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  1. Seba

    EUC World app help

    Because EUC World is using system themes, you should be able to change it by changing your Android display settings. But I will note your suggestion and will try to improve contrast.
  2. Seba

    EUC World app help

    Thank you Andy I just wanted to note that you need to have voice enabled in EUC World if you want to get sound/speech alarms. If speech is disabled, only vibrations will work.
  3. Seba

    EUC World app help

    Because EUC World allows you to set up two independent alarms: Wheel alarms that are managed by wheel mainboard and will sound through internal buzzer. Application alarms that are managed by EUC World and that will make your phone to vibrate and if you're useing compatible watch, it will vibrate too. If you'll enable speech in EUC World, alarms will also sound through phone speaker or over connected Bluetooth audio device (EUC builting BT speakers for example). Wheel alarms will work regardless of app running or not, so in theory they are more reliable. The problem with buzzer is that as you ride faster, beeps will be gone in the wind noise. EUC World alarms may sound thru your earbuds or EUC speakers and will be much louder. The best solution is to mix both and set it in a synchronized way. For example my setup is: KS-18XL wheel alarms: 1st is off, 2nd is set to 34 km/h, 3rt is set to 37 km/h, tiltback is set to 40 km/h. At the same time I have EUC World speed lowest priority alarm set to 31 km/h with prealarm option enabled, medium priority alarm set to 34 km/h (so it will work in sync with 2nd EUC alarm) and highest priority alarm set to 37 km/h (so it will work in sync with 3rd EUC alarm). Voltage-dependent alarm option is disabled. Please note that if you want to
  4. In times of epidemics it is normal, even in Poland - this is called social distancing!
  5. That's right. Recently @Archee Jan Bloch did 510 km in less than two days. At the time of Archee's ride it was public in EUC World, so I remember it was almost a "ride-charge-repeat" challenge with only short periods of resting. IIRC he made almost 280 km during less than 24 hours. Anyway, 235 km that @andress did in 24 hours is still a really great achievement that only a few riders accomplished to date
  6. Unofrtunately EUC World doesn't support Inmotion V8F yet. While it connects partially, there is no full communication. I should get V8F soon so I will be able to resolve this problem.
  7. Ok, now it's clear. I've set up a firmware recovery process for you. To give it a try, please follow instructions: Ensure your mobile device is connected to the Internet and you're signed in (in EUC World app). Press power button as you would do normally to turn on your wheel. In EUC World app tap on Bluetooth icon to start device discovery. After your wheel will show up on discovered devices list, tap on it. Tap OK on password dialog. Wait for connection to be estabilished. If everything is OK, EUC World will start recovery process by downloading firmware and installing it. Please let me know about the results. I hope this will work for you and you won't have to replace the entire board.
  8. Are sure your EUC is KS-14S and not KS-14D, according to the Bluetooth name? This is important. If you're sure for 100% that your wheel is KS-14S, then there is no problem. But if your wheel is KS-14D, then I need to now if it is using older (KS-14D) or newer (unified KS-14SMD) mainboard.
  9. Please send me PM with your EUC World username or email, wheel serial number and Bluetooth address. Serial number is printed on a silver sticker attached to the pedal. Bluetooth address can be determined in a following way: Start EUC World application. Press power button as you would do normally to turn on your wheel. In EUC World app tap on Bluetooth icon to start device discovery. If your wheel is powered on, it should appear on a list with name starting as KS-14... or something similar. Below this name there will be Bluetooth address written in smaller font. Please write down carefully this address and send it along with your wheel serial number and your EUC World username. If wheel is bricked by failed update, it should turn on normally, but you won't get any visible or audible cues. To turn it off, please press and hold power button for several seconds until you hear long beep. Wheel will then turn off.
  10. Most probably you have a wheel that is manufactured for Chinese market. KS wheels that are sold for domestic, Chinese market have limited support in EUC World and DarknessBot.
  11. As I wrote, I don't give up the idea. Actually, I already backed this campaign and hope to get EyeRide HUD when it will be released. I originally assumed that I would work on introducing EyeRide HUD support as soon as possible so that it would be available to all EyeRide HUD owners when they receive their devices. Apparently, however, the manufacturer did not foresee that the developers of software for EyeRide HUD should receive their development devices earlier. This means that any work can only start after the holidays. For now the priority will be to improve Inmotion wheel support and tour tracking & data logging (that will reliably work in areas of no network coverage or on devices without 3G/4G).
  12. I would like to inform that adding of EyeRide HUD support to the EUC World application has been postponed for an indefinite future. This does not mean that I am giving up the idea. However, it has met with moderate interest, which does not justify undertaking work in this area for now. I also had the impression that the manufacturer of EyeRide HUD isn't particularly interested in introducing support for its product into the EUC World app.
  13. I'm using current-regulated fast charger that is capable of charging with currents up to 10 A. However, I try not to exceed 9 A and this is specific to KS-18XL. Every wheel has its own charging current limit that should not be exceeded. Charging with 9 A means that every hour adds 650 Wh of charge (average value for a 84 V wheel). This equals to about 35 km of additional range.
  14. CSV logs are meant to be the most detailed and precise data source for any forensics you would need. This is why they are so big, especially if you are riding often and for longer time. Soon entire tour tracking and CSV logging feature will be completely rewritten and vastly improved, so there will be no more problems with CSV logs clogging device storage.
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