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  1. Thanks! Maybe I could have shifted the pitch down an octave or so, will play around with it when I have the time
  2. It is, yeah. Hot summers, mild winters. The coldest it got this winter was 1º C, but was at night, and once or twice/year; daytime temperatures are around 7º C on the coldest days of the year, but the average is more around 12-14º C...in the shade When the sun's shining despite the cold, it's hard to complain... Where I grew up, 45' inland, it was much drier---colder winters, and cool nights even in the summer. I now live on the coast and last summer was awful---humid heat (not Florida-style...I really struggle with that), no breeze....the perfect excuse to make my own breeze by going on night rides
  3. Something in the line of these? https://www.amazon.com/Direction-Indicator-Charging-Adjustable-Accessory/dp/B0813CLH56/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=bicycle+vest+lights+signal&qid=1591063067&sr=8-6 https://www.amazon.com/XTPower-Reflective-Luminous-Direction-Controller/dp/B07XBNQXKK/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=bicycle+vest+lights+signal&qid=1591063067&sr=8-8 https://www.amazon.com/ECEEN-Flashing-Vest-Cycling-Light/dp/B083MVJBJ4/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=bicycle+vest+lights+signal&qid=1591063170&sr=8-2 They're wireless too
  4. Climate where I am (NE corner, Mediterranean) is very similar to California, it gets pretty hot, it's more or less bearable when there's a nice breeze but those summer nights when the air is still and humid are awful. I don't deal with the heat too well either so I try to head north to spend as much of the summer as possible as far north as I can manage (this year travel restrictions might pose a problem though...). But still, it's a relatively dry heat, which I tolerate much better than Florida-style 98% humidity heat Yeah, Leatt makes excellent quality products. For now I wanted to test this version out because it's all mesh, see how it suits me, but while I trust I'll get abrasion protection, not too sure about impact...
  5. I also like to looks and suspension on the S18 better too, but prefer the V11's range, weatherproofing and lights. Torque is another important consideration, and from from Kuji has said, the V11 wins by quite a bit on that front too. But in the end, just...
  6. Nice ride and scenery! Sorry about the handle on your wheel... BTW, am pretty sure the "sped-up effect" happens on all 360 cameras, I imagine it's from the curved lenses
  7. At the end of the last video I watched, Youtube suggested the one below. Would any of you dare ride down any of these paths on your wheel? ç Possible venue for the next LA EUC Games?
  8. It's a Nikola. Based on the pics, with the voltage reading 75.6V, I'm guessing it isn't the 100V version (Not sure what the minimum voltage on the 100V is when the battery's completely discharged, but it's more likely it's the 85V version). Doesn't it specify in the ad? Does it mention battery capacity? (measured in Wh)
  9. If hired, they have to cover all public liability (damage to others). Whether they decide to use loop-holes in their favour you demand I pay them back is another matter altogether...
  10. I don't mind them, especially the funny ones with double meanings. I've really had to up my game here in the absence of @Hunka Hunka Burning Love
  11. That can also be that they're prioritizing paid members. If you have a subscription, waiting times tend to be 5-10' max
  12. Some don't like the recording functionin Relive and use another app to record, then just import to Relive (I export EUC World tours to Relive). You can also use any app that allows you to export your tours in gpx format and import them manually to Relive.
  13. I have insurance for me 18XL and 16X. Not an extension of my house insurance covering the wheel, but public liability, so if someone skips a red light, I swerve, bail and the wheel runs away and hit a car (or a person), any damages are covered. Am very thankful for that. Funny I can get PEV insurance when the law is unclear about whether we're even a vehicle or not. Spain will be Spain...
  14. I've always enjoyed the cuntry side. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Just be thankful I refrained from throwing word play on poles into the mix...
  15. Nice! Do they make a full-arm-length version too? I just received my cheap Chinese body armor today (€42 on Amazon) What I like is that I can just slip it on like a jacket and get full-length arm protection, all the way up from forearm to shoulder, without having to go to the extra "trouble" of putting on elbow-pads too (first-World problems, I know...) Granted, it's cheap plastic, the padding is very thin and the scapula area is (unlike what's shown in the image above) entirely unprotected, and in the two spills I've had, during the slide I rolled from face-down to sideways to would-have-been-on-my-back-if-I'd-slided-any-further, tearing my jacket right in the scapula area both times. But for now it's a beta-test armor to see whether I want to invest in something better.
