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  1. This. This is the way to introduce people to EUCs. Through demonstrating it's practical utility, not through "my wheel is better than your esk8" or "it goes 47.9864 miles an hour, watch!" No sane government legislates against assistive technology.
  2. Ecodrift are always first to the teardown. WrongWay just wants to ride nice wheels, the reviews are a means to that end. Definitely the most salient reviewer though imo, like chooch the kid does his homework.
  3. Why do you have to be so right 😭 I see fantomas ride with an external pack almost exclusively now though, I wonder if backpack expansions are just the way things will go until we have a huge breakthrough in density.
  4. Looking forward to the 4kwh, 4500w v2 with tri-headlight and 45° pedals coming out as soon as all the preorders are in for the v1. Jokes aside though, I can't wait to see that motor tech drip down to Gotway's next gen of 18's.
  5. Will R

    MSS vs MSP

    How utterly sad. There are so few people around that can contribute to wheel development as it is, we definitely don't need any fewer. I wish I could jump to the timeline where Rockwheel never broke up and Ninebot didn't get burnt with the Z10.
  6. It's much much easier to run a cable from the charge ports into an external backpack battery. Sadly it's only range you can increase in this way, however Fantomas rides with one and I assume it helps keeps the voltage from sagging also. Personally I struggle to get over the idea of snagging the cable on a branch or getting knocked off and having the cable snap leaving me with a 2kwh incendiary bomb on my back, but I also hate having to come home and get off my wheel, so I can understand it as a necessary evil for these next few generations of wheels.
  7. @Michael Tucker is the use of 18650s really that much of a deal-breaker? Doesn't the 100v MSX use them, while still retaining the title of fastest stock wheel?
  8. I know @kangzsy has one on order and tells me Daniel Kot is just waiting for the extra BMS's to come in so he build the extended packs. I would expect them to arrive in June. Well if money isn't a factor, you are regularly fighting cars and potholes, and you want to go as far as possible, the Monster is your guy. If you care about the feel of the ride itself and wanted to be able to use it for practical errands like shopping or to take it on public transport, an 18" wheel sounds like it would fit you best.
  9. Get the Monster if your use case is only on-road. Get the EUCservice MSS if not. The motor is literally painted cherry red after modification to distinguish it from MSP-X's and 'high speed MSP's. You don't do that unless you're confident in your product. It's something like 2350w and Adam from WrongWay! claims it is torquer than the 2500w MSP while still being faster than the 2000w 100v MSX. It is what I will buy to wait until suspension wheels have 3kwh batteries and go 50mph.
  10. Accountability through public visibility is probably our biggest tool to ensuring the DfTossers make sensible decisions during this critical period. I absolutely abhor social media, but unless we all tweet some sense to some people that matter this will just go the way of Null's post above. The gov.uk forum doesn't become publicly reviewable once it's done, so they can still decide what they like even if the majority of responses are pro-sense. Otherwise I worry PLEVs will be legal in the UK just in the way that cannabis-derived medicines are now legal in the UK; nothing but a technicality perpetuating the existing harms of illegally. End of political rant, please have a nice day.
  11. Nitrous oxide could be a laugh.
  12. Has anybody ever tried filling a wheel with nitrogen? I saw an escooter on Reddit showing off it's little green dust cap and it got me thinking. N is supposed to be slightly bouncier and be more efficient on battery use due to having less mass spinning around the axle amplified by centrifugal force. I thought not only could this be good for saving our precious rims from dents, but also may noticeably reduce the gyro effect. In a 2.5" wheel like the 18XL that would mean much more agility at high speeds, especially over differently banking terrain. This is why I cannot personally get to grips with slime in tyres 16", as it ruins my high speed control. In a 3" wheel like an MSX, this may mean much better battery life as you could inflate to a higher PSI due to the additional bounciness and have less rolling resistance, also may mean a few more mph in top speed due to the decreased centrifugal mass. What do you think?
  13. @Lucasz any idea of when we may see more about this wheel? Is this another pulse glider or will we see some pictures and maybe a price this sometime in the summer?
  14. Now I can have an S18 and an MSS 😈
  15. Is there any noticeable improvement in battery life on the new firmware? Worth upgrading or stay on 2.01?
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