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  1. OK, seeing that this thread isn't getting much traction...I think I'll put it on pause for the time being and shift approach. Makes a lot more sense to release the documentation first (which entails finishing it... ) and then compile unanswered questions to make the FAQ. 😅 Am a complete noob in this field...
  2. Nice! What awesome places you have to ride! Empty pathway, by the canal... I really like your music choices too! Different tone for every episode, and always suits the pace and scenery! Thanks for posting these, they're helping keep me sane throughout the lockdown (today is day 18 here). Your videos have gone from being a commodity to an essential public service as far as I'm concerned!
  3. I thought server issues, but then it probably wouldn't connect to the site at all. They used to be visible, but aren't now, which is what has me puzzled. See below:
  4. Thanks for asking! Arm is progressing well, have plenty of time to work on strengthening for when I can eventually go outdoors and ride again. Have put done 5.4 km on the 16X in the last two weeks, 159km in total since I bought it Can't wait to hit the trails again! It's ridiculous I can't do so at the moment...as a solitary ride in nature would be better / more effective than total self-quarantine indoors...but the law is the law, and if they allowed people out to exercise, the streets would be packed...so we'll just have to wait it out. Workwise, I can't complain. I'm a freelance translator and work from home. I can't apply for government aid (freelancers get squat), but don't need it, had been putting in lots of extra hours anyway to make up for the zero-revenue Easter Holiday. And as is goes, SARS-nCoV-2 brought more work than I could handle during the first week or so (intra-company communications on supply chain disruptions, temporary closures, press releases, announcements to clients and suppliers, banks issuing statement and predicrions reassuring clients, you name it). Now thing have calmed down and I have a some down-time, but I expect them to pick up again next week, in anticipation of the theoretical end of the lockdown (which will possibly be extended; but who knows...). How's patient turnout at your clinic? Have numbers dropped? The clinic where my girlfriend works is temporarily closed; even though they weren't legally obliged to do so (which is ridiculous considering that rehab is virtually impossible without close-proximity, physical contact), as all patients cancelled their appointments anyway
  5. Glad to hear you aren't struggling! Yeah, it's complex here too...depends on whether you're a freelancer, working for someone else, whether you were legally obliged to close, on the % of income lost...labor and financial advisors have more work than they can handle...
  6. Couldn't agree more! I've never understood why homeopathy is so viciously attacked these days. I don't see the benefit, but I don't see any harm in placebos either (unless people are rejecting real treatments that they actually and taking homeopathic medication instead). Or in other words, it's the societal lack of coherence that bugs me...I'll continue to mock-defend homeopathy and snake-oils until society starts attacking charlatanry and magical beliefs (commonly referred to as religion) with the same determination...
  7. P.S. @Victor Solovjov posted it on the EUC World thread:
  8. I tend to stay clear of the subject of religion, but the news below was just too much. While the rest of us get fined by the police if we leave our house without proper justification, here's an example of the dated privileges of the Catholic church in Spain, where the police escorted a priest as he walked around the town "driving away" the virus... "A priest 'drives away' the coronavirus through the streets of Sax with the escort of the Civil Guard" Last Sunday, after the 12 noon mass that could not be celebrated due to the state of alarm, the priest of Sax, Alfredo Beltrá, took to the streets of the Alicante municipality to bless the residents of the municipality. Carrying the Blessed Sacrament, he went to the Plaza de San Blas escorted by a Civil Guard patrol, and did so with the knowledge of the City Council, governed by the Popular Party. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.eldiario.es%2Fcv%2Falicante%2Fahuyenta-coronavirus-Sax-Guardia-Civil_0_1011399914.html
  9. Yikes....what kind of aid/loan/conditions are available?
  10. Audio playback volume is determined by the bluetooth output volume set by your phone. Volume levels can vary from app to app (Spotify, music player, etc.), format to format (mp3, flac, alac, aac) and file to file. As well as they helmet you're wearing, wind noise, traffic noise and the speed you're going
  11. I'm glad it helped! It's very clever indeed how Seba has managed to pack all that extra info in such a small space, without making it over-cramped, just by using the dots. It's a shame it was being lost on so many people...something had to be done about that! As to the GPS screen, there might be a bit of a caveat to using it to test the app's GPS: You have to be tracking a tour for it to display GPS status. Say you leave home (and have mobile data), open EUCW. and go to GPS data by swiping up on the gauge. You'll find that the GPS icon is greyed out and the stats below the gauge are blank (hyphens instead of numbers). The second you start tracking a tour, the icon will turn blue and time, speed and other stats will appear. If, while tracking a tour, you lose GPS connection, the icon will turn grey (you'll also get a message in the status bar, the status bar will change color and if voice messages are on, you'll get a prompt informing you that GPS signal has been lost). So in your case, to test EUCW GPS status, you'd have to start tracking a tour when in your front porch, for example, so the Lemfo is connected to your wifi AND can get GPS signal, and then go for a ride. Once you lose wifi, the tour probably won't be recorded properly, but you'll be able to monitor GPS, for testing purposes. I tried it on the balcony, and GPS signal monitoring remains active even if I switch off wifi and mobile data, and the app reports loss and regain of GPS signal Another option would be to ask @Seba if he can make a small change so the GPS icon is blue if there's a GPS connection, regardless of whether a tour is being tracked or not. After all, there are plenty of other indicators that a tour is being tracked: the color of the status bar, the GPS stats on the main page, the entire tour screen...
  12. That’s so funny! ! I needed that! Me too! This thread was in dire need of a lighter touch touch of humor (lighter touch didn't seem like the most appropriate term in connection with the mask above)
  13. Religion...and money. The article Langham posted doesn't mention whether the bug-zapping machines being used are for sale or not
  14. Interesting. A completely different attitude compared to...everywhere else. Based on global medical predictions and recommendations, it seems like it's being seriously downplayed and people are fairly uninformed. Is the media making a big deal of COVID-19, or also downplaying it? What are your thoughts on lack of testing? Do you think there are many more cases than reported/low figures because of lack of testing? And do you reckon people's outlook would change if more emphasis were put on the risks and severity? Another thought I had was that the videos doesn't convey social responsibility / consideration for the elderly and/or others in high-risk groups among the young...but then again, it seems like a lot of institutions are cancelling events of their own initiative, and youth's attitude could stem from the same perception of low severity. My first thought (financial motivations tend to be high up on governments' priority lists) is that with the upcoming Olympics...it's in the government's best interest to keep stats low, and keep the population misinformed so it's not the population demanding more testing/more drastic measures, as well as the international community. Quick clarification: I'm equally suspicious/mistrusting with ALL governments, no matter the country/continent
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