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  1. Brand new 18x2.50 Chao Yang Tyre H-5102 for sale. This is the tread with the Nike swoosh common in a 3" size on the MSX, only in a much harder-to-find 2.5" width for the 18XL. I am only selling as it was my spare for my 18L that I am now replacing with a Sherman. If anyone wants it for £20 it's yours. Includes shipping inside the UK (or €25 for shipping to the EU).
  2. What firmware version are you on? On the later revisions the support for the old analogue style lift sensors was apparently cut in favour of the digital style they started using recently and some people had issues (me included). I think you can revert back a few firmware versions with EUCworld, calibrate the lift sensor (perhaps using the kingsong app? Or EUCW not 100% sure), and then once it's working nicely flash forward to 2.0 again or whatever other version you prefer and it should behave itself. I just turned it off entirely as I felt it was giving me a weird forward pedal dip and didn't want to take any chances.
  3. Will R

    Gotway Suspension

    Your image did not upload properly. Where did you see this?
  4. I see a split happening between the legal ebike class and the growing one-wheeled-motorcycle class, in where the former can be ridden on cycle paths and the latter more meant to keep up with traffic. While I do not think it is safe for a 14 year old with no driving experience to contend with lorries and busses on a 50mph wheel, I also do not think it is safe to force us adults to stay below 15.5mph and ride in the gutter to be overtaken by road-ragey drivers as that makes the pavement a comparatively safer place to be and will be an unfair hazard for people with disabilities. I personally believe the non-licenced PEV speed should be raised to a max of 30mph on roads and ~20mph on shared pedestrian/cycle paths, as this is what cyclists are capable of and are doing anyway just to keep up with traffic flow and stay safe. If the limit is kept too low, it will exacerbate the existing criminalisation of people modchipping their ebikes to just attain normal cycling speeds. (See: the plethora of 250w motor stickers available to buy online). Perhaps 30mph is too fast and ≥25mph is more appropriate in terms of potential injury sustained from a crash, but I base this judgement on the crap that cyclists and moped riders are subjected to on a daily basis - if you are going more than 10mph below the posted speed limit drivers get crazy and take risks with YOUR life. Above 30mph, a valid car/bike licence, CBT and mandatory motorycycle-grade helmet seem appropriate. This would enable us that want to be insured to do so. As far as EUC-specific CBTs go, put me down for being the first DVLA-certified instructor! I can't think of a more enjoyable job.
  5. 2 wire versions can charge at 8A per port, 10A maximum. 4 wire versions can charge at 10A per port, still with 10A maximum. The only difference is the 4 wire versions can be charged at 10A without needing to use a port splitter. For the sake of 10 bucks for the port splitter, just get one and leave it on and you won't need to rip the wheel apart to replace the ports. They would be relatively straightforward to replace however if you really wanted to; plenty of people have done it with their GWs, just make sure to use the correct charger or you've made a bomb!
  6. I'd love to see some shots of that beam at night! 😍
  7. Any online euc dealer should have some. You could buy one from AliExpress etc but you'll need to make sure you have either the 2 wire or 4 wire version according to what batch your wheel is. If it's early, 2, if you're in the eWheels 4th batch you want 4.
  8. To charge at 10A from one charger, use a port splitter to make it 5A each.
  9. Yes it is a fuse. It was on the 1st batch model ecodrift tore down so I'm assuming it is found on all production wheels. As for preventing the melting issues, I'm assuming they will send one to @Marty Backe with his new boards if so. I know veteran have said to the group buy I'm in the new firmware will address this melting issue, so it will be interesting to wait and see what happens.
  10. Does anyone know the model spec of this street tyre pictured?
  11. On my first ride on 2.2 I experienced a cutout during heavy breaking. I was fine and the wheel didn't care as it was virtually at a stop, but the second I got in I downgraded back to 2.0. I love hard mode and there's very little enjoyment in riding something that's going to kick me off if I treat it the way I like to and have done for years, so 2.0 is enough torque for me until my Shermans arrive.
  12. This is my understanding of the charge port situation as it stands right now: Batch 1-3 have 2 wires per port, one + one - Batch 4 (ewheels' tweaked batch) will have 4 wires per port, two + two - So the chargers you buy will need to have the correct connections or you will have a very expensive fire on your hands. 2 wires is apparently the old-style Gotway port, and 4 wires is the new Gotway standard.
  13. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/4000241210171.html?spm=a2g0n.detail.0.0.9059ByqKByqK9f&gps-id=storeRecommendH5&scm=1007.18500.139671.0&scm_id=1007.18500.139671.0&scm-url=1007.18500.139671.0&pvid=e6d8f4b2-2b36-413b-a64e-fa673d3cdd0a&_t=gps-id%3AstoreRecommendH5%2Cscm-url%3A1007.18500.139671.0%2Cpvid%3Ae6d8f4b2-2b36-413b-a64e-fa673d3cdd0a%2Ctpp_buckets%3A668%230%23131923%2358_668%23808%234093%23826_668%23888%233325%2320_668%232846%238114%23798_668%232717%237566%23873_&browser_id=e886e7c5141441cbb1c61cd137d57b8c&aff_trace_key=bdef31f670104c93848b80385b238e65-1590262049100-03961-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=hpwpfrtywscavfn5173436bdd40d6156bbeea5cde2&gclid=&_imgsrc_=ae01.alicdn.com%2Fkf%2FHf0e0708e1af445cc89cb16339b7fff2aM.jpg_640x640Q90.jpg_.webp That gigantic wall of blue text above is the link to the Sherman's stock headlight but with orange hazards instead of red and blue police lights on the sides, for those of us where looking cool is illegal.
  14. Veteran have said that that was an isolated issue in the very first pre-pro batch, of which ecodrift received their first wheel. This is not apparently inclusive of the production models.
  15. This is gonna be fun to watch 😊
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