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  1. Is there anyone having issues with the Nikola's Led, Bluetooth, Voltage Meter, and Headlight not working? So far 3 people in the NYC EUC chat reported these not working with their Nikola. Seems like it's a board issue as one got a replacement board from eWheels and the lights function correctly now.
  2. Blank

    Dear Gotway

    So on the topic of stickers, I put a strip of clear gorilla tape over the Gotway Nikola letters. Anyone had any ideas how to stop the giant GW from peeling off?
  3. Is it just pretty much just plug and play? Siding out the old ones and replace with new? I purchased my Nikola Plus from Jason over at eWheels and it's pretty much a week old so I can expect a replacement led strip sometime soon. Thanks for the advice!
  4. So the LED Strip on the right side of my Nikola Plus started to flicker around 2 o'clock. Oddly this only happens with any led pattern other than the blue leds. Hope replacing the strips is easy.
  5. If all you need is to hear the alarms, something cheaper like this might also work https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/5DxIzU2M
  6. So going the relay route, would it just be a matter of hooking up a relay between the speaker and audio board using the 5V line? I hope its easier than it sounds since I'm a novice at this sort of DIY
  7. Saw a picture where someone put a switch to turn the speakers on and off, would it be possible to just use one of these switches and wire it up near the handle?
  8. Yeah I have another android phone (like 50$ cheap phone) that connects effortlessly and which I'm using with my pebble watch.
  9. Problem is with mine is that every time it seems to connect (Wheel Icon Turns Solid) then after a couple of seconds, just says Connection Lost and goes on forever in this loop. Tried everything to fix it from clearing cache and resetting my phone so I suspect something might be broken.
  10. So my S9+ is still having issues staying connected or reconnecting to wheellog despite turning off the battery optimization. In the rare occasion I can get it to connect, it would go into disconnect and connect loops. Seems like it's just a problem with my phone. Anyone else with a Samsung S9?
  11. This isn't a issue with Wheellog but does anyone else with a Samsung S9 phone have issues staying connected or reconnecting to Wheellog? I have another cheap android phone that stays connected to my KS16S but my S9 would drop connection and be unable to reconnect. I suspect it's something wrong with my phone but I'm not sure exactly what's causing it.
  12. How well do they work at protecting your knees in a fall? I saw most of the reviewers use this mostly for putting their knees on the floor while working.
  13. How do you like the trolley handle compared to the Kingsong ones? Exploring my options for a future wheel as I currently have a 16S and was considering the Nikola Plus or 16X.
  14. I have V1.09, nothing negative to say about it but also dont know exactly what's different about it. I would say if you dont have any issues just leave the firmware alone.
  15. Just how small are the Leatt Dual Axis Knee pads? I. was considering getting them but they look quite bulky. Preferred kneepads that I can wear under some pants.
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