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  1. When I saw you'd posted here I somehow thought it would be to brag about how many kms you'd done on the expedition you just got back from
  2. If anyone's interested, there's a thread dedicated to FW 2.02 if you'd like to share your impressions there. Warning: the thread was created before public release, so there's a lot of speculation (which continued after release, of course) If you're happy with the way the wheel is behaving, ignore the subjective conjecturing and ongoing pedal-stiffness debate and just enjoy your 16X
  3. Settings >> Apps > EUC World >> Permissions >> make sure location is enabled (if it asks "only when in use" or "always", choose "always" or it might not be granted access when in the background) Also: Settings >> Apps >> EUC World >> Battery >> Make sure "Allow background use" is active Settings >> Apps >> EUC World >> Battery >> Optimize battery use >> All (top menu) >> EUC World >> Make sure it's unchecked
  4. Cool idea! Is the air-recirculating fan in the Nikola always on, or triggered by a thermostat? If it's the latter, I'd wire the fan directly to the board. About the USB ports, it's a good idea to take advantage of them to power things, since (unless I'm wrong) they're powered down when the wheel is. I don't think the term "reversing the ports" is entirely accurate though, it's just a matter of changing them to another location on the inside of the wheel. To take advantage of the hole left by the USB ports you could always do something like this: And for the GPS tracker; what about the one that @Seba tried out? I'm not entirely sold about sticking a phone in the wheel because if you do, it'll be a cheap one, and I'm not sure I'd trust a cheap phone operating at the temperatures that the inside of the wheel reaches... LEDs and extra speakers are a cool idea. I'd probably solder them to the same place as the original ones (supposing there's no power output limitation) and save the USB for something that's tricky to power any other way. Just a few thoughts. Keep us posted!
  5. Haha so cool you spotted my post here! The pizza-cutter analogy is brilliant, just to good not to jump on! Hope you don't mind me quoting your IG account. And I totally agree about the self-deprecating humor and approachability!
  6. So...how to go about explaining this.... @theotherjoelharris user on Instagram (don't know if he's on this forum) had the brilliant caption, below one of his photos, of "The Electric Pizza Cutter Posse" And...well, I just couldn't help myself.... @Rehab1 You've been very quiet lately and I need your seal of approval!
  7. BTW, as to myself...I'm still seeking my own style and haven't quite found it yet. I'm gradually learning the tools of the trade, playing around with them and sharing the results with no expectations other than to get feedback on what's lacking and what can be improved. For now I've played around with Insta360 overcapture and greatly enjoy the camera work, shooting to edit, etc. (I'm more the silent, behind-the-camera type of person), which is very entertaining (and time-consuming); the next step is to learn to fly the drone...I adore the kind of footage they can capture because my main focus is on the landscape, so expect a steady flow of amateur drone footage in the near future. But still, a nice landscape, creative camera work and a soundtrack don't make for an engaging video (or at least past the first 30"). I'm quite aware I need to add a backbone to the mix to hold it all together and make it interesting, be it some form of story-telling (visual, voice-over, etc.), or at least a mildly interesting rant, but I'm camera-shy, have a tone of voice that could put a coke-head to sleep and don't have the spontaneous and entertaining wit of @Mike Sacristan or the new trouble-maker on the block, @ShanesPlanet So for now, I reckon I'll just go wherever it takes me and hope my audiovisual experiments don't put off too man potential viewers before before I find MY STYLE™. Which, ironically, comes to me quite naturally when I quit overthinking shit and taking myself too seriously... Now to figure out how to build an empire [EVIL LAUGHTER] based on 15" sketches... Until then, I'll settle for popularizing the hashtags #dogvseuc and #dogchaseseuc on Instagram
