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  1. Oxford dictionary definition: Urban dictionary definition: P.S. I was entirely unaware of the urban dictionary definition until today P.P.S. Sorry, was just too hard to resist...
  2. In older apps it was "warp", in the current one (available on KS's website), it's "Speed settings" > "Pedal tilt-back": (Third-level alarm is the "warning, please decelerate" / the most annoying beep, if you don't have voice messages activated)
  3. 2.0.29 is working great so far. I was initially concerned that the beeping when the wheel is disconnected would get annoying (if I stop to have lunch mid-tour and switch the wheel off, without closing WheelLog, to not reset the counters, for example), but thy solution is as easy as turning voice messages off until I resume riding. The image upload messages are a nice addition and work well, no need to add any functions to prevent the user from finishing a tour until the image has finished uploading, IMO. It's as easy as not finishing the tour until the message "Upload complete" is displayed. Auto reconnection to wheel seems to be working better too. The only bug I've encountered is that I'm unable to pause my tours. The pause button turns orange, stays orange for about three seconds, then switches back to blue. I've checked my tour on the site and it hasn't been paused (no "travsformation is taking a break" message on top).
  4. The most recent version is a bit better than its predecessors (especially in terms of battery drainage), but yeah, in essence, it's still one of the buggiest apps I've ever used... I only install it every now and then to change parameters I can't change with WheelLog (light mode, lift sensor calibration, etc.), but for daily use, it's WheelLog all the way!
  5. In my case, my the volume is lowered while voice messages are being played, and then raised after they've finished. This is actually configurable per the music player. I can set it to resume or not. It might be worth checking your Spotify settings For the other issues you're having, it might also be worth checking, as Sebas recommended, the power settings in your phone, especially anything related to "energy saving" or "putting apps to sleep". Make sure WheelLog isn't automatically put to sleep when running in the background (on some phones this is called "Always keep awake"). Also worth checking, in connection settings, to make sure the OS isn't restricting background data for WheelLog.
  6. No doubt about abrasion protection, that's a must! But my elbow tend to hit the floor immediately after my palm...thus my concern on whether the protection would stay in place or not in the event of a fall (particularly when off-roading) P.S. Side-tracking again... ooops....
  7. Thanks, meep! I definitely second having non-dangerous falls (not intentionally, of course) as part of the learning process, so you can prevent crazy falls. And @yourtoys7 added an additional and very important item to the list that I forgot:
  8. BTW, since I unintentionally side-tracked the thread, here go my 2 cents to get it back on track: I've had 4 major-ish crashes during my 1st ~1000km EUCing. Here are the details and lessons learned: Hit by a car while crossing a pedestrian crossing (driver was texting while driving). Rolled over the trunk. Mild shoulder injury. Lesson learned: Not everything depends on you. Don't trust drivers. Establish eye contact and make sure they've seen you before proceeding. Wave to thank them for letting you pass (aka to make sure they've acknowledged your presence). And even so, act on the assumption that they might not have seen you/might run you over anyway. Near-miss and forced-bail at intersection when I had the right of way. Lesson learned: Drivers appear to have issues acknowledging the presence of EUCs (for hypotheses on possible reasons, check @Smoother's "Sheep are not like dogs and other theories" countryside allegory/Theory of Non-Evolution ). The EUC novelty/wow factor also seems to impair motorists' ability to react and obey traffic signs. Slow way down at intersections, even if you have the right of way. Even if they are looking directly at you, take close notice of signs such as dropped jaw, perplexed look, and more importantly, whether the vehicle is actually slowing down or not. 40 km/h superman spill on deserted street during night ride. Was too focused on preventing speed wobble and didn't see a speedbump. No noteworthy injuries sustained, only minor ankle contusion. Lessons learned: When pushing one's limits (speed testing), you can't afford to get distracted for even a split second. Don't get carried away by the adrenaline rush. When pushing the envelope, do so in as remote locations as possible so as to not injure innocent bystanders (which luckily, wasn't the case). And GEAR UP. Fully. ~25 km/h spill on fairly gnarly dirt track. Was riding too fast/above my skill level. Took my eyes off the road for a split second, failed to see a large rock and...was on the ground before I knew what had happened, about 3m further than my wheel. Grazed and contused elbow (despite elbow guards), still hurts over a week afterwards, and will probably take another week or two to recover. Lesson learned: Beware of overconfidence and inattention, don't push things above your skill level, particularly when it's at high enough speeds / on rough enough terrains to cause injuries. Overall conclusions and lessons learned: Gear up. Always. All of the above falls/accidents would have resulted in injuries/much more serious injuries had I not been wearing protection gear. Falls are, IMHO, inevitable. They can be averted and delayed by applying caution and common sense, but a) Some things don't depend exclusively on us and are beyond our control; b) The lessons we learn, which help us prevent falls, tend to be learned my falling and making mistakes. In my opinion, this is an inevitable part off the process. Insomuch as possible, try to learn from others' mistakes. Regardless, second-hand accounts might register on a rational level, but aren't always integrated at a subconscious level, and don't necessarily trigger the appropriate responses when in the spur of the moment. Live and learn... Despite the aforementioned, don't exceed your comfort level too much. And beware, in particular, of often unpredictable external risks, as much as internal ones (over-confidence, which is the stage I've reached now, where confidence exceeds skills, and needs to be turned down a few notches to prevent unnecessary falls) Protective gear does wonders, but don't over-estimate its value and take unnecessary risks simply because your gear has prevented injuries in the past. Have fun, but be safe. Bonus lesson: don't physically retaliate against drivers, even if they try to physically attack you first, despite being the offending party. If you learn to keep your cool, you might be granted a Smoother Faceplant award®
  9. Seems like an interesting option, thanks! Too bad they don't make the Triple8 Hired Hands (top and bottom wrist plates) in a full-finger version. I don’t know! And hopefully never will. And I hope it stays that way! Good to know, thanks. Have been considering MC jackets for some time, but still don't have any first-hand anecdotal evidence of anyone who's had a spill using one.
