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  1. Yes please count me in! (As long as the UK still counts!)
  2. How it is behaving between 25-30mph?
  3. This. One hundred times this. I buy a pixel phone just to run the android dev previews. If instead I bought an iPhone and then suddenly had a half finished software update pushed upon me I would not be best pleased. Being able to beta test new firmwares intentionally through a volunteer program would be enjoyable for many of us, and the rest of us thus not having to be subjected to unfinished firmware will be enjoyable too (not to mention safer).
  4. Honestly with the way my 18L is feeling on fw 2.0 I would suggest that a battery upgrade to the ~1600wh one found in the XL would make much more of a positive difference to performance as well as range and safety than this motor "upgrade". If such a thing exists for those of us who aren't (yet) ewheels customers, my searches thus far have been unsuccessful but I haven't reached out to anyone personally.
  5. Could anyone already in the chat post those videos and/or screenshot those messages? I have joined the group but cannot read messages before the point of joining.
  6. Are you running a Dev preview build of Android? The app barely ever works on my pixel 2XL for that reason.
  7. Could it be the axle shims? Hsiang has been having similar issues, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hfTNomP5hA
  8. @Gasmantle I was able to see the first one you posted, I was looking forward to seeing those folleys!
  9. Hey Peter, In my experience it will most likely eat that hill up like a cocktail sausage. Don't cane it, but do keep your momentum, and bounce on your tiptoes rather than keeping your feet flat and leaning heavily forward. If the wheel can't handle it it'll let you know by giving you 5 quick beeps and tilting the pedals back slowly. If that happens twice/three times in a row then the hill is too steep and it's probably best to push for that bit. This happens most at low speed, hence why keeping some momentum and entering the incline at speed is important. Starting from still on a hill is harder on the wheel than keeping you going up at 10mph say. On the downhill brake continuously by digging your heels in and leaning backwards, you may be able to feel the wheel charging up as you do this - it's a very satisfying feeling. Just be sure not to do this with a full battery, or you'll have the same 5 beep warning and tiltback, a far sketchier experience going downhill than up. Good luck!
  10. Hey! Based in Plymouth and have a 16s and an 18L - would definitely be up for a ride sometime, perhaps meeting in the middle somewhere on the train? I know @Brett Mitchell is further up those ways, perhaps he'd be up for joining too? I am free anytime until the 12/13th
  11. I have the Kenda fitted on the 18L I have just bought, and in all fairness get on very well with it. The thinness and higher point of contact with my leg help significantly with knee pain and it is a very natural progression from the 16s due to agility @interpreterdotcourt the pain I have been having has only come about from riding a 16s for 9 months. I believe it's a combination of the small pedals and wide pads causing me to pinch the wheel against my leading foot and leg, making my right knee slightly out of alignment as I ride. I believe this is exacerbated by the somewhat severe dihedral angle of the pedals, as my flat-pedaled Ninebot E+ has over 7000 knee-pain-free miles clocked, and is a very similar width and shape. I have just bought some XL pedals from @Jean Dublin so will try them on the 16s to see if they help.
  12. I have recently fallen in love with the Chao Yang H-5167 on my KS16S, does anyone know if you can get it in an 18? Would I need it 2.5" or is 2.125" okay on an 18l? I really like the bouncy low-pressure feeling of softer tyres as it helps alleviate knee pain.
  13. Have you got any photos of the wheel and charger? Did you purchase from speedyfeet? I am in Surrey for a week soon so could come up and take a look if you were close. Would you consider £1,400? I have recently acquired a matte black KS16S that performs incredibly but have been wanting something with just a slightly bigger tyre. Have you looked into whether a 16s would fit into your work locker? I have just fitted it with a brand new Chao Yang H-5167 (very fast on road due to low rolling resistance but incredibly grippy and fab off road due to running at 35-45 PSI, in comparison to the 55-65psi CYT stock tyre that can be unforgiving on a bad knee.) Perhaps we could do a part-ex if you were looking to replace your Nikola with something of this size class? I have a few cosmetic scratches on the replaceable body panels but have just replaced the handle with a pristine one as they are known fail points and I wanted peace of mind it won't let me down when I need it. I am not really looking to part with it after putting so much care into it for these first 800mi, but a wheel like yours would likely make mine obsolete, and sadly you can only ride one wheel at any given time. What about £500 cash and a swap to a matte black 35kph 840kwh KS16S with a factory fresh handle and brand new H-5167 tyre? The original CYT would come with it too with another 2k+mi of tread left on it alongside a spare innertube (can be hard to find bent valve tubes when you really need one, especially from speedyfeet!) If not interested in the kingsong, I could do the equivalent of £1,400 in cash plus delivery, if we weren't able to meet up for a test ride later in the month. But do consider the 16S, a very sleek and torquey all rounder that will fit your needs and likely your locker! For effectively only £900 with spare tyre, tube, and a factory fresh handle, this is a £400 saving to have someone put the first couple scratches on it and upgrade your tyre. Let me know if you're interested!
  14. I would assume then the 16s has 2x5w speakers? Am thinking of replacing them with a pair with better frequency response a la Marty's Nikola. 8 ohm?
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