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  1. Interesting idea. The problem I see is that using notifications it will normally raise single vibration, without possibility to define custom pattern. Normally, each alarm have its own pattern to allow rider to distinct between soeed alert (including priority), overvoltage, overcurrent or overtemperature alarm. With Mi Band you won't know if this single vibration was in fact notification from Spotify that new song has started playing, from SMS or from exceeding defined speed. I will however consider this approach, thanks
  2. WhellLog or EUC World screen readouts represent actual, momentary values. Readings may seem high due to short-term momentary values, which for obvious reasons attract the greatest attention. Nevertheless, the average values are lower.
  3. I think that numbers are OK and they are real measured values. They just represent limited torque available at near max speed of this motor/battery configuration. Overlean is a consequence of having no torque margin. Of course EUC World graphs shows filtered values for better readability, so any spikes will be filtered out, but this shows general rule - current goes down when approaching physical speed limit of motor. I have looked into EUC World database and also KS-18L/XL wheels doesn't draw significant currents near their top speed. Numbers are very similar. Currents tend to get high mostly during acceleration with low or moderate speeds, also max current values are observed in middle speeds about 20 mph. I'm afraid using this tool to estimate operating condition of KS-16X is pointless and proves nothing. Without knowing details about motor construction we cannot get reliable values that has any meaning. Just change motor type from M3540 to M3525 and you'll get result showing that it's even impossible to reach 30 mph.
  4. One thing - I kindly ask all users of the EUC World application - please leave your comment and rate the app in Google Play store. Unfortunately, the feedback added to the beta version is not visible for the final version.
  5. Hmm, I have to take a look at the code. This part has been rewritten, so there is possibility that I missed something in regard to Rockwheel. I'll check this out today. EUC World sources repository will be published in GitHub this week.
  6. I tried to improve user interface making it more readable thanks to high contrast design (what will also lower battery usage) but still keeping familiar "WheelLog" arrangement of all the controls. People don't like to be forced to change their habits. Currently I'm using Ticwatch Pro, but don't use it for EUC control in cold months. It's just impossible to wear any watch on the glove (due to limited strap length). Of course I could use something like this: ...but it's still almost impossible to operate it using gloves. Now I use Flic button to activate most used functions (activating horn, switching light and triggering voice report). I also use voice alerts/messages with my Sena-equipped full face helmet or Aftershokz Trekz Titanium bone conduction headphones (which I wear using open face helmet). For me it's best setup. Thanks to voice messages I get all important informations like speed, battery level, distance, ride duration etc. In case of speed or current alerts, I get instant alerts regardless of wind noise. And light and horn are the only EUC functions I need to activate during my ride. Having automatic tour startup on wheel connetion I also don't have to bother with manual starting of tour tracking. However during warmer months watch for sure will be used more actively.
  7. Now I'm focusing on Android, as iOS is already supported by excellent @Ilya Shkolnik DarknessBot application. However, if there will be a high enough demand for EUC World on IOS, I will consider developing EUC World for Apple phones too.
  8. Contact https://www.1radwerkstatt.de/, maybe they will help you at a significantly lower cost compared to buying a new wheel. And don't forget that there are two batteries in KS-18L/XL. If only one has defective cells (what is most probable), you need to repair just one battery.
