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  1. 22mm The result measured with a sliding ruler is about 22.3mm
  2. This is roughly what it means. The main thing I want to express is that after the first two of the eight cells disappeared, the battery has actually used about 70% of the electricity. It's not that we mistakenly believe that 75% of the electricity is still inside. When the LCD screen shows five grids, there is actually only about 10% of electricity. The safest way is to read the voltage value to judge the remaining power
  3. 1, http://www.benzobattery.com/blog/relationship-between-voltage-and-capacity-of-li-ion-battery/ 2, 3.5Ah x 50%x 3.82V x 24s x10p = 1604.4WH 單節電池容量為3500mA = 3.5Ah,此時電壓為3.82V,電容為50%,一串24塊電池,共10串並聯 3, The yellow line is the first long-distance test. The voltage value at that time corresponds to the number of cells of the electricity meter (eight cells in total). Although it is not absolutely accurate, the data of the other wheel is almost the same. The voltage value relative to the percentage is laboratory data and published on the Internet, I calculated based on this. The normal calculation is that this wheel is calculated using the working voltage of 3.7V, 3.5Ahx3.7Vx24x10=3108WH (officially marked 3200WH) 4, Check the official data of sherman, the lowest is 75.6V, so 75.6/24=3.15V The first published data tilt back at 74.5V, which was later revised to 75.6V 74.5V/24S=3.104V
  4. Unfortunately, I can't have more information to confirm these
  5. Glad you understand what I mean. 👍🎉🎊 Obviously, the electricity meter does not match the voltage value. As you said, some people are in danger because they don’t understand.
  6. Sorry, I may not express it clearly. This table is based on the amount of electricity converted from the voltage on the wheel. What I want to express is that when the voltage is 91.68V, the LCD screen should appear as a bar with 4 bars. (The voltage value will appear after long pressing the OK button for eight seconds)
  7. This is a serious flaw of the original factory. This is the test value of the first wheel from Taiwan. When the lcd six grids, the actual voltage is only 89V, and about 20% of the power is left. But people will think that there is more than 60% of the electricity, so this rider caused a power outage at a low voltage. I once made my suggestion to @馬蒂·巴克(Marty Backe)in message(2020/07/05), but he didn't seem to read. SHERMAN 電壓(V) 電量(WH) 100% 4.2 100.8 3528 8BAR 90% 4.06 97.44 3069.36 80% 3.98 95.52 2674.56 70% 3.92 94.08 2304.96 7BAR 60% 3.87 92.88 1950.48 50% 3.82 91.68 1604.4 40% 3.79 90.96 1273.44 30% 3.77 90.48 950.04 20% 3.74 89.76 628.32 6BAR 10% 3.68 88.32 309.12 5BAR 5% 3.45 82.8 144.9 3BAR 3% 3.25 78 81.9 2 LOW 2% 3.15 75.6 52.92 1 BACK 0% 3 72 0
  8. As far as i understand use the mosfet model is HY5012W
  9. I use WHEELLOG, mainly because the software supports GARMIN watches, but these two programs are more needed, which can provide Chinese display function.
  10. Yes, that is my original intention. Because a friend got a 84V 2200WH customized MSX a few weeks ago,is to use the 21700 size battery
  11. 18650: (3.7V×24S×3.45mA)X 2P = 612.72WH,約615WH 615 WHX 3 = 1845WH 更換 21700: (3.7VX 24S X 4.95mA)X2P = 879.12WH about 880W 880WH X 3 = 2640W 這是不改變其他部分的最佳解決方案嗎? 你怎麼看 ?
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