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  1. Seba

    120 km on KS-18XL

    I did it! I rode 122 km (according to the GPS, wheel reported almost 150 km) during 5 hrs and 17 minutes, plus 2 hrs and 20 mins for rest and charge. Weather was exceptional as for a half of February. Now I'm eager for more!!!
  2. Seba

    120 km on KS-18XL

    With your XL you can do it easily. And I'm pretty sure that with the spring just behind the corner you'll be tempted more and more often by the challenge of a long expedition And this is a challenge I wish you to succeed! I will keep my fingers crossed for your plan and its success. DC to the southest part of Florida - over 2 000 km on an EUC. Cool!
  3. Seba

    120 km on KS-18XL

    Max total charging current is 10 Amps for KS-18L and for KS-18XL. It would be also impractical to carry two chargers in backpack - each brick is 2 kgs and 21x10x7 cm in size. One 10 Amps will be enough Exactly. When during ride I will charge the wheel with high current (up to but not always 10 Amps) to shorten charging, but when charging overnight I will use small current of about 2 Amps.
  4. Seba

    120 km on KS-18XL

    164 km is really really a big challenge - respect! I found the most limiting factor is the charging process. Until recently I though that 6 Amps charger will be OK, but after my last rides I'm not fully satisfied. 6 amps is about 20 km per each hour of charging. It's safe to assume that KS-18XL have 80 km of usable range (not including struggling with throttling, ugly beeps/messages and tiltbacks during remaining 10 kms). I've just ordered 10 Amp charger to further shorten the charging time, so I can spend more daytime on riding
  5. Seba

    V10F • What is your average and high speed?

    I would say it was step ahead.
  6. Seba

    120 km on KS-18XL

    Dear friends, I've been testing the KS-18XL recently, which I bought with the longest rides in mind. In June I'm planning a trip during which I'm going to go from the north to the south of Poland - to the border with Slovakia. In total, I will ride for over 750 km, making about 110 km per day. Before this will happen, I have to get to know this wheel as much as possible to avoid "surprises" later on. In the first of my tests I drove about 77 km on one charge. Low ambient temperature (about 2-3 °C) was the factor that naturally limited the maximum range of the wheel. Last Sunday I made another range test, during which I rode about 67 km, including a charging stop for about half an hour. This time I had to struggle with a strong front wind and I still kept the speed of 30 - 35 km/h. So significantly lowered range shouldn't be surprise to anyone. This Saturday the weather is supposed to be very favorable - definitely spring is near Forecasts predicts a sunny day with temperatures about 10-11 °C and relatively weak wind from west. I couldn't miss that opportunity, so I planned another test ride - this time it will be about 120 km long. It will be my longest single ride to date on an EUC. Of course, at least one longer stop for recharging will be a must. This time I'm going to ride with the wind, I'm also going to go a bit slower - about 30 km/h. I'm very curious how it will impact the range. You will be able to follow my journey live on the map - https://najednymkole.pl/en/on-tour/ - now it shows my last Sunday ride. Start is planned at about 9:00 CET (+1 GMT) on 16 February from railway station at Slupsk. I will be heading to Gdansk. Keep your fingers crossed!
  7. Seba

    Mobile app

    Sadly, the design of light sensor in KS is totally flawed Both in terms of sensor location and software realization. Turning the headlamp off by lights of ongoing traffic makes us less visible to this traffic. Also it makes us not seeing the road/terrain ahead. Second, there is no delay in control alghoritm to prevent from turning light off when the sensor is lit by streetlights or cars. I hope that KS software developers will improve the software in this area, so the light sensor of KS-18L/XL will work in a way similar to light sensor in cars.
  8. I'm happy that currently in Poland EUC legal status is not yet defined and general rules are very liberal. People riding on EUCs are classified as pedestrians. In theory EUCs (just like electric scooters) are not permitted to ride on cycle ways, however there is general approval to do so (something like "Gedogen" in Netherlands). Of course there is legislative initative to move EUCs and all other personal transportation devices to cycle ways, allowing them to use sidewalks in case of no cycle way is available. It's correct direction from my standpoint. In my hometown of Gdansk, a city bike system is currently being implemented. It is unique in that it will be Europe's largest system based solely on electric bicycles. At the same time, prices will be extremely attractive. As you can imagine it will attract many people to use them. Probably this is the reason why Lime probably withdrew from the idea of introducing his scooters for rent to Gdansk. So if there will be any concerns due to cyclists reckless behaviour, they will be linked to bicycles. As a result, there is a chance that possible restrictions will not apply EUC users.
  9. Seba

    Z10 or 18XL?

    18XL is a great wheel for both short and long trips. Powerful, comfortable and fast. Combined with fast charger allows to make a 100 km+ daily trips. At the same time is quite good wheel for city or last-mile use.
  10. Seba

    Suspension shoes

    Well... I have to admit that I'm the conservative guy For me, the shoe should in no way affect the contact of the foot with the pedal, and certainly should not provide any significant cushioning. Bent knees and legs are for maintaining both suspension and control at the same time, so that I can keep full control of the wheel all the time. Of course, slight cushioning is OK, but it's always a some kind of tradeoff between comfort and control. But this is only my opinion, so please don't care...
  11. Seba

    From KS18 to KS16?

    XL soul, XL heart, XL helmet, XL wheel... XLutalo!
  12. Seba

    Bug of lift sensor KS-18L KS-18XL

    You also have a faulty left rear LED strip. So it's a good idea to contact your seller for warranty repair and he will be able to manage boths problems.
  13. Seba

    How do I silence the system beeps my 18XL?

    Waterproof switch is very good idea. However I'm not sure if resistor in series will work, because buzzer used in KS-18 is equipped with internal sound generator. Resistor may cause the buzzer to make a ugly sounds instead of lowering its volume. But for sure it's worth to try
  14. Seba


    Finally I've also joined the "Full Face Helmet Owners Club" with my brand new and yet unscratched Fox Rampage Pro Carbon: '
  15. Seba

    Unicycle storage (holder, dock etc)

    Latest news - trimming pot is installed in standard, 7-segment LED amps/volts meter used in many EUC fast chargers. Sadly, there is no trim pot in this new, "7-in-1" meter with OLED display. I bought two meters to test and make another upgrade of my already upgraded fast charger. First I've checked measurement errors. Current metering path seems be very precise, withing tenths of milliampere. But both showed similar voltage measuremen error, showing 11.8 volts for 12 volts of actual voltage. However it was very easy to solve - I just replaced 10 kohm resistor in the low side of voltage divider with 10 kohm resistor + 1 kohm trim pot in series and voilla! Now it's easy to calibrate the meter and it's really precise and stable. NSo nw I have a complete readout - not only voltage and current, but also charging power and overall charge transferred to the battery. For minor features there is also timer and temperature measurement. If one have a charger with simple, volt/amp meter with LED readout it is very easy to replace with this new one. Dimensions and plastic housing is the same, but there may be different signal order in the smaller, 3-pin connector. Wire colors are unchanged (black is ground, red is meter power and yellow is charger output/measured voltage), so you just need to rearrange the pins in the connector.