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  1. I think this shouldn't be a major problem, as according to EUC World, there is quite noticeable EUC riders activity near Lisbon
  2. Thank you guys for encouraging and supporting words . With users like you, my motivation will certainly not diminish I'd love to add such feature, but the problem is that information about activation of 80% alarm is not transferred by the wheel to the app. In general, Gotway/Begode wheels use very primitive communication protocol.
  3. No, as @Chriull already stated, it's impossible. There is a protection in wheel firmware that doesn't allow to lock the wheel during a ride. In addition, EUC World has its own protection measure that prevents issuing a wheel lock command when speed is at or above 2 km/h. The same applies to wheel/motor off command etc. It's Clairette - a "girl" that is good in blaming other people for her own faults: What is interesting, you can read in user details that she owns Nikola+. But Nikola (as any other Gotway) doesn't even allow for locking/unlocking from the app... No, keep it
  4. My Dears, it was brought to my attention yesterday that there have been quite a few negative reviews of the EUC World app on Google Play. I'll honestly admit that I haven't taken the time to follow these reviews until now. Recently, not counting professional work and family, the remaining time I devote largely to the development of the EUC World project. This means not only preparing a new release of the application, but also a lot of changes on the EUC World website. I am convinced that you will be very pleased with what I am preparing for you. But let me get back to the point. Look
  5. Thankyou very much I'm currently improving library and will also add easy library access directly from app AVAS menu, so using AVAS will be much easier for anyone. I will also add AVAS soundpack export option.
  6. Next Song/Previous Song/Volume Up/Volume Down quick actions are used to control King Song multimedia USB player. They are not intended to control media playback on mobile device. Anyway, I plan to add another set of quick actions that could control apps like Spotify.
  7. I'm always cautious when it comes to these kinds of Chinese devices, but the specs on this watch look good. Of course, without testing it's hard to say anything. A lot depends on how heavily modified Android OS is installed there.
  8. It's already under development, along with website translation. There will be a small header at the top of every page, just above logo and menu. There will be support contact, link to FAQ page and language selection.
  9. EUC World doesn't use any "codes" and never asks for phone number. Are you sure you're writing about EUC World and not other app? Some OEM apps like King Song use the sign up method with codes sent to user phone. EUC World uses emails only.
  10. Thank you Timelapse is possible, but entire heatmap feature is very resource-consuming on the server side and puts substantial load on database server. So while I plan to build such a timelapses for all users in one movie, personal timelapse may be problematic. But I'll try to find some solution as this is very interesting feature that many users would love to have. It's already in development I plan to add "light theme" in one of the next two updates. Custom profiles for most important settings are on my "todo" list. I still have to figure out the best way to implement it in
  11. A short video from a test run of fire suppression system: This was initiated manually from control panel. This test proved design assumptions - water spray discharge at ~20 liters per minute under water supply of about 2.2 bar (1.5 bar at sprinkler line)
  12. Charge Doctor and Chargeman are two different things. While apparently Charge Doctor seller went out of business, Chargeman is still an active product sold by eunicycles.eu. But as @Chriull wrote, to make use of two chargers to you just need simple splitter.
  13. By the way, screenshots above show a perfectly balanced battery of a brand new Z10
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