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  1. Here is the most recent APK for EUC World for Wear OS companion app: https://euc.world/downloads/apk/eucworld-wear-2.6.0.apk
  2. According to data sent from the wheel to the app, at 48 % of battery level wheel will throttle speed to ~63 km/h. Wheel is set to "fancier" mode, so speed limit is fixed at 70 km/h. After turning "fancier" mode off, at 48 % wheel reports speed limit at 60 km/h which is a max for this wheel in "normal" mode. Of course I assume that during a ride speed throttling will me more aggressive; I'm going to discharge this wheel today and check how it throttles the speed as the battery gets more and more empty.
  3. Please send an issue report from menu; I'll check it.
  4. In theory yes, as it contains all required data, but you will need some external tool to do this.
  5. There is not only lack of required margin for fully charged battery voltage, but clearly ringing and turn-off Vds spikes were not taken into account. Clearly a design flaw. Serious one
  6. I've replied in other thread. In short - performing a full wipe (if not advised before) is generally a bad idea, as it unrecoverably deteles all app data. It's always better to send an issue report, in most case I can help to resolve the problem.
  7. Tours could be recovered if you did not perform a full app data wipe This deleted the entire application database.
  8. Well, "many times" may be a bit exxagerated, but when I was riding my V11 for longer trips, I always charged it with 7 Amps (of course using both ports) and had zero problems. 7 Amps is just 2 Amps above official limit of 5 Amps (two stock chargers connected). IMO this is a safe compromise, but still it's above specs. Cells are not a problem, also connectors and wiring is not a problem. The only limitation that is unknown is electronic circuitry.
  9. It's a problem with web page; I will fix it soon.
  10. Almost entire support for all the wheels that are currently supported by EUC World is the result of a tremendous amount of hard work based on reverse engineering, trial and error and lengthy testing. I don't get any hardware for testing/development from EUC manufacturers. Because some works may result in permament bricking of the wheel, I can't risk someone wheel and have to buy such a wheel. This is where user donations goes. I can also rely on @EUniCycles.eu that greatly helps in wheel testing by sending me EUCs where there is no risk of bricking the wheel. Also, some friendly users helps b
  11. Speed alarms are displayed on speed graphs. Yellow is the 1st alarm, orange the 2nd alarm and red is the 3rd alarm. Overcurrent alarms and overvoltage are displayed on current/voltage graph. Overtemperature alarm is displayed on a temperature chart. The only alarms that are not displayed yet are safety margin alarms, but I will add this feature soon.
  12. EUC world screen...


    1. Scubadragonsan


      Only a suggestion: Your screen seems to have sacrifice a lot of top and bottom space that could be minimized more so that key features can be more prominent. With Wheellog screen, user intuitively swipe to left/right to other screens. I have the same issues with 3 watches: Unihertz Jelly 2 (shown now in photo), Lemfo and Conquest F2. 

  13. Hello, can you make the fonts clearer on the main screen? Attached photos is a comparison between EUC world and Wheelog… See 2d photo from next message....



  14. Will be back in next release, as it needs also clear all stats.
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