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  1. Hi, I'm wondering what other 18XL owners' experience is with the 18XL in terms of speed throttling at low battery. My experience is... It's never done it to me... Ever. Granted, I usually charge it when it gets down to 30% (I like long rides so I tend to want to make sure I'll have plenty of range whenever I go out for a ride), but the when times I've gone below 25%...no speed throttling if any kind. The day before yesterday I got it down to 15% (idle) by the end of the ride, and zero tiltback our speed throttling. Even during the last few kms, (I was monitoring Wheelog constantly while riding), the battery ranged from 5-8% under stress, and dropped to 0% on a few steepish climbs, still no throttling. Is this normal? Should I be worried? Granted, on such low battery I throttle myself out of common sense (no high speed, yet to avoid bumps, etc), but I'd still like to know whether this is an isolated issue with my wheel or if others area experiencing the same thing. Thanks!
  2. For me it was a massive headache, even unlocking the wheel post-unboxing, which took about 2h. Unlocking 40km took the whole rest of the day. Maybe the KS app has improved since then (I don't know because I don't use it), but when I got my 1st batch 18XL, it was ridiculously buggy and the registration process was a massive headache. Aside from that, I can agree with what @Unventorsaid a few posts ago: the KS approach makes sense from a safety point of view and seems like a sensible /reasonable choice. BUT that doesn't take away from the fact THAT it's an imposition. Even if it's a sensible one, I'm sure a lot of people won't like it (especially people coming from GW)
  3. Am waiting to see how the Flic implementation works out before ordering. I think a big thank you is in order for early adopters (early as in before the option has even been implemented 😂) such as yourself. The only issue I envision is that if I have my phone connected to my BT helmet headset, the horn will play through my helmet speakers and not the wheel's.... BTW, I use the same wrist guards as you! The quality is somewhat mediocre (straps could be wider and sturdier) but the design is very effective (slides very well). They've protected my wrist and palm from quite a few falls, so for the price, I'm very satisfied. Good choice!
  4. Tour of the coastal city of Santander, capital of the northern Spanish region of Cantabria. A lively city built on the mountainside that enjoys a privileged combination of sea and lush green mountains. Worth noting its status, during the late 19th and early 20th century, as a holiday spot for royalty and nobility--and the impressive palaces, architecture and parks (built for the royal family) that remain from that period. A very enjoyable tour whose only downpoint was the excess of attention I received, as no one had ever seen an EUC (explaining "what the hell that thing I'm riding is" can be enjoyable to a certain extent, but when in a city of 170k inhabitants + tourists, it can get to be a bit much...) Went for another (walking) tour the next day, so I could blend into the crowd and be just another anonymous visitor not drawing attention to myself everywhere I went. Was also enjoyable, but I ended up missing my wheel. Walking is SO boring since I started riding... 😅😂 Very much worth a visit if you're ever in Spain
  5. I don't think disabling it altogether is a good idea in this case. If concepts such as tilt back are still new to the OP, so are overlean, cutouts, etc. @Tyrone Jaxxon, I recommend reading the thread below to get acquainted with some of the basics, many of which are very important in terms of riding safety: P.S. Contradicting the staff.. That's right up my alley.. 😅😂 Well, at least I'm learning to be more concise... 😂
  6. I agree, @meepmeepmayer, the closest analogy I can think of is skiing, just sliding down the mountainside effortlessly, leaning to turn and having the skis follow you--at times it can feel like a form of "active meditation". Except they're not self propelled, which makes EUCs a very unique experience, in that (aside from being able to go uphill too and not have to take a chair lift 😂) your input isn't only right and left but also forward and backwards, boosting that sense of "an extension of your body" even more. And MAN is it addictive 😁😂 Sometimes I love stretching out my arms to my sides (Dicaprio in Titanic style, but better because there are no icebergs in my area 😂) and leaning forward, feeling how the wheel not only catches me (you can't lean forward like that standing on the ground), but also how it responds to my input and accelerates (like you said, once the dynamic is fully internalised and second nature, it feels more like mind control than mechanical/physical). I won't elaborate any more, this is starting to sound like written EUC soft porn 😂😂😂 Once you EUC, there's no turning back 😁
  7. My car does that all the time...struggles, then figures it out when I take it to the mechanic 😂 My wheels never fail me though (which is why the car has been collecting dust since January) 😁
  8. It seems like the KS app logs mileage (on their servers...), or at least the fact that one has done enough mileage to unlock top speed, on a per-user basis now. Probably so that users who have already owned a KS wheel don't have to "start from zero" to unlock if they buy a new (KS) wheel. Frustrating for experienced riders buying their first KS though... 😓😒
  9. Mine's a 1st batch too, with the (annoyingly inaccurate and buggy) stress/pressure sensor, and I have no electric popcorn in my wheel either We've got A few puns going around for GW (Nikola overheating, "glue boards" and whatnot 😅)... Any ideas for a KS pun? King-of-Magnetism? The King's (popping) Song? Can't think of anything better at the moment... (I know, those were REALLY bad...) 😅 BTW, what were the other instances of KS electromagnetism issues? I have to say, I'm still amazed (and at the same time, sadly, not surprised) there are such (BASIC!) design flaws and quality control issues with such expensive wheels... P. P. S. How long ago were you promoted to admit, meep?
