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  1. Haha The only problem is that OLED display is power-hungry, regardless if this is Wear OS, Tizen or any other device. This is why Pebble with its simple RTOS and STN LCD monochrome display wins in terms of runtime on single charge. But there is good news - I plan to implement most possible power-saving mode that won't sacrifice responsiveness.
  2. I think you should start with Pebble watch. It will give you most important, instant readouts like speed, battery level, temperature and time. More, it will also give you vibration alarms (like overspeed, overtemperature, overcurrent etc.) and one customizable action (on button press). Pebble is cheap, simple, and have monochrome display that offers great readability in right sun. Battery also last very long. Of course you can also go for any Wear OS watch. It will cost more and will provide more features, but also will drain watch battery faster. Samsung watch support will be available very soon, with "pros" and "cons" similar to Wear OS watch app.
  3. There is special custom action - "Enforce regulatory compliance". You can for example use it with Flic 2 button. When needed, you need to press Flic and your wheel is limited to 20 km/h.
  4. No, it was caused by data glitch probably related with your Lemfo problems, but shouldn't happen anyway. I will add some countermeasures to prevent such problems in future. Account is now private, even if it contains public items. In future, I will however add "public" view for items that are set to be public.
  5. I plan to simplify things by merging current CSV logging and tour tracking features into one, unified and easy to use feature. It will work both online and offline, will buffer entire tours and will provide the same level of details that is now available in CSV logs. I hope to make it available before this summer. Meantime I will try to add some GPS status to CSV logging feature. It's important to note that feature we often call a GPS doesn't have to be a real GPS (or any other sat nav system). Android can use many ways to obtain location - using BLE beacons, WiFi hotspots, cellular towers (BTS), dead reckoning and sattelites. More, it may fuse data obtained from different sources, like dead reckoning, WiFi and BTS. In most cases such location is good enough to use for navigation, mapping or even activity tracking. EUC World is different. It explicitly requires GPS/GLONASS as this is the only precise source of location, bearing and speed. That's why some apps may seem to receive location updates while EUC World doesn't get location updates. But there is a good solution proposed some time ago by @Victor Solovjov - use GPS Status & Toolbox app. Just start it and it will also start GPS receiver. This app will also provide A-GPS that greatly decrease GPS warm up time. After GPS will lock, you can start EUC World.
  6. Using EyeRide with EUC World would be a very attractive idea. However, now it's hard to say when it would be possible. For sure Android Auto integration would require substantial amount of work. I'll keep following this idea.
  7. That's right - I still didn't implemented password change in account settings (I will soon, however), but you can still change your password using "Forgot password" - https://euc.world/resetpassword
  8. I'm afraid that all problems are linked to your new Lemfo device. While some basic functions work, other don't. IIRC some users tried to use EUC World with Lemfo, but eventually failed. Seems Lemfo devices are not fully compatible with EUC World Even screen resolution at 480x640 isn't enough to display some dialogs in full. Maybe it's better to use regular Android phone with armband?
  9. One of features planned for EUC World this summer is possibility to take photos / record videos with fancy charts/meters overlay At your service
  10. Seba

    KS16 wont turn on

    I've checked EUC World firmware update log and found records regarding your wheel. And it seems that your wheel was tampered with - intentionally or unintentionally. Specificaly, your serial number starts with KS16C and that means that your wheel isn't KS-16S but it's KS-16C model. Someone installed KS-16S firmware into it (it is possible with KS service app). This explains strange behaviour of your wheel ("motor is stopping and starting with jerk within a microsecond") and this also explains why new firmware reports wrong serial number. If you have KS service app you should update your wheel by manually selecting KS-16C firmware (1.28 should be the newest available). I hope this should resolve your problem and make your wheel working again. And again - you have KS-16C.
  11. Samsung app will look identical to Wear OS app and will offer the same features. It was delayed due to King Song and Gotway support, now I'm also facing some limitations caused by coronavirus outbreak turning my life upside down. Anyway, now I'm focused only on Tizen app and hope to have beta version at the end of month. Tizen Studio as development environment also doesn't help...
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