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  1. Ok, now you can dig into technical details of your rides with wheel parameters chart. You can see an example here - https://euc.world/tour/574114443294078 - this is one of my short city rides. What is interesting you can clearly see that I ride King Song wheel - just look at speed chart. There is difference between GPS speed and speed reported by the wheel. It was discussed many times on this forum and here is the proof. KS-16, KS-18L and KS-18XL - all my three wheels inflates speed by about 20%.
  2. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    Thank you Please visit https://euc.world/supportme for all the details about supporting WheelLog development.
  3. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    A reasonably priced offer includes three working days for one-way delivery from UK to Poland (so another three working days back). There is no chance that I will have the time to do anything so that you will have your watch back within a week. The more expensive shipping option is one day one way, but summing up the total cost it will be the equivalent of a used watch Nevertheless, thank you for the proposal
  4. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    Would you make an experiment and use third-party GPS app that shows your speed? Then go for a test ride and compare both speeds - one displayed by original Ninebot app and the one shown in this "third party" GPS app. Then go for another ride and do the same, but in place of Ninebot app please use WheelLog.
  5. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    I don't know from what sources the Google Play version was built. I forked from @palachzzz latest GitHub repository. And even didn't touched the Tizen/Pebble support, because I don't own any of two. If I'll get Tizen watch for a week or two, I'll be able to figure out what is going on and fix it. Maybe at this occasion I will add some new features. But first I have to get such watch and none of my friends have one to lend me for a while. Buying Gear S2 or similar is not an option for me; I already put a lot of cash into WheelLog future development. Unfortunately Tizen Emulator doesn't support Bluetooth, so I need access to physical watch. Maybe you could contribute to WheelLog development and help yourself and other Gear Sx owners by lending me your watch for few days?
  6. Within next few days I'll add options to change tour privacy, to add photos to existing tours and to delete unneeded tours (test or empty tours for example). Now I'm working on wheel data display to the chart. I hope to make it working tomorrow
  7. Dear fellow riders, as some of you may already know, I'm the guy responsible for latest WheelLog development This happened, however, during the development of the application to record the route together with the wheel parameters. This application (website) is now publicly and freely available to any of you here - https://euc.world - I named it "World of electric unicycles" I have chosen WheelLog as a base app that will source location & wheel data. I added some features that are very useful during longer rides. In particular voice announcements and alarms. I also added other languages, thanks to @koto and @ArqFG. Currently WheelLog supports English, Polish, French and Spanish. By the way, it turned out that more features could be added and improved, and that's how I - slightly unintentionally - became current WheelLog developer WORLD OF ELECTRIC UNICYCLES - RECORD AND MAP YOUR RIDES Now the https://euc.world service is working quite good, so it's time to announce it's availability for the whole EUC community. Initially I've made it for myself, but soon realized that it may be very useful for other riders. It's my hobby project and it's completely free. It allows you to record your rides including your wheel live data. By default, saved routes are not visible to others. You can also share them with others by sending them a link. You can also make some routes available to everyone, so they will be visible on the main page. You don't need WheelLog to be connected with your wheel to record your rides. In this case wheel data won't be recorded along your track - that's the only limitation. So if your wheel isn't supported yet, you can still map your rides. You can even add photos to your ride. I'll be happy to read your opinions, feedback and feature requests. Of course this website is still under development and now I'm working hard on wheel data visualisation. I think it will be finally working near the end of this week. Currently, wheel speed (black thin line) is overlayed on lcoation (GPS) speed. King Song users are advised to check if their wheel doesn't inflate the speed For example, KS-18L/XL inflates speed reading by about 20%. With time, I'll add more features and fix any bugs I'll be aware of. How to start using euc.world? If you already have installed WheelLog from Google Play store, uninstall it first. Download and install WheelLog from this link - https://euc.world/downloads/wheellog-eucworld-2.0.26-release.apk Sing up with https://euc.world to create account and get your API key. Enter your API key into corresponding field in WheelLog live map settings in exact form. Small and large caps matters. Setup other WheelLog options according to your preferences. Start riding! Last, but not least - don't forget to give me some feedback so I can push this project in right