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  1. Veteran have said that that was an isolated issue in the very first pre-pro batch, of which ecodrift received their first wheel. This is not apparently inclusive of the production models.
  2. It has been confirmed that this will be remedied in a firmware update, however, so this will not be a characteristic of this wheel for much longer for those that chose to upgrade.
  3. Will R

    Gotway Suspension

    @Lukasz do you have an idea of battery capacity, motor wattage or release date?
  4. With a wheel this quick you may be best suited to a wingsuit 😂
  5. You know Marty's serious when the Cape comes back out...
  6. That's what has been now confirmed. We need one of these bad boys:
  7. Ah the old "it's not a bug, it's a feature". Hahaha
  8. I'm not projecting my own experiences, the *considerable majority* of users have zero problems. There aren't going to be many search results for "firmware update goes perfectly fine" 😂 I'm sure there are many MSX users that would love softer pedals instead of the Hard, Hard and Hard modes to choose from. Nothing is ever perfect first time 😊 Nope, top speed is still unaffected providing the rated wattage of the motor stays the same. (i.e not like the 2200wh KS8XL) It's more like changing the power curve to be less curved and more just a horizontal line. The ability to customise it would be wonderful however, much like the top-end Rion racing scooters @Alien Rides whips around. Although if you don't like small risks, this may not be your hobby 😉 I prefer the stiffer pedals as KS can be quite mushy and dip forward in turns. I am a fairly heavy guy and ride an 18L, so the less swing the better, especially when cornering quickly or gunning up bankings while off-roading in the mountains. By faster I mean quicker acceleration to get up to top speed, not top speed itself, which is entirely linked to pedal behaviour in the context of KS's previously swingy pedal response. As long as you are loving what you ride though that's all that matters Now back to the Monster Pro: does anyone know the battery arrangement (?S?P, cell type). I know the Sherman is 24s10P to make 240 cells total, is the MonPro 10P also?
  9. Oh I can't say how long I've been waiting for improved and offline your tracking. As soon as my Pixel goes into battery saving mode, all my tours turn into big lines connecting the dots where I stood to check my phone. Thank you @Seba, you're doing God's work ❤️
  10. How speculative. I can say that firmware updates are the best thing about owning a KS18L, as over the time I have had it has just got better and better and better. Stiffer pedals, more responsive acceleration and braking, more torque for hills and with the 2.0 update, complete eradication of the high-pitched motor whine! Now there is just a very satisfying, very quiet whirr. Never have I experienced issues flashing new firmware, either, even with less than half battery. Gotway's main strongsuit is their programming prowess, famous for faster and stiffer rides than KS, I would have a little more faith in their ability to create updates
  11. This is no longer the current line of prediction. It is likely they will have user-upgradable firmware once/if they feel the need to create it. The misconception arose from Vet saying new firmware was not needed to address the NYC crew's pedal dipping fiasco.
  12. I can only speak for those of us in the EU group buy, but we have had confirmation that *if* there are firmware updates made, we will receive a downloader to flash the update onto our boards. Whether this is as simple as an android app or whether it's a usb to the PCB thing I don't know, but like @null said I'm sure once a firmware like this gets out in the wild it will find its way to @Seba who will incorporate it into EUCW, and Jason will just email it out to eWheels buyers much like the kingsong soft tuner app. I have edited out personal information for privacy reasons, but below is the evidence I am basing this on.
  13. This is actually a misconception. Veteran have talked about firmware updates several times, but people have confused Linnea Lin's reply about a specific firmware to fix the infamous 'overtorque' dips back during the NYC demo being not necessary with the idea that they won't do them at all. Thankfully, they will if/when necessary (hence the Bluetooth module).
  14. Will R

    Gotway Suspension

    Here is a link to the video of it in action!
  15. While plastic does indeed spring back due to its elasticity, bending metal is a considerably better way to absorb energy than bouncing plastic. Absorbing impacts is the whole point of crumple zones in cars, they reduce the energy going to the delicate bits (your body, or the PCB/batteries). I personally completely embrace the softish metal bar approach to high-speed crash-protection.
  16. I pulled the trigger on an Intex Explorer K2 today, £99 on Amazon prime. There are better kayaks, but I think this is the most boat for the least cash, and I can likely sell it on when I see a good deal on a nicer one second hand after this summer season. Looking forward to taking it out and updating you all with how it goes.
  17. I have heard good things about Itiwit. Their seats look nice and I like the felt on the bottom. Does it take a while to dry? Carrying one of these slightly wet is probably going to hit my range, so time-to-dry is something I'm looking out for too.
  18. I've heard to stay away from Sevylor but that's a pretty trustworthy field test there if I ever saw one! As for paddle boards, if you can show me how to carry a 70lbs wheel on one without you or it getting wet then I'll consider it 😂
  19. @Marty Backe How shortly is shortly exactly? I'm losing sleep over this wheel I'm so excited.
  20. Yes they do seem to be, however cost a little more than comparatively. I started looking at kayaks with drop stitching as they inflate to higher pressures so are more rigid and can carry bear more weight without sagging but they get super pricy too. I'm glad I didn't commit to buying a particular model just yet however, as now we've bought a Veteran each it increases the maximum weight rating we'll need by 70kg 🤦‍♂️ I don't think a more first-world problem exists. Those tents look very swish and super compact. I would love to get a double but I would feel bad for putting trees through such a task. Much lighter than a poled tent and sleeping bags though. I'm excited to try attaching panniers to the bull bars of the Shermans when they arrive and seeing if we can manage without our backpacks, enabling us take it in turns carrying the boat bag. Failing that, I will look into using the bars as mounting points for a two or one wheeled trailer 🤔
  21. I feel so upset on behalf of your friend being lied to and missold something so expensive like that. Was he at least able to get a discount on the cost of the wheel once they admitted they were used 21700s?
  22. The wait for this wheel is killing me. @Marty Backe @Kuji Rolls when will we see the first reviews?
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