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  1. Wilbur is the guy on the front. He loves to go for a ride. He attracts quite a bit of attention himself. However, I have to warn people, especially kids... he bites! The For Sale sign was on for 3 months to gage if there was genuine true interest in people buying euc in my local area. Although it generated hundreds of comments and even inquiries, not one person stepped forward with cash. It turned out to be a nice and easy, non-threatening way for people to approach me or start a conversation. An opener for them to do more than the usual scream and yell... omg that's cool!!! Its off now. Even if I could, I'd never go back to Stand Up. Years ago I had invented an anti-Face Plant device. I never claimed it prevented falls or accidents or even injuries. Just the dreaded Instantaneous Face Plant, but no one listened. First everyone yelled at me that it was impossible and that I was a fraud and a lier. Then I found out I had stage 4 cancer. I shut up and said the hell with everything. I just found 10 old pictures and a couple more recent of my device. Riding sitting down eliminates100% of the Face Place injuries. I know because I've had several full speed crashes/falls since. Let me know if anyone wants more info....
  2. I ride seated 100% of the time. I use 5 different poles. The highest is 16 foot with 6 streamers. Clear, open streets and bikes trails and public events. The shortest 8 foot with 5 streamers. A quick ride up to the store or extremely windy. Yes, they quadruple the screems and yells and attention but... They also save my life in the parking lots and streets on a daily basis. 🙂🙃☹🙃🙂
  3. I have just confirmed, it's the Last light only. Waiting for your basic euc info.....
  4. I am sorry to do this to you but in any repair diagnoses its necessary. Exact: year, model, miles. Buy it new? Never disassembled? Any modifications? I'm still not worried yet. Might be able to simply disassemble and cycle a few electrical connectors. Just reconnecting these might be enough to solve a couple common problems. You may have just knocked something loose. I am familiar with the inside. Is it light #9 or #10? The very last light?
  5. I have a ninebotone c+. 2300 miles at 2 1/2 years. I wouldnt send it off or even get too worried just yet. Talk to me just a bit. Give more details. For instance: the BOTTOM most part of the rings can NOT be blinking green. The last bottom 2 are Red Only and the 2 further up are both Yellow. Were you actually ON it when it quit? Did you fall over? Did you accelerate quickly or hit something? Was it still not operational the next day?
  6. Well that would be true, but I must point out that no one has ever heard of Des Moines, Iowa. In my Beach Bum days, where i learned all about tourists and other foreign bodies... People (well...girls in skimpy bikinis) would say... Ohio? Idaho? I think i know that's in the US, right? 🙂🙃☹
  7. Not worth mentioning but anything promoting the growth, awareness and safety of our sport is worth supporting. I can confirm 2 regular riders, 1 occasional rider and 1 rumored sighting in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, Earth, Solar System, Milkyway Galaxy. 3 in Des Moines, Iowa. WEAR A HELMET!!!
  8. Nb1c+. 2300miles. 2 1\2 years. This morning (17 degrees) I woke up wondering how much clothing to put on to go down to PepsiMart. Looking out the patio door, I kept smelling something funny. I finally decided it was just in my imagination and headed off to don the Polar Bear suit and Body Armor. Passing my beloved Death Machine (euc) I discovered the smell getting much more intense. Upon further inspection: I quite offen leave the Charger plugged in the wall, all the time. Unplugged from my euc, last night I had simply dropped the Connector end onto the carpet like i have always done 900 thousand times before. Apparently, it fell right exactly onto or bounced into, a very little piece of debris or hair or dirt or loop of carpet. Ok ok, you are right, it could have been a great big Rat decided to clean his teeth with it. I dont know what made the connection between the two pins. It was hotter than living shit, soft and liquidy melted. Both the Connector and the Carpet. I dont know, but it could have erupted in flames at any second. Connector ruined. Carpet ruined. Todays ride ruined. But, I was not burned alive!!! UNPLUG YOUR CHARGERs!!!
