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  1. Maybe those stats could be hidden in the public tours but available for other euc.world users. Then again, not sure any law enforcement agencies are aware of (and even less likely, using) euc.world. And from there to tracing a tour back to a user... It's a bit of a stretch. Even if you get stopped while on tour, them linking your ride to euc.world is unlikely, and even if they did... I don't think those are legally valid grounds to fine anyone... Wouldn't it just be easier to use a username that provides no personally identifiable information, and start recording tours when a block or two from home? (pending the implementation of the "privacy delimitation area" and Seba mentioned in the past). I understand your privacy, safety and legal concerns (I hadn't thought about the latter two) , but feel that it's much easier for us users to apply caution and take responsibility for our own online choices (it's as simple as not using real names and being selective about what we make public). I say this because euc.world is a one man operation, after all, and the more we complicate things that can be easily solved elsewise, the less time Seba will have to develop other functions (site and WheelLog). But that's just my opinion. Those are interesting issues you raise
  2. It'll definitely help promote EUCs if people who land on the site can see the tours we do (distance, pics,etc). As far as I'm concerned, public means public, so my public tours never start from right in front of my house. Perhaps you could add a 4th privacy option: "Visible only to euc.world members". Or users could save you the work and just review the privacy settings of each of our tours (and make use of the fact that you implemented that option) 😉 BTW, am off to check out your "800 km across Poland" thread, I've been looking forward to it!
  3. If you were to replace that bicycle seat with a [text missing], you'd surely get a ton of requests from the ladies (Note that I refrained from making a brokeback mountain reference)
  4. @SebaHow was your trip? I checked in on you from time to time...No matter what time of day it was, I always got a "Seba is on tour" You did some crazy mileage! Your legs of steel must make superman look like a pussy by now! Great pictures too! (Did you upgrade to the new phone or is the old one only bad at low-light pics? 'Cause your pics look fantastic! Although I'm a bit disappointed I didn't see any of @Smoother waiting for you at a checkpoint wearing his thong....) BTW, which wheel did you use for the trip? The L or the XL? (I'm guessing the latter, but didn't see any BT disconnections in your logs so...) I've been having serious BT issues with my 18XL. They disappeared with the upgrade to firmware 1.12, but now they're back again. And BAD....as in if I take my phone out of my pocket and put it chest-high to check Komoot, it disconnects and I literally have to place it on top of the wheel (is if it were NFC) for it to reconnect. I'm starting to think that KS cut costs on the XL and put in a terrible BT module...(my in-helmet speakers work fine, even 10m from the phone...so it's definitely not my phone). I might contact my distributor (the wheel has a 2 year warranty) because between this and the lift sensor...I shouldn't be having issues of this sort with a €2K+ wheel... As to WheelLog (now that you're back from your tour and I can annoy you again ,) I've been having some issues lately. The app crashes from time to time ever since I updated to 2.0.30 (with 2.0.31 it's even worse). I haven't been able to find a pattern...sometimes it's when I switch "tabs", sometimes, for no apparent reason, it crashes in the background while I'm doing something else with my phone (texting, etc.). Has anyone else experienced these issues? Or is a phone factory reset overdue? (It lags a bit lately, but I have no crashing issues with any other apps: Samsung S7 Android 7.0) As a request (aren't you glad I'm back to pester you with requests? hahaha), I'd like to request that the pause function actually pauses GPS recording. I think other users have mentioned this before (people who commute and only want to record data when riding, but not while in the subway, for example). In my case, it's because I export the gpx file to Relive, and since gps doesn't actually pause, even though on euc.world I get separate average speeds (total vs time in motion), when I import the gpx to Relive, the avg speed drops down dramatically (if I stop for lunch and take my time, I end up with a 3 km/h avg speed, while avg speed in motion is actually 23 km/h, for example. But Relive, Strava, etc., take into account the lower speed that the euc.world gpx file provides them. And...you know...my ego wants to show off higher speeds and not look like I've been overtaken by an 80-year-old with a cane ). So I find myself with Kommot doing the navigation and recording the trip with WheelLog and Strava at the same time (serious battery drain...). Which makes me furious, given how much money I've paid to use your WheelLog fork! Jokes aside, I'd like to stress how grateful I am for the wonderful work you've done, and will refrain from any further requests until I've sent you a donation (worth at least one beer for every pain in the ass I've caused you )
  5. Looks like I'm not the only poor man on the forum who's unable to afford a smartwatch (and 10 wheels ), because I was planning on doing the same thing!