  9. This is the general idea that watch applications should have the same functionality. Of course, this is dependent on the capabilities of a particular watch; some offer more possibilities, some less. For example, not every watch has a touch screen and so on. But I will do best to provide the same functionality and user interface regardless of watch type. Wear OS is one of most feature-packed watch OSes, but this comes at cost. With display always on it will drain battery very soon; 2 or 3 hours of continuous display and you have to recharge your watch. With screen turned off battery life will be significantly better, but to check your speed etc. you'll have to wait a while as application will resume. Wear OS is not a king of performance. For sure I can recommend TicWatch Pro. First because it was used during develompent, so Wear OS app is proven to work with this model. Second because of dual-display that helps to get much better runtime compared to standard, always-on OLED displays. It's also equipped with additional button that can be defined to start/resume EUC World app. Very, very useful feature when you're riding. It's quite simple. First, you have to install Wear OS Google app on your phone and pair your new watch. This is very simple process and I never had any problems with it. After you pair your watch with phone you can enter Google Play store on your watch and select "Apps on your phone", then select "EUC World" and install it. You'll find more details here - https://support.google.com/wearos/answer/7314014?hl=en Rest will happen automagical - when you start EUC World and activate watch mode (using watch button in top right corner) Wear OS app will start automatically. When you close EUC World on your phone, watch app will close also. Pebble is nice, but outdated. First, it's no longer supported. Second, it's quite simple. But there are also some pros - due to its simplicity it just works and doesn't eat battery as more advanced watches do. So if you just want to read your speed, battery level, temperature, get some basic stats and vibration alarms, it's enough. Now you can even define custom action for Pebble button. This is useful extension over legacy WheelLog as you can not only activate horn, but also control light etc. With each new EUC World version list of custom actions will grow.
  10. Data connection is required to track tours. I'm aware that this limits usage of application in areas without cellular signal coverage. I will improve this in one of future releases so it will be able to start tracking without data connection and it will be automatically synchronized with online service when data connection will be available. But much sooner I'll add another possibility - to import tour using CSV log file.
  11. Just a little more patience 1.0.2 version will be available in Play Store within few days.
  12. Dear euc.world users, today I updated "Top riders" section. Now the ranking presents real, verified results. In addition, the rankings themselves have changed slightly - instead of average distance and speed during a tour, users who have reached the highest distance during one trip and the highest average speed during a trip are rewarded. So records are more important than average values within specified interval Now there are also additional intervals available - you can check the best riders of the last 7 days, 30 days or 180 days. Or the best riders of all time New "Top Riders" ranking is available at https://euc.world In order to be among the best, it is necessary to use recent version of the EUC World application. Older versions of the application (especially euc.world WheelLog versions that was installed from APK installer) use an outdated version of the API and do not send information that is necessary for the proper functioning of the ranking. Old API contain limitations making further development of the service and application problematic. For this reason, the old API will be turned off at the beginning of January 2020. For this reason, users of the old versions of the application will not be able to use the features of the euc.world service.
  13. It may seem so, but there is a one problem. In fact, braking by simply shorting motor windings will soon lead to motor failure. This is because motor windings have very low thermal capacity. Winding-to-core isolation and wire-to-wire isolation limits power dissipation capability due to poor thermal conduction. This is why in non-regenerative, real word braking scenarios external resistors are used (usually bulky and with forced cooling). This however is far from being energy efficient, so now regenerative methods are favoured (by feeding power back to the grid or battery). Of course for short periods of time it's possible to use motor directly as a braking resistor, but this is risky. Owners of KS-18L, XL and KS-16X may take a look at their CSV logs created with EUC World app (this also applies to older, euc.world WheelLog versions). There are additional fields wh_discharge and wh_recharge (names are self-explanatory). They are not precise values but are very useful to make some research how much energy is drawn from the battery and what portion and when is regenerated back to the battery. In EUC World there is also motor temperature (for compatibility purposes it's placed in cpu_temp column. It can be used to track power losses inside the motor. I get 167 Wh during discharge and 13,8 Wh during recharge (regeneration) during my daily, 9 km commuting with speed of about 25 km/h, 8-10°C ambient, non-aggressive riding style and with moderate hills on my way. But from statistics I get regenerative load peaking at 50 % or even more of normal load. With new EUC World that I'm testing now I also receive occasional "overvoltage" alarms during hard braking what means that system voltage in my KS-18XL goes above 85 V. And I don't speak about fully charged battery. This means that during hard braking regenerative current may go quite high - during rather normal braking I constantly gets regenerative currents of 10 A and more.
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