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  1. KS app sends your location to the server, so spoofing/changing IP address may not be enough.
  2. Seba

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    I assume you have Fahrenheits in mind. V11 temperature measurement range ends at 175 deg. C. I was able to heat up MOSFETs to 115 deg. C what means 240 Fahrenheit. No problems and any sign of overheating.
  3. Seba

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Actually there is no problem using TO-220 in a 2 kW power inverter. It's common case in high-reliability industrial devices. For example single IRFB4127 MOSFET can continuously handle 76 A at 25 deg. C and 54 A at 100 deg. C. Sherman uses TO-247 and Marty was able to fry the mainboard. The key is correct mainboard layout design and thermal management. Twenty TO-220 MOSFETs are more than enough to drive a 2 kW motor with decent safety margin. V11 mainboard layout looks far superior to Gotway/Veteran, at least in high-current paths. I made several steep uphill/downhill tests last days and wasn't able to overheat this wheel. V11 is equipeed with two temperature sensors. First measures mainboard temperature, second measures MOSFETs temperature (I suspect this sensor is attached to heatsing near the MOSFET case). In my last test MOSFETs reached 115 deg. C (240 F). Fan started at 70 deg. C. No wheel warnings, no tiltbacks, no other signs of overheating. Anyway, I think there is a problem with V11 firmware. 115 deg. C should at least generate some warning about risk of overheating. Because there is always a non-zero temperature difference between transistor junction and heatsink and usually transistors are rated for max. 175 deg. C of junction temperature, 115 deg. C of MOSFET case temperature is high enough.
  4. Not in Chinese wheel But as long as you just have an EUC World connected, it will keep BT connection and prevent any other device from connecting.
  5. Send me an email to sebastian@euc.world with details of your previous donations and your EUC World username/email. I'll manually assign all your previous donations to your EUC World account, so they won't be lost. And thank you for supporting EUC World project
  6. Speech button will activate speech "on demand" while checkbox you're mentioning will do it automatically, so you did right. Now we just need to ensure that speech engine works.
  7. There are two possible reasons. First - you're not signed in in app, so it can't fetch your account status. Second, when making a donation you used email adres that is different from email address that is associated with your EUC World account. Well... there is third option - you don't have EUC World account
  8. Speech messages are also used for alert beeps, so they need to be turned on for speed alarms to be working. But if you have a Samsung phone, you may also need to change system default text-to-speech engine from Samsung Voice to Google TTS. That's why I asked for your phone.
  9. What phone are you using? Do you hear "Welcome on board" announcement when you activate speech by tapping on speech button in the top right corner?
  10. EUC World already supports V11. More, this support is now heavily tested and improvements will be added in next release.
  11. I have to admit, I'm very saddened by what I read It seems that King Song has chosen the worst possible way to solve the problem they apparently have caused themselves through the wrong sales and pricing policy. They could simply limit the functionality of the application to basic functions, excluding the possibility of firmware updates - just like it is in EUC World and DarknessBot. Lack of any aftersales support would also be understandable. What King Song is doing by rendering wheels unusable is considered a crime in Poland, where such an act is punishable by 3 months to 5 years in prison (Article 288 of the Criminal Code). I suspect that in many other countries King Song's action would also be considered a crime. Regardless of this, such action also violates consumer protection laws that are in force throughout the European Union. A possible lawsuit in this case would hit not only King Song, but also its European distributors. I hope that King Song will reconsider its actions and withdraw from this illegal practice, especially as it damages not only users but the company itself. @Jack King Song, please do your best to convince King Song management to reconsider their actions. Certainly there are much better ways to fight unauthorized export. At the same time, I would like to make a clear statement: while some of the functions of EUC World are not supported in King Song wheels intended for the Chinese market, EUC World does not and will not block or otherwise interfere with these wheels. EUC World is supported by EUC riders community and developed with users in mind. While I am open to working with wheel manufacturers to ensure compatibility and functionality on current and future wheels, EUC World will remain independent of any wheel manufacturer. I can vouch for this personally. And finally - I strongly encourage everyone to buy wheels from local dealers. Regardless of wheel manufacturer.
  12. So I have to say that apparently I'm a lucky guy. I had ~15 % when I was about 6 km to my destination. When I arrived, V11 signalled low battery just at the front door of my hotel It was 8 % and 66 V. I tried to activate "go home", but nothing happened. I turned wheel off and on, but this only caused it to tilt forward. So my first though was that it just doesn't work, as in Marty's case. I left the wheel in my room and went for dinner. Then returned back to the room and decided to give the wheel another try. I turned it on, but again - it tilted forward. So I started EUC World, tried to activate "go home" - nothing happened again. But.. I momentarily pressed the handle button to disengage motor for a while... and voilla! Wheel started to balance So I thing the key is to momentarily disengage the motor to activate go home mode after it was enabled by the app.
  13. That's the plan when I arrive at my destination. Discharge the wheel as deep as possible and check how it will behave.
  14. I unintentionally allowed my V11 to go down to 15% at about 82 km (because of no place to charge for a long time during my countryside ride away from even a small towns) and... nothing happened. At 15 % voltage was about 68 V. Lowest battery level was 14%. Now I'm on a charging stop and plan to charge for the rest of my ride (about 60 km). So still the 15% threshold and below to be researched.
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