  6. To prevent confusion, it might be worth rebranding the different forks to SebaLog and GMOneLog
  7. Looks like we follow the same system. Plan with Komoot (PC, browser-based so map can be changed works best for me), then WheelLog to record the tour (And Komoot as failsafe, since by 18XL keeps disconnecting constantly ) Thanks for taking the time to share the tour, I'll add your route to my favourites for whenever I manage to get to Poland! (although I'll probably be doing it in reverse order, from South to North). The ideal scenario would be for me to do the route on my wheel, and my girlfriend to meet me at the day's destination with the motorhome, but I don't trust her with it anymore...the last time she drove it, she went under a bridge that was too low and it cost me nearly 2000€ to fix the roof So perhaps I'll have to do it in 50 km stretches: 50 km from the motorhome, then 50 km back, and drive to the destination. It kind of defeats the point but...it's cheaper than staying at hotels/hostels (and certainly cheaper than fixing broken roofs ). Were there many <3 metre bridges on your tour?
  8. The best tour I've done to date--by far (https://euc.world/tour/576503349646028). Breathtaking views, great trails, and amazing beaches for when the heat gets to be too much. I'm in love with this part of Spain (Cantabria, northern coast) Travelling in an RV, adding an EUC to the mix has been a complete game-changer. I need to find a way to live like this full-time, all year round...
  9. You might answer your seller for changing the sensor or work over the sensor...but i dont know how he handles such cases/warranty, and i have no advise Rights whatsoever to your seller. Good idea, thanks. So you can confirm that this is an actual issue with the first batch of 18XL? That would help a lot in getting my distributor to replace it (he does offer warranty, yes!). Thanks!
  10. We're gonna need a camera man to record Seba's reaction and max-speed beeps as he flees in disgust. You in?
  11. Hahahaha No... The idea is to give Seba something pleasant to look at when he arrives. Although... If I'm the one waiting for him, wearing a school girl uniform and waving pom-poms while my beard and hairy legs blow in the wind, I might just encourage him to skip the pit stop altogether and improve his daily mileage... And if we can get @Smootherto wait for him at the next stop, with a bikini and a g-string, we can probably get Seba to do 200+ km a day...
  12. Yeah, updating the firmware fixed it for me too, but now the issue has mysteriously reappeared. What you mention on the Bluetooth module not switching off entirely, but going into standby, makes sense, as switching off the wheel for extended periods of time (overnight, etc) doesn't seem to change anything. Looks like, for the time being, the only way to reset it is by disconnecting the batteries... Yes, I noticed that previous WheelLog versions (including original from which I forked) caused wheel counters to reset. However I fixed it in 2.0.30 that will be published tomorrow. I can confirm that this has been corrected in 2.0.30 Good to know, thanks! It must be my phone then. It has needed a fresh start (factory reset) for quite a while now, but I can never seem to find enough time (back up my data, reset, reinstall and reconfigure apps...) Thanks for the compliments on my pictures. But the merit goes to the the landscapes themselves (and my phone's camera). The pics definitely do add value to the tours, so I encourage everyone to take plenty of them! It'll be even cooler when we can visit other users' profiles and check out all of their public tours! I'll be looking forward to seeing the pics of your upcoming 800km tour! (they shouldn't be hard to find... Log into euc.world, any time of day, and find that "Seba is on tour" ) I'll also take note of your route; Poland has been on my to-visit-with-my-motorhome list for a while, and adding an EUC to the equation (and some cool tours!) can only make it more awesome!
  13. Based on the 7 days, I didn't think it was an EUCing trip. So 100+ km/day? Wow! You must really want to recover your lead in the Steel Legs and Globe Trotter sections Those are going to be some awesome tours, take a lot of pictures dude! (preferably not in low light) And make your tour visible to all! If your location is updated in real time, maybe you'll have some sexy cheerleaders greeting you at each pit stop! And more importantly, ENJOY! (on such a long trip, I can already imagine you taking notes on bugs and new features in WheelLog that need to be addressed) We'll manage without you for a week (and be green with envy!). And we might even manage to trouble-shoot for new users in your absence (or accidentally confuse them/ourselves even more until your return) You leave the 22nd right?
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