  8. BTW, @everyone, I planned on making an AVAS tutorial but the process is going to be simplified and completely re-hauled in the next release, so no point making two tutorials. For now, all you need to know to install AVAS packs is: You need to be a Premium User AVAS comes with a default sound---the Harley Fatboy. To install a user-created sound pack: a) Download it on your phone, unzip it (plenty of tutorials online) and place the contents in the EUC World >> Sounds folder, or any folder of your choosing b) Download it on your PC and copy it to your phone (just remember where) To install a pack, you have to choose each sound individually (life's tough, I know....). I'l use the Star Wars sound pack for the purpose of this guide. Open the menu >> AVAS settings: Speed-dependent sound: make sure it's enabled. Below, tap on "Speed-dependent sound...", which will/should open the phone's default file manager. There's also a slide-out menu from the left edge of the screen that allows you to choose any other file manager/explorer you have installed. Navigate to the Sounds folder (Assuming you've placed the sounds in EUC World >> Sounds) and select "Star Wars - Speed-dependent.wav" (in other sound packs this sound has been called "example - driving.wav" or "riding"). You can leave the other options as are (the defaults should be fine) or play around with them. I'll provide more detailed explanations when I have more time... Temperature-dependent sound: Another time, not required for the purpose of this quick guide. You can leave it disabled. Current-dependent sound: AVAS comes with a default whistle that will kick in based on wheel current (when accelerating), as if it were a turbo. You can enable or disable it, your choice, but it isn't required. Idling sound: You want this enabled. Tap on "Idling sound..." and choose "Star Wars - Idling.wav". You can set the volume to whatever you want (remember that your phone's master volume controls the overall volume, so the per-sound volume option allows you to fine-tune your AVAS and set specific volumes for different sounds; I personally find 100% to be too loud for the idling sound, I set it to 60%). Engine on sound: Enabled. Tap on "Engine on sound..." and select "Star Wars - Startup.wav" (in other packs the engine on sound is called "example - turnon.wav" or "whatever - on.wav"). Engine off sound: Enabled. Tap on "Engine off sound..." and select "Start Wars - Turnoff.wav" (in other packs it might be called "poweroff", "turnoff", "off", etc). You can also adjust the volume. I know this isn't ideal but packs will be installed automagically in the next release (aka soon enough), so don't fret. If you find the process tedious, choose a sound you like based on the videos, use that one and stick with it until the next release so you don't have to repeat the process of selecting each individual sound every time you want to change AVAS sound. Pro tips: Before setting off, remember to connect your phone to your wheel's speakers / your portable Bluetooth speaker If you've downloaded all the packs in this thread (like I have ), it can be easier to find & select them if you place each pack in its own folder (EUC World >> Sounds >> Jetsons/MobileSuit/4cyl/Star Wars, etc.) You can set AVAS to be enabled or disabled using a quick action triggered by your watch button/Flic button/tapping on the gauge on the main screen. Main screen: Menu >> Gauge settings > choose an option (Single tap action, double tap action, tap & hold action) >> AVAS Watch: Menu >> Watch settings > choose an option (Button action [only compatible watches], Single tap action, double tap action, tap & hold action) >> AVAS Flic: button Menu >> Flic settings > choose an option (Single tap action, double tap action, tap & hold action) >> AVAS More tips another day. Have been working all day, time to rest...
  9. Glad you're enjoying it, thanks for sharing! And this isn't only cool, it's actually very effective in terms of safety...Not only do people hear us in advance and move out of my our, but a few jaywalkers have stopped in their tracks right before stepping out in front of me a lunatic on a one-wheeled pod-racer
  10. This is as bad-ass as I get... I guess some of us just aren't made for glory...but I'll settle for popularizing the hashtags #dogvseuc and #dogchaseseuc on Youtube and Instagram (my most ambitious project to date)
  11. Opps, forgot to reply to your second comment. Yeah, that would be awesome if he's up for it! But you'd better do it now before he gets cocky and tries to steal all the glory! Man, an entire EUCing family would be great! What kind of PEV can you get your mom so she can join in on the fun?
  12. Great, thanks for taking the time to look that up! Now I've got everyone covered except for HTC Sense...
  13. Thanks, added to the (yet to be released) FAQ. Am only missing stock Android!
  14. Cool workflow! I like the idea of having the narration and then adding the images to match! Sure beats my jumbled mess of a work-(non)flow! You knew your voice and storytelling skills were an asset, I guess it was a matter of finding the right format. Having non-euc themes thrown in the mix, driving the video makes for a very nice and welcome change. About editing faster...oh, how I get you! Add 360 frecapture to the mix, a touch of ADHD and a touch of OCD...I'm surprised my laptop hasn't been thrown out the window yet
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