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  1. @The Fat Unicyclist Between THIS, the GW Hero, the V12 and the Veteran Abram you guys are gonna be BUSY
  2. Yeah, seems to be the wheel many of us have been waiting for: an S18XL. But I have to admit, this really exceeded my expectations. Well done KS and thanks for listening to our input @Jack King Song!
  3. Not THAT bad. But can't beat the S20's claimed 200km (on 2200Wh)
  4. Thanks for sharing! Those are definitely some attractive specs. Enough to outdo the GW Hero too! Good to see KS really listening to its buyers. I could easily see this becoming my next wheel (in late 2022/early 2023, when glitches and design flaws from the 1st batch(es) have been sorted out)
  5. Looks like an interesting wheel. Not sure what kind of range to expect from it... What are other GW 100V, 1800Wh wheels getting? On the other hand the S20... 3300W motor running on 126V and a 2220Wh battery pack... Looks like a sweeter deal if speed isn't your to priority.
  6. 20" 3300W 2220Wh (cell type/brand undisclosed), 126V
  7. Have you been able to replicate your initial findings? Remember you can always downgrade if you're not pleased with the new FW
  8. Because then they'd only get to sell two variations of the EX: the suspension EX and the suspensionless EX. This way, aside from the suspension EX, they can release the non-suspension EX-RS-motor version and a little further down the road (in 3 months tops, based on their recent activity?), the non-suspension EX-EX-motor, which of course, is an upgrade compared to the non-suspension EX with the RS motor. Wait, there might be more variations to be had here...EX-RS-HT and EX-RS-HS.... But how long till the RS with an EX motor? And the suspension EX-RS-HS and suspension EX-RS-HT? Anyone
  9. Haha no problem. It was about time I showed my face around here and gave @Seba a bit of a hand with FAQs. After all, I'm the one who started writing the documentation and then parked the project out of lack of time. But still, I blame @Seba for developing faster than I'm able to keep up Do take into account that battery percentage is ultimately just an estimation and not an exact science. As an example, your wheel's battery percentage drops when under load, increases when braking, etc. Or it might display 70% on connection, after not using it for several days, and drop swiftly to 65% if y
  10. Haha I bet! The weather is frankly hard to beat (although in summer I often fantasize with the North pole...) Anytime! I do way too much solo riding!
  11. Can you somehow work that magic into real life? I need to start making time to drop by here more often, your Photoshopping has been missed!
  12. It's definitely trickier than any mountain bike tire I've ever changed a tire on. Since I suspect my flat stemmed from an incorrectly seated tire, I put quite a bit of time into getting it to seat properly. I partially inflated the tube so it would hold its shape (as with any tire change), stuck it in the tire, then stuck the valve in the hole in the rim, making sure it was all the way in. Work the tire into place, checked the tube wasn't pinched anywhere, then inflated. Tire line was too low in some places, too high around the valve area. Deflated a little, worked it, found the tube was sligh
  13. Last weekend, taking advantage of the good weather
  14. Ah man, that sucks! Hope your Sherman is up and running soon! Honestly, I agree that we knowingly get ourselves into this (except first-time buyers) and have to own that and also take responsibility for the fact that if they keep pulling this crap on us it's because we keep buying their products--we do bring it onto ourselves... On the other hand, I've only been riding for a little over two years and in that time I've seen a steep fall in quality. I started with a V8 which is a quality wheel, then upgraded to a KS18XL, which in IMHO is the last quality wheel KS made, up the their for
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