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  1. Because of the lack of music...? You haven't seen "Monika's Movie - 16X and MSX Adventures in Stockholm" then... Good thing @Mike Sacristan isn't on the forum and I can say, without fear of him finding out, that playing Christmas carols on a performance wheel should be grounds enough for him to be banned from the forum... (I'm sure his wife/the cool, good-looking Grinch would take my side in that discussion)
  2. Couldn't agree more! Marty does what Marty does, Chooch does was Chooch does, and Tishawn does what he does, and they all have their spot. I can do none of the above (unless I mix NyQuil & Midol...apparently...?), so...we'll see. Only time will tell. But I do agree it's a good idea to stop and reflect on what you intend to do, @seage, and get other people's input. BTW, RockyTop, you sure this chemically induced passing Chooch business wasn't, in reality, more of a subjectively perceived, Wolf of Wall Street, quaaludes + Lamborghini type of thing?
  3. I didn't realize we had a "gear" subforum. (I guess because there aren't any links to Spanish retailers, I never check it out hehe) I personally feel that would be a bit confusing. "New rider area" is very broad and could encompass anything from riding skills to protective gear to what wheel to buy, and there are already specific forums for those, so I think it would create a lot of unnecessary overlapping. I see two possibilities: The seemingly more structured, but ultimately more complicated option of having a "riding skills" section with sub-forums separated by level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Although it sounds good on paper, I think it would end up creating more confusion / being a bit daunting in terms of "Which sub-section do I post this in?" (it's quite subjective, after all...), and also require a lot more work from mods (moving things around, choosing where they belong, etc.) The seemingly less structured, but simpler, broader (and possibly more intuitive) approach of creating a "EUC riding skills" (name is just an example) forum. As I understand it, each forum has a description, which could read something like "Everything related to how to ride an EUC, from learning to advanced riding skills and tricks". I considered adding suffixes such as "NOVICE: How to....", but that would circle back to the unnecessary hassle in my first suggestion. I think thread titles would ultimately speak for themselves, as a newcomer isn't going to click on a topic called "How to ride backwards" or "Going down stairs". To help establish structure, we could create a few threads on relevant topics ("learning how to mount", "learning how to ride", "wobbles", etc.) to get things rolling and let things unfold on their own from there. Or just encourage new users to ask their questions there. Threads that are the most relevant for beginners could be pinned to the top for extra user-friendliness too. Gradually, existing threads could be moved to the appropriate forums. I personally feel this is the simplest and most straightforward approach, but I'm sure there are other options I haven't considered, and newcomers can provide a better outlook on what they feel would be easier for them. Thanks, but I actually got the idea from @Daley1, but like you, the influx of new users has made me aware of how daunting this place can be when you first sign up (something we forget once we get into the flow of things). I love the (relative) chaos (and have a tendency to adapt well to it...I grew up in Spain, after all!), but I think it's important to make it more accessible to newcomers. And seeing the user count go up as it is, it's wise to stay ahead of the curve and "future-proof" sooner rather than later.
  4. Shortage of dramas/soap operas on Netflix? Can it be a brunette for a change? And how about a beach instead of a haystack?
  5. Good point. Maybe we could call it "Riding skills and gear". Thread titles would be descriptive of the content. In terms of equipment, there could be anything from a broader "Safety gear" thread to specific threads for helmets, wrist guards, etc. I think it would make things much more user-friendly for newcomers. Especially if someone's searching for something specific (free mounting or knee pads), they could search within the "Riding skills and gear" sub-section and get more relevant results. I think this discussion needs more input from more people, so I'm going to tag an assorted array of veteran to "settled in" to new users: @Marty Backe @Seba @Unventor @The Fat Unicyclist @RockyTop @PogArt Artur @MR BRAD @Gasmantle @Lefteris @buell47 @Mike Sacristan @Biped Phil @rainystateguy @Espen R @Daley1
  6. I agree with @ZenRyder about creating a video sub-forum (I'd just call it "video"). I looked into it and it is indeed possible to subscribe to an entire sub-forum...although I can envision it being tedious if you get notifications for every single comment posted in every single thread. Even if it requires double-posting, we could use the current video thread as a sort of index, and people who just want to share their video can share it there, and people who want to have a discussion can create a topic in the video sub-forum and also share it in the video thread, along with a link to the topic they created for their video.
  7. Vehículos de Movilidad Personal (VMP) = Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV) in English What you say is true, but still problematic. Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, etc., have specific local PEV laws (ordenanza municipal), but the city where I live, for example, doesn't. When there's no municipal law in place, the state law applies, so here, even though there are e-scooters painted on bike lanes (this was done before the new directive (instrucción) was passed, it's technically illegal to ride on them. Luckily, the police don't enforce this...yet... That's where the area for interpretation comes into play: in our case, that speed can be unlocked with the app...But even though there's a warning, perhaps it should be rephrased and clearer, in terms of legal implications, such as "For professional, indoor use only" or something of that type. But still, administrations keep legislating things they don't even understand (at least here), not listening to PEV collectives, so it's a bit of a lottery what they'll end up doing... In the city I live in it's similar. If you aren't reckless, they leave you alone. And I make sure to be very cautious and lead by example Very limited indeed... But they consider us a motorized vehicle (regardless of whether it's electric), so we're not allowed on bike lanes. Ironically, e-bikes (limited to a certain top speed) are allowed there, if that gives you any idea of how "coherent" the laws are... They took no cues from other countries, waited until there was a massive public outcry, than hurriedly tried to keep their voters happy by passing laws that make no sense. Or in other words, business as usual...
