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  1. Just a minor technical point about Face Plant. Its kind of a generic catch all phase which is intended to strike horror and panic. Often a person experiencing a Cut Out does Not land on their Face. It actually might be nice if it could be relied on that they Did land on their Face. Just ask anyone who has had Cut Outs (and lived). The wheel goes LIMP instantly. That does not mean it neatly rotates forward resulting in teeth being pushed through the back of your neck. Unerringly a rider has alittle more weight on one peddle or the other or is unbalanced bla bla bla
  2. I've been doing Roof Repairs for 40 years. Tar and Plastic Roof Cement head to toe on a daily basis. First 20 years, I simply used Gasoline. Work great!!! USE BABY OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let it soak 15 minutes and repeat several times as needed. It is safe and mild. End of discussion.
  3. me me me me me me me me me me me me me me
  4. I think it is a GREAT idea to BEAT THE LIVING SHIT otta your beloved unicycle. Why just drive if off curbs and stairs to BEAT THE LIVING SHIT outta it? I'm puzzled. Don't you have balconies, parking garages over overpasses in your town? I try to avoid BEATING THE LIVING SHIT outta MY beloved uncle. I even avoid Potholes and Cracks the very best I can.
  5. The solution is more simple than you realize. I've had 4 versions of Horns. My last was the large Bulb type. I was fun and functional and even funny to the kids. Clown like. Then I got serious. VERY FUCKIN SERIOUS. Almost get ran over every day serious. Solution: Marine Fog Horn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8oz. 8$ at WalFart. The first 2 times I tested it at arms length, it injured my ears. I thought I might have to go the the ER. Your arms can not get it far enough away to use. Probably comparable to standing next to a simi horn. No car, no burglar and no monste
  6. Boy, if ya just step back alittle and look at the Big Picture and not get caught up in the little details.... WE ALL LOVE OUR UNICYCLEs. 🙂🙃🙂
  7. I already beat my phone to death with 3 different hammers, the kitchen sink and the neighbors cat... so please don't tell me about all the "simple", "easy to use" apps. Apparently you missed the part about Apps. Does ANYONE know how to MANUALLY adjust the settings???
  8. Brain? A few of us (not all) have one glued on top of a thing called a Spinal Cord. A long time ago when I was first learning to ride, out in the old Kmart parking lot... there was a special curb. It was Graduated. it was higher and lower at one end. Therefore a guy could practice his tech quite easily at various levels. This is where I learned the Violence of Curbs. After BEATING THE LIVING SHIT out of my brand new beloved unicycle, I had an idea, a revelation of sorts... If you BEAT THE LIVING SHIT out of something... is it more likely to break, than if you dont??? I


    68 years old. 3000miles. Nb1 c+ and new Telsa T3. Take precautions. But I dont mean Gear Up. SPEED is the number one enemy. Scan your pavement closer. Cracks, holes, treeroots, other bikers, water, Mud! Quit HotDogginit for the chicks. Slow down. No more snow! Its not how we feel now thats counts. Its, how are ya gonna feel in a pile of old crumpled up bones? You don't know your bones are thinning until you fall. Just like you use to, hundreds of times. Go ahead Ride. Just... SLOW DOWN!!!
  10. It did not come with one and i can not find a user manual online. The EucWorld app is in Chinese. Seems its there job to be confusing and unreadable. I think GotWay has generously provided a way to Use Their Product by entering different series of dots and dashes via the On Button. Yes, in less than 3 days, you can Change a Setting! Lights, tilt back, alarms. I want to set one speed alarm and tiltback so I dont Kill Myself. Bout 25mph, I suppose. I already beat my phone to death with 3 different hammers, the kitchen sink and the neighbors cat... so please don't tell m
  11. I completely agree with all of your well thought out comment. I know you would just like to help. I guess I am not really saying how ill I am. I dont have the energy to go through everything needed. I recommend Euco and I've said that in writing. They are GOOD PEOPLE. Its China and FedEx. I just want to make people aware. To ask questions. All salesmen are NOT honest. China has no conscience. FedEx is a bunch of monkeys. I love my euc. You should too. There just isn't anything like it. I'm no wuss. I've put in 3000 miles at 68 years old. Snow, ice and even worst
  12. Hummmmm.... My whole euc came in a beat up box. The new charger box was even crushed INSIDE. I'm concerned about all the return and claim process. Then the additional ordering, processing, Back Ordering, etc. Lastly, I am ill. It is still summer. My last summer to ride. I have inspected and duct taped it together enough to ride my beautiful trails and parks and lakes for one more month or two. Thats why I have not returned it.
  13. This is such a useful and serious subject I hate to put it here. Maybe have a laugh at me. My brand new Telsa T3 came via being throw down the stairs. I've been duct tape and coat hangering it to see if I can keep from returning it. The charger dent work eighter having its box visibly Crushed. I finally took the plunge and opened her up. Had to Drill the stupid screws out. The assembly or shipping monkeys misaligned or bent the Green led and the window remained Black. I scooted the led over 1/4 inch and now it reads both Green or Red!!! I also removed 2 wires
  14. I read a book once about 20 years ago about Reality. Very surprised and a hard read. "There is no such thing as an accident". This is a face saving lie humans use to avoid taking responsibility for each and every action or lack of action in their life. "Absolutely everything that ever happens to a human is exactly what they wanted to happen". This is particularly hard to ponder and decipher. Especially in the light of so much illness and death. "The perfect or orderly universe always warns us. But we ignor all the little warnings until, one day, we are responsible for
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