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  1. I know I'm not the oldest but let's get the "ball(wheel)" rolling. I'm 66 years old and I ride 3 or 4 times daily during summer and a couple times daily in winter down into the teens f. I am stage 4 cancer and handicaped. I ride seated 100% of the time. I have over 2100 miles. I've broke 2 ribs, wrenched back several times and am the king of unscheduled landings and FacePlants. Currently I have been designing a jumping ramp to see how far and high I can fly through the air (hopefully in the vicinity of my euc). I'll still be riding my beloved Unicycle as a Box of Bones!!! Let's start the bidding.... The WIZARD.
  2. Not sure but you should be extremely attentive about your batteries over heating on a freak warmer day or in spring. People drill ventilation holes and install Heat Sink to aid in cooling them. Dont think just in terms winter. Batt temp is on the phone app. Settings. Riding.
  3. I regularly ride at 20* F and it's only November. I figure I'll put socks and a shirt on soon. 🙂 I store and charge inside at typical 68*F temps. Inspite of getting quite chilly after riding a few miles, my battery temp will still be 80* or 90*F. Obviously, the battery produces it's own heat and inspite of 20*F cold, plus wind chill on the euc, the battery never ever "gets cold" while riding. 2 Qs: 1. Why do people say there is less distance or miles to be riden on a very cold battery? The battery starts out warm and toasty and then only gets warmer! 2. Doesn't charging a battery (euc) outside in the cold, also warm the battery? I can only see less battery juice available if you leave it out in the cold and just jump on and hit the gas. Even then, the lights or app would indicate less charge starting out and you can plan your ride starting with the 70 or 80% available.
  4. Hello Scott. Are you still there? I have been off for awhile. I'm in Des Moines. Contact me. Jim, The WIZARD . 3754ib@gmail.com
  5. The Wizard is back. Ninebot one c+. 2000 miles. 66 years old and still a living every single last second. Flying through the air, gliding down the streets, sidewalks, bike trails and hilly bumpy dirt paths in the middle of the woods! Yes, I had quit posting as I had to quit riding. I had a year off after having spent a great deal of it in bed and in pain. Turns out that my SI Joint pain eventually forced me off all recreational devices and activities. It also exposed me the stage 4 cancer that was growing in my SI Joint and pelvic area. Treatments hospitals drugs etc. I am ok. I am responding very well to treatment!!! Sooo, what of my beloved Robotic Unicle Drone and my riding days??? After using a cane and walker I couldn't chance any fall whatso ever. So I started biking. Eventually my health improved so much that I invented a SEAT for my euc and learn to ride seated all the time. I still use full protective gear and even wear a 4" thick 16" by 12" foam pad chest protector. I have had many a spill and 2 or 3 cut outs. One at full speed hurrying across an intersection. I really went flying on that one and scared the whole intersection, rolling and flopping up the hill. Anyway, I posted to say... where theres a will, theres a way. I'm still out there, I just ride seated. The Wizard.
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