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Your response to the Top 10 most common questions?


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5 hours ago, WIZARD said:

Wow! OMG! That's cool!.......

What is that? My wheelchair. Ya, a chair on a wheel. A vaccume cleaner. My Robotic Unicycle Drone.

How do you ride that? I dont. I just hold on and hope for the best. I pray alot.

Is it hard to ride? Impossible. Absolutely impossible. In fact, I'll give ya $10 bucks if you can just sit on it for 10 seconds.

What makes it go? Well, if you'll look real real close you can see some little peddles on the front end. I only go downhill.

How fast will it go? Well, I've had it up to 87mph. But, if I can find a higher cliff ....

How do you control it? Brain waves. Feelings really. You think left, it goes left. You think slow down, it slows down. You think faster, it slams your face into the concrete.

What did that cost you? $100 bucks and my left nut. $9000 dollars. Be sure to Shut Up and just stare at them!

Did you make that? No. I woke up in the middle of the night when my ceiling fell in. This was lodged in my roof.

I am determined to get Viagra and Aliens and Nudity in there somewhere but haven't been able to yet.

And lastly, some way to make Money or get a Hot Date out of them. 🙂

Your Questions?

Your Responses?


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eScooters may be so popular in some places that no one bats an eye. In Atlanta, Georgia, for instance, no one commented or seemed to notice EUCs, and the number of eScooters/OW/skateboarders was huge. Atlanta surely must be the electric capital of the US.

I just say, and most people understand, that the EUC is half a Segway. However, people do understand that most modern EUCs are souped-up vehicles compared to Segway and OWs, with all the high speed ability and injury potential that entails.

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