  8. I totally agree. It can be a fun resource for specific scenes/circumstances, but shouldn't be over-abused. All my videos are recorded with an Insta360. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to approach it as a "mobile cameraman" that allows me to get (traditional, non-distorted 2D) shots I couldn't get otherwise, and am careful to avoid the fish-eye effect wherever possible. All the warping, "tiny planet" effects feel like an over-abused novelty gimmick that doesn't really appeal to me. When I think Insta360, I think of much more creative and appealing uses such as (some of) these:
  9. My top priorities are (in no particular order) storytelling, quality footage and editing, relevance, emotion and immediacy/non-commitment. Production values are the first thing that catches your eye and will keep you hooked, waiting for more, before you even know what the video is about. A video can turn out to be interesting 1min. in, but with the amount of content we're subjected to nowadays, if the first 30" don't grasp viewers' attention, the video is "doomed" to hardcore followers only. But then it also needs to take you somewhere, on a journey, and engage the viewer (on an emotional level) in a way the he feels like he's a part of it, which meep's suggestions contribute to greatly. Length is important too: I don't sit down and say, "OK, I have an hour and a half of YT time" (as if I were going to watch a movie), "what am I going to watch?" I get a notification, and maybe have 5-10-15 min. to spare, and watch a video here, and a video there. 30-40' videos just don't work for me, no matter how interesting they are (unless very well structured and engaging rthroughout). I think it's important to adapt to the format and divide into parts when a topic requiring lengthier discussion is involved. When thinking about a channel that appeals to non-riders as well as riders, I think striking the right balance between showing how cool riding an EUC is, and showing the places where it can take you is extremely important. Stress the landscape. Make a point of how you couldn't reach that place by car. Find a way to portray the advantages of riding an EUC. Take people on a journey they wish they could be a part of. As meep said, it needs to be an experience that people find themselves yearning to have. Relevance in the sense that regardless of how enjoyable a ride was to one's self, it's important to ask one's self "Will this be interesting to other people?", "Do I need to include the 5' chat we had at the base of the trail? Is that relevant in terms of storytelling, or engaging to anyone who wasn't there, or should I cut out everything but the essentials and jump straight into 'the action'?" And immediacy because there are a lot of channels out there that become engaging once you've seen a few videos, gotten to know their style, become familiar with the "character(s)", etc. But if you watched one of their videos for the very first time, would you still find them interesting? Would someone else who's never seen a video of theirs before? Take NonStopNeal, for instance. I'd never heard of him until his channel was mentioned in this thread. The first video I clicked on starts with an explanation on how his wheel hasn't yet arrived, etc., telling a story I know nothing about. If I hadn't read about him in this thread and known it's worth devoting the time to "delve into his story" and start at the beginning, I would have closed the tab and moved onto something else (not hating, just pointing out what I feel is relevant for this particular discussion). People will only follow if they're willing to start from the beginning of his journey and "get to know him" and his story, which requires a degree of "commitment" which I'd avoid when starting a new channel. I also think that in a vlog-style channel, the assumption that people know "your story" (even if it's the case for subscribers) can detract from future viewers in the same way starting a a series mid-season could. A quick recap, and some footage to catch the eye, could go a long way in terms of generating interest as opposed to going straight to "here I am now, waiting for my wheel to arrive", for instance. Non-linear story-telling ("look at this" >> "but how did we get there?" >> "2 days earlier") can go a long ways in that sense. I prefer self-contained, "compartmentalized" videos anyway (something I really like about Hsiang's videos), but that's a personal preference and different story. In terms of what we're discussing here, I mention it only because I think it's important to avoid that "commitment requirement" when starting a channel. This topic is particularly interesting to me because I'm just starting a channel of my own too. I have a general idea of where I'm heading, but for now, my videos are just practice/getting the hang of the Insta360 and a feel for how to approach/not to approach future videos. Like meep suggested, I think they need more context &background, maybe narration (or the same but accomplished through visual storytelling), but that will require more time, involvement (and possibly equipment) which I don't currently have, so for now, it's a matter of slowly finding my way through trial an error. Which leads me to my last point: trying and practicing (even failing) are just as important as all of what's been said above P.S. This thread is also turning into an interesting compendium of good EUC Youtube channels. Thanks for the suggestions, have subscribed to many of them!
  10. So are KS18XL's, for example, considered to be limited to 25 km/h by construction? On one hand, I get a feeling they did that specifically to be in compliance with EU laws, but on the other hand, they state 50 km/h on specifications so...which data authorities will take into account remains to be seen... The ideal scenario would be for them to test a factory wheel (limited to 25 km/h) and verify that's it's maximum speed, and any wheel found to be capable of faster speeds is the user's responsibility for having removed the limitation. But in this country, you never know... It's now illegal for PEVs to ride on bike lanes, if that gives you any idea of how coherent legislators are...
  11. I like the format, and would love to see more EUC city/area tours in this thread!
  12. Thanks! What could have been my best footage was unusable because of the reflections created by the damn Venture case... I also need to remember to switch off HDR when light starts getting low... Live & learn...
  13. Wow! Great news! Congrats to you, and congrats to @winterwheel for the great PR !!! BTW, what do you think of this as a potential EUC publicity project?
  14. Strange? Why on Earth would you say that? Just two average Californians, stopping for a coffee break on their way to work...
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