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  1. Works like a charm, thanks! BTW, I've been meaning to ask you: In the "Fast & Furious" section of the site, is only avg. speed from tours taken into account, or from all riding done? Have a good Sunday!
  2. @Seba Went on tour yesterday using 2.0.30beta and had some auto reconnect issues with the 18XL (had to switch the wheel off in a couple of occasions because of overheating). Strange that this issue appeared out of the blue, it wasn't happening before with this version. Other things I noticed: because of the overheating, I added temperature to the voice messages. Doing so reset the trip counters ... 😢 Was unable to pause the trip on one of my tours (https://euc.world/tour/575859350285312), but I got the impression it was server-related. With voice messages enabled, after tapping on "Finish" (to end a tour), there's a voice message informing that "tour logging has been finished" . There's no text notification in the app though, so if voice messages aren't enabled, users might close it before it's finished sending data to the server. On the plus side, everything else worked great, thanks for all your hard work! Also, I noticed that pictures taken with WheelLog's photo option now show up in my gallery, which they didn't with previous versions. Thanks!
  3. Yaaaaay!!! Sometimes it's the small changes that can make a massive difference Thanks bro!
  4. True. But all things be said, from time to time WheelLog had problems auto-reconnecting when you switch off the wheel, so while your tour parameters may remain untouched, your WheelLog trip data (local vs server-side) may be reseted upon reconnection. At least, that's been my case in a couple of occasions
  5. Yeah, that was my main concern: consistency with OEM beeps, tilt back, etc. I think I'll follow your advice and not add more unnecessary hassle to my already too-busy life No rush. And more importantly, have a good trip!
  6. You make an interesting point on language usage. In journalism, the choice of words is seldom objective. Sometimes it's determined by what most accurately describes the situation, sometimes to highlight a certain fact; and sadly, often with sensationalist, click-bait purposes. Man hit by car aims to stress that a (vulnerable, flesh-and-bones) person was hit bar a very heavy metal box, just like Child run over by school bus is intended to stress size/vulnerability and the gravity of the situation. In Pedestrian hit by drunk driver (like in your example above) the cause of the accident is very clear, and is thus pointed out in the headline. In the case of Pedestrian killed by self-driving car, the choice of words is also fairly obvious. In other instances, a headline such as Pedestrian hit by car can denote that the circumstances of the accident are unclear and it's uncertain whether the driver was at fault. Or it could simply be a hurried journalist giving little thought to the headline. Which category /categories each of these examples fit into (descriptive, highlighting, sensationalist, click-bait, etc) could be debated 'til doomsday, as there are tons of different factors at play, including cultural and societal nuances, background, upbringing, etc., of both the journalist and the beholder (sports-car enthusiast journalist vs anti-car, pro-PEV headline critic). In an ideal world, headlines would read Pedestrian killed by the inattentive driver of a 2-ton SUV, but in our car-centric culture(s), I doubt that would sell/go down well. As someone who's been riding an EUC for less than a year, but driving for over a decade, I'm somewhat on the fence here. On one hand, I feel the stress should be on the driver, as carelessness, inattention and idiotic behaviour (speeding, texting, road rage, etc.) are at the heart of nearly all accidents. On the other hand, the more I ride in urban areas, the more aware I become that, no matter how irresponsible drivers may be, the real threat is the big metal box they're in: stick those same inattentive/reckless morons on a Ninebot mini and they no longer pose such an enormous risk to everyone around them. I have to give it to you, @LanghamP, although your comments often range from bold/provocative/controversial to cryptic (Guess-the-tone/intention), both of those approaches are very effective at catching people's attention and making us think. You've definitely given me pause a number of times, and I reckon you're possibly the main culprit (followed by @Smoother) of my changing attitude towards cars, which is shifting by the day from taking them for granted to becoming increasingly wary of them, and not only as a rider and a pedestrian; I'm also developing a newfound sense of awareness/guilt (environmentally and in terms of the threat I pose to others) and uneasiness when I'm behind the wheel: did I absolutely have to drive? Was there no way of getting there by EUC/public transportation? Am I positive there was no way of hauling this 40 lb load with my 18XL? But seriously...
  7. In Linux, I use XED, which was buddled with my OS (Mint 19 Cinnamon). When opening an XML file, it automatically displays the right mark-up (colour-codes the text). Kate (I believe now it's called Kwriter) is by far my favourite though (Qt app, so bear in mind the tons of dependencies it'll require if you're running a system other than kde--although it might be available as a flatpak).
