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  1. I think so, but it also depends on electronics. There is so-called ideal diode circuit between charging ports and battery. In KS-18L/XL it is rated to 10 amps (but I suggest to limit charging current to 9 amps or even less, due to risk of overheating this circuit). I don't know if the same circuit is used in KS-16X, but probably is. The best way to check is to remove mainboard cover, connect charger and use thermal camera to check if any part of mainboard doesn't get hotter than 100 °C. Then limit charging current to a value that allows to maintain this temperature.
  2. Yes and I will post details about this modification soon. 5 amps is a "standard" among fast chargers, as this is quite safe and universal value for most of the EUCs. However KS-18L/XL can be charged with currents up to 10 amps without any significant impact on battery life.
  3. It's matter of fitness and body preparation - it comes with time and experience. As you'll ride, you will get used to riding with backpack. Just make a small steps and ride regularly.
  4. I use Electrony C1000 (http://www.electrony.cn/index.php/en/products-4/c1000-900watts-charger) with some custom modifications like adjustable current limit, detachable charging cable and charging parameters monitoring:
  5. Yes, I use both charging ports as each is rated for 5 amps only.
  6. Hello, I did it! My new personal best of single, daily ride - 214 kilometrs (133 miles) on King Song KS-18XL. Of course I had to charge my battery three times during my trip. Started at 8:30 AM and finished at 9:45 PM. 13 hours in total, almost 9 hours riding. It was epic adventure and great experience, but far from being easy. During my ride I charged my wheel with 9 amps. Most of the time I maintained 25 km/h (15 mph). KS-18XL performed well, without a single glitch. Detailed record is available at https://euc.world/tour/577799012031245 And here are examples of road types & surface I succesfully ridden with KS-18XL:
  7. Great! It's a very good to start from shorter daily distances, so your body can get used to ride. Think about getting custom-fitted insoles (search for nearby ski bootfitting services) and try shoes with hard, possibly flat soles. And with each long ride you will become more and more fit for longer rides When I started on my KS-18L, making a 60 km trip was a big thing. Few days ago I did 214 km in one day and the only limiting factor was lack of time and daylight... https://euc.world/tour/577799012031245 I wish you to be safe and enjoy your rides. As I said - it's addictive and MEGA ENJOYABLE! And it's always a challenge you want to complete and win. With yourself.
  8. https://najednymkole.pl/en/headlight-in-unicycle/
  9. I can recommend this - https://www.decathlon.de/p/pannen-reparaturspray-fur-fahrradreifen-mit-presta-oder-schrader-ventil/_/R-p-119?mc=1278315. It's cheap, seals & inflate and it really works. Used it several times (in EUC and in a bike) and always worked. It's light and small, so there is no problem to carry it in a backpack. Of course won't seal larger holes or sidewall holes, but Slime won't also. After use, I have never did anything more with the tire/tube. Just inflated tire to nominal pressure on nearest gas station and that's all. I got snake bite on my KS-16 last winter and it still keeps the pressure as for now.
  10. I can confirm that WheelLog "average riding speed" math is flawed. I know this issue, found a solution and will fix it in next WL release.
  11. It's just impossible to obtain 0 % at zero range remaining, because it vary with load as much as 10 % (and sometimes more). Play store version is no different, it also shows lower percentage than OEM app.
  12. This is why there are two flavours of WheelLog and anyone can use what fits better their needs and preferences. Euc.world WheelLog was specially developed for long-distance riders, just like me. However it's still universal application and has many features that may suit needs of majority of the riders, Play store version may be preferred by some users and this is why I plan to rename my version so it will be able to have both apps
  13. Every application uses its own algorithm to calculate battery level percentage. Most OEM apps just linearly convert battery voltage to battery percentage. As LiIon discharge characteristic is not linear, obtained percentage will be unreliable especially below 20 % of charge. Many users think about battery level like it would be a fuel gauge and complains that even if they still have 15 % of battery, EUC slows down, starts to tiltback and soon become unrideable. So WheelLog use more reliable scale to mimic car's fuel gauge. Now you can safely go down to zero and you should still have few miles of margin to ride before wheel become unrideable. So I would say that battery charge shown by OEM apps is not correct if it shows that there is some charge left in battery, but cannot be used to ride. Of course Nikola is a new wheel and it may be needed to adapt WheelLog's algorithm to this wheel, but it need more feedback from users.
  14. Tour segments are still something to be done and it's quite complicated. This is already implemented in WheelLog, but it still needs also to be implemented on the server side. Work is in progress.
  15. Yes, data privacy settings will only be applied to viewers. Tour owner will always see everything. Yes. And I will add two levels of "pause". In addition to current "pause" behaviour one will be able to "hold" tour recording. So both GPS and euc.world synchronization will be disabled. Wheel power can be derived from current and voltage, so it's just safe to remove all graphs. They are useful only when there are complete telemetry data. IMO keeping just terrain profile, battery charge and temperature doesn't make sense as there are no meaningful relations between them. Displaying just map with solid green path will be more clean and elegant. Thank you However I think you're too optimistic. And I don't mean that "giant tech company", I mean EUC popularity explosion
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