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  1. I don't use those, I'd rather rely on EUC World's alarms, which play through my in-helmet headset so I'm sure I won't miss then. But, if you're inclined to use them, what have you set them to in the app? Wheels with wider tires tend to do that more, and the 16X having a 3" wide tire is no exception. Lowering the pressure a little will help, the higher the pressure, the more it'll do it. How much do you weigh and what pressure do you run? If you could record and post a short video or audio clip of the buzzing, it'll be easier to pinpoint whether it's "normal" or not
  2. By that do you mean the "enforce regulatory compliance" feature? If so, no, that speed is set to 20 km/h and cannot be changed.
  3. This thread was created less than 24h ago and you've already looked into it, located the problem, found a solution and are pushing an update. You're a freakin' legend man!
  4. The video thread is a thread for videos. That's the official position. My personal stance is that I don't care if you're a camera-man with awesome cinematography skills or you just recorded your first few feet of riding with a crappy phone, if you feel compelled to share your content, do so. I can't say I'm a fan of posting other people's content there (namely, of the most well-known EUC Youtubers), I already follow them on Youtube, so to me, THE Video Thread is more about homemade, amateur content in whatever form (if you're badass as video creation and have the time and resources, I won't turn down quality videos either ) . Then again, I discovered some of my favourite EUC Youtubers via the Video Thread, so...I can hardly argue against their inclusion. I just say live and let live... And as to quality, likes, dislikes, opinions, judgements and whatnot, I'm of the opinion that "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".
  5. Good point. While there's nothing inherently wrong with long threads (see The Photo Thread or the Video Thread...), this topic was created for general discussion of the wheel upon release. I think it's good to have a large compendium of all things V11, but as has been pointed out, there is no shortage of info here. For specific questions or issues I encourage users to create new threads within the dedicated Inmotion sub-forum. User-specific "My experience with the V11" threads are also a good alternative to posting here. Not that there's anything wrong with posting here but it makes it much easier to find information than skimming over everything posted in this gargantuan thread.
  6. Nice! Maybe it will also have Spanish and Catalan translation. πŸ˜… Will hopefully find time to do that soon
  7. If I remember correctly it won't enforce it until you drop to 20 kmh or below (or maybe it was at a standstill) . But I'm not 100% certain so if you try, it's probably better to so at 25 kmh just in case. Although knowing Seba, I seriously doubt that's something he would have overlooked (same as with locking out switching off the wheel, you can't do either of those while in motion)
  8. This was a short but sweet ride, despite the rain. I haven't spent more than 2 days in the same place for the last two and a half months, so I've hardly dropped by the forum at all. Will possibly be more active about two weeks from now, when I get back to Spain. Then is when I'll start to get restless waiting for the Sherman to arrive and will fall back into my rambling-on-the-forum routine to keep myself distracted...πŸ˜…
  9. It is what it is. Relive's been a great way to share my rides in an interactive way without devoting more time than I want to to sitting in front of a screen while travelling. I'd eventually like to get round to editing proper videos but...2 and 1/2 months worth of footage....it exhausts me just to think about it πŸ˜‚ Thanks!
  10. I own both. I don't think you can go wrong with either one of them, they're both excellent all-rounders. Having said that, they're similar yet different beasts. And yes, they are both beats; maybe they aren't at the front of the pack among all the contenders on the market nowadays, but they're both powerful performance wheels and very solid options. The 16X is definitely more fun to ride. It has much better acceleration and is much more agile, manoeuvrable and nimble (better for urban riding, for example). That's also its downfall: it's "bouncier", as in it'll jump up in the air with bumps in a way the 18XL won't. To the contrary, the 3" tire makes it easier to ride slowly, greatly improves higher-speed stability and absorbs road irregularities much better (it's also cushier and more comfy). It's great for off-roading because of the wider tire and how easy to maneuver it is (and that torque!). Range-wise I find it to be about the same as the 18XL as long as I don't ride too aggressively. Trolley handle is great on both, although because of its form factor, I find the 16X is more comfortable to trolley around (the 18XL is still excellent, don't get me wong). Headlight better on the 16X (but not great either). The 18XL is probably more comfy for long rides, feels much more planted, like a sedan, and not as playful, but not lacking in power either. Feels heavier, is not as nimble. At higher speeds (40+ kmh), its advantage over the 16X is the larger tire, it just feels more solid and less "bouncy", while on the other hand, the narrower tire takes away from that sense of stability a little. For offroading, what it loses in nimbleness it gains in "just-roll-over-it", and the torque, while not as good as the 16X's, is fine for most off-roading, unless you're trying to tackle stupidly steep hills. In my experience, build quality is a fair bit better than the 16X's, the shell is thicker and more rugged. Its weatherproofing is also much better. Yet if I were to choose one of the two, I'd go for the 16X. It can do everything the 18XL does, and it makes up for the cons because it's just so damn fun to ride But that's just me. It also depends on your riding style. Is it playful? Agressive? Laid back? What's your usual cruising speed? How long is your commute? Do you also use it for leisure riding? Do you enjoy carving or just take it easy? What's the max. speed you're comfortable riding at? All these things are relevant in terms of tipping the scale in favour of one or the other.