  8. The comment made no mention of uncollected fortunes in [choose a country] and Marty wasn't asked to provide his bank details
  9. Amen! Only 125 users worldwide and nearly 17.000 km done & the almost 2 metric tonnes of CO2 saved! Euc.world is definitely on its way to becoming the best resource out there for EUC lobbying (as well as user functionality, needless to say)
  10. @SebaEverything is working smoothly for me in 2.0.30beta. Wheel connection is solid, tour recording works well (no problems pausing the tour, which was an issue in 2.0.29, and photo geolocation is spot on ), audio messages working well, wheel distance corrected to -18%for my 18XL-- I noticed that the correction is even applied to the wheel's total mileage, nice touch! I'm considering speed correction too, but not sure how to go about it. Would it be a matter of increasing all speed alarms by 18%, if I want to keep them at the same real-life speed they're currently set to? Still have to try switching off the wheel mid-tour to verify auto reconnect, and haven't tried the "start new segment instead of new tour" option yet (it wasn't working in 2.028 and I can't remember whether it was in 2.0.29). Will get back to you as soon as it stops raining and I can hit the trails again
  11. Most original and discrete way of harvesting poppies I've ever seen! (great pics by the way)
  12. Cool, must be great fun to teach and ride with your sister! BTW, if riding that near water, I'd definitely consider a tether/leash... Wouldn't want those gorgeous Kingsongs falling going for an unexpected dive!
  13. I actually enjoy trying to guess what wheel people are using, but great idea,that would be cool. BTW @Sebait would be cool to be able to check out people's profile, as in click on their name and see all of their publicly shared routes, not only the last one (or is that already possible and my browser has been screwing me over?)
  14. I had the same exact problem. Have you noticed any differences in wheel behaviour since the upgrade? (and callibrating, of course) BTW, @Seba, I recall you having mentioned you were planning on having a multilingual website. If you ever get 'round to it, let me know where to download the text files and I'll happily translate it to Spanish
  15. Yupp, I don't know why the slider goes up to 60,there's no KS wheel out there capable of doing that speed (bearing firmware limitations in mind)
  16. @WernerI get it from time to time that my wheel connects but the readings (including battery) are not are all zero. Switching the wheel off and on and restarting the app (I force close it), a few times if necessary, usually does the trick. And once it's connected, it stays connected. That's my experience at least
  17. I interpreted that as MY personal net income. If it were what's left over after rent + utilities, it would be a very different figure Very good point, I entirely agree. Not entirely irrelevant. In Spain we can get EUC-specific insurance. House-family insurance isn't the same thing: it covers damage/theft of your EUC (generally within a specific radius from your house), but not harm caused to third parties if you have an accident, nor potential hospitalization/litigation costs. Think of it as a car insurance for EUCs. And the question actually was "If it were available", so I think it's a good idea to include it Yeah, I entirely agree. The more people participate in co-developing the survey (and there are some very sharp and experienced minds in this forum), the more thorough and on point it will be, @Serios
  18. I've completed the survey too. @SeriosThere are a couple of repeated questions and a couple that I didn't entirely understand, in the section of things that prevent EUCs from becoming more popular: legal opportunism and human opportunism. I'm not sure what you mean by this. I also think it would be interesting to add a few more questions on use cases: what users mainly use their EUC for (commute to & from work, recreation, as an addition to their car/public transportation or as a replacement, etc.), and how many kms they ride per day or week. I would also be interesting to further explore whether users think EUCs should be regulated, and if so, HOW: where we think we should be allowed to ride (sidewalk, bicycle lanes, road), whether we agree with implementing power or speed limitations, whether we'd prefer a maximum speed limitation and to have the same rights as bicycles, or whether we'd be willing to be put in the same category as internal combustion scooters so we have no top speed limitation (aside from traffic signs), etc. There are some very good questions in this poll from a French user (regarding French PEV laws) I don't mean to "step on your feet", and I thank you for taking on this project yourself, which is in the benefit of all EUC users, but if you're new to the forum, it might be a good idea to hang around here for a while and get some user feedback before posting "the definitive survey", as there are many riders who have been riding for quite a few years and might be able to give you some ideas and insight that us newer users (including myself) might not think of Just my two cents, I hope it's useful
  19. Saw this short story the other day and thought I'd share it. High-speed trains are, IMHO, the way to go in the future to replace fuel-guzzling planes. Interesting watch, learned a lot. Had no idea that GM & Co. had bought out all the street cars.
  20. If the objective is to analyse users' habits, safety and legal concerns, etc., why, if I may ask, does the poll start off (after establishing user age and background), with 9 questions about what we value in an EUC (weight, size, range, design, mobile app functionalities, availability, etc.)? Maybe it's just me, but these sound suspiciously like the kind of questions a manufacturer would make in a marketing study...
  21. Sounds like the name of a 1960s boy band : "Bob & and the Pogs" 😂 But this would usually be "Bob commented on the photo thread" if he's the only one who's commented there when you check your notifications. If Pog comments too before you check your notifications, you'd get "Bob and Pog", and if Marty and Unventor reply too, you'd get one notification to cover them all. I'm getting the whole cumulative history, as I'm 4 notifications instead of 1: "Bob commented", "Bob & Pog commented", "Bob, Pog and Marty", "Bob, Pog, Marty & Unventor"
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