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  1. Seba


    How I wash both my King Songs. Now, in winter it is a good method to get rid of salt from roads
  2. Seba

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    I use Schwalbe Mad Mike tire with almost identical tread, which proven to be really outstanding in winter conditions. It not only performs well in pure snow, but literally crushes icy snow. Of course it's noisy and have higher rolling resistance, but it's not a big problem. However I'm not sure if CST tire will be as reliable as Schwalbe. I will show you how to deal with salt... stay tuned, I have to make a short video clip this evening
  3. Seba

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    You can use old axles and old screws. New pedals are secured with one screw, as described below: https://najednymkole.pl/en/how-to-mount-large-pedals-in-king-song-unicycle/ PS. Consider swapping locking springs between new and old pedals; new pedals will work more smothly if you use old, worn springs.
  4. Seba

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    Hmm, I have completely opposite feelings, but I have smaller feet (EU 41) and because of that I use shoes with rather flat and hard soles. Combined with large pedals it gives me much more leverage that before.
  5. Seba

    Really interesting interview

    Wasn't Daniel Wood the first, or at least before Justin and Shane?
  6. Seba

    Really interesting interview

    Choosing right voltage for particular wheel is mainly a design decision, but as a general rule it is better to use higher voltages than higher currents. For example let's say we have a wheel with 1000/2000 W cont/max motor power and we have a 18650 LG MJ1 cells having max discharge current at 10 A as per specs. So to keep current within battery specs we can use 16S4P battery pack with max discharge voltage limited to 3.13 V per cell (0 % level). Ok, but what with slightly more powerful wheel? Let's say we want to make a 1200 / 2400 W motor wheel. If we want to keep the same battery voltage, we have to use another 16 cells and add fifth string (16S5P) what will create some mass assymetry (3S left and 2S right) or will complicate EUC construction (two 2S and one 1S packs evenly distributed or one 5P placed over the wheel making the wheel "top heavy"). But there is better solution - add these 16 cells by 4 per string to create 20S4P battery. In this case we can achieve 2400 W load having perfectly symmetrical battery pack with 0 % voltage set slightly lower, to 3 volts per cell allowing for better capacity usage. So even if we have a two battery packs with same energy capacity, 20S4P is advantageous to 16S5P. Conduction/switching losses are current dependent. So by raising voltage we can lower losses in relation to power. Of course higher voltage is beneficial to some extent only; when going higher and higher inital benefits will be cancelled by new problems - insulation problems, health hazards, legal requirements etc.
  7. We shouldn't forget that @eddiemoy tested new pedals but with old anti-slip pads. IMO it makes a big difference, because with these pads effective area of adhesion is the same like in old pedals. The only gain is more leverage, but feet stability is the same like in old pedals.
  8. Seba

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    I bet you'll love it. They are superior in every aspect to the old ones and the build quality is superb. @Jason McNeil, thank you that you have been so stubborn and won this improvement with King Song
  9. Seba

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    In the link below you'll find my impressions. In short - I'm impressed! https://najednymkole.pl/en/jak-wymienic-pedaly-na-wieksze-w-monocyklu-king-song/
  10. Dear Friends, about a month ago I started to run a blog about electric unicycles. Originally, it was addressed to people from Poland and was intended to popularize EUCs, as they are still very little known in Poland (but gets a lot of attention). I wanted to put some light on EUCs by sharing my knowledge and experience. However, at some point I noticed that the information published there are universal and would be very helpful and useful for people from around the world. That's why I decided to supplement my blog with the automatic translation function - it's a non-commercial project, so I can not afford to translate each article. I hope that the contents contained therein will be understandable and useful: https://najednymkole.pl/en/ I will be very grateful for any comments and suggestions. I realize that not everything can work properly and some translations will be difficult to understand. The original text is written in Polish, which - like every language - has its own specificity and is hard to translate by machine, even using neural networks.
  11. Personally, I'm getting more and more convinced that KS-18L/XL may be a good starter wheel for adults. Definitely KS-18XL it's a good all-round wheel, especially if its weight is not a big problem for the rider.
  12. Here is an article about how to change pedals on King Song unicycle. Originally in Polish, but will autotranslate to English (there are some other languages as well): https://najednymkole.pl/en/jak-wymienic-pedaly-na-wieksze-w-monocyklu-king-song/
  13. Seba

    KingSong 18XL in store.

    It seems that Polish prices are slightly better; KS-18XL with large pedals may be preordered for 2 377,81 € with tax and shipping included (I assume shipping is included only for domestic shipments). Source - https://eunicycles.eu/en/18-inch-wheels/107-ks18xl.html