  10. I suspect that's probably the case too. There's no way around it: you just have to put on the mileage and unlock with the KS app... WheelLog can only operate within the possibilities of what the manufacturer (firmware) allows, and AFAIK, you need the KS app (registration, etc) to unlock the initial speed limitation. It would be the same with a wheel that's factory locked until unboxed: you have to do that with the KS app...
  11. Yeah, but it Gotway too hot...
  12. Great pics! I Love your elaborate, multi-pic posts with explanations! Keep 'em coming!
  13. Will this info be available to the tour owner, but hidden from the public? The tours I tend to make public are the longer, more scenic ones (aka the best ones); I'd hate to not have any stats/graphs/map color-coding on those... BTW, good approach to the privacy issue. It's cool to see a developer listening to users' suggestions! 🙂😎
  14. Cool! 👏👏👏 And, since I'm requesting things...😅😂 ... Have you considered implementing the option to pause GPS recording when one pauses a ride? That would be extremely useful in terms of improving my battery life even further, as I'm currently recording tours with WheelLog and Strava at the same time, since if I export the gpx from euc.world to import into Relive, avg. speed and time are way off, as it takes into account total time (without counting breaks), and bases avg. speed on the total, instead of only time in motion. It would also be useful in terms of getting more accurate stats if one combines wheel with public transport, for example, and wants to record only the wheel part of a tour. Is this feasible to implement or is there a good reason you haven't done so, that I haven't thought of? Thanks! 👍😁
  15. @SebaI'm thinking of getting a (cheap) smartwatch because logging my tours with my phone, the battery drain means I always have to have a power bank with me. But logging with the watch means it won't be via euc.world. It would be great if the site had an option to upload gpx files 😊 BTW, question to those using WheelLog on Samsung Gear watches: in watches with a SIM card, does tour recording work, directly from the watch? (meaning no reliance /battery drain on the phone) thanks!
  16. Has anyone tried to install WheelLog on an Amazfit watch? I'm considering one because of the very good battery life (~1 month) is and the fact it has GPS... I'm getting sick of draining my phone battery logging my tours... I know android apps aren't supported, in theory, but that there is third party software for installing apks. Has anyone tried? It might be worth a shot. Even if I do manage to install it, I don't think I'd be able to sync the watch with the wheel, but I if I could mirror WheelLog from my phone (just for speed and distance readings, like with the Pebble), it would be awesome.
  17. That dog must be in excellent shape!
  18. I understand your frustration with bureaucrats and politicians... It's the same here in Spain... But I still stand by my original position that, given the limitations involved in a one-man operation, it's very easy for users to take responsibility instead of burdening the developer: all we have to do is be mindful, and for instance, if you plan on riding faster than the speed limit, either don't log the tour, or make it private/available only to people with the link. It's as easy as that 😉 Just as each of us is an "EUC ambassador" every time we go out for a ride (respecting traffic regulations, not riding recklessly, being courteous towards pedestrians, etc.), it's very easy to do the same thing online 😊 Plus, bureaucrats live in the stone age... They don't make distinctions between eScooters and all the other "electric thingies", so I think it's safe to assume their tech ignorance extends to other areas as well. I wouldn't be too paranoid about anyone using euc.world for legislation purposes... It seems highly unlikely. And if they did decide to do so, what data they come across is ultimately up to us... 😉😊
  19. I thought you were going to post a picture of the Nikola...😈😋🤣
  20. Legend has it, if you get to 10k, @Marty Backe will give you one of his wheels
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