  10. Same here This is a marginal "issue" then. I don't know anyone who types in https before a domain name (although maybe the "https everywhere" addon that some people use in their browsers could cause that issue)
  11. Cool! Will install it tonight and get back to you with any meaningful feedback as soon as I've tested it. Great that the update rate can be set to 1", that definitely makes things much more accurate. It's something I'd considered requesting but kept forgetting about. I'll test it out, I'm particularly curious about the impact on battery life. If there is no significant impact, you're a bloody magician! This has been working perfectly for me, but then again, in my area there's always plenty of 4G signal, so I can definitely see the use in saving bandwidth for when signal is weaker. And the image upload progress is a nice addition---I uploaded an image of my wheel next to a piña colada, by the beach, as the "end-of-tour photo", then clicked "finish tour", but apparently the image hadn't finished uploading....so this will definitely come in handy. Will get back to you soon with any useful feedback I can give
  12. Yeah, me too (would have upvoted both of your comments but am out of votes today)
  13. Thanks, Langham! Yeah, I've checked out gloves and agree on the overlap, but in my opinion, the wrist mobility required in MC gloves means they don't offer the same level of protection a wrist plate would, particularly in the hyper-extension domain (@Darrell Wesh can attest to the fact that I've laid out said argument, at length and over the course of several pages, in the FlatEarth3D...I mean, Flatland3D thread... ) Although I've discarded the Flatlands as a viable option and am still not too convinced about MC gloves, I still haven't entirely ruled out the latter. Nice one! Hadn't thought of that! Perhaps because I don't own Flexmeters yet and am not familiar with their exact design and how that could be done. But I'll definitely keep that in mind, cheers!
  14. For in case it's of any use to anyone, I'll copy what I wrote a few weeks ago in another thread (with a few updates, changes and additional info): I was having disconnection issues too with the old (orange) version of KS's app, as well as the first couple of blue ones...which is why I never really bothered using the KS app at all...among other issues such as the fact it's a massive battery hog (except the most recent version) and possibly the most buggy piece of software I've ever used I recently installed the current version to change light parameters (for some reason unbeknown to me, the headlight switched to strobe mode and I was unable to change it using WheelLog) and that's when the real issues started: the disconnection issues also started happening in WheelLog, bad lift sensor calibration, constant beeping when left leaning against the wall, gyroscope turning off with very small lateral inclines, while trolleying, when waiting at stop lights & when mounting; the warning speed suddenly being set, with no input from my part, to 31 km/h, and the KS app not letting me change it (very annoying), etc. As I mentioned, it wasn't until I installed the new KS app that these problems appeared. I attribute it to important differences between the version /development stage of the KS app and the firmware, which must have caused communication/instruction interpretation problems between the app and the wheel, which made the app mess up certain firmware parameters (uneducated guess, no coding knowledge). What's more, after messing things up, the app later "decided" to no longer grant me access to the wheel's settings unless I upgraded the firmware, so I didn't really have much of a choice. I upgraded the wheel's firmware to v1.12 and all of the aforementioned issues disappeared (no more disconnection problems with WheelLog either). So it is my uneducated guess that the most recent version of the KS app is causing problems with some wheels...so if everything is working well for you, my advice is "DON'T INSTALL IT". Also worth mentioning, I'm in no way encouraging a firmware upgrade either (I don't particularly encourage the use of the KS app at all, for that matter ). If you do decide to upgrade your wheel's firmware, proceed with caution and do so at your own risk. I only did so because I didn't really have much of a choice...but I'd advise checking out a some of the threads on the subject (there are a few...) before committing to a non-reversible decision. That being said, in my experience the fastest and safest way to do so is with phone and wheel batteries fully charged (but not plugged in), a good and stable WiFi or 4G connection, and your phone sitting on top of the wheel (in my case, the latter sped up the process considerably...better Bluetooth data transmission, I imagine). The only benefits I see in upgrading the firmware and using the most recent KS app (aside from fixing problems that the app created in the first place ) are being able to calibrate the lift sensor properly, a better app-firmware relationship and a couple of new lighting options (including the option to switch the side LEDs off). The release notes mention new speed adjustment encryption, being able to adjust speaker volume, changing tracks from the KS app when playing music through the wheel's speakers and fixing certain vibration issues. The only difference in riding I noticed after the firmware upgrade is what KS calls "cotton feel": even in expert mode there's a tiny bit of lag when accelerating, which feels like a small delay and then you're suddenly being pulled by a spring. Braking also seems to start off a bit softer, before fully kicking in. In my experience, it's relatively subtle and I don't personally find it annoying, but others have reported that they miss that instant edge/snappiness and don't like the change, so it's worth bearing in mind before upgrading. Also worth noting, you have to recalibrate the wheel after upgrading the firmware
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