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  1. This delay is unavoidable and there is very simple explanation - button's logic needs to distinguish between single and double click. And it's impossible to do without waiting some time for eventual second click. This is why there is a fixed 0,5 second timeout started with first click/press - if you click button and within this delay you won't click it again, it detects single click. Otherwise, double click is detected or button hold (if button is pressed for second or two, I don't remember now). This is why @travsformation set horn under double click action. Seems his fingers are lightning fast, so he can make a two consecutive clicks within less that half a second In this way double click may be in fact quicker that single click
  2. Latest firmware available: 1.12 for KS-14D 1.09 for KS-14SMD
  3. Original Flic wasn't bad, but it required additional app which caused entire solution to be unreliable at times - button disconnection was a frequent problem, app crashing was reported too. Seems Flic 2 is a way better than its predecessor, so at least for now I'm happy with it. But yes, still it doesn't comes with decent and sturdy mount for attaching it to belt or backpack strap. This is why i just carry my button in a jacket pocket and press it through fabric. Works very well Still, there is a room for DIY solutions we love so much
  4. Maybe it would be a good idea to buy not one, but arrange group order and buy more at once? I'm pretty sure that you'll find many people from EU wanting to buy Pebble. Ordering more pieces will alow to save on shipment from US, I think.
  5. I don't own KS-16S, but IIRC the only complaints were about lights.
  6. Thank you for report. Gotway will be completely rewritten within next weeks; this will allow to add missing features (like calibration or Nikola LEDs) and remove any reported problems.
  7. I can only speculate that short after 2.00 release, they received complaints about some features working wrong, so they decided to release 2.01 that solved these problem. Apparently, 2.01 still contained bugs that affected user experience, so finally they decided to temporarily disable update and stay with proven 1.09 until all problems will be resolved. I think they will soon release 2.02 version, so I wouldn't worry about it so far. However, I think that King Song should make beta firmware versions available to users who want to take part in the tests and accept the associated risks. It would certainly be much faster to detect problems, and the final version could take their comments into account. @tinawong, I think you should seriously consider this. This would benefit everyone and I can help by adding the appropriate features and required functions/consents to EUC World application.
  8. No, it has been permanently revoked (just checked) and now only 1.09 is offered for update.
  9. Public tours are the tours with visibility set to "Visible to anyone". But this option applies only to tours that are started manually. If you enable to automatically start tour tracking when wheel connection is estabilished, your tours will be always tracked in private mode regardless of this setting. This is to protect your privacy in case you inadverently connect your wheel (for example your EUC World will be started and you'll start charging King Song wheel). Of course, you can later change visibility of any of your tour or delete it permanently as @The Fat Unicyclist and @Hansolo described. Just remember that on mobile device menu is available after tapping three horizontal bars in the top right corner of the website.
  10. That's the plan, but to make it possible EUC World will have to be connected with wheel during charging process. Read more below... But you will be able to use any cheap, old Android device with EUC World app in "charging monitor" mode that will act as a gateway between your wheel and EUC World account, so you can use your regular phone to control entire process via Internet. This is of course one of the possible solutions.
  11. There are two variants - HS100 without power metering and HS110 with power metering. I have communication protocol details for both, so both will be supported by EUC World, but HS110 will allow for charge monitoring, so it's much better to take this one. After initial setup Casa app won't be needed The only requirement is that both phone and smartplug will be logged to the same wireless network (or to be more precise, the same subnet).
  12. @Marty Backe, let me know if TP-Link HS110 is available on US market. I plan to include direct support for this plug in EUC World for charging process control & monitoring.
  13. Here you'll find instructions how to setup Pebble for use with EUC World or WheelLog without using Rebble.io. Links to necessary files are in movie description text:
  14. Exactly. I plan to add charging control feature that will make use of TP-Link HS110 smartplug. This will allow to monitor charger operation and physically disconnect it from mains after charging conditions are met (time passed, current dropped, Wh transferred etc.). When used with King Song wheels, it will also be able to monitor battery voltage during charging.
  15. Happily, I didn't received any complaints about firmware upgrading with EUC World. Maybe it's because I put a lot of work to make it as bulletproof as possible. Of course I know that nothing is 100 % ideal, but the source of any problems was always original KS apps. If it While it worked for some people, it didn't for most of users. This problem proved particularly serious after King Song published an 2.xx update to several of his EUCs at the same time. At the same time, probably a bug showed up at the King Song servers that caused a problem with the KS-16S update (upgrade to 2.01 and then downgrade to 1.09 and again...). Fortunately, I managed to include workaround on my side that protected EUC World users from unnecessary downgrade from version 2.01 back to 1.09:
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