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King Song KS16S v2 with lift sensor and better trolley handle (EcoDrift pictures and disassembly)


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Is there a way to retrofit the new handle to a new KS16S? Even without the switch mine seems to be getting a little loose and I'd prefer to replace it before it breaks in the moment I need it.

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2 hours ago, Will Verine Robinson said:

Is there a way to retrofit the new handle to a new KS16S?

Looks like it. You can use the new handle, but you have to drill new holes into the metal trolley bars for it.


I remind you that the attachment to the guides of the new is different. To put this pen instead of the old plastic will have to drill new holes.



Says so here: https://ecodrift.ru/2019/05/14/novosti-priehali-kingsong-ks-18l-s-novymi-datchikami-priehali-metallicheskie-ruchki-dlya-ks-16s/ (Google Translate of this)

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On 4/27/2019 at 9:01 PM, meepmeepmayer said:

(Has this already been posted? If yes, I missed it.)


The latest version of the 16S has a lift cut-off sensor and the sturdier trolley handle from the 18(X)L, made from metal instead of the old plastic that apparently isn't too robust. They call it 16S v2.

The lift sensor is interesting. You still activate it by lifting the wheel, but it is no longer the error-prone strain sensor from the 18L. Lifting the wheel actually pushes a little button inside, very cute. So it should work super reliably.

The rest of the wheel is the same. Board, motor, etc. Too bad, but I guess there's the 16X if you want more power.

@EcoDrift did one of their usual great photo tours and disassemblies. Google Translate link: KS16S v2 photos by EcoDrift (original link)

Their video of the lift button: 



I have a very stupid question here, don't laugh ...

I am maybe planning on buying this model soon from a dealer close to Sweden.... 

Regarding the handle, is there a risk that the handle would vibrate too much and while riding, don't know but maybe even jumping, and that it would trigger the handle to push the button for cut off? 

Question 2, are there any recommendations on which wheel to choose if I'd want to go with just a bit more power but still have the reliability of the Kingsong? I prefer a 16" since it is easier if I commute to work with train and bus etc. I will be cruising around 29-32km/h but would maybe want a bit more margin to the top speed. I will still probably end up with the 16s v2 but I still appreciate thoughts from more experienced riders. (I have been riding for 6months, coming from ks14s)

Thanks ahead !


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  • All wheels ignore the lift button signal when they are not standing still (faster than 2-3 kph or something like this). You can't accidentally or even intentionally cause a cut-out by triggering such a functionality in any way. So even if some evil gremlin in the 16S pushed that button while riding, nothing would happen, the board ignores the signal. The only danger is when standing still, don't lift the handle while standing still on the wheel (not that you would likely do that but I guess you could;)).
  • All wheels are reliable in the sense that they don't just cut-out. There is no difference between manufacturers there. (Build quality and features and app problems and whatnot are another question, but all modern brand wheels are safe technologically if they are strong enough/have a big enough battery so you can't easily overlean them.)
    So you can choose any wheel you like. The Tesla or V10(F) come to mind unless you want to go for the more massive Nikola or 16X. The Tesla is lighter and smaller and faster, the V10(F) is maybe a bit more flashy and sleek and has a nice comfortable tire.
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