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  1. AVAS pack is basically a ZIP file, so you can do following: Download AVAS pack to a desktop computer from https://euc.world/library Change its extension from .avaspack to .zip Unzip content to some folder Change WAV files according to your needs, keeping their names intact Create new ZIP archive and change its extension drom .zip to .avaspack Save it to your mobile device, then open AVAS pack with EUC World (using file browser) Don't forget to keep WAV format unchanged (codec, sampling frequency etc.). Not all WAVs will work equally well with AVAS.
  2. It may be a good idea. I will check it and if it will work, I'll add to the app
  3. Numbers I posted are just averages. While it may represent some kind of "undefined majority", I would refrain from pulling anything from these values for now. I plan to create detailed statistical analysis that will be much more helpful in determining our habits, preferences, riding style etc. So please guys, calm down and wait patiently
  4. For sure EUC World database is far from being a great data source for reliable scientific research. Still, it's the largest and most useful database allowing us to learn more about how we ride. I don't agree that recording or not recording a tour skews the data. Definitely I don't agree that people that records tours are "the older and slower riders". There is no such relation. I would rather say that this kind of riders doesn't use EUC World. Still, I don't have any data that could support this claim. From my experience, many EUC World users have set automatic tour recording. More, many "fas
  5. Actually, I just made a quick query to EUC World database and here are the current results: average distance of single tour is 10.3 km / 6.4 mi average riding speed is 15.9 km/h / 10 mph average tour duration is 1 h 4 min As EUC World database has grown over last year (over 4 000 000 km / 2 500 000 mi, over 400 000 of tours), I think it's a good idea to create updated and more detailed, statistical report from EUC World that could put some light on our community's riding habits.
  6. Fast acting are required for MOSFET protection. Still, they are not that fast
  7. You can get 30 A SMD fuses at Farnell: https://at.farnell.com/bel-fuse/0685h9300-01/fuse-smd-30a-fast-acting-1206/dp/2848603
  8. If anyone is experiencing problems with EUC World website, clearing browser cache should help - https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/32050?hl=en-GB&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid
  9. There must be a reason that Samsung dropped Tizen and chose Wear OS for his new, flagship smartwatch. For me it's great decision, as development for Tizen is a nightmare.
  10. It's already on my to-to list, and will be implemented in next EUC World release In general, next EUC World release will contain major improvements to AVAS. On one side it will simplify using AVAS, including easy switching between sound packs. From other size, it will allow advanced users to create more advanced sounds, including exporting sound packs. It will also include more options, like speed-dependent, fixed-pitch but variable volume sound.
  11. As I've finally pushed Wear OS app, I'll have some spare time to work on bridge mode on EUC World side
  12. Have you tried to clear browser cache? Recently there was a upgrade to the website. If your browser keep old JavaScript files, it may mess some things.
  13. Please clear browser cache and try again. I've checked Google Chrome (both on desktop and mobile) and Microsoft Edge and everything worked as expected.
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