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  1. Seba

    Bluetooth problems

    I suspect it's the case.
  2. KS Wheel is a brand name of King Song wheels manufactured for domestic, Chinese market. Domestic versions of KS are often sold by various Chinese sellers via AliExpress, BangGood etc. as King Song. They are much cheaper, but are not covered by any real warranty, are not supported by King Song and international King Song dealers. They are also only partially supported by EUC World and DarknessBot due to licensing restrictions imposed by King Song. More details here:
  3. Open EUC World app. Open settings by tapping at three dots icon in the top right part of screen. Tap Tour tracking settings. Open Tour visibility and select Visible to anyone. Remember - if you have enabled Start tour when wheel is connected, tour will be always tracked in private mode regardless of tour visibility setting. So if you want to make your tour public, uncheck Start tour when wheel is connected and start tour tracking manually. At any time later you can change your tour visibility on euc.world website.
  4. I think @Unventor meant this switch when he talked about the digital sensor. Actually, old sensor was analog It was just a tensometer, which outputted analog signal. Due to design error, it was unreliable however good mechanical calibration helped a lot. Starting from 2.0 firmware there is no longer lift sensor calibration manual procedure (using app). New firmware performs automatic calibration.
  5. Privacy masking is an option that is already under development. It should be finally available in March.
  6. It's normal. This section shows last data or data under the pointer when you move your mouse/tap your finger at the graph/over the tour path. It's normal that if you first turn your wheel off and then stop CSV logging or tour tracking, last data won't be available (so displayed as -).
  7. Hahaha, this is great! Such vision of Poland is mainly created thanks to our right-hand, conservative politicians from currently ruling party, but it doesn't apply to Poles as a nation I always invite people to visit Poland, as such a visit is always a big pleasure to both parties - invited guest and me as a host. This is also why I love to travel and visit different regions and countries. There is always difference between what I've seen in TV and what I really experience.
  8. This article (https://www.aidic.it/cet/18/67/122.pdf) states that water and foam are the most effective distinguishing agents in case of large LiIon battery fire.
  9. I didn't even think about it But as you wrote about T-shirts... I thought to myself that I miss one pair of socks describing my different passions. I already have a bicyclist socks, I also have electronic/software guy socks... Now it's time for the EUCist socks! You shouldn't stop, some jokes about Poles are much more funny than the ones about blondes You should also learn one universal Polish word - "Kurwa". I don't know why, but this is one of the most recognized Polish words by other nations... While formally it's a bad word, it's used in a variety of different contexts and meanings, making it a most universal Polish word
  10. What's worth to add is that many so-called "GPS receivers" embedded in modern phones are in fact multi-constellation receivers, fusing location data obtained from several systems - US GPS, European Galileo, Russian GLONASS and Chinese BaiDou. In addition, they are able to receive special corrections from systems like WAAS and EGNOS that helps to obtain more accurate location. Actually both apps received GPS data. The only difference is that Relive is buffering data that can't be sent to the server at the time (due to cell signal loss or network connectivity issues). I plan to rework entire tour tracking feature as soon as I finish and publish Samsung Tizen app, as I'm also one of affected users ;-) As I plan for +2000 km expedition this June, I need reliable tour tracking to show up live for my family, friends and entire community. As I will ride in areas of poor cellular connectivity, I need buffering to be working before I start. CSV icon already changes it's color after you start logging. Starting with 1.0.8 there will be additional voice prompt to confirm when logging is started or finished. You will be also able to start and finish logging with Flic button, smartwatch button/screen tap or just phone main screen tap. As a beta tester you should already know that entire KS app functionality has been added in 1.0.6 that was released over a month ago... We're currently working on 1.0.8 to be released at the end of this or at the beginning of next week.
  11. Yes, it may resolve problem with irregular data connectivity on area where you're riding. I plan to improve online tour tracking so it will be able to work bot with and without data connectivity, but it needs some more work.
  12. It's not GPS signal problem but most probably cellular signal problem. When riding in mountain areas or other places with intermittent cellular data connection it's better to log data to CSV and then create tours offline. Currently EUC World doesn't habe data buffering, so any loss of Internet connectivity will cause some path points to be lost.
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