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  1. Seba

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    My KS16C with 1.25 firmware also adds about 24% to distance. 37,3 km measured with GPS is reported as 46,2 km by the wheel. And this error is consistent across all the logs I've made during my rides.
  2. Seba

    Wheel Log Viewer

    There was a compatibility issue with older format of CSV files. Seems that some versions/variants of WheelLog app saved distance in kilometers rather than meters. Now viewer should display trip distance correctly. Also, there was "temperature" field instead of "battery_temp" and "system_temp". This prevented viewer from working at all... This is also fixed.
  3. Seba

    Wheel Log Viewer

    Good idea. Added to "to-do-list"
  4. Seba

    Wheel Log Viewer

    Hi, for anyone interested - about two weeks ago I started to develop web application, that helps to view and analyze CSV log files created by WheelLog application. It's still in "early alpha" version, but I think it's usable enough to make it available to other EUC riders. You can access it at http://wheellogviewer.net As I mentioned, it is still under active development. I will be happy if you test and report any problems; feature requests are also welcome Of course there are some features planned already: Displaying terrain profile of your ride. Time and distance of min & max value occurence. Speed in mph, temperature in Fahrenheit. Now speed and distance is taken from wheel data. It's not accurate, so when location data is available, location distance and speed will be displayed. For now Wheel Log Viewer has been only tested with logs taken when riding KS-16C and fairly new WheelLog app (I've built it from source). So there is no tilt & roll data and "battery_temp" is used as a "Temperature". I'll be happy if someone could send me a log samples from different wheels - info@wheellogviewer.net - please include detailed informations about your wheel make, model, firmware version and WheelLog app version. Some tips: enable "Log location" and "Use GPS for location" in Wheellog's "Log Settings" by default all plots are displayed on chart; you can hide some plots by clicking corresponding legend entry. I hope that my work will be a valuable contribution to whole EUC community. Enjoy!
  5. Yesterday I've been able to ride about 27 km without a break (other than waiting for green lights). When arrived home, I felt that I could easily ride another few kilometers more. And I did it with just about 200 km of total experience. So I think it all depends on how relaxed you are, because I remember how tired I was after riding just few kilometers when I was just beginning to learn ride my wheel. So just relax, enjoy you ride... and don't forget to return home before your battery gets discharged ;-)