  16. You get very different footage depending on how you hold it, the field of view you choose in freecapture, etc. I find that holding the selfie stick perpendicular to my body/parallel to the road yields the bets results (for my preference). Holding it slightly angled downward works well too, I don't much care for the "drone view" (holding it over my shoulder), since it's difficult to find a balance between being more or less centered in the frame and not getting distorsion from the lens curvature (at least on the Insta 360 One X). When using the 6-foot pole, I don't pay too much attention to whether the lenses are facing (up/down v. right/left), unless i want to capture something on one side and want to make sure I don't get any stitching artifacts. As for the rest, it does a good job for the most part---the most notable "artifacts" (not sure whether to call them that) have to do with lighting, when one lens is in getting direct sunlight and the other one in the shade, so I try to position the camera so the side/stitching line is facing the sun. And with the 9-foot pole, it's definitely worth having the lenses facing to the sides (especially when off-roading), or with the camera's bobbing up & down, the selfie stick ends shows because it "leave the stitching line"
  17. The city of Barcelona's policy (which is different from the national policy) is reasonable enough. Riding on the sidewalk is forbidden (which I agree with...pedestrians need a place to feel safe, and setting speeds on sidewalks doesn't work, or at least, wouldn't here because no one would respect them), we're allowed to ride in bike lanes, with the max. speed being 15 km/h for bike lanes that are on the sidewalk, and 25 km/h for bike lanes that are on the road. We're also allowed to ride (at 25 km/h) in one-lane-per-direction streets where the speed limit is 30 km/h (which comprises quite a lot of the city). PEV associations are pushing for a separate category with 45 km/h speed limit, allowed to ride on roads but requiring insurance, license plate, driving license (or license of some sort, yet to be defined) and helmet. It's tricky though, because the minute technical requirements are brought up, the lack of mechanical, independent brakes always comes up, so we remain in a sort of limbo...
  18. @Unventor I can definitely see increased battery capacity for extra range, although making the shell wider on a wheel with suspension might not be quite as easy as the MSP vs MSX... But based on Kuji's review and the acceleration, comfort, etc., this would make a great long-distance wheel
  19. Nice! In Spain they've concocted an odd law (yet to be passed) where we're only allowed to ride on roads (no paths, no bike lanes), but can't exceed 25 km/h (and thus, keep up with traffic). Not sure how they expect that to play out...
  20. Same here. Although the times I don't wear them, especially in summer, when wearing a t-shirt, I can't get the scrapes on my elbow-pads from my 40ish km/h spill out of my mind, and rarely ride above 30-35 km/h. Since I bought a MC jacket, elbow-pads feel like a cumbersome pain in the ass, as easy as it is to just slip on a jacket. In autumn/spring I now use an armored hoodie, and I just ordered the Bohn All-Season Airtex Armored riding shirt (high-visibility yellow). Curious to see whether it'll work for hot Spanish summer days (California-style weather), or be reserved for summer night rides
  21. I wouldn't be so sure about that... hahahahahahaha that literally had me laughing out loud! Yeah, I'd love to play an instrument too, but I'm pretty much tone-deaf and my sense of rhythm is atrocious. Which is why, in the absence of artistic expression (I hear it's very therapeutic) I also say random BS and then retreat back into my head. Seem to be a decent enough coping mechanism (for me; not too sure how the people around me feel about it, but those who know me have learned to ignore it) Stage fright? Took me a bit to loosen up and hadn't touched Photoshop in a decade but...guess it just took the right motivation (which for me, tends to me anything absurd and non-productive) If his wife's started exploring the forum I should PM him immediately, his life might be in serious danger! Probably just taking a break (as I reckon I should do too), it can't be easy to be a doctor in these crazy times....but might reach out just for in case, 'tis easy to worry in these strange times... How are you doing? Haven't coincided with you on the forum in a while! A damn shame!
  22. Niiiice !!! I so wish my girlfriend would learn to ride!
  23. it doesn't need to be cleaned, it needs more dirt on it
  24. Great news! Well deserved too! Your stands are the nicest I've seen! I had a few people from the Spanish EUC community ask me about them (I used one to calibrate my wheel on in the FW upgrade tutorial I did), so I took a few pics. While I was at it, I made a couple short video clips too, will post them, along with a review, sometime soon! What about EUC-riding musicians?
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