the rubbing sound is the tire rubbing against my ghetto electrical tape mud guard, so nothing to worry about there... So one is a top view of the tire and the second is from the front so you can sort of see the hub motor/tire/rim. Also on a side note I noticed that when the battery hits 10% because of sag or w/e it is I start getting the 3 beeps! I'm guessing those are the ones I don't want to ignore?
  15. Hey Marty, Are you saying that it may indicate 0% or close to it but that the actually danger zone is only when the 3rd alarm comes on? I was paying attention for it and I just never heard it or any alarm but was watching the battery percentage hit 12% and around there. Also what are your thoughts on the wheel wobble? Does your MSX have side to side movement on the rim/tire? I'll post a video later on today. It doesn't appear to be the hub movement that bruno356 has on his KS18. The wobble on mine is definitely noteable at a certain speed when holding the wheel in the air or on a mou
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