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  1. Here's my Nikola seat! 😀
  2. What was the mudguard printed out of? I printed it in PLA but it was too stiff to squeeze onto the wheel and ended up shattering. Perhaps I just need to print it at a lower infill.
  3. I would also like to see how others are mounting their watches. With the upcoming Euc.World support for Samsung watches, I need to find a better way of mounting my Samsung GearS3 Frontier. I'm using HillBilly Wrist Guards so the options are a bit limiting when it comes to mounting it. I'm considering just going for a bigger strap and trying to run it around.
  4. I've had a fall on the hillbilly ones. I hit a invisible dip in the road at around maybe 20mph and crashed. My left wrist guard split in half but when I gathered myself and checked injuries, I basically came out with only torn pants and a split wrist guard. I didnt feel a single thing and my hand was perfectly fine so I guess the wrist guards did their job. Right when I got home I placed a order for a pair of new ones. They're definetly great for the price.
  5. What's the current status on the development for Samsung Watches?
  6. I wouldn't risk locking it up in a place where you cant see it. You'll be trusting a lock with a 2000 dollar wheel. I ride my Gotway Nikola to college and I bring it everywhere with me. If you really can't bring your Nikola with you see if you can leave it with the front desk or something or get a secondary wheel that's small enough to fit into a locker.
  7. Sounds like the lift sensor is being activated, perhaps you can calibrate it or disable it in the app?
  8. The files for that stand can be found on Thingiverse.com, you can probably ask someone to 3d print it for you for a couple of bucks.
  9. Theres a person on the NYC EUC telegram chat that deals with used wheels. Might be able to ask him.
  10. Is there anyone having issues with the Nikola's Led, Bluetooth, Voltage Meter, and Headlight not working? So far 3 people in the NYC EUC chat reported these not working with their Nikola. Seems like it's a board issue as one got a replacement board from eWheels and the lights function correctly now.
  11. Blank

    Dear Gotway

    So on the topic of stickers, I put a strip of clear gorilla tape over the Gotway Nikola letters. Anyone had any ideas how to stop the giant GW from peeling off?
  12. Is it just pretty much just plug and play? Siding out the old ones and replace with new? I purchased my Nikola Plus from Jason over at eWheels and it's pretty much a week old so I can expect a replacement led strip sometime soon. Thanks for the advice!
  13. So the LED Strip on the right side of my Nikola Plus started to flicker around 2 o'clock. Oddly this only happens with any led pattern other than the blue leds. Hope replacing the strips is easy.
  14. If all you need is to hear the alarms, something cheaper like this might also work https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/5DxIzU2M
  15. So going the relay route, would it just be a matter of hooking up a relay between the speaker and audio board using the 5V line? I hope its easier than it sounds since I'm a novice at this sort of DIY
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