direction. I'd kindly ask you for one thing If you are going on an interesting route, think about making it visible to everyone. The idea that guided me when I created this website was to show other people interesting places where you can get on an electric unicycle. So if it doesn't affect your privacy, think about recording some routes in public mode. Add interesting photos, let others see the beauty of the places where you ride on one wheel. This is one of ways we can popularize EUCs. We can show that EUC riders are everywhere! WHEELLOG'S FUTURE WheelLog is a great application that's worth to maintain and improve. Now as I became a WheelLog active developer, I plan to add support for other wheels. WheelLog is lacking Ninebot support (wheels other than Z6/Z8/Z10). I plan to make other Ninebot wheels to be supported by WheelLog and I hope it will be done soon. Thanks to @palachzzz offer, Google Play version will be updated with my version. I hope I'll be ready for uploading my version to Google Play store within next days. PLEASE, CONSIDER SUPPORTING MY EFFORTS As I wrote above, I plan to add more wheels (and other devices, like e-scooters etc.) to the WheelLog. I'll also review already supported wheels to check if I could add new features. For example this weekend I bought used Ninebot One S2 on auction website. I plan to add and test this wheel support (as with other 9B wheels that share the same Bluetooth protocol), then sell it hoping not to loose to much on this operation. Unfortunately this is the only option to add wheels, because I need physical access to the wheel. It's costly process. I also had to buy BLE sniffer because 1.12 firmware update changed something in KS communication protocol. It could be very hard or even impossible to track down the changes without BLE sniffer. It's my hobby. It's fun and pleasure so I can spare some limited amounts of my financial resources for WheelLog development and euc.world running, but only to pay for most important expenses. Any support from WheelLog/euc.world users will greatly help me with WheelLog development, especially in regard to adding new features and keep this application constantly developed. If you want to learn more, please visit https://euc.world/supportme Thank you in advance!
  8. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    Unfortunately Gear Fit smartwatch family doesn't support any custom apps, so I don't see a way to add support for these watches.
  9. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    In fact WheelLog uses its own, optimized formula. KS app was always too optimistic when battery level was below 30 %.
  10. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    I'm currently figuring out how to start comm with wheels like yours. When I'll research more, I'll contact you so we can push things forward - I remember you've offered me a role of a "guinea pig"
  11. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    Since I've been continuing the great work of my predecessors, I haven't made any modifications related to Pebble or Samsung Gear watches. Of course it's possible that I've unknowingly broken something, but rather unlikely. Unfortunately, I don't have any of these watches, so I'm currently not able to do any tests. However, I will try to look for such a watch and borrow it for a few days, possibly buy a used one if I can find it at a good price.
  12. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    IMPORTANT NOTICE TO KS-18L/XL USERS: As you may already know, there is a new, 1.12 firmware that comes with the new mobile app. Apparently this new firmware changed the communication procotol in some way, so it may break compatibility with WheelLog app (regardless of version and origin). At least some reports confirm that after upgrading the wheel to 1.12 firmware version WheelLog no longer connects with the wheel. If you haven't updated your firmware yet and are looking forward to using WheelLog, please hold on for a while with this update. Fortunately, the KS-18XL is in my possession , I can devote myself and update it to see what changes have been made. I hope it won't take too long. Last week of June I'm going for a 800 km + trip across Poland and I MUST HAVE working WheelLog with this wheel If you have already updated, just wait patiently. I will try to adapt WheelLog to these changes in the firmware as soon as possible. Remember, you can still use WheelLog as an application to capture your tours on https://euc.world - the only limitation is that your wheel data won't be recorded along the ride path.
  13. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    WheelLog has very limited Ninebot support - in fact currently only Z10 wheels are supported. I'll try to add support for other popular NB wheels (and other wheels in general), but certainly it will take some time. First, I have to get NB wheel or at least control board so I can connect it on my bench.
  14. Seba

    Washington, DC

    Looks like you when you were younger
  15. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    Ok, bug found and killed Problem was related to devices with Android 7 and newer. Additionally I added better handling of priority alerts. Now if speed alarm is being spoken, if another speed alarm with higher importance will be triggered, lower priority alarm will be cancelled immediately. Please download and install new version: https://euc.world/downloads/wheellog-eucworld-2.0.26-release.apk