  9. I've taken 50 pictures and 10 videos but can not get them on here. I have them saved on google pictures. Is is no URL for any of my photos. The videos always "too large". Help?
  10. I ride seated 100% of the time. I have 6 brite streamers that are long enough to reach the ground. They are attached to a 15' 6" bamboo pole. I have 5 poles of different heights. Even while riding slow, they stretch out and everyone sees me coming. 100% yells and compliments. Wow, OMG, that's cool!!! https://photos.app.goo.gl/mg4tEehSQHLbFsef8
  11. Wow! OMG! That's cool!....... What is that? My wheelchair. Ya, a chair on a wheel. A vaccume cleaner. My Robotic Unicycle Drone. How do you ride that? I dont. I just hold on and hope for the best. I pray alot. Is it hard to ride? Impossible. Absolutely impossible. In fact, I'll give ya $10 bucks if you can just sit on it for 10 seconds. What makes it go? Well, if you'll look real real close you can see some little peddles on the front end. I only go downhill. How fast will it go? Well, I've had it up to 87mph. But, if I can find a higher cliff .... How do you control it? Brain waves. Feelings really. You think left, it goes left. You think slow down, it slows down. You think faster, it slams your face into the concrete. What did that cost you? $100 bucks and my left nut. $9000 dollars. Be sure to Shut Up and just stare at them! Did you make that? No. I woke up in the middle of the night when my ceiling fell in. This was lodged in my roof. I am determined to get Viagra and Aliens and Nudity in there somewhere but haven't been able to yet. And lastly, some way to make Money or get a Hot Date out of them. 🙂 Your Questions? Your Responses?
  12. Intersections are a Big part of city riding. They are a whole life and death study all by themselves. Righthand turners encroaching into your sidewalk path. Wham! More than once. Lefthand turners at lights. They watch forward for a gap and Floor It! Not looking for poor old us trying to get accross. No signalers. Old farts. Cell phone killers. And the general Brain Dead public. I've about gotten killed sooo many times that I treat busy intersections in a very special way. I completely ignor the Green light and the Walk light. Well, actually, I dont GO when they say to. I wait for it to clear the intersection of all the turners and traffic. I wait and only cross the intersection when the light is RED for ME. Maybe you didn't, but I learned to cross a street when i was 6. I wait for a substantial clear spot and go. Yes, against the light. I am in control. I decide if my brains are going to be spread all down the street. ME. I go when its clear. I ride residential streets 60%. Even if I have to go a little out of the way. Bike trail 10%. Sidewalk 20%. Parking and mall lots 10%. I'm working on: Roofs, nudist colonies, underwater, and the occational Police Pursuit 1%. 🙃 Busy regular streets... god dam it, are you nuts, absolutely never!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thank you guys for keeping it simple. I pretty much knew these things at least from a non-enginer point. I was concerned that the drop could be more sudden than I would anticipate. Speaking of Drops. As I am becoming a Seasoned Rider, I am paying more important attention to Lower Battery and sudden inputs, acceleration, potholes (one of my biggest and HIGHEST unscheduled dismounts, literally. I was launched Up Up and away). I would encourage newer riders to consider Hotdogging and Aggressive riding not be practiced. Maybe with a Death Wish and full body armor. Perhaps a few Face Plants are always required to get our attention. A low battery does not give the same buffer or safety reserve that is inherently required by the euc. I know many need their euc for transportation. But I ride slow and easy. Like flying. I do it for pure pleasure. The travel, the trip, the destination is nothing to me. It's the Pure pleasure of the motion, banking, carving my way through the air. Slow down. Ignor the hotshot videos. Breath the air and put a smile on your face. We are the secret envy of everyone we pass. Every euc rider knows what I'm talking about! 🙂🙃🙂🙃
  14. Thanks to you guys for your input. My rides are so short that I can see that makes a big difference too. Very informative. My bigger worry or project is riding through various concentrations of patchy soft snow, packed snow and shear ice. 16" street tire. Woops, off subject. Thanks everyone.
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