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  1. Has there been any update or fix on this? I just recently switched over to a S21+ and was met with the same issue of not being able to install the app due to it being not compatible according to the galaxy store.
  2. I believe the startup sound is just on the speaker board. I swapped that out with one provided by eWheels and that removed the startup sound.
  3. I know if you purchase one from eWheels it won't have the startup sound. Not sure about other vendors.
  4. Hey everyone, I accidentally shorted out the mosfet on my 18650 1845WH Nikola Plus 100V. Waiting on eWheels to restock on the control boards so might take a while until I actually get a replacement. Fortunately the only part of the board that was burnt is the mosfet area with no visible damage anywhere else. Does anyone have diagrams of the wiring for the new Nikola control boards? I have one of the first batches of the Nikola so my control board looks absolutely nothing like the newer versions. If anyone knows, is there any difference between 21700 control boards and 18650 control board
  5. I have this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MG7677G. The attachment point is a standard tri-pod camera mount so I 3D printed a camera mount to adapt it to a go pro mount using a screw. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:991531) The battery is then stuck onto my Nikola Plus using Velcro. This bike light is far brighter than the one built into my Nikola and seems to be accurate with the 1200 lumen rating. Along with this I also carry a flashlight in my hand.
  6. They're in a gray area at least for New York, the cops don't really seem to care and we have a huge rider base here.
  7. Its a issue with the 5V DC-DC converter on the board, the people in the NYC chat that had this issue replaced their control board and it was resolved.
  8. I'm having issues signing in to the newest version, when I put in my credentials and press sign in, the app just instantly crashes. Edit: Apparently it just crashes whenever I press sign in regardless if I put anything in the boxes. This is on a S9+ Edit2: Well I just checked back after a while and I was signed in, don't know what that was happening earlier.
  9. What was the mudguard printed out of? I printed it in PLA but it was too stiff to squeeze onto the wheel and ended up shattering. Perhaps I just need to print it at a lower infill.
  10. I would also like to see how others are mounting their watches. With the upcoming Euc.World support for Samsung watches, I need to find a better way of mounting my Samsung GearS3 Frontier. I'm using HillBilly Wrist Guards so the options are a bit limiting when it comes to mounting it. I'm considering just going for a bigger strap and trying to run it around.
  11. I've had a fall on the hillbilly ones. I hit a invisible dip in the road at around maybe 20mph and crashed. My left wrist guard split in half but when I gathered myself and checked injuries, I basically came out with only torn pants and a split wrist guard. I didnt feel a single thing and my hand was perfectly fine so I guess the wrist guards did their job. Right when I got home I placed a order for a pair of new ones. They're definetly great for the price.
  12. What's the current status on the development for Samsung Watches?
  13. I wouldn't risk locking it up in a place where you cant see it. You'll be trusting a lock with a 2000 dollar wheel. I ride my Gotway Nikola to college and I bring it everywhere with me. If you really can't bring your Nikola with you see if you can leave it with the front desk or something or get a secondary wheel that's small enough to fit into a locker.
  14. Sounds like the lift sensor is being activated, perhaps you can calibrate it or disable it in the app?
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