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  1. I have V1.09, nothing negative to say about it but also dont know exactly what's different about it. I would say if you dont have any issues just leave the firmware alone.
  2. Just how small are the Leatt Dual Axis Knee pads? I. was considering getting them but they look quite bulky. Preferred kneepads that I can wear under some pants.
  3. Blank

    KingSong 16S V2

    I own this refreshed model. Ewheels started carrying this model since Feburary when I purchased it. Big difference is that it comes with a lift to deactivate and the trolley handle has been switched from plastic to metal.
  4. I've noticed that the stock charger gets unbearably hot to the touch and as a solution I blow a fan on it when I'm charging. Had the KS16s from Ewheels for over 3 months now and no issues at all with it.
  5. Yeah it should ideally be placed exactly vertical. I did a improper calibration with the wheel tilted against a wall and felt my pedals dipping when I went into turns. Also use my phone as a level to check the angle.
  6. I just started using the wheellog app for my Gear S3 running Tizen. Works great and is accurate. The Gear S3 also has a GPS speedometer that I have also used before but the wheellog app is great.
  7. I just downloaded it this morning. It's still on the Galaxy Store for me. Had to switch wheellog versions to use it. But it works great.
  8. Wow I didnt even realize this existed. This is a amazing find. Thank you!
  9. I actually have a Samsung Gear S3, what app are you using to display speeds?
  10. Yes I've had this model for several months now. Purchased my KS16S from Ewheels several months back around feburary and it came with these upgrades.
  11. Took me about of month of practice before being able to fully ride it. One day I went out to practice and suddenly it clicked in my head and I was able to ride it further and further.
  12. Yes, I recieved the newest batch from Ewheels and it comes with the lift to disengage feature.
  13. Recieved my brand new KS16S from Jason not so long ago. The model I recieved has the same lift sensor as the 18 inch wheels and it is clearly metal underneath the paint. I've scratched the handle once and the black finish rubbed off and under it was metal.
  14. Blank

    Cover for KS16s?

    So I ended up using a giant piece of duct tape then taped the padding on top. Holding on strong so far.
  15. Blank

    Cover for KS16s?

    Was wondering what adhesive you used to tape the padding on, can't seem to get anything to stick to the pads or the surface of the KS16s. Thanks
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