  11. The Facebook bunch are a weird crowd, don't pay much attention to them... πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Yay! I think that's the best possible solution, and a way to make everyone happy! πŸ‘ Let us know the outcome/progress
  12. 58 km ride on the KS16X following the River Inn, from Wasserburg am Inn to MΓΌhldorf, in Upper Bavaria, Germany
  13. Posted a video (from a ride from a month and a half ago πŸ˜…) here:
  14. Some way overdue footage (as in from Aug. 15 πŸ˜…) from my summer road-trip. This is from a 78 km ride on the 16X, westward along the River Inn, from Innsbruck to Telfs (Tyrol, Western Austria)
  15. Yeah, that's way overdue... πŸ˜… Will definitely start posting back-logged pics and vids (which will require editing first...man do I have a lot of raw footage piling up...πŸ™ˆ) once I've slowed down the pace and the weather is no longer outdoor-friendly. So, route so far (I set off July 28th): Most of the tour has been spent in Austria: I entered the country in the western area of Tyrol, and from there travelled east following the River Inn (where there's the Innradweg cycle path, which goes from Switzerland, through Austria and up into Germany), where I had a serendipitous meet-up with @meepmeepmayer. I wasn't planning on going into Germany, but since I did, I adapted my plan and decided to follow the River up to Passau (Germany), from where I was going to switch to the Danube Cycle Route, which crosses diagonally through the NE corner of Austria, down to Bratislava (Slovakia). No indication whatsoever there that my entire trip was heavily EUC-oriented, right...? But plans are always subject to change, and when I was about 100 km from Passau, the weather suddenly got much colder (and rainier), indicating the summer was coming to a close and my tour was proving a bit too ambitious, so I ended up heading back down south instead, to Salzburg, where I visited the city and got in a few short rides when the weather allowed me to. Headed SE from there, down to the Salzkammergamut lake area, where after a couple of days, the weather took a turn for the better and I was able to enjoy some fantastic rides around Lake Wolfgangsee and Lake Hallstatt (pics sometime soon). Then up into the Enns Valley, surrounded by the Ennstal Alps, where I spent a few days just relaxing, and back on up to the Danube, which I followed SE to Bratislava (my first border crossing on an EUC ). Got in some great rides: of the total of 560 km I covered along the Danube, 40% was on my EUCs Spent 3 days in Vienna, which was too short for such an amazing city. Definitely somewhere I want to go back to! As well as Bratislava, which is all I was able to see of Slovakia, but left me really wanting to explore and spend some time in that general area. So 3,693 km in 70 days is....52 km/day But honestly, it's the perfect pace (for me). I find a quiet little spot somewhere nice, go exploring west one day, east the other (in a 40-50km radius: KS18XL/16X round-trip range), move on, repeat. Some people might find my pace slow, but I really get to see a lot this way, as in every single town along the way I have some obligations to tend to back in Spain so I'm on my way back (and since the weather is definitely starting to get colder now, I've headed south to do so....helps save on propane ). I've given myself a healthy two-week margin to get there, just to make sure I don't get stressed out I have a bunch of Relive tours that I was finally able to upload to Youtube using a campsite's wifi, I'l try to remember to post them at some point. As well as some pics...(and some of the new van too, which is being outfitted as we speak ). I have SO MANY pictures to go through, I just can't be bothered ATM πŸ˜… Take care everyone! Over and out!
  16. Nice interpretation! If only it were true...reality is more like "Terrible heat tolerance, should be ashamed to call myself a Spaniard. Drive in the morning and evening, cower from the sun when at its peak. Have developed coping mechanisms over the years, the most effective being seasonal migration"
  17. This has been dragging along way too long...I'm on the verge of opening up my wheels and disconnecting the beeper....
  18. Is this enough feedback? The results are pretty clear. But if it isn't sufficient, I can "promote" the poll in other threads, but I doubt the outcome will change much... A third option in the poll (the possibility of enabling or disabling confirmation beeps) would be nice
  19. I ended up abandoning the project because the speed-dependent sound had a deep rumbling that was slightly distorted and, when accelerated, ended up sounding like the Harley Davidson was superimposed on top of the jet fighter. Since it involved finding a new sample sound I delegated it to the back of my to-do list and then, summer came along and... Maybe I'll eventually circle back 'round it it...unless a more talented sound editor (I'm a total amateur) beats me to it
  20. Late reply here, but haven't been on the forums much (hardly at all) since I set off. Having grown up with Spanish heat, I simply avoid driving at the hottest hours, so in terms of my personal well-being, it hasn't been an issue.
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