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  1. Seba

    KS-18L charger plug polarity

    Ok, back home and checked - center pin is not connected, internal contact is negative, external is positive. This is contrary to what may be considered a standard, that exposed contact is negative. This is also why Inmotion charger won't work, despite of matching voltage and connector.
  2. Hi, what is the polarity of KS-18L charger plug? Outside contacts are positive or negative? I don't have charger with me, so I can't verify with multimeter.
  3. Seba

    MPGe of EUCs

    I've already did it. Discharged the wheel to such extent that it shown 0% of charge even during trolleying and eventually tilted back 45°. Then connected charger to power meter and charged wheel overnight. Next day morning, when power consumption dropped to about 6 watts, I checked total energy consumed and it was 1.02 kWh.
  4. Seba

    MPGe of EUCs

    Ok, I've made some calculations that are valid for me. I'm located in Poland and have dual energy tariff. Electricity costs me: High tariff - 0.5711 PLN (0.13 EUR, 0.15 USD) per 1 kWh Low tariff - 0.2639 PLN (0.06 EUR, 0.07 USD) per 1 kWh Low tariff is effective during weekends, holidays and off-peak (22:00-06:00 and 13:00-15:00). I charge mostly overnight, so mainly use low tariff with my KS18L. It's best to assume that I get 55 km from single charge of 1036 Wh King Song KS-18L. It's proven range, measured with GPS during normal, non-conservative rides with mean speed > 20 km/h. This gives me 18.9 Wh/km. Adding 20% for charging losses gives 22.6 Wh/km. How it relates to costs of electricity? High tariff - 1.29 PLN (0.30 EUR, 0.35 USD) per 100 km Low tariff - 0.60 PLN (0.14 EUR, 0.16 USD) per 100 km In Poland diesel is most popular and it costs about 5.10 PLN (1.19 EUR, 1.37 USD). Gasoline is only slightly cheaper. Taking all above into final equation I get following results: High tariff - 395 km per liter of diesel → 0.25 l per 100 km → 918 MPG of diesel Low tariff - 850 km per liter of diesel → 0.12 l per 100 km → 1999 MPG of diesel
  5. Seba

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    It's also available for preorder here - https://eunicycles.eu/en/18-inch-wheels/107-ks18xl.html - for about 2300 EUR including preorder discount (valid till 20.10.2018).
  6. Seba

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    And it's interesting that speed is reported correctly, with negligible error. So I don't understand why mileage is wrong by as much as 25%... 60km from 1036Wh battery gives us quite good 17Wh/km. With 1554Wh battery it's safe to say that it will be able to get more than simple +50% of additional range, because we have to take into account one important factor - cell discharge rate. Now we have a 20S4P battery, but in KS18LX it's expanded to 20S6P. While motor load will remain unchanged, cell discharge rate will decrease by 50%, so effective battery capacity will be higher giving another few kilometers of range. So I expect KS18LX to have nearly 100 km of true range
  7. Seba

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    It's also important to distinguish if this 80 km was reported by wheel or measured with GPS. KS18L exaggerates the distance traveled by about 25 percent, so 80 km reported by KS app is actually only ~65km. I get 55 - 65 km of real distance on single charge (80kg pax + 10kg carry).
  8. Seba

    KS 16s first crash

    It would be a good idea to take a deeper look into the internals - check battery and motor connectors, cabling, fuse socket, control board etc. Another thing worth to consider - to turn voice warnings on, as they may be more descriptive than just beeps. I know that voice warnings may be annoying (famous "Hello King Song"), but in this particular situation they are more helpful, because... beep is a beep. With a voice warning there is a clear difference between "Please decelerate" and "Be caution, overpower" or "Your device is low on battery". Let's assume there is battery problem (say one cell is dead). Under higher load battery voltage will drop abruptly and significantly, so wheel may start to beep not because of high speed (what you probably expect), but because of dangerously low battery level. Consequently, it may overlean causing you to faceplant. Another cause may be a faulty capacitor (or just a broken leg, cold joint etc.). Similar thing - under load spike there may be a voltage drop... There may be much more causes, but what I would advise you is to turn on voice warnings. They will give you a distinct informations - you will instantly know if you are over speed limit, or your battery is low or if you are about to overlean...
  9. King Song has own problems with KS18L - wheel lock when trolleying and white lamp beam intensity degradation. However with 1.11 firmware they at least managed the lock problem, so you don't have to carry a screwdriver with you to disconnect batteries; wheel just turns off when lock is detected. They also resolved the problem with lamp overheating - King Song now sends replacement lamp boards to their distributors. New board is made with aluminium substrate that allows to better heat dissipation. Otherwise it's rock solid wheel, I've already made over 1500 km, about 300 km in more or less rough terrain - KS 18L proved to be a stable yet agile and mighty wheel. It also proved to be weatherproof - I rode it for a dozen of kilometers in heavy rain and over many water puddles - without any problems then and now. I've heard that Inmotion had problems with waterproofing their V10s... So both KS18L and V10 were not free from early manufacturing problems.
  10. Seba

    Actual KS18L range for heavy rider

    My experiences are completely different. I've made over 1500 km on my KS18L and never reached even 70 km on a single charge. I am 80 kg plus another 10 kg of gear in my backpack - still less than 95 kg in total. When limiting speed to about 20 km I can get about 65 km on a single charge in similar conditions. Riding faster and more aggresively I can go past 55 km. In every case I drain the battery to almost 0%. Less than 12Wh per kilometer? For me it's hard to believe, but will have to try to finally bust it... or confirm
  11. Seba


    No gimbal is needed with 360 camera and this is one of its great advantage over regular camera This is because it gets the whole sphere, so you can stabilize the footage in post production. I have GoPro 6 with gimbal and it still doesn't stabilize well when riding EUC. In regard to GoPro Fusion, I have to say that this is a great camera, but GoPro Fusion Studio app is a piece of shit. I had to use older 1.1 version, because 1.2 hangs while starting to render. Seems I'm not alone with such opinion about GoPro software.
  12. Seba

    KS-18L + Noob - what to consider?

    Start learning with "Medium" mode. In fact, with 18" wheel you need it to be more responsive. Such a big wheel is bulky and sluggish, and this is what doesn't help when taking first steps. What is the most difficult with 18" wheel is to maintain stability at slow speeds. This is why it may be harder to learn how to step on the wheel and accelerate, or decelerate and step off. But finally you'll get it :-) Just don't give up, you can do that! Just give yourself time; be patient and determined. And don't try to squeeze the whole learning path in one day.
  13. Seba

    KS-18L + Noob - what to consider?

    You can see how GoPro Fusion works and how agile KS18L is Sometimes I feel that KS18L can make the same sharp turns as KS16C. Still, KS16C accelerates and decelerates much better. Anyway, KS18L is better in overall and that's why I use it as my only every day wheel - for commuting, long-range touring and offroading.
  14. Seba

    KS18L - max. charging current

    News are coming Charger connectors are connected in paralell, and only two 18AWG wires are going to the controller board. So we can assume that charging current cannot exceed 7A. This is the limit imposed by wires, and 7A equals to 0.5C for whole EUC (there are two battery packs, 7Ah each).
  15. Seba

    KS18L - white lamp failure

    No, I used professional SMD rework station. Radiator is already on this board, but on the opposite side (invisible on this photo). The problem is with limited thermal conduction of the board, so even with radiator it's impossible to dissipate all the heat that diode generates. This is why KS switched from FR-4 (glass/epoxy laminate) to aluminium in new boards.