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  1. In terms of voltage, yes. But not in terms of current. It's not about pack capacity. It's about overall circuit impedance. You can have two packs of the same nominal capacity, but if there will be difference in internal impedance of each packs, current won't be equally balanced between two. More, even if you have two packs with identical internal impedance, variances in wiring resistance will cause the same imbalance. Actually, connecting two packs of different capacity doesn't have to be a bad idea, but this is more complicated for a short post.
  2. Oh, and to be correctly understood - I don't blame Begode for dual module battery design. Actually it's a design used by all manufacturers. I just wanted to show possible issues of this design, especially when wiring etc. is not made optimal.
  3. Value expressed in Amphours is not a current rating, but capacity. While higher battery capacity usually means higher current rating, there is no direct relation between both. As a bright example - you can have a 3500 mAh, 18650 cell that is rated for 8 Amps of continuous discharge (Samsung 35E @ 30°C), you can have 5000 mAh, 21700 cell that is only rated for 7 Amps (LG M50T @ 30 °C). I've been repeating this many times, I'll repeat it once again. 21700 cells are in no way superior to 18650. It's just a different form factor. Like a Pepsi Cola in 0,5 litre bottle and the same Pepsi in 2,5
  4. Tomorrow I plan to push next EUC World release to Google Play. It also includes some improvements to Sherman that should improve compatibility. Anyway, there were some firmware versions that sent corrupted data over BT. Anyway, I will be still tracking all issues and try to find a fixes for it.
  5. Of course it does EUC World not only supports firmware upgrades, but it also allows you to downgrade firmware. So you can test new firmware and if you don't like it, you can easily revert back to last used firmware. More, with EUC World you don't risk bricking your wheel as it often happens with KS app.
  6. If some battery options are disabled this means: wheel is not connected, or tour recording is active, or data logging (CSV) is active. White ("day") theme is planned for release next after 2.4.
  7. No worry, I don't get you wrong I just think that each opinion matters and maybe there is something I missed but could be useful for other users. I love to get positive feedback (who doesn't? ), but I especially value input that shows me areas I could improve something. I know that by looking at the tour map in EUC World application , tour recording seems to be simple - just a small map of most recent tour and set of buttons to operate it. But all the power is on the EUC World website part. Better map, detailed EUC data chart, photos, ride stats etc. Soon a social features will come. Of
  8. What features EUC World is lacking in your opinion? Would love to get some input and suggestions, so I can improve EUC World also in this regard It's worth to add that EUC World account may be linked with Relive, so for example you can get Relive video created from EUC World tour.
  9. In short - all three apps are wrong, and all three apps are right at the same moment. I'll be repeating like mantra - there is no such thing like reliable battery level indication in Gotway/Begode wheels. Battery level can only be determined by constantly measuring energy flowing in and out of the battery. Even then resulting value will contain some error. What we see as a battery level is just a rough approximation derived from battery level. And the algorithm used to make this approximation differs from app to app. While I can't speak for other apps, EUC World may use two builtin algori
  10. Seba

    EyeRide HUD

    Ok, so for now integration of EyeRide HUD with EUC World is put on hold. The main cause isn't EyeRide deficiences, but Google delaying publication of Android Auto SDK. For now there is no supported way of developing AA-enabled apps for independent developers like me.
  11. You can get it for 38 EUR here - https://www.smartissima.it/tp-link-presa-smart-hs110.html.
  12. You won't get tiltback in overlean condition, as there is no torque available to tilt you back. Yes. And if KS wheel will send inverter load as a 101, safety margin will be a negative value and this is intended behaviour. I intentionally didn't capped safety margin in 0..100 % range, to account for possible +100 % load values. Still, we don't know what exactly is that "load" value. It's possible that it's not raw PWM value as we think, but something like calculated load value, only derived from PWM. Of course there is also possibility that there was some glitch in communication
  13. Seba

    EyeRide HUD

    I know Raptor eyeglasses. This is very interesting platform, especially that there is a development kit coming that would allow developers to use these glasses in custom projects. Ufortunately, price tag is killing - I don't think that many people willing to pay over 700 EUR for it.
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